The Most Thorough Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide for Men Starting TRT! TRT Guide for Men!

The Most Thorough Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide for Men Starting TRT! TRT Guide for Men! TRT is a very complicated treatment that takes lots of knowledge to maximize it’s benefits. Testosterone Replacement Therapy requires knowledge of many things. This TRT guide covers everything you need to know in one comprehensive video. This Testosterone Replacement guide covers Testosterone levels, Free Testosterone Levels, Estrogen Levels, SHBG, Symptoms of low testosterone, how to talk to your doctor about TRT, Supplements that help raise your natural testosterone levels, How to find a good TRT doctors, How to get Dialed In on your TRT protocol and much more!

what’s going on guys thanks for watching
if you stumbled across this video on
youtube or another platform
it’s probably because you are not
feeling great and you think that
testosterone and low testosterone may be
the issue
i’ve made a lot of videos on trt but
i’ve never seen anyone put together like
a seven part series
for beginners on trt pretty much all the
basics that you need to know
and trt is very complicated so if you
watch the series from start to finish
you will have more
information and no more than 100 percent
of people that start on trt
and i think it’s going to be very
helpful for you and it’s going to help
you have a much better journey
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and now we have to do a medical
disclaimer because youtube doesn’t like
videos on medical stuff it’s all about
trt is a very complicated thing and
there’s lots of other
factors that can make you feel like your
testosterone is low
lots of things like not getting enough
sleep having a poor diet
lots of stress can make you feel like
you would and have many of the symptoms
of trt
when you don’t actually have them so the
only way to know
if you have low testosterone is to get a
blood test
and what to get tested for is going to
be in a different part
so what are some things that can cause
low testosterone
without being medically hypogonadal and
we’ll get into that
next but some things that can contribute
to low testosterone in general
are basically a poor lifestyle being
not getting eight hours of sleep not
getting enough vitamins and minerals in
your daily diet
not being in the sun very much we’ll
talk about that later on
drinking too much alcohol not getting
any exercise or very little exercise
having a sedentary lifestyle there’s
actually hormones and things that mess
with your hormones in general
in lots of foods hair dyes food dyes
soap all kinds of stuff pollution that’s
leading to a general lower testosterone
in men in general
unfortunately there’s not much we can do
for that and also genetics
some men just genetically have lower
testosterone levels and as they get
that you know that deficiency in
testosterone becomes greater and greater
to where they start to feel symptoms
the term for having clinical low
testosterone is called hypogonadism and
there’s two different kinds
the first one is primary and basically
it’s where something in your testicles
is not able to produce enough
so your brain is telling your boys to
produce testosterone and for some reason
through injury
or some other cause it just they just
can and the second type of hypogonadism
is called secondary hypogonadism
and it’s basically where your boys are
able to produce enough testosterone
but there’s a bunch of signals and a
bunch of pathways that your brain uses
to tell them to
and if you have secondary hypogonadism
something along that pathway to your
is being interrupted or not happening at
all i’m not going to get too much into
it now but those are two different forms
of hypogonadism
so let’s get into the symptoms of low
testosterone and
unfortunately these are like i said
earlier you know there’s lots of
different factors at play
so you may tell your doctor you think
you have low testosterone and he may
just think well hey that’s just you know
he has a stressful life and that’s why
he’s tired
more on that later so some of the
symptoms are tiredness
weight gain depression fatigue
muscle loss mental fog or brain fog
and the really bad one which is ed
that’s a bad one
so while your testosterone may be on the
lower end
and you may be experiencing some of
these symptoms it doesn’t necessarily
mean you need
trt trt is a lifelong thing
you know you can come off of it but for
the most part once you start trt
you’re going to be on it for the rest of
your life is an extremely
important decision that you need to do
research with with your doctor
so i would definitely recommend getting
a baseline testosterone test
with free testosterone at a minimum at a
that’s another video but there are lots
of things that you can do
naturally to raise your testosterone and
i would highly suggest
making a lifestyle change before you hop
on trt
i’ve seen men that were in the 400s and
they got it up to the 700
just by making life changes and we’ll go
over what some of those are
so number one you’ve got to get eight
hours of sleep that is mandatory
i know it’s tough these days i know but
you need to go to bed earlier
and you need to get to eight hours when
your body is sleeping it is repairing
it is doing all kinds of things and one
of the things it does
is produce testosterone while you’re
sleeping so if you only get five hours
of sleep
your body only at five hours to produce
testosterone so
you’re gonna walk around all day with
lower testosterone sleep is
highly underrated and is extremely
important for the human body
you ever notice cats and dogs sleep like
16 hours a day
that’s what you know our bodies need to
sleep to regenerate and to repair
so that is the number one thing get
enough sleep
eight hours exercise you gotta exercise
hit the gym
lift weights do cardio take your dog for
a walk
whatever you need to do the body does
not like being sedentary and it can
affect your testosterone levels
so if you’ve never gone to the gym or
you’ve never exercised
start there’s so many benefits to
exercise for longevity i mean
i could listen for hours but exercise is
good for your body
it wants it it needs it get it done
proper diet
super important i mean imagine if you
gave your car bad gas that had water in
it and a bunch of
dirt and all that your car’s not gonna
run great your body’s the exact same way
your body uses the food that you put in
it to produce
hormones to produce vitamins to produce
all kinds of stuff so if you’re eating a
very poor diet
a lot of those hormones and vitamins
that your body needs
you’re not getting them so obviously
your car
your body is going to be running worse
here’s something you probably don’t know
vitamin d is actually a hormone
and it is used in the body for lots of
things one of them is testosterone
and you get vitamin d from the sun but
as you’re probably sitting on your couch
right now watching this video
most of us don’t get out in the sun
enough for some people the only son they
really get
is walking from their house to their car
their car to the office
and repeat so your body it doesn’t have
enough vitamin d
it can’t produce enough testosterone but
luckily there’s a supplement called
vitamin d3
and if you’re deficient in vitamin d and
you start taking this
there’s pretty good chance that your
testosterone levels will go up i have
links to vitamin d
from amazon in the description i’m not
go out and buy it and it’s going to be
the you know going to completely change
your life
but it can definitely help if you’re
deficient in vitamin d
so a couple of nutrients that your body
and uses in lots of different processes
magnesium and zinc and if you don’t get
magnesium and zinc it can hurt your
testosterone levels
most of the time people can take a
multivitamin and that will
pretty much supply them with what they
need for the day
so i definitely suggest a multivitamin
so you’re starting to see
that doing what we already know is
healthy for our bodies can help raise
our testosterone levels
exercising getting eight hours of sleep
eating a proper diet
getting the right amount of vitamins all
that good stuff
it can make a huge difference so before
you run out and you know
try to get on trt and you know think you
definitely need trt i
definitely look at your life look
yourself in the mirror for real and say
am i really getting eight hours of sleep
am i doing any exercise at all am i
if you can turn your life around and
switch bad habits to good habits
you can lose weight and start getting
the sleep and all that you may not need
and if you don’t need trt and you’re
just low testosterone because
your lifestyle you’re going to save a
lot of money and a lot of headaches
trt while it is a is a great treatment
for men that need it it’s complicated it
takes time it costs money
and you may have to deal with side
effects and it can be a real pain
so while it’s a good treatment if you
don’t need trt and you can
get your natural testosterone levels up
from lifestyle that is the best outcome
possible for you watching this video
so look at yourself in the mirror and
see what changes you need to make in
your life
all right so to recap the first video we
went over
a lot of the causes of low testosterone
sleeping getting enough exercise getting
in the sun
vitamins all that good stuff so i’m
going to assume that you’ve done all
that stuff
because even if it doesn’t boost your
testosterone it’s still good for you
so let’s talk about going to your doctor
and talking to him about you think you
have low testosterone and that you want
to test
and believe it or not this is a step
that stops a lot of people from getting
because their doctor simply says no
you’re fine you’re 34
you’re 28 you’re 22. no reason to test
but it doesn’t matter what they think
because you’re paying for it it’s your
body and you should be able to get the
test and see what all the different
levels are within your own body
and that leads me into how you need to
talk to your doctor
and i’m going to preface this by saying
listen your doctor
is a general doctor most likely it’s a
primary care doctor
he mainly deals with colds flus ear
infections stuff like that
so trt and low testosterone is most
likely not in his wheelhouse
it may be but chances are it’s probably
so he may not deal with trt or low
testosterone at all
so when you ask him about it he’s going
to be like well i don’t deal with that
and you’re pretty young and a lot of
these doctors
even if you say like you have ed you
have mental fog you feel tired all the
they’re gonna get try to give you an
antidepressant or viagra
and they’re just trying to mask the
symptoms because they don’t want to dive
into it
they know that writing prescriptions for
testosterone it’s a class three drug
yeah so this is how you have to talk to
your doctor
and you have to be assertive you need to
tell your doctor
listen doc i’ve done a lot of research
i’ve cleaned up my lifestyle for however
many months i’m getting eight hours of
sleep i’m doing everything i should
to be an optimized male but i still feel
like garbage all the time
so i want to get tested for testosterone
and a few other things that i’ve done
research on to find out
if my testosterone is low and if it is
why it’s low
and the unfortunate thing is that still
may not work
your doctor still may say no i’m not
going to let you do a testosterone test
even though you’re paying for it and
it’s just a couple little check boxes on
my blood test thing
that’s just the way life is and you’re
gonna find through this journey unless
are very lucky and find a really good
doctor right off the bat a lot of
doctors aren’t that great
yeah they can spot a coal they can spot
an ear infection but when it comes to
real medical stuff
that’s just not really in their
wheelhouse they just treat little minor
things that you get and
you know cuts bumps all that good stuff
you may have to find a different doctor
and i’ll give you a quick tip on how to
do this
before you go you know setting a whole
bunch of appointments and spending a lot
of co-pays
call doctors around you call their
office and say hey
i’m looking to find a new doctor i’m
wondering if dr so and so
deals with low testosterone oh he does
okay do you know how many patients
roughly has
okay that sounds good so right there i
mean just by making a few phone calls
you can find out some doctors in your
that are going to be probably more
well-versed and more open to
giving you a testosterone test and
prescribing trt if you so need it
but you’re gonna have to do a little
legwork you’re gonna have to be
assertive and you’re just gonna have to
you’re gonna have to grind it out
so it’s very much worth it if you do
need it
but you’re gonna have to put in the
legwork a lot of doctors
when you when they do agree to give you
a testosterone test
they’re just gonna mark off total
testosterone that’s the only thing
they’re gonna check
because that’s the only thing you’ve
asked them for but total testosterone
is pretty much worthless it’s a
worthless number and we’ll get into that
a little bit when i talk about all the
things you need to get tested for
so you need to tell your doctor you want
your luteinizing hormone
lh you want your follicle stimulating
hormone fsh
you want total testosterone you want
free testosterone
you want a sensitive e2 which is
and you also want shbg which is
s word that i can’t say on youtube
hormone binding globulin and we’ll get
more into that
in a later video as to why that one is
very important
so once again lh fsh free testosterone
total testosterone
sensitive e2 which is estrogen that’s
the most accurate one
and then you also need shbg did i forget
no we’re good all of those things that i
just mentioned that you need to get
tested for
are very helpful in a finding out if you
actually have low testosterone
and be the reason why and that can be
important for your doctor to make a
decision as to how to treat you
so we’re going to go over some of those
different levels and
what they mean high or low and the first
one are going to be lh and fsh
so what lh and fsh it’s basically
it’s a chemical signal it goes from your
to your boys if those are high
or normal then that means your brain is
sending a signal to your boys to produce
so if you have normal levels of fsh and
then your boys are getting the signal
but they’re just not able to do the job
for whatever reason
if you have low fsh and lh
then something’s going on in your brain
there’s all these different pathways to
send that signal to your boys
is not getting there there’s a certain
part that’s not working or multiple
parts that are not working
so while your boys theoretically can
produce enough testosterone
they’re just not getting the signal so
if you got a bunch of people in an
office they’re all sitting there waiting
for instructions
but it never comes they never get the
email so they’re just sitting there they
don’t know what to do
that’s what your boys are doing in
science terminology
the terminology for when your boys
cannot produce enough testosterone is
called primary hypogonadism
and one where your brain is just not
sending the proper signals to your boys
it’s called secondary hypogonadism
another thing that’s going to be helpful
when you watch this video
is that when you get this test and you
get the results back
you’re going to be able to know what it
means i’m not saying do it on your own
but i’m saying you’re going to know
you’re going to be more educated so when
you sit down and talk with your doctor
you can say okay well i have low this i
have high this
you know i have an idea that this is
what it is
and it’s going to do a very important
thing for you it’s going to show your
doctor that you know what you’re talking
so he can’t just write you off and say
but levels are good
no worries because you actually know
what you’re talking about and that puts
you on a similar plane
as your doctor it’s not doctor little
asking for whatever it’s you know we
both know our stuff
and i’m saying all the right stuff and
now you have to respect me a little bit
so it makes it easier when you know what
you’re talking about if you walk in
blind and you’re just like
okay well you know effort and effort out
so you’re doing a good job at watching
these videos so
free testosterone and total testosterone
why are there two different numbers
so total testosterone is how much
the quantity of it that’s in your body
it’s the total amount
it’s all of it in your body but
free testosterone a is the most
what free testosterone measures is how
much testosterone
that’s in your body is actually
available for your body to use
so you could have great total
and really low free testosterone and
you’re not going to feel good
why because just because all this
testosterone is right here
doesn’t mean that it can use it so let’s
say you’ve got ten thousand dollars in a
retirement account
and the government says well you can
only use a thousand this month and
you’re like
but i’ve got ten thousand and i need
like five thousand right now
well you’re only getting a thousand
that’s like free testosterone you’ve got
the testosterone but your body just
can’t use it
and now we’re getting to shbg
s word hormone binding globulin what shb
is it grabs on to your total
testosterone and it holds on to some of
and if it’s holding on to too much of it
then you’re not going to have enough
free testosterone so your body doesn’t
have enough testosterone to use
and that’s why you’re getting symptoms
so if you have
high shbg and you have low free
testosterone you’re not going to feel
and this is another thing that your
doctor can use to try to put together a
protocol for you
now shbg is not something that you can
just take a medicine for
some people supplement boron and it
helps lower it a little bit
but it’s not one of those things that
you can just take a supplement or a pill
to fix
so you kind of have to work with your
doctor on that
if you have high shbg and you have low
free tests
there’s really only one thing that can
give you more tests and that’s test
now estrogen is not as important right
now when you’re just trying to figure
out your baseline
the reason that you want to get the
estrogen baseline is to see
where you’re at now so if you do get on
you can see what your dosage of
testosterone does to either raise or
lower your estrogen
more than likely it’s going to raise it
but how much it raises it
is what you need to know too high
estrogen and too low estrogen
can both cause similar symptoms so you
need to know where your baseline’s at
let’s say your baseline’s at 26
and you take tests and you aromatize a
lot of testosterone into estrogen
your estrogen could creep up you may
need something to help keep that
estrogen in check
but that’s obviously something that
you’d work out with your doctor and
we’ll cover
they’re called aromatase inhibitors and
we will cover them in a later video
so i hope this is helpful my goal in
these videos
is to give you a crash course so you
don’t have to go to this
forum and this group and all these other
you can watch from start to finish and
have a really solid baseline knowledge
of trt
i really hope this is helpful it took me
a little while to learn all this stuff
when i first started
i just kind of went in blind and i
started doing research but if i’d had a
tool like this right off the bat
i would have known so much more you know
shbg was confusing to me
when i first started out and in the
groups it was like if it’s high
this is low and anyway i’m hoping to
make this as
simple and easy for everyone to get a
really good baseline knowledge
so this video is assuming that your
doctor was okay with you getting a
testosterone test and he’s going to test
for all that stuff that we covered in
part two
of some quick things you need to know if
you want to get trt covered by insurance
you’re going to need two trt tests
usually within a week or so
and they have to be done before 10 30
because that’s when your levels are the
so just a quick heads up if you want it
covered by insurance that’s what you
need to do
and on a side note there’s an app called
goodrx and if you get prescribed
something like testosterone incipionate
you can get it really cheap at walmart
we’ll get more into that later on in a
different video
so let’s say that you do get the test
you do come back
with low testosterone and your doctor is
now discussing treatment options
or he may not be discussing treatment
options and you need to take those tests
to another doctor
find another doctor that actually knows
what he’s doing with trt
but let’s say that your doctor is like
okay let’s start some form of trt
well there’s a couple different ways
that doctors can go about this
and just as a heads up you may have to
play the game
and i’ll get into what that is so one of
the first options that a doctor may
prescribe to you
for trt it’s called clomid and it is a
serum a selective estrogen receptor
and what clomid basically does it goes
into your body
and it attaches to some of your estrogen
receptors and it makes the brain
think that you have less estrogen so the
brain says i need some more estrogen
so i’m going to send the signal down to
the boys to produce more testosterone
which will then convert into estrogen
now this would only work if you had
secondary hypogonadism
meaning that your brain’s just not
sending the signal to your boys
primary is where your boys just can’t
produce enough
for whatever reason so with clomid
clomid does work for some
men and it’s an easy way to treat trt
if it works but a lot of men see their
numbers go
up but their libido’s not there a lot of
their symptoms are still
present that’s just kind of what i’ve
seen what a lot of men have seen on
now here’s some risks with clomid clomid
does have some side effects
and one of the more dangerous ones are
with your eyesight
some men will report seeing floaters in
their eye and some men can actually have
permanent vision issues because of
so if you are on clomid and you have any
symptoms at all contact your doctor
immediately don’t write me a message i’m
not your doctor
but just be very careful if you’re
taking clomid i personally
i’m not a huge fan of clomid it’s called
clomid monotherapy meaning you’re just
taking clomid
but as i was saying before sometimes you
have to play the game
that’s maybe what your doctor wants to
prescribe you he feels it’s safe
you know taking a little pill is a
little different than giving yourself an
so he wants to try the easiest route in
order to see if that works
and then if it doesn’t then possibly
move on to other options
so your doctor may only want to
prescribe you clomid and you can argue
with them all you want
but you may have to take clomid get
blood tests
and then you know if you’re feeling
better that’s great but if you’re not
you need to relay
those issues and the symptoms that
you’re having still having
with your doctor and see if you can try
something else so another one that your
doctor may prescribe is called
hcg human chorionic gonadotropin
and it’s a female pregnancy hormone and
basically you
inject the stuff and it kind of acts as
a signal in your brain to tell your boys
to produce more
once again this would only work with
secondary hypogonadism
now hcg is also used alongside trt
in order to keep your boys full and
supple and producing little mini me’s
while you’re on outside testosterone hcg
through a primary care doctor is pretty
most of them don’t really even know what
it is but you may see this more if
you’re working with a urologist or an
hcg is more expensive probably the most
expensive medicine on trt
clomid’s relatively cheap testosterone
is relatively cheap
but hcg it’s expensive it’s just the way
it is
usually about 100 bucks a month for it
so if price and you know the cost of
this treatment
hcg may not be the best thing for you
right off the bat
but you need to discuss with your doctor
about all that so now we’re getting into
the fun part
we’re going to discuss actual
testosterone and there’s lots of
different ways that you can get
testosterone into your body
now i’m not going to really cover gels
nasal sprays pills creams
pellets all that stuff um
i’m going to be real with you and this
will probably make sense
injecting testosterone has been around
since 30s 40s
it’s effective it works that’s the
bottom line
all that other stuff while it can work
is basically the pharmaceutical
company’s way of
making money off an old drug that works
into a new form so they have auto
injectors they’ve got the patches creams
all that and some of this stuff does
work for men
but it costs a lot more and if you’re
doing creams or
gels you can transfer that to females in
your house
uh the pellets require surgery uh this
the pills don’t really work that well
you have to eat a bunch of fat in the
morning and
yeah so i’m personally an advocate for
injections it’s pretty darn easy and
we’ll get into that in a later video but
it’s not as scary as it sounds you can
even do it in your fat with little
insulin needles
so depending on where you live you may
encounter a different type of injectable
if you’re in the united states you’re
most likely going to see scipionate or
which are almost exactly the same if
you’re over in australia
you’re probably going to see something
called nebido or avede
the real name for it is undecanoate and
if you’re
in europe or any other part of the world
you’re probably going to see something
called sustanon 250 that’s actually the
most popular and prescribed testosterone
in the world
now all three of these testosterones or
four if you count in amphete
uh act very differently it’s the same
testosterone it’s the exact
same thing but it has a different ester
and what that ester does
is modify the half-life of testosterone
basically how long it lasts in your body
or how fast your body absorbs it
so we’ll start with scipinate and
enanthate so enantha
incipionate their half-life is about
seven days
what that means is that every seven days
you have half of what you injected
so day one let’s say you have two
hundred day seven you’ve got a hundred
day fourteen you only have 50. now the
standard protocol and if your doctor’s
not very well versed in trt
it’s probably what he’s going to go off
of and it’s
200 milligrams every two weeks and as
you can see from my example
200 150. so a lot of men on that
9th 10th 12th 13th 14th day they start
not feeling well and a lot of them based
on blood tests their levels are actually
lower than when they started
because their body’s not producing it
anymore and they’ve only got 50
milligrams left and then they do their
next shot
so with most of these well actually with
all of these
injecting more frequently will give you
more stable hormone levels
for instance i do 100 milligrams twice a
so i figured that halfway seven days i
do it twice a week
i’m keeping my levels nice and even we
don’t want fluctuations with hormones
that’s not ideal
some men actually inject just a little
bit of test every day to mimic their
body’s natural production cycle
i don’t necessarily i don’t personally
have to do that some men do
some men just prefer to do it but i want
you to know that 200 milligrams once
every two weeks
is a very old protocol and there’s a lot
of studies showing
that that is not adequate and most men
do not do well on it
so if your doctor does prescribe you
sipionate or enamphate and you actually
get the bottles in hand
yourself and you get the needles and all
that good stuff and you don’t have to go
into his office
for an injection which is a big waste of
time and it’s gonna
it’s a waste of time learn to do it
yourself but you can just split up your
into two doses of 100 so you can do 100
a week and then 100 the next week this
will give you much more stable hormone
so next let’s move on to sustanon 250
sustanon 250 has four different esters
in it
has one really fast one kind of medium
and too long
the idea of it is when you do your
injection you get the fast one
into your body and that gets you up
feels makes you feel good get your
levels up
the second one kind of carries you over
and then the last two are supposed to
last for a lot longer to help keep your
hormone levels stable
the problem with sustanon 250 is once
again it’s a very old protocol
and it’s 250 milligrams every three
weeks so you got
250 then you got 125
and then you’re working with 62 and a
half something like that
so a lot of men in that last week don’t
feel as well
so a lot of men will do is break up that
three week dose
into weekly dosages or weekly injections
and they tend to feel a lot better
so you see where i’m going with this
more frequent injections your hormones
more stable and you feel better as a man
and you have less ups and downs and all
that good stuff
all right so the next form of
testosterone that you may encounter
depending on where you live
is going to be on deca 08 slash libido
slash avid
and this one’s a little different than
the other two it’s very long
acting so what the protocol is is
hit you up with a thousand milligrams
four ml for your first treatment
and then six weeks later they bring you
back for a booster
and then after that it’s recommended
between 10 and 14 weeks
i haven’t seen a huge amount of people
that love nubido
most people it’s the only thing they can
get uh it’s a tricky one because
they’ve designed it so that the doctors
do it because the injections are so
infrequent you know it’s not that that
they don’t feel that it’s that much of
an inconvenience to go to the doctor
once every three months
so it’s not really i don’t have an
answer for you on this one
um more frequent injections on libido is
definitely better
but it’s kind of set up not to do that
so i wish i had a better alternative for
unless you convince your doctor to let
you get the prescription and then you
dose it you know more frequently but
other than that they kind of follow that
procedure especially in the
a lot of the countries where the health
care is taken care of i know australia’s
real big on libido and it’s really tough
to get anything else
uh funny enough a lot of that comes down
to politics
bear owns nebido uh there’s a company
called organon which
makes sustanon and organon actually
tried to get susanna into the united
but because some of the big
pharmaceutical companies deal with
enanthate incipionate
they kind of blocked organon from
getting sustanon into the united states
that’s why we mainly see scipionate and
enanthate and sometimes here and there
and the final one that we need to round
out are aromatase inhibitors
or a.i and if you jump into some of
these groups you’re gonna see
a lot of different opinions on ai some
guys say that you should never take them
and they’re poison some men say they
need them or else they get
really high estrogen and they get lots
of bad side effects
the main ai that you’re going to see
most parts of the world
is going to be arimidex and usually
comes in one milligram pills unless
you’re getting it from a compounding
now real quick real quick super
important arimidex is extremely powerful
it was actually created to treat women
with different forms of cancer
that are sensitive to estrogen and they
basically take one milligram a day
and it basically flushes their body it
doesn’t flush their body but their body
basically has no estrogen in it so they
can control the cancer
so as a man if you take too much ramidex
your estrogen just crashes and you’ll
feel like garbage
your joints will be creaky your lips can
get dry your skin will look bad your
libido will be bad
so do not i repeat do not mess around
with arimadex
do not take a crazy amount i can’t give
you exact
dosages weekly but it’s usually
one milligram or less so if your doctor
does something crazy
i’m not saying go against your doctor
but this is real world experience from
lots of men
that if you take too much you feel bad
i’ve seen doctors prescribe a milligram
a day
which is pretty much seven times too
much i’m not saying your doctor doesn’t
know what he’s talking about but
i mean if you follow that protocol and
you feel bad remember i told you why
now we got that out of the way so when
you take
testosterone outside testosterone your
body aromatizes or converts
some of that into estrogen and it’s
usually done in fat so if you’re
overweight you may
aromatize more into estrogen and you may
run into high estrogen
now estrogen is necessary in the male
body 100 percent
um some guys say you just let it go as
high as possible
some people like to control it at a
certain level like 20s 30s 40s because
they feel better there
my personal opinion is that while
estrogen is necessary in the male body
i do not see you know let’s keep
everything else within a certain range
but this
one hormone we let that one slide and it
goes as high as possible
that’s just my personal opinion but your
doctor may prescribe you
some type of ai he may start you off on
that protocol
he may give it to you to have on hand in
case you have negative side effects from
high estrogen
i personally if i was starting trt i
would definitely
keep it on hand i would definitely have
some just in case
i wouldn’t necessarily start taking it
right off the bat that’s just my
personal opinion
but you work with your doctor but if you
start taking testosterone
there is one pretty nasty side effect
that you can get from
your hormones changing and from higher
estrogen and it’s called gynecomastia
and it’s basically when your tissue and
behind your nipple starts to grow and if
caught early
it can usually be reversed but if it’s
too far along um it really doesn’t go
away after a certain point
and the only real way to get it to be
gone and not have
you know is uh surgery surgery costs
five to seven thousand dollars so that’s
why i would definitely keep
uh ai on hand in case you start feeling
like your nipples tingling or you’re
starting to
you’re starting to have bad side effects
from estrogen which we’ll go over in a
video but i would definitely keep it on
hand so that’s about it for part three
we covered testosterone clomid hcg
aromatase inhibitors
and when you need to get your blood test
how early you need to get them so that
your insurance will cover it
and i would definitely check out the
goodrx app it’s free
basically you type in whatever
prescription you’re getting
the amounts and the milligrams and all
that and it will show you the different
pharmacies what price
you’ll pay just by showing them the app
you don’t need
insurance or anything like that really
good option you’ve probably seen the ads
on tv
i use it all the time that’s how i get
testosterone from i get 10 ml bottles
from walmart for 36 bucks
i think the when i was getting remedies
from the pharmacy
it was four dollars for four of them so
it was a dollar a pill
hard to argue with that so there’s
really four different kinds of doctors
that can prescribe
trt the first one is going to be your
primary care physician
uh just remember they have general
knowledge of a lot so unless you run
into a primary care doctor that’s pretty
familiar with trt
you may run into some obstacles and some
bad protocols
and yeah the next type of doctor that
can prescribe trt
are urologists and they deal with the
lower extremities for males and females
most urologists are somewhat familiar
with trt
but once again so am i and i’m not a
so you really have to find a urologist
that actually knows what they’re talking
about and has experience with trt
the third type of doctor and the one
would in theory be the most prepared and
knowledgeable on trt
would be an endocrinologist they deal
with hormones they deal with thyroids
pituitary glands
all kinds of good stuff so they should
all be
aware of trt and they all should have a
good knowledge of it
but not all of them do some of them
don’t agree with trt
so it’s pretty much uh rolling the dice
with any of them
that’s why if you’re looking for a
doctor or any of these types of doctors
i always recommend calling around all of
them around in your area
and asking are they familiar with trt
how many patients do they have that
aren’t currently on trt
if they say zero and no or no and zero
then you know that that’s not the doctor
to call now the fourth type of doctor
that can prescribe trt
is what is called a concierge doctor
this is who i go through
my concierge doctor is 60 a month and he
calls in scripts for me i can
call him on the phone i can text him i
can go to his office as many times as i
the way it concierges doctors works is
they do not take insurance
so the more patients they have the more
money they make
therefore them having a wide range of
and a lot of different things helps make
them more money
so if you go in there to a concierge
doctor and you say do you know about trt
and they say no then you’re not going to
stay with them as a patient
so it’s in their best interest to know
as much as possible
my doctor is very fluent in trt and very
and i did research before i went to him
i know a lot of you don’t even really
know that it concierge doctors
is really a thing but so many doctors
are getting
sick of having to have three people on
staff just dealing with insurance and
co-payments and getting paid
that they say i don’t want to deal with
that i just want to
have someone pay me money every month
and i treat them
and that’s the bottom line another cool
thing about concierge doctors
is if you need like a regular medicine a
lot of them
they have it on hand and they can write
you a script right there and hand it to
and it’s way cheaper through them
because they’re getting it from a
and not getting it from like walmart for
example like omeprazole
which is a heartburn pill like 42 pills
is like
16 bucks and i think over there for 90
of them
it’s like three bucks so i’m a big fan
of concierge doctors
they have it in their best interest to
take good care of you because if they
well you can’t charge a dead person’s
credit card so now we’re going to go
into another place that you can get trt
and that is a trt clinic or a youth
clinic or a men’s health clinic however
they want to brand themselves
and the idea here is that yes they are
doctors but they run a specialized
business to where they optimize people’s
men and women so if you run into a lot
of trouble with doctors and you just get
tired of dealing with them
you can go to a trt clinic and if you
need trt they will prescribe it for you
now there’s different ways that some of
them work some of them
will just charge you for labs and
they’ll charge you for a consultation
and after that you get your trt medicine
through them they get it from a
compounding pharmacy
and they sell it to you and that can
definitely work sometimes that’s cheaper
sometimes it’s not it depends on the
medicines you’re taking and how much
they charge you for them
so some trt clinics just charge you a
monthly fee that’s
it you pay that fee and what you need
for trt
they mail to you and the labs are
included that’s how royal medical center
works and i actually have a referral
in the description that will give you 45
off for the first six months
so the way royal medical works you pay
them 195 dollars
or 150 dollars if you give them test
your levels in the referral
a little area when you sign up and what
they do is they
include your labs you get your labs you
get a consultation they’ll give you an
initial protocol
and then they mail it to you and as long
as that protocol is good and you don’t
have to tweak it
they mail it to you every two months so
it’s pretty cool it’s a lot easier than
having to remember to do that
but that may not work for you you may
want to go to a different type of clinic
where they just charge you for the
medicine you take and you pay for the
out of pocket but anyway that’s trt
now the pros to trt clinics they are
much more likely to prescribe utrt
because they understand hormone
imbalances on low testosterone in men
much more than a lot of other doctors
however they don’t take insurance and
they cost more that’s really the only
the con is the money it does cost more
my trt i guess if i included my doctor
sixty dollars a month for my doctor
but even though i can still i can call
them for antibiotics i can call them if
i get an earache a cold the flu
anything like that but that’s sixty
dollars and i’d probably say my
probably cost about 40 bucks so all in
100 bucks definitely cheaper than a
but you know it is what it is so now
we’re going to talk about probably the
most important tip that i can give you
and this is somehow transitioning from a
clinic to a doctor
so in this method and this is how i did
it i didn’t set out to do it this way
but that’s how it ended up and i’m glad
it did
so i was with a clinic for about six
and i got my protocol all dialed in i
was feeling good
my numbers were good all the blood tests
were solid
and then i was inadvertently talking to
my buddy
about trt and he’s like oh yeah i’m on
trt and i go to this doctor
and he prescribes me trt and he’s really
so i made an appointment with this
doctor i brought him my lab work all my
past lab work from before trt and after
i told him exactly what i was taking and
he wrote me scripts for all that
so that was pretty cool so not only was
insurance covering my
doctor visits and my labs to some degree
even though it’s still crazy expensive
through insurance
and then i was using the good rx app for
all my medicine so i was saving money
and uh i was getting the exact same
medicine and i was dealing with a doctor
that was familiar with trt
so that was ideal now if i had gone to
this doctor without being on trt
he might have been less you know
responsive to putting me on trt
here’s how your doctor kind of views trt
so let’s say you go there
you’re kind of on the borderline or
you’re low and your doctor’s like
okay well i have to write a script for
testosterone which is a class 3 drug in
the united states
and this goes on my dea profile that you
know i’m
writing testosterone for a man and if
something were to happen to him then it
could come down on me
and i could have to deal with a lot of
stuff so i’d rather not deal with that
i can still write pain medicine because
you know i can justify that the person
needed it with testosterone it’s a
little harder
so doctor’s a little more apprehensive
about writing testosterone
but if you show your doctor that hey
i’ve been on this protocol
for six months and it’s drastically
improved my life
i feel infinitely better and i’ve had no
side effects no issues
my hematocrit’s good my blood pressure
is good cholesterol all that good stuff
then they’re more likely to be like okay
well you know he’s already on it he
feels better
and you can also express to them that i
would want to come to you because i want
to save money
and i know you’re really smart with trt
and you’re really good and you’re a
great doctor and you
stroke their ego a little bit because if
you stroke their ego and tell them how
smart they are
and how good they are at their job and
you’re already doing something that’s
making you feel good
it’s gonna be hard for them to be like
well he’s feeling 100 better and i’m a
really smart doctor
so i’m going to continue giving him what
he’s been doing so he feels good because
i’m a smart guy i’m a great doctor
i don’t want to go on too long about
that but there is a much better chance
that your primary care doctor
or urologist or endocrinologist we’ll
write you scripts for trt
if you are already on trt and responding
well to it
so that’s kind of a little pro tip i
didn’t set out to do that but that’s how
it ended up
and i’m saving money and loving life so
this is something that i do not advocate
you should not do it
you should never do this but some men do
and i don’t want to just give you a
fluffy little trt guide without telling
you the reality
and the reality is that some men do trt
on their own
i know that’s crazy and once again i
never recommend that
youtube please don’t do monetize this
video because i’m telling people not to
ever do this
some men get testosterone from some
that i have no clue of and
they do trt on their own but the key is
that they do a lot of research
they basically become their own doctors
they watch videos like this
they watch they go to forums they’re
part of groups
they get blood work regularly and all
that good stuff
but there’s obviously a huge risk to
this because if your doctor doesn’t know
you’re on trt
and something happens well you know your
doctor can’t really help you because he
know no matter if you’re doing trt diy
or you’re doing it with a clinic or
you’re doing it with a doctor research
is a hundred percent you have to do it
you have to know a lot of this stuff
that’s why i’m making this guy that’s
why i made this channel there’s a lot
of information online but it’s scattered
all over so i decided to create
kind of a one-stop shop where there’s
lots of information about it
you have to do research guys 100 percent
so if you’re getting testosterone from
and you don’t have a prescription for it
it’s illegal
in probably every country maybe a few
stragglers that are not
but you are most likely breaking the law
don’t ever break the law
whatever the laws under your country
follow them 100 percent
just letting you know that there are
definitely risks yeah you might save
some money yeah you might save some time
going to doctor’s appointments and all
that craziness
but you’re breaking the law so just a
heads up cops don’t normally look for
but if they find it hey you never know
and whether you’re doing it diy or
you’re working with a doctor
you have to do blood work you have to do
blood work you can’t cheap out on blood
work you need to get sensitive estrogen
you need to just know what your body’s
doing because if something like
your cholesterol is trending lower and
lower and lower over you know a year or
two year period
you need to figure out how to elevate
that whether you’re changing your diet
exercising more supplements any of that
stuff you need to know if your
hematocrit’s getting too high you need
to maybe look into getting some narengan
or drinking more grapefruit juice
or donating blood every three to four
so blood work is key you have to do it
if you’re on trt
you need to get blood work at least
every six months
just got to there’s no way around it
this is your health guys this is serious
trt is not just a joke
it’s not just a little tiny medicine
it’s not an aspirin you’re putting
hormones into your body
and your body changes and you need to
make sure that those changes are for the
so today we’re going to cover the
dosages for the three most common
medicines in trt
that is testosterone hcg or human
chorionic gonadotropin
and arimidex so let’s start off with
testosterone and i’m not gonna cover on
decan08 because that has kind of a set
and in most of the countries where they
have that you’re kind of stuck doing
that anyway
so we’re going to cover susanon and
testosterone scipionate
so from what i see the majority of
dosages are between 100 milligrams a
and 250 milligrams a week 250 being a
little bit on the higher side
but some people don’t respond as well to
outside testosterone
always follow exactly what your doctor
is saying
but what i’m saying and i feel that
most men do pretty well around 140.
i think that’s kind of a sweet spot for
a lot of men however
some people require less at like 100 and
some people require more
like 200 like myself i require 200 to
keep my
test levels about 1100 and you’re like
oh that’s crazy high wow that’s over the
thing that’s over the
tree chart at labcorp well they did
studies that show that men had like 40
more testosterone back in like the 1940s
and i don’t think that through evolution
or whatever
that it’s just normal to have lower
but that’s a different video i think
i’ve already done that video
and that was demonetized by youtube
super well let’s move on
i can’t tell you what dosage to take
only your doctor can tell you that
and only your body and blood results
will tell you if that
dosage is appropriate and works well for
so you gotta at least stay on for about
three months get a blood test
see where your test level’s at if it’s
below or you don’t feel good
you may ask your doctor to raise it up
if your testosterone level is too high
and your estrogen’s getting high
and you’re having symptoms then you
probably need to lower it down a little
and the dosage between sipinate and
sustanon if i were to switch off to
succinate i would continue taking 200
as long as you’re taking it frequently
enough to where you’re not getting those
peaks and valleys peaks and valleys
then i would just stick with the same
the same dosage
so if i was taking 200 milligrams of sip
i would switch over and take 200
milligrams of sustanon
dosage is pretty interesting with
testosterone like i said everyone
responds differently
so some men might be over at 100
milligrams and some men
might be under at 200 milligrams so
that’s uh
you gotta really look at the numbers see
how you feel
and adjust accordingly working with your
doctor let’s move on to
hcg and we use hcg on trt to help
preserve fertility
and to keep the boys the same around the
same size that they were before you
now i’ve seen dosages as high as
2000 3000 ius of hcg per week
i personally think that’s pretty high
but you need to talk to your doctor
about that
um i personally take 250 ius of hcg
twice a week so it’s a total of 500. i
was taking a thousand before
but i dropped it down to 500 i found
that i still
have almost exactly the same results um
but i’m taking less hcg which is saving
me money
and hcg your body can actually become
kind of desensitized to it
because it goes in and it mimics
luteinizing hormone and your
your boys see that and they’re like okay
we need to get to work
but if you take a lot of hcg for a long
period of time
your boys are like you know we’ve seen
that before
we’re not really uh we’re not that
motivated to work today we’re taking
the day off so with hcg
i personally think that you should keep
it as low as possible
while getting the same benefits that
you’re looking for
moving on to arimadex this is the one
that’s super controversial some men say
the perfect dose of remedies is
zero some men hate ai they think it’s
horrible there’s no reason to take it
i’m not having that conversation today
some men
are high aromatizers of estrogen so you
give some guys 100 milligrams of
testosterone a week
and their estrogen is like 70 80. it’s
high and
they’re getting bloated they’re getting
more emotional they’re breaking out in
they’re just not feeling good so for
some men they need to take a little bit
of arimidex
to help prevent that aromatization into
once again i can’t give you a dosage for
arimidex you need to work with your
i will tell you that the highest that
i’ve really seen
that’s worked for people is one
milligram a week
i’ve seen guys doing a quarter milligram
a week i’ve seen guys doing .375
i personally was taking half a milligram
for a little while
i don’t take remediex anymore i take a
supplement called calcium deglucrate
it works really well for my body it
drops my estrogen from about 72 to 50.
i know you’re like 50 well that’s above
that’s above the thing
it is but i don’t have symptoms i don’t
break out on it
i don’t feel emotional i don’t feel too
bloated i have a little extra
water weight right around here that’s my
but um so those are kind of the ranges
like i said can’t give you doses but
those are the ranges like
0.25 milligrams to one milligram per
week anything more than that i think is
extremely high
and i feel like you’re going to crash
your estrogen and if you want a
foolproof way to feel
really bad that’s crashing your estrogen
that’s what that will
do so definitely do some research on
arimidex if you’re taking it
and be careful with it very powerful as
we learned in the other video it’s for
women with cancer
right about here and uh it it’s designed
to basically
take you know crush their estrogen
levels so yeah
we already went over that so let’s
discuss intramuscular injections versus
subcutaneous injections and for some of
you you’re like
what is subcutaneous subcutaneous is
when you inject a medicine
into stomach fat love handle fat
or butt fat and
that’s yeah a lot of people i never
really knew about that too when i
i wish i did earlier but testosterone
they’ve done studies
and you can inject it subcutaneously and
it will provide almost the exact same
levels as intramuscular
and it actually is absorbed a little bit
slower in fat you may
get a little less of a peak or a valley
on subcutaneous over intramuscular
and just a heads up on your bottle of
testosterone is going to say
intramuscular only
so that is the only way to inject
testosterone so for intramuscular
injections you’ve got three spots that
you can pretty much inject in
there’s more but these are the most
common it’s going to be on the outside
of your quad
the top right or left corner if you if
put your butt and split it into four
parts it’s going to be the top right or
the top left
and and then also your deltoids you know
right on your shoulder you probably have
shot there before
probably a vaccine or something like
that those are the three main spots
i don’t personally like intramuscular
injections i can do them i’m not the
hugest fan of needles
but i can do injections on myself no
i just when you’re dealing with muscles
uh there are
possibilities of hitting nerves veins
dealing with more blood
and it’s not my favorite way to do it so
when i first heard of subcutaneous i was
wow i want to give this a try so i guess
before we can jump forward we need to
kind of talk about
needle size there’s lots of different
needle sizes and they go in a
measurement called the gauge
the smaller the gauge number the larger
the needle so a 30
is really small it’s a little insulin
one and if you get to like a
18 gauge it’s going to be a you know a
barrel it’s going to be
well not that much but it’s going to be
big and in my personal opinion
it is best to go with the smallest
needle that you can
for the type of injection that you’re
doing testosterone is very
thick it’s suspended in an oil sesame
seed oil grape seed oil
castor oil for endecanoate so it’s thick
so you have to kind of find a happy
balance between being able to pull it
into the syringe
and injecting yourself i used to use 29
and that’s pretty small it was 29 gauge
half inch and i would do it in
my belly and my butt fat i’ve
permanently switched over to butt fat
because i find it much easier and i
don’t have any issues with nodules
which we’ll get to in a minute but i’ve
personally found for
me and for the sipinate that i take 27
gauge half inch is perfect
it doesn’t just pull in just straight
like that but you pull it a little bit
and you create a little vacuum and it
gets in there pretty quick
29 gauge takes a while you gotta sit
there and just sit there and it just
slowly slowly creeps in there like it
takes up to like five minutes to pull
at least my sippy and eight into the
needle so i think 27 gauge
half inch is perfect for subcutaneous
shots some
tips and tricks with subcutaneous shots
never inject more than
half an ml into one spot let’s just say
in for
in theory you’re going to do 0.6 ml i
would do
0.3 and 0.3 do it in two different spots
and the reason for that is the fat is
as accepting as muscles muscles you can
put more liquid into them and they will
accept it
more more so you still might get some
pain but when you do sub-q
if if you do it too fast or even when
you just start out
you could possibly get some what i call
them nodules
and basically what it is is your your
fat will feel hard it will feel a little
bit tender
and you may bruise up you probably will
bruise up now these usually go away in a
day or two
so don’t freak out if this happens if
something’s if it’s red and itchy and
then it’s probably infected but if it’s
just a little tender and you feel a
little hardness in the fat
it’ll probably go away in a day or two
if you’re concerned talk to your doctor
also with subcu going slow if you go too
your body will let you know because
you’ll feel kind of a sharp pain and a
and it’s not going to be horrible but
it’s not going to be pleasant
so if that does happen you can just sit
kind of wait maybe 10 15 20 seconds just
all that oil kind of distribute
throughout your fat and then start again
but remember to go slowly this is not a
i’m not going to really get into sizes
with intramuscular because you’re
dealing with the lengths
the sizes all that good stuff
that’s something you need to talk to
your doctor about once again the same
thing with sub q
i find that the smallest that you can
get away with
with being able to draw and inject at a
somewhat decent speed is ideal what size
that is for you
i don’t know but you’ll probably find
out through this journey
so to sum up intramuscular and sub-q
both work for most people some people
say with sub q
their levels came back a little lower
than when they were doing intramuscular
so they switch back
i personally don’t have that issue my
levels are 1100 intramuscular or
so i go the easy route with little tiny
insulin needles
and sit down and just butt fat
and it seems to work for me may work for
if you’re starting out do the way your
doctor says
it’s most likely give you intramuscular
um give it a shot
you’re gonna have to learn intramuscular
anyway and your doctor will be able to
give you some good tips on how to do
so give that a try first and once you
get your feet wet and you’re a little
in the trt scene and you’ve been doing
it for a little while
then if you wanted to try subcutaneous
you could talk to your doctor about that
in most states you can buy needles
or at your pharmacy without a
prescription but there are a few states
that restrict it so
if you’re in one of those states talk to
your doctor get a script or get it from
an approved place through your doctor
but uh never break the law always follow
the law injection frequency this is one
that’s discussed a lot on trt groups and
in my personal opinion the least amount
of times that you need to inject per
week while keeping stable hormone levels
is ideal
for me that is twice a week for some men
it’s once a week
for some men it’s every day we already
went over some of the
like stock or standard protocols for
recipient that’s 200 milligrams every
two weeks for sustanon it’s 250 every
three weeks
these are really old protocols they were
figured out in like the 40s 50s and 60s
i mean almost all studies and new
information on testosterone
shows that pretty much a weekly
injection is the minimum you can get
away with
if you want your hormones to be steady
if you want your hormones to go up like
this all the time
then uh yeah you can inject less
frequently and
you’ll probably eventually realize
what’s going on and switch over to a
more frequent injection schedule
like i said for myself it’s twice a week
for some men it’s every day
you’re gonna have to find out you know
what your sweet spot is
you know are you willing to do you know
seven shots a week
or do you want to bump it down to two it
really depends
once you get into the more advanced trt
you know you start reading all your
blood tests and all that good stuff and
you’ll see
okay well on you know week seven i’m
down here
you know week seven i’m at you know five
six hundred
and i want it to be a little more steady
at about 800 or something like that
so maybe i’m going to add one more
injection and split up my dosage
so next time i get a blood test we’ll
see what that trough level is and
adjust accordingly trt is a lot about
you know
tweaking and figuring stuff out and
making slight little changes
and that’s why it’s very important to
work with a really good doctor
it’s also really good to do your own
research knowing’s half the battle
i mean gi joe he knew what he was
talking about so getting as educated as
you possibly can
on this treatment is very very important
and that’s why i created this channel
and that’s hopefully why you’re watching
this guide so
that’s gonna wrap it up guys that’s part
five um i got two more to do and i’m
gonna put out all the rest of them
but thanks for watching oh yeah don’t
forget to uh
like and subscribe helps the algorithm
helps out your boy
and i’m helping you out so getting
dialed in
is the hardest thing in trt it’s
basically trying to find out
what dosages and what blood levels for a
bunch of different stuff
make you feel the best and that’s one
key thing i want to stress
i see a lot of people on groups reddit
and facebook
and they’re like oh my god my estrogen’s
two points over what the reference range
is and
do i need to take an ai should i take
some supplements
and uh you know at the end of the day
i’ll usually ask
people like that i’ll say how do you
feel i’ll say well i
i feel fine but you know i’m two points
over getting dialed in
really comes down to is how you feel
and if you feel fine at a 500 level then
that’s great that’s all you need if
you’re feeling good
if you’re not feeling good at 700 and
you feel good at 800
you know that’s great as well it’s
really it varies from man to man and
that’s why there’s no
there’s no like concrete guide to this
no one’s ever figured out
okay you know this guy’s testosterone
levels are here
here’s where his estrogen levels so we
need to give him 120 milligrams of test
he needs 400 ius of hcg and this amount
of arimidex no one’s ever figured that
and they never will because everyone
responds differently
like i think i mentioned earlier in this
guide i have a buddy that takes 350
milligrams of test
and his levels are 700. i take 200 and
i’ve pulled high numbers like 1384.
so he’s taking nearly double what i’m
taking and i have nearly double the
testosterone level that he has
so it’s pretty wild so anyone that tells
you that something’s black and white and
like oh if you’re over 250 that’s not
trt you’re you know you’re bodybuilding
it depends on your blood work it really
it’s very
so much from man-to-man you know every
medicine varies that’s why some people
feel fine taking a certain medicine and
some people get horrible side effects
you know your blood levels come into
this a lot as well
although like i mentioned earlier you
know people freak out about numbers and
that’s one thing i want to relay to you
don’t chase numbers but at the same time
numbers can give you an indication of
what you might need to modify to get
dialed in
so here’s another thing that i see
people do a lot and
this really applies to a lot of things
in life where you’re trying to get
everything perfect
it is change one variable a time
i can’t tell you how many times i’ve
seen people post
okay i was at 200 tests i was at half a
milligram of arimidex
and i was like 500 i used hcg and
then they go on to say well i dropped
down to 160
on the test and i jumped up the hcg to
500 and now i’m taking 0.75 milligrams
of rheumatics
what happened why don’t i feel good and
you don’t know
you’ll never know because you changed
three variables it could be one of those
making you feel bad
could be two of them it could be all of
them it could be none of them
so what i always like to say is when
you’re going to change something in your
do it one at a time and then give it at
least a month
so let’s just say for example i’m at 150
milligrams of test
and i’m taking 500 iu’s of hcg
and i’m taking half a milligram of
arimidex is it just this is just
let’s say that i’m starting to feel the
side effects of higher estrogen you know
i’m feeling a little bloated i’m feeling
a little bit more emotional you know
maybe i’m having problems you know
performing um you know what if i was me
i would personally i would drop down the
hcg a little bit because
hcg can raise your estrogen levels a
decent amount and i would lower that
and i would wait a month and i would see
do i feel better
you know if okay i do feel better well
that’s good now i’m you know closer to
being dialed in
but what i would not want to do is you
know lower the hcg
and then raise my remidex because now i
may be
crashing my estrogen because i have less
hcg that’s raising my estrogen levels
and i’m taking something
that’s lowered my estrogen levels even
more so you see with the two variables
you can have bad effects
pretty quickly and a lot of people have
gone through the trouble to watch a
guide like this they don’t have long
enough attention spans
so all they do is they’ll get on reddit
and they’ll fire off like hey i did this
this and
wait to see what a bunch of people on
the internet think and
then they’ll probably do whatever they
were gonna do anyway so you know this is
one of the things you got to be
careful you have to be calculated and
precise you can’t just say okay
well this isn’t working so let’s rework
everything and see if that works
it’s not how things work you’re
basically throwing darts at that point
like oh no that wasn’t it okay that
didn’t work either
you know and most likely you’re not
gonna hit a bullseye and
you know knowing that you have to wait a
month or two before you can really see
if a protocol is working for you
and throwing darts five six times you
could be a year before you get dialed in
this is another one and it’s a little
off topic but
people have really really high
expectations for testosterone
and some people experience phenomenal
results taking testosterone
but people think that you know
everything in their life is going to be
fixed with testosterone
once they get on testosterone their
anxiety is going to be gone
they’re going to be packing on muscle
they’re gonna be losing fat you know
they’re gonna feel like superman every
single day
you know they’re not gonna be tired
they’re gonna be up they’re gonna be
super motivated all the time and they’re
just gonna be like superman
it doesn’t work like that you know when
you’re taking trt you’re getting hormone
levels to
optimal levels so you’re still going to
be tired sometimes you’re still going to
have anxiety
you’re not going to be super motivated
all the time it’s not a magical pill
you know you see all these ads for
eugenics and all these test boosters and
all that and
got frank thomas up there you know
looking all
right he looks kind of watery and puffy
but you know he makes it sound like you
know he’s just taking eugenics and now
he’s a whole new man and
they show him working out in the gym and
he’s wrapping like 135 on the incline
people get these misconceptions and
these grandeus ideas that as soon as
they start taking testosterone their
life is just going to be
you know super awesome and just like
everyone else everyone else feels great
all the time and i’m tired sometimes
but it doesn’t work like that it just
makes you back to normal pretty much
and will it make you feel better yeah
it’s not going to fix your life you’re
not going to get the raise
you’re not going to find the girl that
you’re looking for
you know you’re not just going to be a
superhuman and everything’s great
so that was a little rant but um so
let’s get into some
examples of you know adjusting your
with the supervision of your doctor and
working with your doctor
obviously because doctors are the
smartest people in the world and
your doctor is probably one of the best
and you know he’s going to really craft
his time
he’s going to sit down with you for a
few hours and really you know focus on
you and dial you in
in reality he’s probably going to see
you for 15 minutes he’s going to look at
your blood work
and you know probably listen to what you
have to say for a minute or two and then
he’ll kind of scribble you down your
and then you know you’re off to see how
that feels that’s why doing research on
your own is so important
so you know what to relay you know if
your doctor is really not that
great at trt but anyway let’s get into
dial in
so let’s say you start taking
we’ll just go with easy numbers we’re
doing 100 of tests 100 milligrams of
tests we’re doing 500
of hcg and we’re going to do a half a
milligram of arimidex just a
hypothetical protocol
so let’s say after three months goes by
you go and get blood work
and let’s say your testosterone is like
and your estrogen’s in normal range but
you’re not feeling good
so you tell your doctor hey you know can
we jump this up to maybe 140
per week and see what happens and he
says yes of course
so now you come in three months later
and your testosterone level is let’s say
800 and your estrogen is pumping at like
and you’re not feeling 100 you’re
feeling a little you know a little brain
or whatever symptoms you’re having at
this point you have three things that
you can modify
you can lower your testosterone dose a
little bit you can lower your hcg dosage
a little bit
or you can up your ai or arimidex dose a
little bit
which one’s the right one i don’t know
but that’s what dialing in is all about
and that’s why you do one at a time in
that particular situation what i would
personally do is i would probably drop
my testosterone back to 120 and i would
wait and i would see where i where i
so let’s say you come back and you’re
testing like 650
your estrogen’s you know kind of up on
you know the top of the reference range
but you’re feeling good so if you’re
feeling good at that point
then you’re pretty much dialed in and
you just have to wait a couple more
months for all of the benefits of trt
and that’s going to be i’ll clip it on
i’ll put it up here
that’s kind of the second part to this
video is the different
lengths of time it takes to see the
effects of trt
but i’ve already done a video on it so
i’m going to put it up there and then
i’m also going to put it at the end
so that’s kind of the part two so let’s
look at a second scenario
so let’s say your doctor has you on 100
milligrams of test per week
500 of hcg and a quarter milligram of
so let’s say after three months you go
back and you get blood work and your
testosterone level is about
550 650 somewhere in that range and uh
but your estrogen is like 70 and you’re
not feeling right
so right there you can see that on a
more of a lower dose of testosterone
you’re a pretty good responder
and your jump numbers are up in the 550
let’s say 700 whatever
and uh but you’re not feeling good and
you see your estrogen and your
estrogen’s at like 70.
well you are obviously a high aromatizer
of testosterone into estrogen and the
reason you may not be feeling good
is because of your really high estrogen
levels so at this point
you know you can lower your dosage of
testosterone but then you’re going to be
in like the you know
five hundreds four hundreds and you know
what’s real point of taking testosterone
you know you’re in the 400s there’s no
point of going through all the side
effects on the hassle taking
testosterone if you’re only going to go
you know 250 300 to 400 so your estrogen
is really high so in this scenario
you have two options you could pull back
your hcg dose
which would in turn lower your estrogen
to some degree
depending on you and your body or you
could raise your ai up a little bit to
get the estrogen down
but at this point let’s say that you’re
you know really worried about your
fertility and hcg does help with your
fertility and keeping the boys
the way they you want them to be so you
don’t really want to drop down your hcg
so in this scenario you may want to try
upping your arimidex dose a little bit
maybe go from a quarter milligram to a
half a milligram and then see how you
let’s say this was a different guy and
he didn’t care about fertility he was

  1. he already has kids
    doesn’t care so for him he could just
    cut his hcg dose in half
    and see if that lowers his estrogen
    enough to where he feels good
    so it not only matters you know how your
    body responds to different things
    and how much you aromatize all that good
    stuff but it also matters about
    you know what you care about in life if
    you care about having kids do you not
    care about having kids
    have you read some stuff on arimadex and
    you think it’s poison or you came across
    a group and
    they tell you it’s poison and you’re
    like well i don’t want to even take a
    remidex at all
    so i’m just going to drop my ecg off so
    those are just some scenarios i mean
    there’s thousands of other scenarios
    that we could go through but
    you know they’re just hypothetical so
    but i wanted to give you an idea of
    seeing how intricate this is and how all
    these different things play off of each
    and it all depends on how your body
    responds to this that’s why it’s so
    important to work with a good doctor
    and to get pretty extensive blood work
    there’s a lot of other factors that play
    into how you feel
    your cortisol levels your prolactin
    levels your dht levels
    you know there’s lots of different
    things that really
    can really make you feel bad or good
    depending on where they are and it
    varies for each individual person
    so i hope this is helpful i can’t
    obviously give you
    you know an exact way to dial in it’s
    it’s a very
    tricky and complicated process but some
    key takeaways from this
    are only change one variable at a time
    because if you change two variables and
    you don’t feel any better
    then you don’t know which change did
    that or the combination of changing two
    had a negative impact and didn’t help
    you feel better
    so change one variable time and then get
    blood work
    so you can see what’s actually going on
    in your body so you and your doctor can
    make a more educated guess
    as to what you need to change in order
    to get the most and the
    you know feel the best on this treatment
    the other key takeaway
    is don’t chase numbers numbers
    are very important to know but at the
    end of the day it’s how you feel
    you didn’t jump on trt to go and show
    your buddies like hey look
    bill i got it 800 on my total
    testosterone test
    no bill doesn’t care but you care about
    how you feel
    you started looking into trt and
    eventually getting on to trt
    because you didn’t feel good so the only
    thing that you’re trying to accomplish
    by going through all this is to feel
    better so
    it doesn’t matter what your numbers say
    it does to a degree
    but don’t chase numbers it’s all about
    how you feel you’re looking to improve
    your life and feel better
    and you need to work with your doctor
    closely to get dialed in so you feel
    so it’s extremely important to know your
    numbers very well and what they all mean
    but don’t chase numbers so that’s it
    uh remember the part two is going to be
    going through
    how long it takes certain symptoms and
    to get all the benefits of trt i’ll give
    you a little hint
    some of them take two years so if you’re
    not feeling 100
    after three or four months on trt it
    will get better
    some of these things take a long time to
    resolve themselves
    you know your body is super complicated
    you got all kinds of hormones that touch
    and touch that and trigger that and all
    that good stuff
    so just because you’re going to take
    something for three or four months it
    takes a while for your body to kind of
    even out kind of you know get in balance
    with itself
    so don’t freak out so i’m not telling
    you to rush out and
    buy all these supplements that i
    mentioned here but these are the most
    common ones that you’re going to see
    guys using while on trt
    i do have links in the description to
    most of these
    but you can get a lot of these on amazon
    or your local grocery store
    the first one the staple the
    taking a multivitamin will make you not
    in many different vitamins and will
    optimize you according to the fda
    i recommend a multivitamin for everyone
    so even if your body gets too much of a
    particular vitamin
    it knows just to get rid of it but if
    you’re deficient in something
    it can throw something else off which
    throws something else off
    and you can have negative effects so
    get a multivitamin i’ve got a link to a
    really good multivitamin it’s ranked
    number one on a lot of different
    it’s pretty good got a link for it so
    the next one is fish oil and fish oil
    lots of good benefits i’m not going to
    cover all the benefits in the video
    but it helps your heart helps your
    cholesterol helps all kinds of good
    we pretty much know that fish oil is
    good for us so i would definitely add
    that that’s something i take personally
    i’ve taken it for a very long time
    it’s not the cheapest supplement but we
    all know that it’s good for us so
    might as well start taking it now that
    you’re on trt and you’re improving your
    you’re hitting the gym you’re eating
    good all that good stuff so
    get some fish oil we covered vitamin d3
    i’ve done specific videos on vitamin d3
    it’s very important for men
    it’s very important for our hormone
    levels it’s actually considered a pro
    most of us don’t get enough of it from
    the sun which is the only way you can
    get it
    outside of a supplement vitamin d3
    super important a lot of doctors and trt
    clinics will prescribe that
    on top of trt just because they know how
    good it is and how
    important it is for your body’s hormone
    balance vitamin d3 i personally take
    5000 iu’s per day
    and my multivitamin i think has a
    thousand i use that’s not
    the sort of dosage i’m telling you to
    take but some form of vitamin d3
    is very helpful and i would highly
    recommend that now i’m gonna get into
    four different supplements that are
    used in trt for various reasons the
    first one is called
    dim and it has a very long name which
    i’m not going to try to say
    and basically it’s extracted from
    cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
    so if you were to eat broccoli you’d get
    some of this dim into your body
    but the supplement obviously has a lot
    more and what dim basically does
    is it helps helps balance your estrogen
    and some men say that it helps lower
    their overall estrogen levels to get
    them into a better range so they feel
    i haven’t personally tried dim but this
    next one i do
    take it’s calcium d-glucarate and it
    does a lot of other good stuff like it
    helps with if you have a high protein
    it does something that helps with that
    i’m not trying to get all scientific on
    but i used it i noticed a decrease in my
    estrogen from 72 to 50
    i take a thousand milligrams a day which
    is two pills i have a link for that in
    the description
    i can’t say if it’s better than than dim
    or not but
    i personally only taken calcium
    de-glucorate and i’ve noticed some
    pretty good results
    and i would personally start with that
    one if i were me
    but you’re you so you could try dim or
    calcium d-glutate
    if you do end up wanting to help lower
    your estrogen a little bit
    so this next supplement helps with an
    issue that is known when men are on trt
    it’s called hematocrit and i’m not going
    to get sciency on you
    but overall most men when they’re on trt
    their blood gets a little thicker and if
    it gets a little too thick there’s
    possibilities of stroke and other
    so you want to keep your hermatocrit on
    the lower side i believe the high number
    is 54.
    now naringan is actually an extract from
    specifically grapefruits if you’ve ever
    been on blood thinners or any
    other medicines related to blood you’ll
    see that they tell you not to eat
    grapefruits because it can have an
    and can actually amplify the medicine
    that you’re taking
    so they’ve extracted these citrus
    bioflavonoids from grapefruits and they
    have them as
    supplements now the idea behind naringin
    without getting too detailed
    is that for some reason however it works
    it takes
    extra red blood cells that you’re
    producing and puts them to work
    somewhere else or allows them to work
    somewhere else so that
    your blood count doesn’t get too high so
    naringin is something that i take
    daily i take it twice a day i can’t
    remember the exact dosage
    but i have a link for the description
    the exact stuff that i take
    another option is eating grapefruits or
    drinking grapefruit juice
    i tried eating grapefruits every day and
    it’s kind of a hassle
    it’s yeah it didn’t really work for me
    i just buy some grapefruit juice good
    old florida grapefruit juice
    and i drink that not every day but i’ll
    drink it a pint of it every other day
    i’m not sure if the grapefruit juice is
    as effective as naringin
    but it can’t hurt and grapefruit juice
    is pretty good in my opinion
    so i drink it every once in a while so
    another thing that
    lots of men do while on trt they pretty
    much do it as a schedule every three to
    four months they will go to a local
    blood donation center and donate blood
    and as a general rule uh it will lower
    your hematocrit by about three points
    in theory so if you’re 54 and you
    donated a pint of blood
    in theory you should be out of 51 but
    you can’t just donate blood once
    and then you’re good forever because
    your bone
    beans beans do a video
    because your bone marrow is always
    producing red blood cells and for
    whatever reason when you
    inject or administer outside
    testosterone it seems to speed that up
    so your bone marrow is cranking out
    those red blood cells and
    every three to four or five months or as
    you’ve got to get rid of some of those
    blurred blood cells and you’re doing a
    good thing because there’s always a need
    for blood
    the place near me is a place that
    contracts with hospitals
    so it’s kind of more of a business and
    they are very eager to get blood
    so they don’t they don’t ask they do
    actually ask a lot of questions but
    they’re okay with men on trt
    as long as it’s prescribed by a doctor
    now there are some places that will not
    allow you to donate on trt
    because you’ve been you’ve had an
    injection and you’re doing it yourself
    or whatever
    i’m not telling you anything but if you
    do end up needing to give blood
    do what you got to do now moving on to
    as you’ll learn it’s a controversial
    subject in trt
    some people have the belief that
    estrogen is neuroprotective it’s
    great it’s fantastic and it is but they
    seem to feel that it
    doesn’t matter how high it gets because
    it’s good for you
    testosterone is good for you as well but
    when you get too much of it in your body
    there are side effects
    this is just my personal opinion i feel
    that most of your hormones should be
    somewhere in a normal range not well
    15 of them are in a normal range in this
    one female hormone
    you know we just let it get as high as
    as high as it gets and
    it’s good for us i don’t personally
    believe that it doesn’t make sense to me
    you can come to your own conclusion and
    one last thing about estrogen
    is it’s tricky because high estrogen
    and low estrogen have similar symptoms
    i’ve done videos on it if you subscribe
    to my channel and click on the videos
    i’ve done a couple different videos on
    estrogen come to your own opinion
    do some research don’t listen to just me
    i’m just a guy on youtube
    so we’re gonna cover prostate and then
    we’re going to finish up
    this trt guide with cholesterol
    so there’s a test that you get when you
    get blood work called psa
    it’s a good idea to get it checked a
    higher psa number doesn’t necessarily
    mean that you’re like developing
    prostate cancer but it is more likely
    that you
    could get prostate cancer with a higher
    psa level so you want to get a baseline
    and when you get blood work it’s a good
    idea to get it checked out just to know
    where you’re at so you can talk to your
    and if you’re on trt and you’re of the
    age of where they start doing exams
    definitely don’t put that off it’s
    always better to
    you know you and your doctor to know
    about something that’s going on
    earlier than better we as men like to
    put stuff off and i totally understand
    why you’re
    not rushing out to go get your prostate
    checked but it’s very important and i
    would highly recommend it
    i wouldn’t necessarily give it a 5 star
    rating but i would definitely recommend
    getting it done
    so now on to cholesterol cholesterol
    it’s still they don’t know 100
    everything about cholesterol
    the general census seems to be that
    lower hdl is better and higher hdl
    is better but there’s lots of different
    studies that have conflicting
    anyway overall on trt
    your ldl is going to go up and your hdl
    is going to go down
    so you may want to look into some
    supplements that can help
    flip that around or at least balance it
    out one of these supplements we already
    touched on
    is fish oil fish oil is good for
    cholesterol it’s good for a lot of other
    stuff it’s good for our heart
    so get some fish oil i have a link in
    the description
    flax seeds they do have flax seed
    i do not personally take flaxseed
    supplements but i do eat a couple of
    them in my smoothie every day
    along with chia seeds those are supposed
    to be really good green tea extract
    has been shown to help cholesterol to a
    certain degree i don’t have any personal
    experience with this i’ve never taken it
    but according to the medical journals
    it’s supposed to be pretty good for
    and moving on to niacin niacin
    raises your hdl and lowers your ldl
    which is what we’re looking for
    personally haven’t taken this one either
    by itself
    but there is 125 percent of it in my
    so i’m getting the normal amount of
    bioson according to the government
    so that’s something and the last one red
    yeast rice
    and my doctor actually recommended this
    to me and i actually have to go get
    another bottle i’m out of it
    but he recommended it to me and he was
    telling me about it and i was like wow
    that’s pretty interesting
    medicines that are used to make your
    cholesterol better are called statins
    and almost all of the most popular
    prescription statin medicines
    derive from red yeast rice so i was like
    wow that’s pretty wild these
    prescription medicines are you know
    made from red yeast rice i mean they do
    a bunch of other crazy stuff and who
    knows what they do
    my thought is that after making all of
    these statin medicines
    from reggie strice why wouldn’t i want
    to take some red yeast rice
    just a thought i did read something
    that the fda has warned about red yeast
    rice is that it
    possibly could just naturally occurring
    contain a statin called lovastatin and
    what they’re saying is that if you take
    a red yeast rice supplement
    whatever it may have more lovastatin
    than a different pill
    that you may run into a complication i
    can’t verify that
    but i had no issues when i was taking
    red yeast rice it
    seems overall pretty safe but definitely
    do your research
    and talk to your doctor before taking
    any supplements
    so with all these supplements you have
    to talk to your doctor first
    that is my rule so guys that’s gonna
    wrap up my trt
    guide i really hope you found it helpful
    i took about two and a half years of
    what i’ve learned and
    put it down to about 80 minutes i think
    so you don’t have to read a book you
    don’t have to buy a book you don’t have
    to join a group and ask 50 different
    and get called a noob so i thought this
    would be helpful
    put everything in one spot if you found
    it helpful
    i would really appreciate it if you
    subscribed i
    really appreciate it if you like the
    video i have lots more content coming
    lots of interesting stuff some new
    supplements i found i do men’s health in
    the news
    and i also have a facebook group and i’m
    going to leave a link to the facebook
    in the description you can post trt
    stuff you can just post cool stuff
    cars bowling sports whatever you want
    it’s just kind of like a trt hangout
    just a bunch of guys hanging out online
    on facebook
    and uh talking about trt and other cool
    stuff like race cars
    so guys thanks for watching i hope you
    found this helpful
    you’re awesome and get your levels

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