MK-677 Ibutamoren Benefits, Side Effects & Half Life | Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue

Ibutamoren is a potent, long-acting, orally-active, selective, and non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue, mimicking the growth hormone (GH)-stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin. It has been shown to increase the secretion of several hormones including GH and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and produces sustained increases in the plasma levels of these hormones without affecting cortisol levels.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re talking about a really cool
called mk677 it’s currently undergoing
fda trials
for a couple different diseases and a
lot of guys are using it to research at
and some trt clinics are actually
prescribing it to their patients because
they found it
is so helpful and has so many benefits
so do a quick medical disclaimer and
then we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
mk 677 also known as ibutamarin
is also known as the poor man’s growth
hormone and what it basically does
is it kind of tricks your brain
into secreting and creating more human
growth hormone
so i’ll read some sciency stuff the
science behind it of why
it works and why it works and then we’ll
get into some other stuff like
benefit side effects how long you should
research with it and its half-life
mk-677 is a growth hormone secretagog
designed to mimic growth hormone
treatment in an effort to treat
catabolic patients
or patients with diseases that reduce
ibutamarin is a potent long-acting
orally active selective and non-peptide
of the ghrelin receptor and growth
hormone secretog
mimicking the growth hormone stimulating
of the endogenous hormone ghrelin it has
been shown to increase the secretion of
several hormones including growth
and insulin-like growth factor or igf-1
and produces sustained increases in the
plasma levels of these hormones
without affecting cortisol levels mk 677
has been
shown to sustain activation of the gh
igf-1 axis
and to increase lean body mass with no
change in total fat or visceral fat
it is under investigation as a potential
treatment for reduced levels of these
such as in children or elderly adults
with growth hormone deficiency
and human studies have shown it to
increase both muscle mass and bone
mineral density
making it a promising potential therapy
for the treatment of frailty in the
as of june 2017 mk 677 is in the
pre-clinical stage of development for
growth hormone deficiency
mk67 is actually in clinical trials
right now
and from what i’ve seen not in the fda
or anything like that
but it seems pretty promising they’re
really not seeing
any like horrible side effects and
they’re seeing tons of benefits
so it’s a really interesting compound um
why so many people are doing research
with this it’s
cheap i mean there’s links in my
description if you want to do some
research with this
but it’s cheap and it gives similar
benefits of growth hormone treatment
which is super expensive like thousands
of dollars
so let’s look at some of the benefits
some of the things that people notice
when they research with mk 677
accelerated healing from wounds or
increases calcium retention strengthens
and increases the mineralization
of the bone density improved libido and
desire by stimulation of the
reduces belly fat through lipolysis
increases lean
muscle mass increases collagen
production and skin elasticity
improving wrinkles improves sleep
increases cellular repair and production
strengthens the heart
enhances the immune system and increases
protein synthesis
so you know very similar to what people
look for
when they’re trying to get growth
hormone and they’re on growth hormone
therapy for being deficient in it
i think growth hormone is super
important and
it’s one of the like key things in your
body that
you know keeps your skin elasticity
makes your hair nice and full
you know keeps your nails growing your
skin looking nice
reduces fat increases muscle it can help
you sleep
and it’s kind of an overall thing now i
haven’t personally taken this
but i do have some on hand and at some
point when i’m done doing all these
other experiments that’s the next one
that i want to try
it’s very interesting i’ve heard great
things about it
but it has a lot of interesting
properties in one of the studies they
showed that it increased
igf by almost 30 percent that’s a huge
jump that’s almost
one-third so people taking it their igf
went up 30
and this is from a cheap you know
achieve basically what you consider a
sarm it’s not actually a sarm but it’s
lumped in that whole family it’s like 50
60 a bottle
so it’s pretty wild a two-year clinical
study of using ibuterin or mk677 every
single day at a dose of 25 milligrams
concluded that the daily administration
of mk significantly
increased growth hormone and
insulin-like growth factor
levels to those of young healthy adults
without serious adverse effects
like i said it’s still going through fda
trials right now
i kind of hope it gets passed but i kind
of don’t because
if it does it’s probably gonna be
expensive a study tested this on 40
people who volunteered for a 16-week
they were closely monitored and the
study found out that the ones who were
taking mk at 15 milligrams a day
lost three percent of their body fat
over the course of 16 weeks
that was without changing the diet or
exercising just taking 15 milligrams a
they lost three percent body fat in four
months that’s amazing
that is really amazing and that’s i mean
that’s crazy they didn’t do anything
different they just took a little 15
milligrams a day and boom they lost
three percent body fat
some powerful stuff it’s really cool
that you know mk 677
goes in and it you know kind of tells
your body hey produce more of this
produce more of this it’s kind of like a
messenger like hey
flick the switch create more of this
growth hormone and igf
a test group was given 12.5 milligrams
of mk
a day for 16 weeks and over that period
of time they gained two pounds of muscle
that was without even training or
changing up their diet
that’s not bad i mean two pounds of
solid lean muscle in 16 weeks when
you’re not even working out
that’s a pretty good pretty good result
if you ask me i mean can only imagine if
you are working out
you’re on trt you’re taking protein
you’re taking creatine
probably triple that at least i would
say now
as we all know there are no free lunches
so there are some side effects
there are some definitely some side
effects uh the most common one
is hunger a lot of guys when they start
taking this for the first
you know one to three weeks they are
just starving like ravenously hungry
they just cannot stop
eating so from what i’ve seen
guys that have a hard time gaining who
want to eat they’ll take this for two or
three weeks
and that hunger’s there so they just you
know eat everything and they’re always
then they’ll stop taking it for like two
weeks then they’ll start again and that
is there but for guys that are trying to
cut they’ll usually you know have to go
through this hunger phase
and they’ll just have to kind of deal
with it but you know after a while
for most guys it goes away so then
they’re good you just have to make it
one to three weeks of being hungry
and then you should be good to go one
way that i’ve seen people say that they
mitigate this or reduce this hunger is
to take mk at night before they go to
so the idea is you know when the mk is
the highest concentration in your body
you’re gonna be asleep and in theory
when you wake up you’re not gonna be as
hungry as you would have been if you
took it first thing in the morning
some other side effects that some people
who are doing research experience
are tingly fingers and hands elevated
blood sugar
intense dreams lethargy water retention
and in some people it’s rare but they
get headaches and reduced insulin
like we said guys there’s no free lunch
so if your rats experiencing any of
you know i possibly discontinued
research or power through it depending
on the severity of it
some people have no side effects at all
some people get a couple
it just depends roll the dice so what is
nice about mk
is that the half-life is about 24 hours
so it’s not something you have to do two
or three times a day and remember to do
and carry it with you you just have to
take it once a day
and that’s it or some people split it up
just because they can
and it’s not that difficult but you know
ideally you don’t have to so just once a
day make it a habit if you’re trying it
and you should be good to go now
something that’s different about mk than
a lot of other sarms and yes mk is not a
but a lot of sarms are researched for
eight weeks at a time
that’s usually the typical gold standard
but with
mk it’s a lot longer before you really
feel the full effects
as you saw a lot of the studies that
they did are for 16 weeks
and from some of the people in the sarms
industry and
anecdotal evidence uh they usually like
to run
mk or research with it for 12 to 24
some people stay on it all year round
some people do
two rounds of research per year some
use it actually as a bridge kind of a
in between research so they may be
researching rad 140 and carterene for
eight weeks
and then you know maybe the last week or
the day of that they stop researching
with those
they’ll jump on mk677 kind of use it as
a pct
kind of a bridge i wouldn’t necessarily
use it as that
i would definitely do a proper pct and
if you still wanted to you could throw
it in
but that’s about it guys mk 677 the poor
man’s growth hormone
really cool compound like i said going
through trials right now
from what i’ve seen they haven’t come
across any crazy side effects like
or whatever else i mean just some things
that may
annoy you like the hunger one would
annoy you the tingly fingers maybe you
get headaches
but nothing crazy from what we’ve seen
so far
but also remember that there’s not any
long-term you know
studies on this for years and years but
hey that’s the world we live in but
really cool compound if you’re looking
to do some research i’ve got some links
in the description
check them out you get a discount but
that’s about it guys
just wanted to bring you up to speed on
mk677 really cool compound
and as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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