Anabolic Profiles – Equipoise / Boldenone | Side Effects, Cost, Half Life, Dosage and History

Equipoise / Boldenone is a very interesting anabolic compound that started off for humans and has slowly transitioned into the veterinary market. It gets it name from its use in horse medicine. Equipoise / Boldenone also has some unique side effects that other anabolic compounds do not cause.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being with me
today we’re going to cover a really cool
compound and it’s uh
only really used for horses these days
it’s all about humanity
so today we’re gonna be talking about
equipoise or boldinone
and it was one of the first that was
ever created
it was created in 1949 by pharmaceutical
company called seba
and in the 60s it was first marketed it
was called piranhaball
by the 1970s uh bolden own or
was discontinued the fda basically found
that they were
better medicines to do what they thought
piranhaball or boldinone was supposed to
and then after that it was discontinued
it was sold to a company called squib
and they marketed it to the veterinary
that’s how it got the name equipoise and
after that it was sold to pfizer and
pfizer is the current patent holder for
equipoise bouldin owned piranhaball so
originally equipoise was used for
osteoporosis and muscle wasting
it’s pretty much the same stuff that
almost all anabolic agents were
marketed for or to treat in humans
muscle wasting
you know bone bone health all that good
so if you think that horse racing is all
natural well
you’d be wrong i’m sure most of it is
now but
back in the day they used to juice up
horses because a
horse on juice would be stronger faster
have a more
better appetite and i would just perform
better as a resource
and that’s exactly what they use it for
they use it somewhat for
injuries but they basically want the
horses to have a better appetite
they want them to want to race uh they
want them to build more muscle
and just to do everything that basically
steroids do for humans
so equipoise is a direct derivative of
so it still does convert to estrogen but
it converts
to estrogen at about a rate of fifty
percent of what testosterone would
so you’re not going to see the same
spike in estrogen as you would from
but as a lot of people do they stack it
with tests so you’ve gotta
you know keep in mind that while it’s
not as
estrogenic it still is estrogenic so
keep that in mind
it’s less androgenic than testosterone
but it’s about equal to testosterone
in terms of anabolicness and equipoise
is definitely highly suppressive so
if that’s something that you would
possibly think about taking uh just know
that it’s going to suppress your
just like testosterone would so be
mindful of that
what’s very interesting about boldinone
is that
it’s chemically almost exactly the same
as dianaball
and dianaball is the most common form is
a pill
because it has high oral bioavailability
they’ve since made injectable dianabol
but back in the day
you know they just tweaked a few little
things and they were able to make
injectable whereas dianaball was only
taken orally
so a lot of people in the community feel
that equipoise kind of helps deliver
testosterone better
i think personally it’s because it helps
lower shbg
so you know guys take two different
compounds and they feel you know that
extra benefit
a lot of it is i mean it’s a because you
have another compound
but it’s also because your shbg is lower
which allows you to have higher free
testosterone and if you’re taking gear
and you’re a bodybuilder
you obviously want as much free
testosterone as possible so
cranking down your shbg is what you’re
going for
equipoise has been used for cutting and
bulking it’s a pretty versatile compound
in that you know it’s got about the same
anabolicness as testosterone but it’s
less androgenic
and it does convert into estrogen at a
lower rate than testosterone
so if you’re cutting you know when
you’re using equipoise
you’re going to have less conversion
into estrogen and if you’re bulking
well you don’t really care because
you’re just bulking and trying to get as
big as possible
another interesting little fact about
equipoise is that
it’s very similar to deca in its
anabolic and androgenic properties so
kind of the same as deca in that you
know arena
but it doesn’t convert as much into
estrogen as testosterone so
interesting compound so i’ll get into
the half-life and the cost
uh but first i want to go over some of
the side effects and the side effects
are very interesting because some of
them are
very specific to equipoise whereas other
compounds don’t have these side effects
so the common ones you’re going to see
this with almost all anabolic compounds
it’s going to lower your good
cholesterol it’s going to raise your bad
you know gyno acne balding directly acne
increased red blood cells increased
hematocrit but that’s pretty much for
all anabolic compounds they all have
pretty similar
side effects in that regard two
side effects uh that are pretty much
just for eq
is that it seems to increase red blood
cell count
more than testosterone we don’t really
know why but for whatever reason
guys see that the red blood cell count
goes up way higher
than if they were just taking
testosterone so for some reason
it gets in your body and it tells your
bone marrow to pump out more red blood
cells so keep an eye on that
another side effect or positive
depending on what you’re trying to do
is a lot of people report that equipoise
makes them a lot more hungry compared to
any other compounds
so if you’re looking to bulk and you
have a hard time eating or you’re a hard
then this may be a welcome side effect
but if you’re trying to cut
this could obviously be a negative side
effect so another interesting thing
about eq
even though it isn’t injectable it’s for
some reason seems to be kidney toxic
no one really knows why but for some
reason however the chemical structure of
equipoise is
it seems to be toxic for the kidneys
it’s very similar
in you know chemical composition as
dianabol which is an oral and is very
liver toxic
but for some reason it just seems to
affect the kidneys so keep an eye on
that as well
another couple very unique side effects
for equipoise
are gastrointestinal side effects like
ibs crohn’s disease ulcerative
colitis so i’ve seen some people comment
online that
you know eq it just gives them stomach
issues for whatever reason even though
you’re not taking it as a pill
it affects some people in the stomach
area and a lot of people won’t
use that won’t use it because of that so
i found that interesting
just something to note something to look
out for if you were to ever do research
with equipoise which i would recommend
so the half-life of equipoise is about
14 days
so 14 days is pretty long for almost any
testosterone compound outside of like
undecanoate which is just
ungodly long and it’s the only reason it
was even made was for a super long
but that’s 14 days so you know it’s one
of those compounds that’s going to be in
your system for a while so if you have
tested uh for any type of competition or
definitely keep that in mind it’s going
to stay in your system for a long time
and with that i mean if i were to take
equipoise i’d probably just pin it once
a week
it seems because it has such a long
half-life you don’t need to pin it every
uh you know twice a week but you know
obviously some people do
now the cost for equipoise is relatively
but when you compare it to how much
you’re taking it can get a little pricey
according to some research that i may or
may not have done
it looks like the average price is about
50 to 80 dollars for
3 000 milligrams or 3 grams that’s going
to be a 10 ml bottle at 300
milligram concentration so not very
expensive when you just hear that
but then you look and your people are
using you know between two and six
hundred milligrams
so if you’re doing 600 milligrams a week
you know that’s five weeks worth of
eq for 50 to 80
so it can definitely add up quickly you
know a lot of people love eq
a lot of people swear by it and uh but
it can get a little pricey so equipoise
bolden own
pretty cool compound i thought some
keynotes for that it’s
chemically almost exactly the same as
dianabol uh
it’s about as anabolic as testosterone
but not as androgenic
and is a little less likely about 50 to
convert into estrogen
it has a very similar anabolic to
androgenic profile as
deca and the interesting thing about the
side effects that it has some unique
side effects that
no other testosterones really have like
you know being
kidney toxic even though it’s an
injectable and the you know ibs
crohn’s ulcerative colitis you know a
lot of guys get stomach issues on eq
so that’s uh it’s a pretty cool compound
it’s pretty cool
and uh if you see horse running and he’s
running pretty fast he’s probably on
some eq
so thanks for watching guys if you’re
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other areas of
then trt but uh as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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