TRT Transformation – Nathan’s Story | Down 15lbs!!! | Huge Muscle Gain!!! | Rad Dad Fitness

Nathan had an amazing TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Transformation. He has gained 15lbs of muscle while lowering his body fat to 12%. He has really used TRT to transform his body and improve his life! Subscribe to his channel below!!!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
today we’ve got a really cool video it’s
another tr tree transformation
nathan was a pretty normal guy he had a
physical job
and he just started feeling bad and i’ll
get into his whole story
but before i start nathan actually has a
youtube channel called rad dad fitness
i will link that in the description go
follow him he’s doing some really cool
videos on
meals nutrition working out all that
stuff that we should all be doing so
let’s jump in
it’s all about humanity
so nathan started feeling the symptoms
of low testosterone at around
age 32 but he attributed it to his
physical job he said he worked like 60
hours a week
and he was just always tired his body
felt wrecked
and he just kind of thought well hey you
know i work a lot of hours i work a
physical job
so you know it’s just normal that i’m
going to be tired like this my body’s
going to be run down
and he eventually decided to get his
testosterone checked
so let’s read what he wrote me and let’s
get through this transformation
because nathan got pretty big and he’s
continuing on he’s getting bigger and
more fit
so i asked him what symptoms did he have
and he said that it was complicated
i worked a very physical job i was a
delivery driver for a beer distributor i
typically worked close to 60 hours a
of all physical labor my body was
wrapped i was always tired
i felt like i could never really catch
up with recovery before i started this
job i was quite competitive and power
lifting and strong man
i’ve always been active and was healthy
i started the delivery job when i was 29
so i just thought the feelings i was
having was me getting older
and maybe just working too hard i did
feel a tad depressed my memory was
and my sleep sucked as well i could pass
out at night
because i would be exhausted but i was
constantly waking up
all throughout the night never really
felt like i had a good night’s sleep
so this is a guy 29 years old he’s
pretty healthy
he works a lot i’m sure he has some
stress in his life as we all do
and he was just feeling run down i mean
from 29 to 32 he just felt run down
couldn’t couldn’t recover was always
tired couldn’t sleep
all that good stuff so he did what every
guy should do
is get their hormone levels checked and
females do this all the time females get
tested for hormones a lot more than men
um i don’t know why that is but most
doctors don’t even
like it’s not even a thing to tell guys
well hey you know you’re
29 30 or 35 or 40 let’s check your
hormone panel and see if anything’s out
of whack
but for some reason they don’t do that
maybe it’s because you know
it’s kind of like a conveyor belt you
know get them in get them out get the
and let’s move forward so i asked nathan
what made him go get tested for low t
and this is what he told me i ended up
moving so i had to leave my job
i started working a desk job but after a
couple of months i realized i still felt
the same way
when i was busting my ass constantly now
i’m sure most of us
have all heard the commercials on the
radio about men’s clinics and what
symptoms they treat
and most other symptoms sounded like me
for the first time i thought that maybe
my hormones were off balance and that’s
i didn’t feel as well as i should at
this time i’ve also been back in the gym
lifting five days a week doing cardio
five days a week and eating on a very
strict bodybuilding type diet
my diet was about 2700 calories a day
300 grams protein
280 grams carbs 40 grams fat and i
wasn’t seeing any progress
i’d started doing cardio twice a day and
fat loss was minimal
from being able to gain weight muscle
drop fat when i was younger
i knew something was not right with what
was going on here
so nathan moved he got a desk job he
wasn’t busting his ass
you know physically 60 hours a week but
he didn’t feel any better
so kind of clicked in his brain he’s
like huh you know i’ve got a desk job
i’m working less hours
i should be feeling better but i still
feel the same
and then you know he heard the ads for
the men’s clinics and you know i’m sure
he’s seen like
the new gen x commercial with frank
thomas completely
embarrassing the guy in front of his
wife anyway
and he was like hey what do i have to
lose i’ll go check out my hormones and
see what happens
and these are the results that he got
nathan’s fsh was 1.4 which was
1.1 below the normal range and his
luteinizing hormone was
a little bit on the lower side but i
would have expected to see it a little
bit lower
uh his estradiol was on the lower end of
the spectrum which would make sense
and his testosterone serum was 293
and you can see the reference range the
reference range is 264.
so if nathan didn’t have a good doctor
who understood hormones in some way
and didn’t just write scripts for
antibiotics all day then his doctor has
said well
293 i mean you’re 29 points from the
and you’re 32 and you work out five days
a week and you
track macros and you know
so but you’re good i mean you’re within
the range
you know suck it up you know maybe do a
little extra cardio
but he was doing cardio twice a day he’s
lifting weights five days a week
and you’ve seen him so far i mean he’s
in fantastic shape and he’s pretty
so it’s not like his doctor could say
well hey you know
maybe lose 40 pounds and we’ll retest
you and see what happens
it’s not like that he was already doing
everything healthy his body is just not
producing enough testosterone and we’ll
jump back up his shbg was a little bit
not high in the reference range but just
higher in general
so his free testosterone calculation was
with the bottom being 42.3 so he had
pretty low free testosterone which was
probably why he wasn’t feeling good
and uh you know just a simple panel like
this this can tell you
a lot about your hormones so if you’re
feeling bad
and you’re living a good lifestyle
you’ve done everything naturally to try
to you know make your body as optimized
as possible
and you still feel like trash go get
these tests done so nathan is very lucky
that his doctor was good as i was just
you know he said i was a really good
candidate for trt because i had a 293.
unfortunately a lot of guys run into
this where i was just saying
doctors well you’re within range sir so
suck it up
but i mean maybe his doctor saw that he
was in good shape
and he was exercising ate a healthy diet
and he was like okay well this guy’s
already tried to do everything possible
he’s a healthy male
he just has low testosterone so let’s
replace that testosterone so that he
feels better
nathan started on the one protocol and
he’s still on that same protocol and he
says he feels fantastic
he’s taking 80 milligrams of scipionate
twice a week so a total of 160. he takes
a half a milligram of ai
once per week i’m assuming that’s
arimidex and he takes hcg
twice a week as well so it’s a pretty
standard protocol
it’s a solid it’s kind of right in the
middle you know between 100 milligrams a
week and 200 milligrams a week
he’s taking half a milligram of rimadex
i know a lot of you guys don’t like
but hey he’s feeling good he knows what
a remedex is
you know he feels that it’s good for his
protocol he’s also taking hcg to keep
the boys
doing what they do so i asked nathan you
know what were the benefits that you got
from trt
you know you’re already healthy you were
working out you had a good diet you know
what did you experience
this is what he told me where do i even
start here my life has made a complete
180 degree
change i mentally and physically feel so
damn good now
i’m sleeping so great at night so i want
to interrupt
remember before he said he wasn’t able
to sleep throughout the night he kept
waking up all the time
and he had enough sleep apnea doesn’t
have anything like that just his
hormones were messed up and for some
reason for him it messed with his sleep
so now his hormones are in check and
he’s able to sleep
it’s freaking amazing and it’s so scary
that doctors
or you know you go to a doctor and say
i’m having a hard time sleeping they’re
not going to look at your hormones
they’re going to prescribe you ambient
or tell you to take melatonin or some
other medicine
z-coil whatever it is doctors are really
getting bad where they just treat the
symptoms they don’t look for the root
and that’s why i started this channel is
to help guys take control of their own
health care
you know do you really think that the
doctor that you see for five minutes
they ask you a couple questions
are they really looking into the root
cause of your problems or are they just
like okay
anxiety well we’ll give you an ssri oh
you can’t sleep
here’s an ambien you got high blood
pressure well we’ll give you some blood
pressure medicine
anyway a little rant we’ll get back to
what nathan was saying because of being
able to sleep
my energy levels throughout the day are
so much better i’m waking up making
breakfast going to the gym
going to work feeling good all day long
my mood has increased as well
i noticed that i’m just much happier i
was never diagnosed with depression but
i will admit
that i’ve had some negative thoughts in
the past those feelings are being down
on life
and myself are all gone such a better
outlook on life now
all the hard work in the gym seems like
it was supercharged now
i’ve been dropping fat and building
muscle at an amazing rate
my body is really returning to what i
used to look like in my 20s
it has also been a huge surprise to both
me and my wife
i really did not expect to start seeing
results like this
so quick now i’m going to second that
you know i
when i was younger i worked out i’ve
thought this before i worked out with
two buddies
we both did the same exercises and they
would gain muscle
and i would stay the same and it was
super frustrating
and looking back i mean i’m assuming i
had low testosterone at that time
there’s no way that three guys doing the
exact same workout the exact same
and eating very high protein diets you
know two of them would get jacked and
one would you know slowly build
so nathan’s seeing that you know now
when he goes to the gym
he’s getting the results he should have
been getting the whole time
he just had low testosterone so his body
didn’t want to make as much muscle
pretty simple but it’s amazing i mean
you can see how much this changed his
you know three little simple medicines
hormones are back in line
and he’s feeling fantastic and he got
he’s been really good shape and he’s
continuing to get on really good shape
and if you look at his channel he
watches his macros
and he eats a lot of healthy stuff so
he’s going to continue to lose weight
and continue to gain muscle
i asked nathan you know some specifics
on how much fat did you lose how much
muscle are you gaining and this is what
he told me
i don’t know what my actual numbers are
but i have attached two photos four
months apart
so these pictures are four months apart
that’s pretty amazing you’ll just see
it’s four months july 15th is when i
took the before photo
the after photo is from this week my
weight on the left is 2

  1. this was after i was doing a ton of
    cardio watching my macros and trying to
    get back into shape
    the current photo i sent you is me at
    i got my body fat down to 12 and i’ve
    been slowly putting on muscle from there
    so that before picture he’s 220 not as
    now he’s 235 and he’s way more ripped
    and way more jacked
    that’s four months guys four months i’m
    not saying if you have good good
    testosterone levels to take you know
    just get on trt so you can build muscles
    but you can see the drastic change that
    someone who was working out before and
    eating macros
    just by getting the hormone levels right
    you know it’s complete
    180 degree change in the amount of gains
    and results he’s getting
    it’s amazing that’s why when i started
    on trt and i started seeing those types
    of changes
    albeit not as much fat loss as nathan
    but but that’s why it could tell me to
    make compel
    compelled me to make this channel
    because it was just so amazing and i
    felt so much better and so does nathan
    and i was like wow more guys need to
    know about this more guys need to get
    hence the tester levels channel name and
    uh yeah so let’s finish up
    i asked nathan you know if he had any
    advice for someone who’s starting trt
    and this is what he told me my advice is
    to get your blood work done
    i actually have never gone over my blood
    work with a doctor
    and it was eye opening i found out that
    i had high cholesterol
    so then i cut out some foods lowered
    sodium and increased my cardio amount
    it’s nice finding out what’s going
    inside your body so that you can make
    the exterior changes
    and get everything working better i
    think it’s
    amazing advice and i 100 agree with him
    you know guys tend to go to the doctor
    less than females it’s just the way it
    you know we get an ache we get a pain
    whatever it is we’re like ah we’re good
    so i mean imagine how many guys out
    there have never gotten you know a full
    hormone panel
    or haven’t gotten blood work in years so
    they have no idea if their
    cholesterol is too high or if you know
    they’ve never gotten a psa
    to see if they have you know the
    prostate whatever those are that you
    know are elevated
    a risk of prostate cancer so go get
    blood work guys if you’re watching this
    and you’re new first off click on the
    subscribe button
    but second off call your doctor and get
    a full panel
    get uh fsh lh free testosterone total
    shbg estradiol and anything else your
    doctor thinks is a good idea
    and a quick tip if you talk to your
    doctor and he says he doesn’t want you
    to run your hormone panels
    so you don’t know what the hormones are
    in your body
    get a new doctor because they’re not a
    doctor you need to work with
    if they don’t understand how important
    hormones are and also
    it’s your body you’re paying for the
    test what do they care
    what you want to test and it’s your body
    you should have a right to know what’s
    going on within it
    so guys i think that’s going to wrap it
    up i love doing trt transformation
    uh it’s really the highlight of my
    channel i feel
    uh just showcasing you know just how
    important it is to have
    proper hormone levels and nathan is a
    prime example of this
    i mean he was in shape he’s working out
    feels like trash
    can’t gain muscle starts trt loses a
    bunch of fat gains 15 pounds he’s jacked
    and he’s super motivated he can sleep
    now and he feels fantastic
    i’m sure his wife is happier about that
    i’m sure his co-workers
    i’m sure he’s just living a better life
    so that’s gonna end the video guys
    remember follow nathan at rad dad
    fitness check out his progress
    he’s got some cool recipes the link’s
    gonna be in the description if you’re
    new click subscribe if you like the
    video click like
    as always guys you’re awesome and get
    your levels tested

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