Anabolic Profiles – Primobolan Methenolone Enanthate | Primo History, Side Effects, Cost, Half Life

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for being here
today we’re going to talk about a very
cool compound uh and it was made
famous by actually two famous
so let’s do a quick medical disclaimer
and jump right in it’s all about
the compound we’ll be talking about
today is methenolone and anthony
also known as primobolan or premo this
was made
popular by arnold schwarzenegger who
called it the champagne of steroids
fun fact alex rodriguez of the yankees
actually got popped for primobolan
so let’s jump into some history uh what
it does what it is
side effects cost and half-life
primabolin was
introduced into the medical community in
and it was called neeble depot
primo was originally prescribed in cases
of muscle loss after operations
infections long-term illnesses
aggressive therapy with corticosteroids
or malnutrition
and in some cases it was used to treat
osteoporosis and breast cancer
primabolin was commonly used to promote
weight gain and infants
weighing less than normal without any
side effects
that’s pretty interesting it’s used was
used for a wide range of different stuff
and it’s the first time i’ve ever seen
them using an anabolic type compound
in infants and they didn’t show any side
effects which is pretty amazing
so soon after being released in the
united states in the 62
it was pretty much discontinued and
in the 70s it was marketed in europe
and that’s where it got the name
primabolin but that was short-lived
about 20 years later in the 90s
prima bowen was pretty much pulled from
any medical
situation uh from pressure from the
anti-doping people you know the people
of the olympics the
wada you know all the people that don’t
like having fun in sports
another thing that’s interesting about
primobolan is it was never
marketed or used to treat anemia you
know having low
red blood cell count like almost every
other anabolic that’s been created
so it’s just never used for that another
thing to note is that primobolan is dht
so it’s not going to have a lot of
estrogenic effects so that’s why a lot
of bodybuilders liked it
because when they were stacking on top
of test it didn’t convert as much
or at all into estrogen so they didn’t
have to worry about those high estrogen
side effects
primabolin has moderate anabolic effects
but pretty weak androgenic effects
it’s about 50 percent less androgenic
than testosterone
primobolan is mainly used for strength
but it’s definitely used in the
bodybuilding community
due to the fact that it doesn’t erotize
into estrogen very much at all
so like i said they can stack it with
other estrogenic compounds
and they don’t really have to worry
about that but
it’s not it’s still used but it’s not
used because it’s a pretty
mild anabolic agent it’s not as strong
as a lot of the other stuff
out there it’s also very expensive and
it’s probably the most
fake steroid ever just because of the
high cost
you know why are you gonna fake test
when you can fake primo which is more
expensive so you get more money
and i know not as much nowadays back in
the day it was
highly highly faked someone somewhere i
read that like
90 percent of the primo sold at one
point was fake
or maybe just not primo but something
else but another reason bodybuilders do
primo not just for the gains but it
lowers shbg
which will raise up their free
testosterone which will allow them to
grow a lot more muscle
so you know not only most anabolic
compounds do lower shbg
but primo seems to have an affinity to
lower sa spg
more than some of the compounds not sure
if i mentioned it but alex rodriguez got
for using primabolin and in 2013
hito turcalu from the orlando magic
actually got popped for
primabolin as well funny story i
actually saw
hito turcaloo i was downtown orlando one
with some buddies had a few too many
drinks got kicked out of vip
i was sitting on the sidewalk kind of
just resting my head on my hand
and i fell asleep and my buddies came
out of the club
they didn’t know where i was i woke up
at about two in the morning
and looked at my phone and i had about
30 minutes calls for my buddies
and i look up and i look to my right and
i see hiro turcaloo
riding in one of those uh those bikes
with a little uh you know chair wheel
things behind
them and i was just like that was
freaking hero turcaloo
it was pretty wild night and good thing
i had good buddies at the time
they turned around and drove another 15
minutes to come pick me back up
moving on another interesting thing
about primobolin
is is available in pill form although
it’s more
rare it’s almost always sold as an
injectable and as an injectable it has
no liver toxicity
as an oral it has mild much less than
something like dianaball or anadrol
so it’s overall in general primo is just
kind of a real
mild it’s a mild steroid it’s not
strong in any particular thing and it
doesn’t have a huge side effect profile
but we’ll get into the cost and the side
effects in just a second
so the cost of primo bowling from some
research that i may or may not have done
it’s about 90 to 150 bucks for a 10 ml
in 100 milligram concentration so you’re
getting one gram or a thousand
and may not seem like a huge amount but
when you see what a lot of people
use in cycles you’ll see where this cost
just adds up and gets
cost prohibitive for many people and at
the same time like i said it’s pretty
mild so
it’s maybe more used for someone who
wants to run kind of a mild thing
they don’t want to go you know balls to
the wall um
but we’ll look at what they use and how
much they use on cycles
so from what i’ve seen just some of the
ranges you know this isn’t any
definitive thing because
you know you don’t run cycles no one
does that or in the united states
they’re legal
never break the law and never don’t
listen to your doctor but from what i’ve
seen anecdotally
people run between 200 and 700
milligrams a week
so even if you were on the low end and
you’re running
200 you know that’s five weeks for 90 to
150 bucks
multiply that out you know you’re
looking at two to five hundred bucks for
a cycle
that’s a lot of money for something
that’s a pretty mild compound which is
why it’s
not as popular these days and the
kind of close to some other testosterone
you know and nancy versions five to
eight days
um you know we don’t know the exact but
that’s a rough figure so
you know guys would usually pin it twice
a week but you could probably get away
with once a week
side effects actually not too crazy you
know you’re going to get the same side
effects from most steroids or
um main ones being you know lowering
your hdl
raising your ldl acne
increase in blood pressure virulization
obviously if you’re a woman
um but like i said and everything else
this one’s pretty mild
like like i said earlier they were
giving it to babies that were low in
weight and they didn’t report any side
granted that was in like the 60s and i’m
sure they followed up with those kids
you know at 18 to see how they
you know had matured and if they had any
issues in those cases
but from the information we have they
didn’t have any side effects
so that’s going to wrap it up guys
that’s primo bowling the champagne of
steroids by mr arnold schwarzenegger
and a-rod got popped turcaloo got popped
so people still do use it
it’s just not as popular because it’s
not as strong and it’s more expensive
so you get more from your bank for your
buck elsewhere but we’re not doing
anything like that because we’re in the
united states and we listen to our
so thanks for watching guys if you like
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but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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