Anabolic Profiles – Dianabol – D-Ball – Methandienone | History, Half Life, Cost, Dosage

Dianabol / Methandienone is one of the oldest and most popular Anabolic agents in the world. It is a very interesting Anabolic agent that was used for many reasons in the medical community. But ultimately was phased out for newer compounds. This video will cover Dianabol’s history, cost, dosage, half life and some other interesting facts I learned while researching.

what’s going on guys test your levels
thanks for being here
today we’re going to cover one of the
most popular compounds in this whole
bodybuilding trt world and the
scientific name for it is
methane deono methane dianone pretty
sure that’s how you say it
but we’ll do a quick medical disclaimer
and we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
methendianone also known as dianaball
or d-ball is a very interesting compound
it’s one of the most used compounds in
and for recreational whatever you want
to call it
and fun fact it was actually the first
oral steroid
ever created in the history of mankind
dianaball was
first created in 1955 by a company
ceba and it was marketed to the united
states and parts of europe
for burn victims anemia
muscle loss low red blood cell count
a lot of the same stuff that most
anabolic compounds were designed and
marketed for
and when dball came out it blew up
in the underground scene for
bodybuilding and for recreational
you know muscle bodybuilding gym
you know people found this stuff and it
it was relatively cheap and it was easy
to get
some speculate that one of your favorite
movie stars
from austrian descent mr arnold
his first cycles were prescribed by a
doctor and supposedly
he was taking prima bowlin and dianaball
and that was from a more plates more
dates video so i gotta give the props to
derek out there
i watch a lot of your videos i like them
dianaball became
so popular that in 1963 the coach of the
san diego chargers
basically gave diana ball to his whole
team and i’m sure they were monsters and
i’m sure they were working out i’m sure
they got really jacked
and i’ll have to look up the records and
see how good they did that year
because uh i’m assuming they had a
little bit of an advantage
in 1965 the fda kind of took another
look at diana ball and they were like
i don’t know i mean it kind of works for
what we’re you’re prescribing it for but
let’s look and see if you know there’s
some real medical stuff that
this can be used for because it’s a
little iffy so they eventually
reapproved it for postmenopausal
and then a pituitary deficiency that
caused dwarfism
so they kind of gave it some new life
for a little bit
another interesting thing about
dianaball is that at some point
it was marketed as basically trt for
androgen deficiency
i don’t think it was widely used it’s
it’s very suppressive so it’s going to
suppress you just like testosterone
and dietable is it’s testosterone
but dianaball has not been marketed in
the united states in a long time
it is a schedule 3 or class 3
drug it’s illegal interestingly enough
class 3
makes it more illegal than what is it
and valium and i believe ketamine so
it’s kind of crazy
a hormone a pill that you know gives you
a hormone in your body is
is worse in the eyes of the law than you
know valium or xanax
pretty wild so back in the day when they
used to prescribe it for medical stuff
it was given in about five to ten
milligrams per day in men
i couldn’t find anything on the dosage
for women i don’t know if it was the
they didn’t know a whole lot about
hormones back then but 5 to 10
milligrams was the dose that they gave
most people
so dianaball has a strong anabolic
medium androgenic and it also has medium
estrogenic properties
so it’s not like a lot of these dht
derived compounds
uh which are really not not estrogenic
at all
um because it’s a derivative of
testosterone some of it does aromatize
estrogen one of the things that makes
d-ball d-ball and is why it’s
able to be used in a pill form is as
high bioavailability
but what’s interesting is that they
created an injectable version for
veterinary use
which seems to double the availability
over the pills
so if you were to take 10 milligrams a
day of dianabol
you could inject five and pretty much
get the same effect so i found that
pretty interesting that even though it
does have a high bioavailability
when you inject it it’s pretty much
double and that’s the problem with most
in general is that they have a low
that’s why jatenzo is an interesting
because it’s designed to be taken orally
as a pill
and from what i’ve heard it doesn’t
really work that well you have to eat a
high really high fat diet in the morning
to help with that bio availability
i personally wouldn’t take it unless it
was like the last thing that i could
get but i already did a video on that
another really interesting
property of dianaball is it has a very
low affinity for shbg
so let’s say testosterone its affinity
to shbg is a hundred uh dianaball is
only 10
and if we were to take uh something
that’s dht and we gave that a marker of
for shbg you know binding it’s only
dianabol is only two percent
so 98 less from dht and 90
less than testosterone it’s pretty
interesting because you know it’s
derived from testosterone but you know
tweaked one or two little molecules and
it completely changed its affinity for
so an interesting note about dianaball
and we’ll get into the side effects in a
few minutes
but taking ais especially tamoxifen
can increase the toxicity of dianaball
so if you are happening to take
i would definitely not recommend taking
tamoxifen uh it just seems to make it
more toxic
it is liver toxic and we’ll get into the
side effects in just a minute
the half-life of dianaball is anywhere
from three to eight hours
some places said three to four and a
half hours some said three to six some
said three to eight
so i’m just going to leave it open three
to eight hours that’s why people usually
dose it
two to three times a day just to keep
those you know serum levels
as stable as possible on something with
such a short half-life
but just something to note the common
dosing for
dianabol not in a medical perspective
but for
you know you know what i’m talking about
is roughly 25 to 50 milligrams a day
some people have taken more than that
some people take less than that that’s
just the averages from what i found
obviously never take dianabol as it’s
don’t do anything that is not prescribed
by your doctor and this is not medical
the cost of dianabol is about 40 to 50
for a thousand milligrams that’s roughly
enough to run a six-week cycle
at about 25 milligrams so you can see
it’s it’s fairly cheap compound
which is one of the reasons why it’s
become so popular
and why it became so popular in the
beginning and those are the prices for
like in the united states
like well not in the united states
because you can’t actually get in the
united states
if you were in a place like mexico or
something i’m sure diana ball is dirt
cheap and anywhere else where it’s legal
i’m sure it’s dirt cheap so that’s why
it’s become so
popular i mean it’s used in so many
different cycles
people use it to kickstart their cycles
which i don’t really think is a great
idea but people do it
people take it just on its own i’ve said
in my videos before i knew this kid in
high school
i think we just turned about 18 we were
seniors he started taking d-ball and i
mean he
puffed up i mean he put on a lot of a
lot of weight
obviously a good amount of its water but
i mean you can noticeably tell
from week one to you know a month later
i’d see him and i’d be like damn he’s a
lot bigger
and he was taking i don’t know if he’s
taking tests either but he was
definitely taking dianaball i know that
now the side effects of now they’re
pretty much
the same as most anabolic compounds you
hurting your hdl you know raising your
higher blood pressure more red blood
cells but
the one the main one you probably
already know this is it’s liver toxic
it goes through the liver multiple times
so it’s not just processed
once and then it’s good it goes through
the liver and it’s processed multiple
so it can raise your ast and your alt
and it can cause irreversible damage to
your liver you know a lot of these
bodybuilders that you see that have been
doing this stuff for years you know
their livers are
their livers are screwed you know it’s
it’s damaging to the liver
like i said it’s irreversible you know
sometimes the liver just gets damaged so
that it can’t repair itself so guys
that’s about it on dianaball
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