Do You Need to Aspirate for TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections? IM and SubQ Covered!

Whether or not you need to aspirate an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection has been debated for many years. Recently the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control released some guidelines on whether or not you need to aspirate during injections. This is always an interesting debate and this video will cover what the most recent guidelines for injection aspiration has to say.

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for being here
love seeing you thank you for all the
support today we’re going to talk about
aspiration and you may have seen it on
the thumbnail but i came across
one of the craziest things i’ve ever
seen regarding trt
and i’ll show you that in more depth
later but
it’s an age-old question it’s been
debated inside and outside of the trt
whether or not you need to aspirate and
even if you’re aspirating you’re
probably doing it wrong so let’s get
started it’s all about humanity
so we see this debate pop up in the trt
reddit on my facebook group which i have
a link to
and it’s do you need to aspirate and
it’s interesting what some different
organizations like the world health
organization and the cdc say about it
because it’s such an ingrained thing in
our society and in the medical community
that uh some people they’re not going to
switch they believe
it’s this way we’re this way and they’re
not going to change i’ll tell you when i
first started
theoretically experimenting with
testosterone years ago
i mean it was just a given that you
aspirated that’s the way you don’t hit a
you know a blood vessel or an artery or
anything else like that
so you have to aspirate that was what in
my limited knowledge at the time
that’s what i believe that’s because
that’s the information that’s floating
but recently some big organizations have
put out some stuff that they’ve
gone through a bunch of different
studies and they say that you don’t need
to aspirate
unless you’re doing one particular
muscle and i’ll tell you that
so the idea of aspirating is pretty
simple when you put a
needle into any muscle there are veins
and capillaries and blood vessels and
you know in certain spots
arteries that we obviously want to avoid
injecting directly into
because obviously you want testosterone
specifically for trt
to go in the muscle sit there and slowly
be absorbed into the bloodstream
what you don’t want to do is stick that
needle right into an artery and
inject however much tests into your
bloodstream and have it circulate
through your body
and i’ll tell you what happens if you do
that a little bit later on
so i’m going to put up on screen a
couple snippets that i grabbed from a
couple different
organizations and websites i’ll have
links to those in the description
but uh here we go here’s what they say
aspiration before injection of vaccines
pulling back the syringe plunger after
needle insertion but before the
is not necessary because no large blood
vessels are present at the recommended
injection sites
what they’re basically saying is that
the common sites that
we inject stuff in as humans shoulders
quads the outside and the ventral glute
we chose those spots because there’s not
arteries and massive
veins and you know blood vessels in
those areas that’s why i use them in the
first place
before we jump into the next one this is
not medical advice in any way
i’m as far from a doctor as i could
possibly be in my education
and listen to exactly what your doctor
says at all times
there’s ample evidence that suggests
that aspiration may not be required for
and sub q injections while for iv
injections the systemic side effects of
the drug should be considered
when aspirating before any injection
there is no reported evidence that
aspiration with or without blood return
confirms correct needle placement
eliminates the possibility of an im
into a non-subcutaneous blood vessel
elimination of the aspiration technique
has potential to reduce
injection duration time decrease
injection pain
and increase medication injection
aspiration during sub cure im injection
with the exception
of a certain muscle is not necessary
since there are no major blood vessels
in these sites
ventrogluteal deltoid and vastus
lateralis are the preferred sites for im
since they avoid nerves and blood
vessels what all these sources are
and one of them being the cdc you can
believe them or not take that with a
grain of salt their government agency
i don’t really put a whole lot of merit
into what most government agencies say
because they’re usually incompetent but
anyway anyway
so if you’re doing shots in your
shoulder your outer quad
then you don’t need to aspirate unless
your doctor tells you to
the reason these sites were chosen over
however many years
is because they don’t have lots of blood
vessels arteries
capillaries and veins they have veins
you know they chose those because those
are the safest locations
now the one muscle they say you
absolutely do
need to aspirate is on the dorsal
gluteal muscle
and that’s because you have a femoral
artery there so what happens
if you do happen to inject directly into
a vein or
artery well testosterone is suspended in
so that oil is going to travel through
your arteries and veins
it’s going to end up in your lungs if
you’ve ever heard of trend cough
it’s a similar concept but trends a
little different
trends a lot more it’ll happen a lot
more frequently
even if you don’t hit directly hit
something but
the oil ends up in your chest and your
and you’ll begin to cough violently and
it’s going to be unpleasant
i’ve never personally had this happen to
me but i know people that it has
and they may or may not have been using
but it’s not going to kill you i
wouldn’t recommend
trying this but it’s not going to kill
you you’re not going to like
overdose on testosterone now if this
does happen to you
the testosterone is in your bloodstream
so it’s going to be metabolized a lot
so you’re going to have a big spike in
testosterone and then it’s going to drop
pretty quickly
it’s not going to have the intended slow
like if it was sitting in one of your
muscles a couple interesting points from
one of the little snippets that i
showed you is that they said whether you
aspirate and pull blood
out or not that doesn’t indicate that
they’re in the right the needle’s in the
right area
so i mean yeah if you see blood there’s
probably a better chance that you’re in
a bad spot
but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re
in the right spot and it also
talked about you know decreasing the
injection pain
and i think a lot of that what that
comes down to is that
you know when you’re sitting there and
you’ve got two hands you’re trying to
hold the needle with one and pull back
you know you’re moving the needle around
you’re wobbling around
and you’re pulling back how hard do i
pull back and
uh you know i think i can cause more
trauma to the area than just
going in and injecting another thing
i’ve also seen some people freak out
is when they do an injection and blood
comes out you know they think
you know i was in a vein i was in a vein
and now the veins bleeding that’s what’s
coming out of my leg
and you know sometimes it can be a
little bit more blood than most people
are used to and they think they
you know they got in a vein and they
freak out i saw some posts online where
people were
saying do i need to call poison control
do i need to talk to my doctor do i need
to go to the er
because they’re thinking they just pump
testosterone directly under their
but there’s lots of things the body’s
full of blood
so you may have just tapped the
capillary and just because a little bit
of blood comes out or a lot of blood
comes out
doesn’t mean you inject it into a vein
you could have passed right through a
vein so let’s say this is a vein
and the needle comes through like this
completely passes it
and you’re injecting right here at my
fingertip you know you may have nicked
the vein or cut it
and but then it’s not the testosterone
is not going into it and then when you
pull out the needle
that vein is going to bleed a little bit
and it’s only got one place to go
and that’s right where the needle just
came through so you may bleed more
so if this happens to you don’t freak
out if you don’t feel good
call your doctor all right so i’m going
to tell you why you’re aspirating wrong
and then we’ll get into the crazy
picture that i saw on reddit and we’ll
get into that
so what they say is that when you’re
aspirating you have to pull back
consistently for five to ten seconds and
one of the things
against aspiration as he said most
nurses and doctors don’t even do it for
five to ten seconds
and it would have never dawned on me
that you had to do it for that long
i would have never thought that when i
experimented with testosterone and
anthony 250 mg per 1ml
at 500 milligrams per week theoretically
when i aspirated i mean i just pulled
back a little bit and if i didn’t see
good to go my thought process and
probably most people’s thought process
well if you’re in a vein and you pull
back there’s blood coming out
because you know your vascular system is
all pressurized and
you know you think that it’s just going
to come right out but apparently
according to
the medical community you got to give it
five to ten seconds
i’m sure 90 some odd percent of you guys
who are aspirating
put the needle in pull back a little bit
you don’t see anything
boom hammer time so if you are
aspirating do it for 5-10 seconds
i would have never thought that in my
life and i didn’t do it when i was
aspirating but
hopefully i could pass along that
information now let’s talk about that
crazy picture of this blob that’s in an
insulin syringe
mind you this isn’t like an 18 gauge
this is i think it was i think he said
it was a 25 or a 27
but this guy he was doing a sub-q
shot and he was aspirating and nothing
came out
so he pulled harder and he pulled harder
i don’t know if he was just
trying to i don’t know what he was
trying to do
i mean you don’t have to put a crazy
amount of pressure when you aspirate
especially on a sub-q shot
because the chances of hitting an artery
or a vein or anything and you’re
fat pretty minimal but he kept pulling
i’ll put it on screen whatever this
thing is
came into that needle and ended up
sitting in his test
let me know in the comments what you
think this is i mean i have a guess
i think it’s fat let me know what you
think but i’ve just never seen anything
like this i
i looked at this and i showed my wife
this and she said i’ve never seen
anything like that that’s
that’s that’s crazy i mean how hard did
this guy have to pull
in order to pull that blob through like
a 27 or a 25 gauge needle
maybe putting some serious pressure
that’s scary i don’t know
what the [ __ ] that is i don’t know it’s
really weird looking i can see why i put
it on reddit because if that happened to
me i’d freak out too
would i just pull something out of my
body like i don’t know
pretty wild but let me know in the
comments what you think that is
and uh if you’re doing sub-q shots you
really don’t need to ask for it in the
first place but if you do
pull a lot less hard than this guy well
that’s gonna do it guys
that’s uh my personal not a doctor
opinion on aspiration
and some snippets from some other
organizations that are probably a lot
smarter than me
i’ll leave links in the bio and uh as
you’re awesome and get your levels

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