Should Testosterone Be Legal? How Free are We in the USA?

In this video I share my opinion on whether Testosterone should be legal and over the counter like it is in many other countries around the world. Why is something that is made in the body of every human on earth considered illegal to have?

what’s going on guys today we’re going
to cover whether tech should be legal or
i just finished watching the video by
anabolic doc i’m going to put some clips
in there
in his video while it’s informative it
was more of
posing the question should test be legal
my video’s gonna be a little bit
different because i’m gonna answer that
it’s all about humanity
so in 1990 the united states passed
whatever act that basically banned all
of these substances
they cited there was a rise in illicit
which i like to refer to as demand
because lots of people wanted them lots
of people were doing them
and the majority of these were men not
athletes or anything like that there
were men that wanted to look better
so this poses a question kind of about
freedom and freedom is an interesting
are humans are we do we have the freedom
to do what we want with our bodies
well not in the united states so let’s
say little timmy
wants to uh get bigger maybe he wants to
be a bodybuilder maybe he just wants to
add more muscles
can he do that no he cannot
so an anabolic docs video he kind of
starts off talking about the devil’s
and he’s talking about how you know lots
of states have decriminalized it for
recreational and medical
use and you know i mean everyone knows
people that
use the devil’s lettuce it’s not hard to
find it’s
readily available but um he’s you know
you know is that a good idea if you’re
unfamiliar there’s five different
schedules of different substances in the
united states
class one or schedule one is the highest
meaning that there’s no medical use
they’re highly addictive and you know
they’re just bad for you in general
well guess what’s in that one fo devil’s
a freaking plant that grows out of the
ground is the top dog like
one of the worst ones it’s in the worst
category yet it’s
decriminalized in many many states and
people don’t seem to be keeling over
uh there doesn’t seem to be you know
anyway you know
if you live in one of those states it’s
all good they’re not having any issues
with it
but two steps down at class three you’ve
got testosterone
which is i may remind you a hormone
that’s naturally made in the body of
every single human that walks this
but somehow that god in 1990 got
scheduled as a
schedule three right next to uh ketamine
and codeine
you know i mean two other very those are
actually pretty serious ones
i mean codeine can kill you anyway but
testosterone got
in the middle so what’s below it
well that’d be schedule four and we’ve
just got some you know some harmless
little stuff like
xanax starvation valium i mean don’t
worry about those
testosterone that’s one step up that’s
more dangerous
a hormone that’s in our body
is uh yeah so this kind of goes into
freedom a little bit i mean how free are
growing up you know it’s ingrained in
you in the united states you know home
of the free
uh you know we’re the most free culture
in the world
yet in mexico if i decide for whatever
reason i want to take testosterone i can
walk in get sussent on i’m in india
i can pretty much get whatever i want
and i don’t
ever really see you know just all of
mexico and india being 300 pound
because you know it’s right there it’s
legal so everyone’s going to use it
it’s not like that but the united states
as a whole
we have issues we are consumers if you
know what i’m saying we consume
a lot of the world’s products uh whether
they be legal or not
so i think that in general americans
just use more
drugs of all different kinds
is it because we work more hours in most
countries because we have higher stress
because of the higher cost of living
i don’t know but should testosterone be
hell no the only people the only people
that affects are people that are
straight and arrow
you know even if they have a real
medical need for it they are not going
to go
outside of the norm and risk you know a
three you know bottle of testosterone
they’re just not going to do it
so let’s just say a little timmy well
he’s not little let’s say a little timmy
35 years old goes to his doctor doesn’t
have insurance doesn’t have a lot of
tests like 10 points higher than off the
bottom his doctor’s like nope you’re
and timmy’s like well what am i gonna do
i uh i don’t have insurance so i can’t
just keep going to doctor’s appointment
after doctor’s appointment
because i work 50 hours a week and i
also can’t miss work to go to these
all these appointments i can’t afford a
but little timmy’s in a in a spot
because it’s illegal he can’t walk into
walmart and just get a bottle of
scipiene and start medicating himself
so you have to ask yourself does should
timmy have the right to
diagnose himself and treat his own body
which is his
the only one he gets i think so what do
you guys think what do you guys think in
the comments
should test be legal and considering
it’s a hormone
and another thing in 2004 they actually
added some more
things to the 1990 thing saying pro
precursors you know basically anything
and they open the doors that any new
uh that they deem unsafe whatever
uh they can put on that list as well so
it’s kind of crazy i mean the united
states isn’t really that free
you know little jimmy he dreams of being
a 300 pound gorilla
yeah nice picks sweet
budget but the united states
government’s like nah
we’re keeping your safety in mind jimmy
you know we want to
uh we want you to be safe um just go
cool down calm down at your local
mcdonald’s have a big mac
fries and a 64-ounce coke and then go
home and have
you know a budweiser or some jack
daniels maybe calm down with a cigar or
a cigarette
and if you’re still having a lot of
anxiety we can just go to the doctor and
give you some xanax some darva set or
some valium
but testosterone that’s where we draw
the line
another interesting thing from anabolic
docs video is i’m not sure we
got this information but it says that 5
of the world has used
testosterone or some type of performance
enhancing drug of some kind
that’s 1 in 20 people so maybe
more people than not want to try the
stuff want to do it maybe they like how
it feels maybe they
i don’t know but it seems like a lot of
people like it a lot of people do it
there’s demand for it
and uh if there’s demand there’s gonna
be supply
so like i said before the only people
these laws affect our people that
need testosterone but we’ll never go
outside the
boundaries of the law in any way it’s uh
well i don’t even want to bring up the
gun talk because that’s a whole other
and i don’t want to be political on this
channel but what do you guys think
should test be legal should everything
be legal
should we just let the government decide
what we can and cannot do with our
and just touching back on the freedom a
little bit you know back
whenever if you were a man that wanted
to marry another man
nope not legal woman that wants to marry
another woman
nope not legal but now it’s legal in
most places so
i don’t know it’s weird we live in a
weird world lots of weird laws
but we basically we’re told what we can
and cannot put in our bodies
and if we want to put those things in
our bodies even if they don’t hurt
well we can go to jail for it so
i don’t know interesting little video
just watch that video kind of got me
kind of got my gears going
so let me know in the comments you think
it should be legal or if you live in a
country where they are legal
can you let us know if everyone out
there is 300 pound gorillas
let me know anyway guys that’s gonna do
just some food for thought get the gears
moving as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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