PT-141 A New ED Peptide | Better then other ED Treatments? Bremelanotide Vyleesi Erectile Dysfunction

PT141 also known as Bremelanotide and Vyleesi is a newer Peptide that may help men with libido and ED issues. PT-141 was actually first used to treat libido issues in women, but was found to help Low Libido and ED issues in Men. PT141 is derived from Melanotan which is used by some to help darken their skin. PT-141 is pretty cool compound with a strange history and an interesting possible side effect.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i have a doctor with me who is the
top of his field in
making uh work
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no it went to spam so i’ve got to do all
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edit okay well let’s get started guys
it’s all about humanity
today we’ll be talking about a compound
called pt141
or bremelanotide rolls right off the
tongue doesn’t it
solo in the brand name violasi what’s
interesting is this was a
medicine that was used for women
and but it happens to work for
men but it’s interesting in that when
they used it for women
it was for to get the
the juices going to want to
do stuff um and for guys it does the
same thing but it has an extra
extra benefit so it’s pretty cool so
let’s get into it
so pt141 is a melanocortant
agonist now remember the milano part
it’s interesting of where this medicine
came from so pt141
is basically a medicine that is being
used in men
to treat ed and libido issues and it’s
pretty new it was approved in
2019 they actually went through fda
trials in 2007
but at that time the version of the
is giving people high blood pressure or
an increase in blood pressure
so they discontinued the trials they
reformulated it over the next 10
12 years and they got fda approval for
it in 2019
now what’s interesting about pt141 is
that it’s not a pill
it’s a subcutaneous injection and you’re
thinking yourself well why would i
you know skip over trying viagra or
cialis and jump right to something that
i have to inject for
ed and i would agree with you on that i
would definitely
you know exhaust both those other
options before even trying this
but some guys do report that while it
not only fixes that one issue
it also increases their libido so if
you’ve got the libido
and you know you just need the fix for
you know your boy then i think cyalis
you know the viagra would be the best
choice as long as it was worked for you
however if you’re having the lack of
libido and that other issue
this could be something that you could
talk to your doctor about or a clinic
and not all clinics prescribe this but i
know that defy does
i’m not sure if matrix hormones does but
i believe they do
so it’s pretty interesting so basically
what they tell you to do
is inject pt-141 about 45
minutes before you know planned activity
as much as you can plan for that
activity you know i mean most people
don’t put it on the schedule
but you know the general ideas take it
about 45 minutes before
you’re gonna do something and uh you’re
only supposed to take it once a day
and what’s interesting is they tell you
not to take it more than eight times in
a month
so if my calculations are correct you
got friday
saturday friday saturday friday saturday
friday saturday
but uh they say not to use it more than
eight times
and if you do even if you don’t there is
very interesting side effect that can
happen and it’s due to
you know what this family of medicines
is you know pt141 is derived from
so i’m going to jump right in so a
company was working on
a compound called melanon and if you’re
familiar with it if you’re not familiar
with it it’s a
peptide a compound that people use
they inject it and it darkens the skin
so it like
adds melatonin to your skin i don’t know
the exact mechanism of how it works
but it makes it darker i’ve seen tony
huge and some of the people he hangs out
they use it and they look tanner in like
a day without being in the sun
pretty wild but a scientist who’s
working on this
he decided it was a smart idea to give
himself double the dose of the melon or
the formula whatever version they were
working on
and he found that he had an eight-hour
erection which uh
sounds horrible actually and he had uh
and vomiting so obviously some
nasty side effects but you know i mean
eight hours i mean you gotta think okay
you know that’s that’s a really severe
side effect
slash effect and what if we could tone
this down and refine it
and we can make it you know give you
somewhat of that benefit not for as long
but not with the vomiting and the you
know nausea and all that
so that’s what they kind of strive to do
and that’s where they’re at now
this pt141 now that it is fully approved
now there are some side effects um they
say that you gotta watch it
the first version they had you know it
was discontinued because of the blood
pressure issue
this new version is obviously better but
if you have high blood pressure or heart
that’s something you definitely want to
a talk to your doctor about and b
monitor very closely so i’m not going to
bore you with the whole
studies that they did but long story
short and about 80
of men it worked um you know there’s all
these numbers and rigidity
and uh what’s interesting is they in the
study they said that they
measured the benefit using something
called the ridgescan
and i’ll put it up on screen here it’s a
real product
that you wear during the day at night
and it measures
your boys rigidity and you can print out
a report and bring it to your doctor and
let them know
how how active your boy was throughout
the night and throughout the day
pretty wild so the side effects the
normal ones are
nausea headache a little bit of fatigue
but the most interesting one is that it
can darken your skin
mainly on your face and gums and
i’ve mentioned that that from the family
that it comes in the melanoma
melanon is you know it darkens your skin
while this is not designed to do that
because it you know comes from that
it is a side effect that can happen and
they did mention that
you know if you do take it more than
eight times it’s a lot more likely to
so you take it more than eight times in
the month it’s it’s you know you jump up
your percentage points of
possibly having this now the bad part is
it may be irreversible i mean i don’t
think that
if you did you know you took the ninth
dose in a month and you got a little bit
kind of darker on your face or something
like that
that’s probably not going to be
permanent but if you’re abusing this
then there’s probably a good chance that
you could get it and it could be
so it’s kind of interesting everything
has its pros and cons ebbs and flows
that’s just the way it is and that’s
just the way this medicine works
but a lot of guys really like it and
obviously and doctors wouldn’t be
prescribing this if
every person that took it you know had
this side effect
so i’ll finish this off uh it’s a
subcutaneous injection
about 45 minutes before they said that
reaction time to where you’ll you know
reach achieve your final form is like a
half an hour to an hour
so basically 45 minutes before and you
should be ready to go
i haven’t personally taken this but from
what i see online
a lot of guys do like it because it
gives them that boost in libido as well
so i think it’s it’s not for everyone i
would definitely
look at the viagra and the cyalis first
um and then you know if those work for
you and you’re still having libido
i would you know work with a doctor or
clinic to try to figure that out on its
before jumping to this i think this is a
very very narrow
piece of the pie of people that would
use this but hey if they can improve it
in the next 5 10
20 years who knows we may all be using
it but that’s about it guys
pt141 bremeltaninide whatever the heck
it is horrible to say
but as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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