Does TRT Cause Cancer? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer?

Does TRT Cause Cancer? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer?

welcome to trt short answers today’s
question is does trt cause cancer
there are absolutely no studies showing
that trt causes cancer
now there have been some issues uh with
prostate cancer
but they’ve never specifically said
you’re shown
been able to prove that it was because
of trt
you know there’s so many different
factors that go in in the body and it’s
really hard to narrow down trt
but some of the newer studies are
showing that trt
really does not have any effect on
prostate cancer
we can’t say it with 100 percent it’s
too new we don’t have all the data we
don’t have the years and years of
but overall trt is not been linked to
cancer directly
but you need to contact your doctor and
talk to them directly
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