Drift0r – Famous Youtuber’s Crazy TRT Story! Absolutely Insane!

Drift0r is a famous Youtuber with over 1.5 Million Subscribers. At the age of 32 he found he had extremely low levels of Testosterone and turned to his primary care physician for help. Was ensued is absolutely insane and should have never happened!

hey guys drifter here low testosterone
almost killed me i know that sounds like
click bait that’s ridiculous that’s
nonsense it can’t happen
well it did and uh i’ve been suffering
for the last two or three weeks i
haven’t posted any videos as you can see
i had a number of insane symptoms that
made no sense and confused a great
number of doctors so
if you don’t listen to anything else
today that i say if you don’t really
care about me or my health
just if you’re feeling funny get your
testosterone checked it’s very simple
and easy to do
it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys tech levels here
today we’re going to talk about a really
popular youtuber
named drifter he’s 32 years old and has
low testosterone
and he was working with his doctor and
he has probably the craziest trt
related story uh that i’ve ever heard
it could have all been avoided if he had
gone to a knowledgeable doctor or to a
clinic so let’s jump in you may remember
a video of
two years maybe three i don’t even
remember how long ago
i was talking about having low
testosterone and that was a big joke in
the cod community low t
beta male looks like a woman very
feminine transitioning blah blah made
all the trans jokes that go through the
roof right
but i did the video with the idea of
encouraging more people to get checked
because i was having symptoms similar to
bipolar disorder typically when you have
like low testosterone
you’re really weak you’re really small
you’re kind of tired uh erectile
stuff like that sad all the time that
was not me i was like working out like
crazy i’d be awake for like five days
and then sleep like two i was sexually
aggressive i was like
angry all the time my testosterone was
like double digits it was like way
way way way way way down there into the
scary anomaly should never be their zone
and my body was doing crazy stuff
wait did you just say double digit total
test numbers
that’s 99 and below i was at 288 and i
felt like trash
now i’ve seen some people in the
hundreds but i’ve never seen 99 or below
no wonder he felt horrible that’s that’s
but he says he’s working out five days a
week you can see from his stature he’s
not overweight
i mean i can’t talk about his diet but
he’s not in a huge caloric surplus
now one thing i mean staying saying he
stayed up for five days and slept for
i don’t know if he was just you know
just spitballing and just said that or
if he actually does sleep like that
you know that could have a huge impact
on your testosterone levels
but either way let’s move on so my
doctor and i get put on a little
medicine called clomithine which is a
it’s a fertility drug for women but it
also works for men to boost testosterone
put me on clomiphene to kind of see what
would happen to avoid trt because my
doctor believed that trt would cause
cancer and maybe infertility
and it worked it worked great all of my
weird bipolar like symptoms went away i
came back to life i actually grew a
little bit of facial hair just like a
small amount it’s a little bit easier to
put on muscle so okay
he’s feeling better that’s fantastic
klumid seems to be working for him
still not a long-term thing but he’s
feeling better that’s all that matters
but keep in mind this guy is just
listening to this doctor
he’s just listening to him doctor may
not seem that stupid right now
but trust me you will see in just a
second okay well then how about
you just quit clomiphene and i don’t
refill your prescription and we’ll see
what happens
i was like do i need a tape or anything
the doctor says no this is not like that
powerful of a drug you should be fine
just quitting this
cold turkey so i took his advice and did
which turned out to be a horrible
terrible mistake that you should never
and the amount of bad advice that i’ve
gotten from my primary uh
care doctors here has been so bad that
i’m i’m basically kind of wanting to do
so this brilliant doctor put him on
clomid he’s feeling better
and doc says well let me just take you
off columbus see what happens
his doctor actually believed that by
taking clomid for a month or two
it was just going to fix whatever was
going on in his body
to make it not produce testosterone
climate doesn’t work like that
clomid goes in attaches to your estrogen
receptors tricks your brain into
thinking you have low estrogen
and that you need to produce more
testosterone but it only works if your
boys work
so this doctor basically told him don’t
taper off
just go cold turkey back to 99 or below
total test levels
but this medicine is not powerful but
the doctor thinks
that it’s going to permanently fix his
natural testosterone production
but it’s not powerful just go off cold
turkey you’ll be fine
first thing drifter should have done is
have his doc write a script anyway
just in case anything crazy happened and
he wanted to jump back on clomid
the doctor should have recommended this
as well just really insane that there
are doctors out there in 2020 who have
access to the freaking
internet who would believe that
a clomid will fix your testosterone
levels permanently in any way shape or
and second that coming off cold turkey
and crashing someone’s hormones
is perfectly okay i stopped taking the
medication and over about two months i
noticed that my muscle mass was
i figured well my t levels might be
dropping a little bit that’s normal i’m
gonna get a little bit weaker but
i’m not the kind of guy that gives up
easy i don’t just like roll over and die
so i thought you know what i am going to
drink more protein shakes i’m going to
work out harder i’m going to train five
six days a week i’m really gonna do this
i’m gonna increase my weights
unfortunately during this time
increasing the weights caused me to
sprain my right shoulders
uh as i would learn low testosterone can
joint strength uh the tendons the nerves
the bones muscles everything
so he gets off clomid he’s feeling worse
and worse um
he’s in the gym he’s determined he says
oh you know what i know i’m going to
lose some muscle mass
and that’s fine but i’m going to do as
much as i can to hang on to as much of
it as i can
i’m going to go to the gym five days a
week i take more protein shakes
i’m going to work out harder the problem
is is
yes testosterone does a whole bunch of
things in the body but estrogen does as
and if you’ve ever crashed your estrogen
you’re gonna notice that your joints
hurt you’re gonna be dried out
and by going harder in the gym i can’t
say it’s because of estrogen or because
of testosterone he could have just
tweaked his shoulder
but he got injured and it could have
something to do with his hormone levels
i mean i would
i would attribute it to that i can’t
scientifically say that
but [ _ ] the guy just crashed it was that 99 test so you only have 99 tests or lower i mean how much of that is aromatizing into estrogen so i mean he’s got low test and low estrogen and he’s trying to work out hard in the gym which i you know i give him credit for he’s trying to do the right thing trying to stay in shape and he injures himself until it just immediately jumped to extreme hypoglycemia for those of you that are diabetic and have them in your family you probably know what hypoglycemia is that’s when your blood sugar drops or maybe gets too high you have a number of weird symptoms you can sweat you can freeze you can get uh you’re you’re get mentally confused anxiety tends to happen uh nauseous so for me what would happen is if i missed a meal by about 30 minutes my i would get hit by the worst hypoglycemia you can imagine like i would get dizzy and vertigo like the kind where you hold on to the table so you don’t fall into the sky kind of vertigo i would get really dumb my iq would just drop a solid 20 30 percent i was like at the barely functioning range this is where the story starts getting crazy and trust me it gets even crazier but he’s having issues of hypoglycemia if you’ve never felt that i have felt that it’s a horrible feeling and i get it when i drink too much caffeine when i start to crash on caffeine you get that shaky i feel warm clammy do feel anxiety and my brain is just craving sugar you know i’ve gone in i’ll drink protein shakes uh you know anything that has sugar i’ve squirted honey in my mouth just because it’s you know just one of the things i have in my house that’s just pure sugar but it’s a bad feeling so this is you know you know what’s crazy is that he only changed one variable and i don’t want to blame him for not correlating okay i was taking clomid i was feeling good i stopped taking clomid and now i injured myself in the gym i’m feeling more lethargic i can’t keep my gains at all and now i’m having hypoglycemia to where i’m feeling like shaky like about to pass out basically nobody knew what was going on and everybody thought i was crazy because all my blood work kept coming back really good and healthy so he’s starting to see other doctors and they’re looking at his blood work and they’re saying your blood work works really good how do they not look at his testosterone level being under 100 his estrogen’s got to be low his free tea has got to be low how are these doctors that are trained to look at blood tests how do they look at all that stuff everything’s in the range but your estrogen free test and total test are in the [ _ ]
and tell this guy it’s probably all in
your head because your blood looks
looks perfect that’s what’s scary about
today’s medical system
they do not look at guys hormones guys
hormones do not matter
to them it’s all about everything else
except for the [ _ ] hormones which makes no sense to me and it pisses me off but if you were a woman and i’m not ragging women i love women but if your estrogen was super low and you were telling a female doctor that you weren’t feeling good they would take a look at that estrogen but multiple doctors looked at his blood work and failed him so eventually as the hypoglycemia started going away a little bit i started having bouts of extreme hypothermia hypothermia is when you’re freezing you usually see this when people fall like in a frozen lake or a river or something or you know the kid gets stuck in the car a kid died of hypothermia here in texas during the snowstorm but it wasn’t necessarily an in my head kind of hypothermia because that can happen we’re going to talk about stress in a minute too but my core body temperature as measured by a thermometer was 95 degrees a couple of times for no reason so i dropped three degrees no reason no warning let’s just say i have perfectly normal 100 iq that would drop down to 70 or maybe 60. i could barely focus on what people were saying i could barely move around they’d get very agitated i started cursing at inanimate objects and getting really aggressive but when the body temperature would warm back up the problem would go away as that started happening a little bit less i then started getting uh specific parts of my body with hypothermia i had freezing feet feet that were just just ice cold to the touch felt like dead skin i had cold mouth like my mouth felt like ice cubes in it constantly but the rest of me was warm burning hands sometimes usually cold hands though this is a really crazy symptom i’ve never personally seen this or heard of this but i mean if if he’s telling the truth and i don’t see why he wouldn’t i mean i’ve seen some of his videos he’s not like sensational like just says crazy stuff to say it to get views but i mean he’s saying that he tested his core temperature with thermometer and he was at like 95 so whatever you know this yo-yo of hormones you know going from almost no hormones to normal homo hormones back to almost no hormones did something to his body where he was feeling hypothermia in his organs and and it’s showing on a thermometer that his body’s core temperature is down three degrees that’s insane and i told you the story is insane and it gets even more insane just uh just from the nature of his business being on youtube yeah testosterone imbalance can trigger stress and a high level of stress can trigger a testosterone imbalance they are mutually related to each other so what he’s talking about here is stress stress has effects on all parts of the body uh it definitely can hurt your hormones uh but mainly what he’s talking about is the stress hormone cortisol uh when you’re stressed your cortisol levels jump up tweaks out the balance of hormones and all kinds of other stuff in your body it’s no good and you’re wondering like why is this guy so stressed he has 1.51 million subscribers on youtube he’s making some good money well it’s this gets freaking nuts and pretty scary at the same time but after you see this you’ll see why this guy was stressed so it’s like a perfect storm here his hormones are tanked he’s having medical issues and then this happens but there is a reason that my stress level was so incredibly high for a big chunk of 2019 and a big chunk of 2020 and some lingering issues as well i’ve had a really bad issue with swatting at my house you haven’t seen this on my youtube channel i worked really hard to keep this private keep the content as positive and clean as i can and the police are also pretty adamant that if i just got on youtube and started spouting off about this that they really weren’t going to help but i got swatted a couple of times last year there was an ongoing issue with harassment i had another creator streamed one of his fans coming to my house with a ski mask and a gun and what i personally assume was going to be an armed home invasion but they you know that the police took care of that my front lawn thankfully and just a whole ton of crazy bizarre stuff i almost died four or five times there were other people that were armed there was the the prank to try to trick me into killing an escort that was supposed to do like a break-in fantasy or something in the middle of all of this sleep with your ak-47 every single night kind of situation night night sweetheart love you so if you don’t know what swatting is it’s when you call the swat team or the police and say there’s a crazy thing happening at someone who’s targeted house so someone you know told the cops that there was some domestic violence whatever and so the swat team comes to your house you imagine the swat team rolling up at your house like guns drawn like ready to kick in your door like that’s insane and he’s talking about someone came up to his house with a mask and a gun and some other crazy scenario like damn dude like that’s that’s pretty messed up like i remember certain someone was like oh why don’t you put your name out on youtube not that i have 1.5 million subscribers i’ve got a smidge less but you know that’s just crazy when your name’s out there in public and you got 1.5 million subscribers it’s a good percentage of those 1.5 that are crazy as hell you got some other [ _ ] streamer
egging these people on and streaming
crimes like this holy [ _ ] man so i mean imagine the stress this guy’s going through i mean imagine how you were feeling when you had low testosterone you had a swat team kicking down your door people rolling up to your house with guns wow that’s crazy stress yin yang and on a testosterone yin yang at the exact same time both of these are very very bad for your health yeah i can’t imagine how this guy was feeling already having issues hypothermia he had injuries with his shoulder he also had injured his foot hypoglycemia and now he’s got people his cortisol levels are through the freaking roof his testing estrogen is tanked i mean this is like the perfect storm this is a bad situation once all that started happening i saw a lot of doctors i went to a couple of primary cares a urologist rheumatologist so he went to multiple doctors like regular doctors that he booked appointments for and paid and none of them picked up on the freaking fact that his hormones were tanked and i don’t know if he told them hey i was taking i had i had sub 100 testosterone levels i started taking clomid i was feeling better my other doctor cut off my clomid and now i’ve been feeling bad for like three months now i’m sure he told them that but how are they going to look at his blood work and not freaking say hey maybe it’s your hormones bud you’re feeling good before now you’re feeling like trash like i needed answers and i needed them bad i went to a lot of doctors i never really got any clear answers until i went to one doctor who told me that he believed that the clomiphene was the problem and that was called turkey withdrawals this particular doctor is actually a subscriber of mine that reached out to me via email just went over symptoms and stuff and he’s like yeah well you know when you change your testosterone levels these kinds of things can happen i’m like yeah but my primary care doctor said that it would be fine that cold turkey so whatever is like no no sir it would not be fine and his uh prog rejection was that if i resumed the clomiphene medication and raised my t levels back up to normal that i would eventually start feeling normal very shortly after that i saw a urologist about this which apparently covers the whole penis system and stuff and i test these gonads whatever and he agreed so i resumed taking clomiphene and my testosterone levels pretty rapidly came back to normal they were getting back up to normal in about a week but then oh boy does this ever keep giving i got symptoms of massive t-level rises because not only do you get bad symptoms as things go down but as they go back up you get them all over again which does weird things to the stress bar on the other side imagine it’s like an audio mixer like trying to get the right balance between the two what’s so crazy about the story is this guy was helped by a doctor who watches him on youtube a doctor who watches call of duty videos on youtube and watches this guy reached out to him and was like bro it’s because of your freaking test levels i mean he went to so many other doctors they couldn’t freaking help him they thought he was nuts they thought he was making this up but this is what happens when doctors see 70 patients a day and they spend five minutes with you and they don’t know their [ _ ] in the
first place and clomid does not
permanently fix your testosterone levels
in any way shape or form and the fact
that this doctor thought that
is insane and it should be considered
honestly here’s a fun one i’ll throw
your way i got an ice cold boner
yeah i woke up one night with an
erection that i absolutely could not
control and it was
literally ice cold
baby you remember how i forgot the
popsicles at the store
had a couple of days where i couldn’t
stop crying about various things because
my hormone levels were going over where
i was crying about
old pets that died 20 years ago
something that happened in third grade
clomid as i mentioned it makes guys
not only that i mean that’s that’s a
horrible side effect as it is i mean you
heard him
crying over dead pets from 10 years ago
he goes on to say he’s crying about you
the way his room is set up for his
streaming i mean stuff he would never
even think about
he was crying about that’s why i do not
like clomid i’ve never liked clomid
especially for just strictly trt and all
because this doctor
was like oh well you’re not gonna have
fertility on trt and
you’re gonna get cancer i mean doctor
that doctor probably has an ego on him
he thinks he knows everything he’s not
looking at this guy and saying
you know i don’t know [ _ ] about trt i don’t know [ _ ] about hormones in
so let me pass you on to a urologist or
an endocrinologist
this guy’s like yeah i’m the [ _ ] i graduated from this school i’m a doctor i have a porsche so here’s some clomid bud in a few months we’re going to make you go off cold turkey i genuinely felt like my system was shutting down there were days that i wondered if my stomach would ever work again if my heart would do the right thing what my lungs were going to do next i didn’t even know if my skin was going to fall off it turned blue and weird stuff like that it was an actual nightmare scenario and i stopped i don’t even notice i stopped making youtube videos hey bud at least you didn’t get cancer and your fertility is preserved but you felt like [ _ ] for three months
you had crazy issues you spent thousands
of dollars on doctor’s visits
and uh yeah and you you’re not doing
your career
your youtube career you feel that bad
that you’re not making youtube videos
which is what you get paid to do
freaking crazy this would have never
happened with a reputable doctor that
actually knows hormones
and once i’ve told people call around
and find doctors that actually treat trt
patients not just primary care
that treat you know colds and headaches
and this would never happen at a
reputable trt clinic
because 99.9 of clinics do not put guys
on clomid
unless the guys are dead set on not
taking testosterone i said my blood work
really reminds them of like a college
athlete perhaps
which is really weird i guess all the
workouts paid off but they were like
dude you’re stupidly healthy
and they told me i had psychiatric
problems they told me for the most part
that my problems were entirely
psychiatric and didn’t seem to
care a lot about the testosterone which
is a little bit weird it’s not a little
bit weird
doctors say don’t give a [ _ ] about your hormones i don’t know what it is i don’t know what in medical school they said guys hormones don’t matter i mean i guarantee you that some of these doctors tried to push some type of antidepressant antipsychotic ssri they tried to push some kind of pill on him when on his blood test it reads low free test low total test low estrogen freaking crazy i mean i mean granted i mean i think now i mean he did say earlier that he was considering self-medicating because he received so much [ _ ] advice
from these doctors he said multiple
doctors looking at his blood work
and those three things being super low
under 100 for total tests
and that didn’t raise a red flag to them
at all that’s freaking insane
i’m not out of the woods yet there’s a
chance that my problem might not be
testosterone it might be something
the t levels might dip and rise and i
get more weird symptoms again but i’ve
been doing good for like a couple of
days now
it’s feeling stable it’s feeling better
i’m feeling like you know i’m back in my
own head
so drifter thank you for putting this
out there you know you’ve 1.51 million
and the more people can see what you
went through through the medical system
and how your hormones were ignored
um got that advice from from bad doctors
um this is just another person that’s
bringing this subject out that’s so
and the more people that know about this
the better we’ll be so thank you drifter
for making this video
i would suggest finding a different
you’re probably going to find that
clomid isn’t going to be a good
long-term solution for you
but anyway guys that’s it just wanted to
show you this crazy crazy story that all
could have been avoided
with a knowledgeable doctor or a
knowledgeable trt clinic
i mean this guy basically this doctor
told him just quit cold turkey because
clomid’s going to permanently fix your
testosterone and there’ll be no side
effects and you won’t feel bad at all
but yeah so thanks for watching guys if
you like this format click on the like
button and let me know
i want to do some more videos like this
but i’m not going to make too much fun
of this situation because it’s a
horrible situation but there’s some
other stuff that you can joke around
if you’re new click on the subscribe
button as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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