Joan Macdonald Gets Jacked at Age 75!!! Huge Body Transformation! Train With Joan

Joan MacDonald was 200lbs in her early 70’s and knew that she was living an unhealthy lifestyle. She decided to change her lifestyle with the help from her IFBB Pro daughter. She has since lost 70lbs and gained a huge amount of Muscle. Joan MacDonald is an inspiration to everyone trying to improve their body and lifestyle. You can find Joan MacDonald on Instagram at @trainwithjoan.

what’s going on guys test your levels
today we’re going to talk about joan
a freaking jacked grandma who’s like 75
years old
did a whole transformation and she’s uh
she’s pretty awesome and i like joan a
lot so let’s jump right in
so we’ve got joan mcdonald here train
with joan
and she has 1.2 million subscribers on
and she’s got about 70 000 on youtube
and you look at the transformation that
she did wow
155 pounds in 2017 to 129
and she actually lost a little bit more
weight than that she was almost 200
pounds at one point
but look at her freaking arms look at
her she’s i mean if she had a shirt on
those guns would be hugging the sleeves
keep in mind she’s 75
years old it’s freaking awesome but is
it all natural
i don’t know we’ll get into that a
little later but wow congratulations on
awesome transformation let’s look at
where she started from
so 10 months into her transformation she
went from 198.6 to 149.6
it’s almost 50 pounds that’s pretty
amazing i mean you can see a huge
transformation here
and as you know guys the older you get
the harder it is to lose weight
so she uh she really put in the effort
and she did have some help from her
uh you can see here
this is uh this is her daughter
and uh her husband i believe and uh
yeah they look definitely natural
but i will get to that a little later on
but let’s look at some of uh
some of her weights some of her lifting
so look at her she doesn’t do just like
normal aerobic stuff she’s not just like
curling little five pounders
she’s freaking squatting look at her
form she’s getting low
grandma getting low get low get low
not a huge amount of weight but she’s 70
freaking five years old give her a break
she’s kicking ass in the gym look at
that damn
get some joan get some now we got joan
working out the [ _ ] flintstones gym what the [ _ ] kind of gym is this
this is some crazy ass equipment but
look at her back
look at her freaking back in her
shoulders look at those striations in
there 75 years old she’s got more
striations in her shoulders than me
imagine going over to grandma’s house
and having her serve you a nice big tren
bologna sandwich
listen here little billy you’re looking
like a little [ _ ] jimmy down the street’s way bigger than you let me see your glute we’re gonna get this done grandma’s gonna get you jacked all right so what do we have here what oh we got joan oh look at joan ripping those kettlebells with the band get some joan look at that intensity that’s great for him that’s pretty badass you don’t see too many grandmas in the gym doing stuff like this can you imagine going to the gym and having joan walk up to you and be like hey a whippersnapper i need a spot on the bench over here the [ _ ] look at joan here 198 pounds
down to 130. she’s got the tricep going
he’s got the shoulder separation
she’s got her forearms damn joan’s
pretty badass i mean to lose that amount
of weight at 73
75 years old i mean that’s impressive as
do i think she did it natty i don’t know
let’s take a look at her daughter real
quick so this is her daughter your
healthy hedonista
she’s an ifbb pro i think she’s like 50
years old
yeah that’s uh that’s pretty
a little saucy i don’t know you think
she’s natty guys
i don’t think so i mean this girl was
[ _ ] peeled look at that and she’s got veins going on she got the abs this girl shredded what’s up apparently this is a longer video yeah i mean she’s got the abs i mean she’s in oh wow look at those shoulders look at that bicep vein oh yeah she’s got veins on her abs that’s uh that’s some hardcore dieting but uh maybe a little anavar maybe just a maybe just a skosh of anavar i don’t know could be maybe some songs oh here she is with joan what’s there they doing they’re walking on the dock uh they’re just posing now definitely shred it i mean this chick’s like 45 50. 50 years old 5-2 128 competed for 10 years i’m still competing wow yeah 50 years old she’s shredded look at her shoulders god damn she’s got a little upper upper chest shelf she’s uh she’s in fantastic shape can you imagine her daughter going to look through her medicine cabinet and she’s like hey mom where’s my [ _ ] anavar i had the
competition in two weeks
you got joan back over here i’ll anavard
freaking lifting a freaking wooden wheel
off friend flintstones cart
now she got a freaking see the bamboo
stairs that she’s working out with
but she’s look at this v look at this
does that v
stand for anavar maybe but who cares
she’s 75 years old and she’s looking
freaking jack look at that
get some joan you know what i like about
joan joan isn’t trying to sell you like
her workout program like work out with
only 200 bucks a month you can look like
me even if you’re 75 years
old you know she’s not trying to she’s
not trying to lie to you
i mean yeah she maybe she took some
anavar i don’t know
that’s uh i don’t know she’s got some
pretty saucy arms for 75 years old
i know my grandmother didn’t look like
that ever in her entire life
but she doesn’t all she sells is a
company basically women’s best women’s
best athlete
all she really does is you know she’s
selling a protein supplement
she’s not saying like hey you can look
like me like all these other [ _ ] fake natties on instagram who try to tell 12 year old kids they’re natural or ifbb pros that then go natural and then try to preach natural even though they’ve been sauced on their [ _ ] mind for 10
years and you’re in the [ _ ] ifbb you’re juiced to the ghost come on let’s be real about that and then they’re going to go and be like oh we’re freaking natty you know you’re not you were you you’re maybe natty now you’ve been natty for like five weeks but come on you’ve been freaking juicing up for 10 years insane fitness industry is [ _ ] up i like
joan even if she did use anavar
i don’t really care because she’s not
trying to get 12 year old kids to think
they can look like a freaking you know
arnold schwarzenegger
off protein powders and [ _ ] bcaas you know she’s just trying to get people to exercise more you know i doubt any 75 year old ladies are really you know like oh i want to look like joan you know but i having a hard time doing it natural no but look at her she’s freaking look at her training look at joan get that joan get that look she’s going deep jones a badass it goes to show that you know i mean this lady was 200 pounds she lost 50 pounds it’s never too late to freaking it’s never too late to start working out and exercising it’s really not 73 years old she’s now like 75 76 look at her it’s on the [ _ ] leg
looking like ronnie coleman over here
now you got joan
back at [ _ ] fred flintstones home gym turning 73 tomorrow lifting up some stones and this is how she’s celebrating on the beach after jungle gym well that still looks pretty light love it love it jones triceps completely change their life do we need to add more and one of my favorite for working my back is get it joan get it hell yeah she’s got 45 on there a little she’s freaking jacked that’s awesome it’s no wonder she has 1.2 million subscribers look at that oh get that joan look at joan getting squats getting low get some joan grandma can we have lasagna for dinner i don’t want chicken and rice again i want lasagna damn grandma i’m gonna flex on me like that that’s gonna wrap it up guys joan train with joan on instagram really inspiring to see someone who drastically changed their life at the age of 73 so if you’re sitting at home you’re feeling like a fat piece of [ _ ] you’re
45 50 years old
look at joan go follow her instagram 73
years old she lost 50 pounds
maybe she took a little anavar to get
some extra muscle definition i don’t
but it’s very motivational to see her do
that uh joan’s way more jacked than me
she probably beat the [ __ ] out of me
she’s pretty she’s a badass chick so if
you like this video and you like the
click on the like button let me know
i’ll make more of them if you’re new
click on the subscribe button it’s free
and you can change your mind at any time
so that’s about it guys as always you’re
and get your levels tested and jones a
look me man no it looks like marilyn
yeah nice
work yes
turning 73 tomorrow
and this is how she’s celebrating on the
beach at the
tulum jungle gym well that still looks
pretty light
look at that gorgeous equipment

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