Men’s Worldwide are Almost Completely Infertile! What’s causing this?

A new article shows that men’s fertility worldwide is nearing a point of no return to where very soon we will not be able to continue on as a species. Swimmers are down 59%, Testosterone is down 40% and men are having ED issues 7 years earlier. What is causing these massive drops?

what’s going on guys tester levels here
wanted to bring this to your attention
i found an article and it was basically
saying that
the human race is getting to the point
where we cannot
keep up with the population i’m still
within the first 30 seconds
but it’s some staggering staggering
numbers on how
if something doesn’t change like we may
not be around that much longer
well we’ll be around longer but it’s
pretty interesting
and uh i guess i’ll do a medical
disclaimer i guess i have to but
jump right in it’s all about humanity
so apparently there’s a lady who’s been
studying fertility since like
the 70s or something like that and you
know she mainly focused on women
but in the past however many years she
started really focusing on men
and she points to a study that men have
50 of their swimmers since 1970.
so 50 years 50 of our amount of swimmers
are lowered and also she’s noticed that
uh instances of ed and low testosterone
are dropping and rising or rising and
by one percent a year so that means men
are losing one percent of their
testosterone as a general population
every year and the incidence of ed is
going up by one percent a year i mean
that’s pretty crazy
i mean just right there fifty percent of
our swimmers in the last fifty years
one percent a year of more ed and one
percent less testosterone
each year that’s crazy and it doesn’t
even stop there she goes on to say that
the current state of reproductive
could have a massive impact on humans
ability to survive as a species
she said it’s a global exponential
pretty crazy so in 2017 this lady
pointed out that there was a study of 40
000 men and it concluded from 1973 to
men lost 59 of their swimmers so in that
study it was even higher
it’s a higher percentage and a shorter
period of time now obviously if you do
10 different studies you’re going to get
10 different results but i mean this
one’s even worse than the first one
i mean that’s pretty scary and i’ll let
you know what she says is the cause of
all this
later on in the video so maybe you can
avoid some of this if you’re trying to
and i hope if you are that you have been
successful and you don’t run into this
but it seems like it’s a pretty
widespread worldwide issue
she said we are already seeing the
effects worldwide fertility is dropped
by 50
between 1960 and 2015.
the united states has a total birth rate
that is 16
below what it needs to replace itself
so we’re not able at this point to
sustain the population
so if no one came into the country and
no one came out of the country
and we just continued as on our
population would slowly get smaller and
smaller and smaller
and that’s now i’m not going to say
that’s a bad thing for the planet
i mean maybe this is a combination of
humans and
the planet saying hey there’s too many
but in reality it’s really just because
of a lot of the chemicals and a lot of
the things we do every day
she goes on to say that the reproductive
technology business and fertility
clinics and all that stuff in the
medicine it’s a 25 billion dollar
and it’s projected to go up by 10
percent every year
for the next five years so that’s pretty
crazy 21 billion
10 percent 2.1 billion two point i mean
wow pretty scary so the ranges for
is like 15 million per milliliter to 200
um even the world health organization
recognizes 15 million as low
now this lady claims that if you’re
below 40 million
there’s a good chance you would have
issues conceiving
so she said that worldwide the average
for men right now is 47.1
so we’re 7.1 million away from that 40
as a human species worldwide to where
it’s going to be
a huge issue trying to have children so
she goes on to compare
you know the worldwide populations
levels and their father and their father
had roughly 99
so we’re at 47.1 so half
a little bit more than half of the
amount of swimmers that our fathers had
that’s pretty crazy a 2006 study showed
that a 65 year old man in 2002
would have testosterone levels that are
15 lower than a 65 year old male in
so 15 lower testosterone in 15 years i’m
assuming that’s where she got that one
percent figure
and it’s not like that is getting better
it’s getting worse
that’s crazy one percent i mean that’s
over 30 years you lose 30 percent
over 40 years 40 50 60. pretty scary
and she also says a similar trend is
happening in younger and younger guys
and i’m going to assume that’s why
you know if you’re in any of these trt
groups i mean even my demographics my
are mainly 35 to 44 but that 18
to 35 or 34 that’s a a growing and
growing number
so i mean there’s guys i’ve seen on
reddit posts and forums they’re
20 years old they’re popping you know
250s 300s on their testosterone
not saying these are the healthiest
people i’m sure some of them are but
that’s pretty scary and as a result of
this lower testosterone
they said between 2010 and 2013
prescriptions for trt
doubled so in three years it doubled so
whatever it was before it doubled in
three years
and she goes on to say that when you’re
on trt you lose a lot of your swimmers
so this is just a
you know our testosterone levels are
going down so we feel horrible so we
replace it with trt
and then our boys go down so you can see
this is a vicious cycle of not
conceiving and not you know spreading
out and growing
our you know our human population which
isn’t a bad thing for the planet
but it’s bad if you want to have a kid
and you can’t she also goes on to say
that guys
uh getting treatment for ed is happening
on average seven years earlier than it
was in 2005.
so let’s say the average was 50 now guys
that are 43 on average
are seeking treatment for ed this is
pretty scary as well
26 percent of men who are dealing with
ed are under the age of 40.
so i mean it’s happening earlier and
earlier and earlier it’s a
sad state of affairs so we can’t we’re
having issues with the ed
we have low swimmers we have low
testosterone if we take trt
we have less swimmers but we feel better
so you can see this is like the perfect
the perfect storm the perfect recipe for
a smaller human population
she also goes on to say that there’s a
huge trend worldwide
of men that have smaller
boys and uh they’re showing that it’s
happening in animals
and animals as well like alligators
whatever else
so overall you know as the population
we’re getting
smaller and smaller she said there’s
been a lot more genetic abnormalities to
your boys don’t drop down um it’s pretty
bad this is a bad situation
she also goes on to say there have been
studies that showing that men who are
die earlier in general than men who are
not from like
all all cause morbidity like they if
you’re infertile there’s more of a
chance that you’re going to die
younger and more often i guess you can’t
really die more often but you know what
i’m saying
so what does she think is causing all of
uh i did a video on this i’ll put the
card up here
i think it’ll be either way you’ll see
it but
tons of stuff and you know outside of a
healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy
lifestyle you know if you have an
unhealthy lifestyle
and you eat like trash and you’re
overweight like me and you don’t get any
exercise you don’t get in the sun
well there’s pretty good chance that
you’re gonna be dealing with one or more
of these issues
but things that are outside your control
pollution pollution is a huge thing we
breathe it in every day
pesticides herbicides all in the stuff
that we eat
you know even if you’re eating
strawberries blueberries
anything that comes from the ground
unless it’s like organic and it’s
actually organic
you know there’s a there’s a almost 100
possibility there’s pesticides
fungicides all kinds of signs and sides
side effects yeah
and you’re eating that stuff every day
they’re the ones you said was
phthalates and failures what they do is
they’re in plastic
and they make the plastic softer so it
can be used for commercial products
it’s also used in like shampoos stuff
that uh
it helps absorb the the scent
of like your shampoo or your soap so
they’re actually adding stuff into your
soap and your conditioner and your
shampoo that messes up your messes up
your hormones
just so that the product can smell good
that’s pretty scary
the other i mean with plastics in
general everything comes in plastics and
plastics are known to be endocrine
the oils that they use what did she say
flame retardants found in mattresses and
foam furniture also seem to also alter
the same hormones that cause infertility
in men according to a 2016 study
in addition chemicals used to sustain
water and grease repellents in fast food
paper plates stain resistant carpeting
among other household items have been
linked to a reduction in
swimmer volume testy volume and even
the length of your boy i mean this is
like documented stuff
you know like the foam in your couch the
foam in your mattress
you know the coating on paper plates and
it’s everywhere and you know what else
birth control in your water
i mean you think that you know women
take birth control and
they pee and it goes through a water
treatment plant but it can’t
take out the birth control so men who
are drinking water
are basically drinking birth control
obviously a lot less of a mouth than
women but that has an effect that has
obviously a horrible effect
so the solution is you grow all your own
you grow all of your own meat
you eat on nothing but glass and ceramic
no bottled water no gatorades no nothing
that comes in plastic like cereal
um yeah you can’t wash your hair
uh there’s probably bad stuff in your
toothpaste uh your deodorant is bad for
you can’t breathe in the air because it
has pollution long story short
is there’s not much you can do it kind
of is what it is
and then not throw on that prescription
uh the fact that we don’t get exercise
got in the sun it’s just a bad situation
and that’s one of the reasons that i
think that trt is going to be such a
growing thing i mean there’s
you know it’s already growing i see it
growing i mean not in my subscriber
but i see it growing and you know the
the the testosterone grouping
reddit just keeps getting more and more
people i think there’s like 44 45 000
and it just keeps going up and that’s
going to continue as
all these outside forces basically screw
up our hormones
pretty crazy but i don’t make the video
too long i just wanted to share with you
some of those crazy numbers
i mean that’s just wild and i mean who
we may not survive as a species because
of all the plastics pollution herbicides
and all that stuff
that we use to make our lives convenient
so that’s about it guys as always you’re
and get your levels tested

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