YK-11 Myostine – Benefits, Sides & Half Life | Myostatin Inhibitor / Increased Follistatin YK11

YK-11 Myostine – Benefits, Sides & Half Life | Myostatin Inhibitor / Increased Follistatin YK11

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about a really
cool compound
that has not been studied at all in
and it’s really neat because it does
it’s a hybrid it does
two different things uh it does one
thing that one category definitely does
and then it does something that’s
completely different but it’s related to
that family
so it’s really interesting it’s very
but a lot of people really like it so
let’s jump in it’s all about humanity
so today we’ll be talking about a
compound called yk11 and as i stated
yk11 has not been studied in humans or
in animals
so no one really knows exactly what it
does long term
and i would not recommend using this in
any way shape or form
but as this video is educational we’re
going to discuss
how it works what it does some anecdotal
reports and some anecdotal side effects
humans that have researched with this
compound yk11 is
often grouped with sarms it’s grouped
with selective androgen receptor
but it’s it is kind of a sarm but it’s
actually a steroid it’s derived from dht
and dht is pretty much a stronger form
of testosterone
that affects the receptors in like your
hair your liver your prostate
so it’s derived directly from dht
meaning that it is
a steroidal sarm it’s a steroid but it
also does
activate somewhat the androgen receptors
throughout your body
so it’s pretty interesting in that is a
in the way it works but it’s derived
from dht
being a steroid but there’s also one
other thing that
yk11 does that is really remarkable
and i think is the real reason that a
lot of people use it
a lot of people that use yk11 they use
it as
a wingman to other stuff to sarms to
gear it’s like an add-on and the reason
they do this is the way that it works
uh but first we have to learn what
myostatin and fullestatin are
so myostatin and pholostatin kind of
have an inverse relationship
myostatin is something that’s in your
muscles that
basically controls how much muscle
growth can happen
if you think about it evolutionary wise
you know ronnie coleman would not be
ideal as a human for walking around his
body uses too many calories he has too
many muscles
so the body has kind of a regulatory
system so if your muscle growth is too
myostatin is there to help prevent some
of that muscle growth
on the flip side if you raise
it lowers the myostatin so with lower
myostatin in theory
you can grow more muscles and one of the
things that yk11 does
at least in cells not necessarily in
human testing because it’s never been
tested on humans
is raise fullest atom and in essence
that lowers myostatin and allows people
to gain more muscle
so you’re kind of taking your body’s
natural mechanism
and tweaking it toward muscle growth so
another interesting
this isn’t directly with yk11 but it has
to deal with myostatin
if you remember if you ever seen those
belgian blue cows
the massive jacked cows they look like
they look fake almost like they were you
know created on cgi
they have a genetic defect or mutation
on the myostatin gene so
right out the gate you know when they’re
born they have less myostatin or less
receptors whatever it is in their body
so there’s really
there’s like almost no regulator in
their body to tell their body to stop
making muscle
so with us our bodies are saying hey got
enough muscle
you know we’re just trying to survive as
a human and stay alive and
repopulate the earth but these cows with
that lack of myostatin
their bodies just pump up muscle they
just grow muscle
and that’s kind of where yk11 works into
is that it lowers that myosatin by
raising the pholostatin
and in theory some people believe that
that helps you grow more muscle
now after hearing that it probably makes
a little more sense why people would use
this as an add-on to gear and other
so you know you’re taking gear and sarms
if you’re building muscle
that pholostatin is there to help
regulate that muscle growth
take yk-11 obviously you shouldn’t
lowers that myostatin and allows your
body to
grow more muscle so that’s why a lot of
people use it
with gear and with sarms another thing
about yk11 and all other sarms is that
they will lower your shbg
that’s sexual hormone binding globulin
so when you lower shbg
you’re going to raise your free
testosterone so yk11 is going to give
you more free testosterone which is what
your body can actually use
and inhibit that myostatin through the
increase in fullest atom
and you’ve got a good recipe for some
muscle building now once again i’m going
to say this again this has never been
clinically tested on humans so there is
long-term research or even short-term
research on side effects
long-term side effects no one knows what
this stuff does
so if people tell you oh it’s a sarms
arms are safe there’s no side effects
don’t believe them because no one knows
about yk11
now lots of users have used it and they
haven’t had any short-term
really bad side effects but that doesn’t
mean it can’t happen to you
you know it’s it’s a random chemical
that no one has tested
so all we have is anecdotal evidence and
we don’t have any long-term
so that’s why i say do not take yk11 so
go over some of the
side effects and then i’ll get to what
people are using as the dosage a little
later on
so first off your cholesterol is going
to take a hit your hdl which is the good
cholesterol is going to drop
the ldl the bad cholesterol is going to
this is true with almost all steroids
all sarms
that’s just the way it works it
negatively affects the cardiovascular
system and your cholesterol
that’s just the way it is now yk11
is it’s not super liver toxic
it’s not as bad as like animal antiviral
is not that bad but like super draw
d-ball it’s not as bad for your liver as
oral steroids
but it is mildly to medium liver toxic
so you know alcohol on this is a big
you probably want to take something like
nac or tutco while you’re on this to
help protect your liver
but it does have an effect on your liver
so keep that in mind
so as with most sarms and especially
it is going to be suppressive to your
normal hormone
production mainly testosterone
so if you do happen to research with yk
11 uh you are most likely going to
notice that your testosterone levels are
go down
um you know the general consensus on
yk11 is that you should do a pct
or post cycle psychotherapy i’m not
going to get into pct
i have videos on it some people don’t
some people do not see a huge drop in
testosterone but i would always
having a pct planned and on hand
because there’s nothing worse than
coming off you know a research cycle
and your testosterone suppressed you
feel like trash
you have low libido your boy may not
work and
if you have low testosterone and now
you’re not taking anything you’re not
going to be able to preserve those gains
so just a little tip for me
have pct on hand at all times
so some of the side effects that people
have reported
once again never been tested on humans
increased aggression joint pain low
energy mild testosterone suppression
hair loss and mild acne pretty much a
lot of side effects that you get from
most dht based compounds
another quick benefit that yk11 is
helps is with bone growth not like your
bones are going to get bigger but
they’re going to be more dense more
but it doesn’t have any effect on
tendons and ligaments so this is one
thing a lot of people run into
when they take sarms and gear is that
sometimes your muscles
and how much you can press will out
you’ll be more than what your tendons
can handle
so you know your muscles can handle 450
on the bench
but your joints and your tendons can’t
and that’s where you run into trouble
so keep that in mind as well is that
make your bones a little bit stronger
but it’s not going to do anything to
protect your joints and your ligaments
and tendons and all that good stuff so
the half-life of yk-11
is what i’ve seen online like i said
there’s no scientific studies
between 6 and 12 hours so most people
dose it twice a day you know one in the
morning one at night
however you want to do it that’s the
most common so you have a steady flow
of the compound throughout your body
throughout the day you want to take it
all in the morning
and then at night and throughout the
whole night you have low levels you want
it to be continuous
you want to be stable steady now
the length that people research with
this is between four and eight weeks
i would definitely not recommend going
past eight weeks with a
you know doing research that’s just not
smart um
and with most arms it’s time on time off
so you’re eight weeks on
you wanna be eight weeks off before you
do anything else that’s just the general
rule of thumb
some people you know abuse that but
that’s the general rule of thumb for
now the common dosages that i’ve seen is
5 and 15 milligrams a day that’s total
so that’d be split
into two doses but the more common is
five and ten some people push it to
fifteen i’ve even seen some people say
they push it to thirty
my thoughts on this is the law of
diminishing returns
so let’s say you get this benefit at
five this benefit at 10
and then you push it to 30 and you only
get a little bit more that’s 20 more
more sides less percentage of benefits
you know the amount that you’re taking
so that’s going to do it guys yk11 i
hope you found the video informative
if you did click on the like button if
you’re new click on the subscribe button
it’s free and you can change your mind
at any time
but i hope you found it enjoyable uh as
you’re awesome and get your levels

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