Ryan Crowley Pec Tear! | How to Avoid Muscle Injury on Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT

Ryan Crowley is a young bodybuilder who suffered a Pec Tear while working out with Larry Wheels in Dubai. I am very sorry that this happened to Ryan Crowley and discuss in this video how we can avoid muscle injuries while weightlifting on TRT. TRT can cause the muscles to grow faster then the tendons and this can lead to muscle tears.v

what’s going on guys texture levels here
today i want to talk about ryan
crowley’s pectare
and it’s pretty bad i’ll show it at the
end of the video
um if you don’t like cringe-worthy stuff
this is definitely cringe-worthy
this is bad really feel bad that this
happened to him
but i wanted to discuss some of the
things that we can take from this
and from other power lifters and
bodybuilders that have suffered muscle
and how it can affect you so let’s do a
quick medical disclaimer and jump right
in it’s all about humanity
ryan crowley was working out with larry
wheels in dubai
and he was trying to throw up 485 on the
485 is a lot on a flat bench let alone
on the incline
and you know prs are great personal
records they’re great for instagram
they’re great for youtube they’re great
for guys that
make money from being jacked big and
but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be
doing prs in your personal life
and i’ll tell you how this converts into
in just a little bit but you know larry
he’s tore his bicep uh eddie hall has
tore his bicep
seth ferusi towards tricep wasn’t
necessarily in weightlifting but from
the you know repeated
you know abuse that he’s put on his
tricep from taking peds and just being a
big son of a [ __ ] you know he fell off
a dirt bike i think it was and just
landed and it just right off the bone
and uh it’s pretty bad and then you’ve
got ryan crowley
he’s 23 years old he’s like 6 30 3 30
massive guy great genetics great future
in the sport of bodybuilding
and he just decided to take it a little
too far
and no one really knows what is too far
you know your pec muscle is detached and
chilling right here in the center of
your chest
and it doesn’t just it’s not an injury
that just fixes itself without surgery
that muscle will never reattach they’ve
got to go in grab the tenon
pull it back to where it needs to be
throw some screws some staples whatever
they do
and then it’s a really really long
recovery and in some cases some people’s
tendons actually are stronger after they
put these screws in and you know try to
get it to attach to the bone and all
but for the most part once you suffer an
injury like this you know the chances of
it happening again
are pretty high and it’s always going to
be in the back of the mind if you’re
and you’ve already tore your pack and
you’re throwing up some weight it’s
always going to be in the back of your
mind that
that could happen again and i’m not sure
if health insurance covers torn pec
muscles because of bench pressing i
doubt it because they try to cover the
least amount as possible
and also i doubt that ryan crowley he
was doing this in dubai
in larry wheels the gym that he works
out in so even if he had insurance in
the united states
pretty sure that doesn’t cover or
translate over into dubai
so larry wheels actually set up a
gofundme to pay for the surgery which he
got i believe
either the same day or the next day but
the surgery was a success
and now he just has to go through a long
recovery process
and ryan’s not the only weight lifter
bodybuilder who’s torn his
uh pec muscle before scott meddleson
who’s a power lifter
i’ve seen him do some videos he benches
like six seven hundred pounds something
like that
tortoise pack muscle i’ll put a picture
up crazy looking
uh looks like he got beaten with a
baseball bat about the
chest and also a famous wrestler triple
h he tore his pack and
you know put the picture up as well
looks crazy horrible injury
now how does this translate into trt
so these guys are pushing their bodies
to the limit
and you might say well oh this guy’s
throwing up 485
no wonder he tore his chest he’s about
485 he’s 23 years old
well here’s the thing he’s pushing his
body to the limit
which apparently was 485 on the incline
your per your body’s limit may be 225 on
the flat bench i don’t know
the thing is is when you get on trt your
muscles are going to grow
faster than they would at your current
testosterone level or when you started
so you know this is what happens to a
lot of guys that use peds and power
lifters and all that
your muscles grow faster than your
tendons that’s just the way it
is now over time if you stayed at the
same weight
you know your tendons may catch up over
time and you may be able to
lift more but when guys get on trt and
they start hitting the gym
especially guys that watch like larry
wheels and nothing against larry wheels
he does pr’s and that’s his choice to do
it but a lot of guys get
into their head and they watch all these
guys on youtube i’m going to start
deadlifting i’m going to start squatting
i’m going to start doing bench press
all good but when you start trt and your
muscles are growing bigger than your
and you know you’re trying to get those
pr’s there’s a good chance you could
injure yourself
you know there’s a lot of temptation to
say oh i’m dead lifting 360. let’s try

  1. let’s try 375.
    and there’s a point you know that where
    you know you could pull a hamstring you
    tweak your lower back slip a disc
    whatever it is
    now you know larry wheels slips a disc
    or pulls his bicep
    he makes money on youtube videos and he
    you’re not making any money on youtube
    videos and you have to deal with that
    injury for the rest of your life
    so i urge you when you’re on trt and
    you’re working out
    i mean you can do whatever you want but
    i urge you
    go lighter and do more volume you know
    i’m not a [ __ ] fitness guru i’m not
    any of that stuff
    but you know i lift in between you know
    the 10 and 20 rep range
    usually around 12 to 15. um i don’t do
    pr’s i have no idea how much i could
    all i know is that i have a bad shoulder
    that i dislocated five times
    yeah i could say oh i threw up 350 but i
    also could try 350 and
    you know tweak out my shoulder and rip
    it out of the socket and be out of the
    gym for two months
    and then have to get surgery and you
    know they you know anyway
    you know what i’m saying so i urge you
    especially you guys in you know 30s 40s
    i know pr’s are cool you feel fantastic
    on trt
    you know it’s it’s badass to say i
    deadlifted 400 pounds or i can bench
  2. that’s awesome
    but just keep in mind that while 485 on
    the incline was ryan crowley’s
    you know that was the limit that his
    tenant was willing to take before it
    ripped off the bone
    you know years maybe 225 maybe 250 300 i
    don’t know
    i’m just saying you know think about the
    long term and i know i sound like a
    [ _ ] old man here i’m 39 years old and you know i’m telling guys not to do pr’s and i don’t want to be that guy that buzzkill but you know you got a lot more years left you know you could live to 80 90. do you want to live that with a slip disc or you know a peck that came off and you know i have even on my bicep i have a little twinge sometimes if i do like hammer curls i can feel a little twinge in my bicep i don’t know if it’s a tendon i don’t know what it is but i don’t do hammer curls anymore because i don’t want to feel that twinge and any exercises certain back uh you know certain certain motions certain you know the way my hands are adjusted uh it gives me that twinge so i avoid those exercises because i want to be able to work out until i’m 75 80. i don’t want to tear my bicep off the freaking bone you know doing back i don’t get paid i don’t get paid to be big i don’t get paid for any of that i don’t have any sponsorships so don’t want to make this too long-winded um after this i’ll show the video of ryan crowley like i said it’s not pleasant to watch um the way they were able to filming it they filmed him straight on so i mean you can see exactly what happens so if you don’t like that type of [ _ ]
    you know end the video here leave me a
    like if you’re new click on the
    subscribe button
    but uh just be careful guys prs are cool
    but slip discs and torn pecs are not so
    you know do what you want but i would
    urge you for longevity
    put more time under attention more
    volume more reps
    lower weight there’s really no reason to
    do pr’s in your personal life
    unless you’re a youtuber or an instagram
    guy and you make money doing that
    so that’s about it guys as always you’re
    and get your levels tested and i’ll
    throw on this video
    have a good one

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