Figuring Out Your Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio! Easy Method! Does it even matter?

Lots of guys get hung up on Testosterone to Estrogen Ratios or T/E2. While this ratio can give you an idea of where you stand in how much testosterone you have when compared to estrogen, it really serves no purpose other then know that ration. In this video I show you an easy way to calculate your testosterone to estrogen ratio.

i saw a 1.7 but 3.68 is too high i saw
10 is perfect i did an online calculator
on my own
and i was 138 so i figured that’s not
like why do these studies they don’t
give you the math and why is 1.7 good
and then
is good and i’m at 138. it’s freaking
crazy it’s all about humanity
what’s going on guys test your levels
thanks for being here today
i received a comment from someone that
said why don’t you do a video on
testosterone to e2 ratios and i was like
oh it’s a pretty good idea that’s
interesting i know that some other
people have done that
and i was like let me dive into this so
i started looking at all these studies
and you know like i said in the intro
one of them said like 1.72 is
this good but 3.68 is too high the other
one said that
10 is good the other one said that 5 to
1 is a good ratio
did an online calculator i’ll put it on
screen it says i’m at 138
makes no sense so there’s lots of
studies that call out this total
testosterone to
sensitive e2 ratio but they because
testosterone is measured in nanograms
per deciliter on most tests
and e2 is picograms per milliliter you
know you can’t just compare them apples
to apples
there’s a conversion process but these
studies don’t say anything about the
conversion process and they don’t really
show the math that they did
so i was like how am i going to even
tell people what a good ratio is when
science can’t even figure it out
you know i mean what am i going to tell
you guys well it could be 1.7 or
138 somewhere in that range is probably
no so i started thinking to myself and i
was like well
why don’t we just take you know natty
guys that are healthy
take their averages and then figure out
a way to you know
extrapolate that onto maybe higher test
or lower test or higher estrogen
and come up with a range and you know
then i was like okay let me just look
into this some more let me try to find
some other studies
and i ran across a video from derek from
more plates more dates
if you’re not subscribed to him go
subscribe to him right now
fantastic channel the guy’s like he’s
like anabolic jesus he’s it’s pretty
he’s pretty amazing the stuff that he
knows and he’s probably
similar in age to me and he’s not a
doctor he just
he like lives and breathes and stuff so
so he did a video where he you know
basically broke this down
and he you know said okay from a bunch
of different studies let’s say the rough
average for
you know a healthy male is about 600 and
you know from the other studies and from
blood tests and stuff
estrogen was 30. and he was like okay
well let’s figure out an easier ratio so
we can replicate this
up or down if necessary and give us a
and so i’ll give you the quick math it’s
really easy
you take your estrogen level and it’s
got to be sensitive e2 you can’t just do
estradiol because the number is going to
be a lot higher it’s going to throw off
the ratio it has to be sensitive e2
in this scenario you’re going to take 30
and you’re going to divide it by 600.
the number you’re going to come up with
is 5. so that’s basically a
baseline so 5 is
not 5 is the optimal testosterone e2
in reality i mean it’s not a gold
standard it’s not scientific
it doesn’t mean you’re going to feel the
best at this ratio this is just a
you know i don’t use this to get dialed
in this is just like
okay you know the baseline natty for a
healthy dude is
five let me see where i’m at i think
put too much credence in this and people
stress about this number way too much
and put too much emphasis on it
it’s just a baseline another way guys
will do this calculation
is they’ll do they’ll divide their total
testosterone level
by their sensitive e2 level uh for me
the last blood work that i have that has
sensitive e2 i was 1064 total test
i was 72.7 on sensitive e2
comes out to about a 14 right down there
and i’ve seen people throw around you
know between 12 and 15 is pretty solid
but i think that what derek came up with
is really simple
like i said you divide 72.7
by 1064. and for me it’s like 6.8
so i’m over so i have more estrogen
compared to testosterone
i have higher estrogen levels you just
searched 72.7 that’s
sensitivity too that was a while back
but you know i don’t take an ai um i
feel fine at this level some guys don’t
that’s why this ratio really doesn’t
matter you know
so if you were at a 6.8 and you didn’t
feel good
well i’m in a 6.8 and i feel good but
that doesn’t help you
and if you’re at exactly five and you
don’t feel good well
you know that ratio it doesn’t mean that
you’re gonna feel good at a five
this is just basically let me get just
kind of a baseline idea of where i’m at
so above five you have more estrogen to
testosterone ratio
below five you have more testosterone to
estrogen ratio
that’s pretty much it and there’s
nothing that you can really learn
scientifically from knowing this number
but i saw it you know it gets thrown up
a lot you know oh
my tde ratio is this and i don’t feel
good or my td ratio is this and i feel
you should try to get to this ratio
doesn’t work like that guys
like i’ve said on this channel many
times trt is man per man
i feel good at 6.8 you may feel like
that’s just the bottom line you may feel
better at four you know who knows
everyone’s different everyone feels
better that’s why when they do come up
with new medicines
they test thousands of people and find
out what works for some people
what works for does for others and what
side effects some people have
other people are perfectly fine medicine
is not black and white said it 100 times
on this channel
but that’s pretty much how you do it
guys if you want to do it the one way
where you want to be between like 12 and
15 depending you take total test
divide it by sensitive e2 if you want to
do it which i think the easiest easier
way is
is you take your sensitive e2 and divide
it by your total testosterone
and five is kind of the baseline for a
natty healthy guy
so that’s about it guys nothing too
crazy about t to e ratios
they don’t really tell you any they
don’t tell you they just tell you
if you’re above five or below five
that’s about it
but you could be above or below and feel
bad you could be above and below and
feel good
that’s about it guys uh if you like the
video if you click on the like button i
greatly appreciate it
if you’re new click on the subscribe
button it’s free and you can change your
mind at any time
so as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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