Low Fat Diet Causes Lower Testosterone Levels – New Study

A new study shows that a low fat diet can cause low testosterone in men. But the food pyramid tells us to eat a low fat diet. So what as men are we supposed to do? The answer may be what kind of fats we consume.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i wanted to go over a pretty cool
study that i found it’s pretty
interesting and has to do with you know
low-fat diets and first high-fat diets
and also the kinds of fat that
are in those diets and what effect it
has on your hormone levels so let’s jump
right in
so low-fat diets reduced men’s
testosterone levels
a new study conducted at this place in
the journal of steroid
biochemistry and molecular biology has
low-fat diets decreased men’s
testosterone levels by 10 to 15 percent
this study was a systematic review and
meta-analysis which combined together
the results
of six well-controlled studies with a
total of 206 participants
so it’s not a huge study it’s not like
10 000 guys but the results are
these studies first put men on a high
fat diet 40
fat and then transfer them to a low fat
diet of 20
and found their testosterone levels
decreased by 10 to 15 percent on
average particularly bad were vegetarian
low-fat diets causing decreases in
testosterone up to 26
why this is particularly interesting is
you know if you look at the food pyramid
put out by the government you know
fats are right at the top of that
pyramid you know that’s the least amount
of things that we should
be eating they put carbs at like the top
of the list
and you know i think we’re slowly
learning as humans is that
carbohydrates are not that great for us
dietary fat is a controversial topic
in nutritional science with proponents
of various diets often in stark
low fat versus low carb the benefits of
low-fat diets such as reduced
cholesterol levels should be weighed up
the potential downsides such as
decreased testosterone levels
traditional dietary guidelines have
focused on limiting fat intake
the current uk and us guidelines
limiting fat intake to less than 35
percent of total calories
however as more research on the benefits
of high fat low fat
low carb diets is done this traditional
view is
coming under increased scrutiny in
recent years high fat diets have been
shown to decrease
triglycerides decrease blood pressure
and increase
hdl cholesterol and now with the latest
increased testosterone levels i jumped
over this part but i want to definitely
go over this
the authors
damn it beans the authors linked their
results to similar studies conducted in
humans and mice
these studies found high intakes of
monosaturated fats found in olive oil
avocados and nuts
may boost testosterone production
however omega-6 polyunsaturated fats
predominantly found in vegetable oils
may damage the cell’s ability to produce
this is because highly unsaturated fats
such as polyunsaturated fats are more
prone to oxidation
which cause cell damage so
you know the government in our food
pyramid they put fats you know right at
the top of the pyramid and that’s the
least amount of
everything that you should be eating in
a day however they’re not
differentiating between
you know french fries which are you know
cooked in vegetable oil or anything else
that’s fried
compared to you know an avocado or olive
oil or mixed nuts
so there’s really two different kinds of
fats and it seems from this study that
you know obviously the vegetable based
fats are
the best for us and in theory could
raise your testosterone if you switch
those at from
you know the vegetable oils uh which
have a lot of polyunsaturated fats
to something better like avocados nuts
and olive oil back when i got tested for
low testosterone and hit at 288
i had a high fat diet however my high
fat diet was
junk food you know potato chips
french fries
fast food all that stuff so i had a high
fat diet just not the right high
fat diet so maybe if i had had avocados
you know some olive oil some healthier
i wouldn’t have had such low
so and that makes sense you know it
makes sense that
you know if we were cavemen and we were
walking around i mean
we wouldn’t be finding vegetable oils
and we wouldn’t be finding
lots of carbs we wouldn’t be finding you
what we’d mainly be finding is meat and
you know
vegetables mixed nuts avocados
you know we’d be finding you know good
as well as animal fats and i think
annual fats can still be good for you as
i mean think about it you know our
bodies evolved over years and years
to eat animal fat you know if we came
you know a hindquarters of a
deer in the middle of the woods and
some other creature had killed it and
just left that part there and you
haven’t eaten in three days because you
don’t have freaking mcdonald’s or a
grocery store around the corner or door
you know you’re gonna eat every part of
that leg you know you’re gonna eat all
the fat you’re gonna eat
probably most of the tendons and you’re
gonna eat all the meat and that’s the
way our bodies are designed to
you know to run but you know we’ve taken
it a step further where we process meat
down to where
you know we’re eating you know the
majority of the fatty part like in
burgers and hot dogs
you know we’re not eating i just think
that this
study does make a lot of sense you know
back in the day we ate
healthier stuff and we had less carbs so
i think it makes sense that a
higher fat diet with lower carbs would
make sense for our bodies in general and
help optimize our testosterone levels
you know if you’re on trt at this point
it really doesn’t matter but the study
you know may go on to prove at some
point that you know eating
these healthier fats uh and limiting our
could help our overall longevity so
that’s about it guys just a pretty cool
study i wanted to let you know about
um let me know in the comments what do
you think i mean was this is this study
make you change your diet at all maybe
add in some avocados mixed nuts
are you just gonna keep eating chicken
and rice and broccoli and getting jacked
and swole
let me know in the comments but if
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