Can DHT Cause Low Testosterone Symptoms? DHT may be the reason you can’t get dialed in on TRT.

Many guys struggle to get dialed in on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Most guys look s at common test markers like total testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen levels and SHBG. But a new study aimed to see what effects DHT levels had on perceived low testosterone symptoms.

what is going on guys test your levels
here coming at you with a pretty cool
and this study is interesting to me
because i see
a lot of guys that are not super low
with tests but they still have the same
and this study goes on to show why that
may be
and it really highlights that we know
little about hormones and how the body
actually works
which is why i don’t like when people
act like
you know we’ve got all this data and now
we have all the answers because
we really don’t know very much at all
it’s all about humanity
so we’ve got this study here serum
concentrations of dihydrotestosterone
or dht are associated with symptoms of
in biochemically eugonatal men
so basically what they did is you know
surveyed these guys uh about their
symptoms basically
and then they looked at their hormone
levels and in the
end you know they found that 0.1
nanomoles per liter serum dht increase
within the yugonadal range which is
basically these men have healthy range
was associated with a 4.67 decrease
in the odds of having worse symptoms in
men with biomechanical
biomechanics in men with biochemical
total and free tea rather than dht were
associated with
the negative results this associated was
not found for other scores
conclusion dht can be associated
with symptoms of hypogonadism in
biochemically hugonatal men
serum dht measurement might be helpful
once the diagnosis of hypogonadism has
been ruled out
but should not be routinely included in
the primary diagnostic
process so basically what they’re saying
is that you know dht can either help or
hurt you know with low testosterone
i mean that’s just goes to show that we
don’t know [ _ ] about hormones we do not even know how all this stuff works i mean imagine being a guy and your testosterone levels are 500 and everyone’s telling you you’re good bro you’re good you should feel good there’s no reason that you should have ed you should feel depressed you should feel tired brain fog all this stuff and you know maybe your dht is out of whack but you know 99.9 of doctors they’re not even going to look at that they’re not even consider that as an option you know i mean most doctors out there when you ask for a testosterone test they just do total testosterone you know the doctors don’t even know that your shbg could be sky high your total test could be fine and your free tea can be in the [ _ ]
and you feel horrible so this is just
really cool that
they did the study and they did show
that you know dht levels
you know high or low could make you feel
like you have
low testosterone symptoms when your
testosterone is bad
and their you know their conclusion is
that you know obviously
you’re not going to look at dht first
but you know
once you’ve you know you’ve tested a
man’s free testosterone total
testosterone you know
if they actually did a good hormone
panel and they found out that you know
their trt or their trt
their testosterone is decent but they
still feel like trash
then maybe the next step would be would
be to check their dht
and see if there’s anything they can do
to help or higher or lower that in order
to help this guy feel better
so it’s just really cool i thought i
would share this with you guys
i mean i know a lot of guys who you know
their testosterone isn’t crazy low but
they just feel like [ _ ] and that goes into a lot of lifestyle and what we eat and all this [ _ ] in our
food and water and all that but
hey you know if it’s worth a try if your
testosterone is decent but you feel
horrible and you have a pretty good
may want to look into dht who knows i
just hope they continue to do research
like this
and we can actually
freaking have hopefully we can
learn more about our hormones as we age
as a population and species
and it just goes to show that we really
don’t know a lot about hormones and how
the body works
but hopefully one day we will have all
those answers so thanks for watching
guys hope you found that interesting
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as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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