New Study Shows Milk Makes You Stronger, but doesn’t make you Bigger! Milk Study Strength.

New Study Shows Milk Makes You Stronger, but doesn’t make you Bigger! Milk Study Strength.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
got a pretty interesting study here
and they’re studying the effects of milk
on strength and
muscle gain and they broke these people
up into
four groups uh one control one with
one with just milk and one with milk and
and i’ll let you know what happened when
we get back so we’ve got the effects of
high protein dairy milk beverage with or
without progressive resistance training
on fat free mass skeletal muscle
strength and power
and functional performance in healthy
active older adults
a 12-week study it’s already told you
that they broke these people up
into four different groups and uh they
went for 12 weeks
and overall let’s see what the outcomes
were so relative
maximal strength increased in both the
exercise group and the exercise plus
dairy milk groups but not in the dairy
milk and the control group
so basically the people that exercised
and the ones who exercise
and drink 60 grams of protein a day
gained wealth strength here the change
in one rep
strength outcomes was higher in the
exercise and dairy milk
compared to all the other groups there
were no other significant changes in all
the hormone concentrations measured in
all the groups
in conclusion a high protein dairy milk
beverage providing additional protein
did not further
enhance the effects of prt on outcomes
of fat-free mass power
or physical performance however there
was a significant
augmentative effect for high-protein
dairy milk consumption
on changes to maximal strength outcomes
in healthy active older adults so i
thought this was pretty interesting
you know they basically you know they
did set up this test
and it turns out that you know 60 grams
of milk
helped with strength but it did not help
muscle mass i didn’t change the hormones
or anything else
so i guess if you’re trying to hit pr’s
milk it does a body good i mean
i don’t think this would be relatively
different if it was like 60 grams of
i don’t think it’s the protein you know
just because it’s
milk it had this extra effect where you
know it increased strength
um but i mean i think like i said they
could have done 60 grams of
chicken beef eggs probably protein
who knows but i thought it was
interesting so i mean if you’re a pr guy
i mean maybe maybe the milk there’s
something to it i don’t know
i usually drink a lot of milk but i
don’t know if my strength has gone up
because of it
but who the hell knows but like i said
if you’re going for prs
60 grams of milk help you hit those
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