Does Low Testosterone cause Heart Issues? Two New Studies Show That It?

Does Low Testosterone cause Heart Issues? Two New Studies Show That It?

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for being with me
today i’ve got two very recent studies
on t levels and heart issues
and if you’ve been in this trt space or
you’ve talked to some doctors
they may have told you that testosterone
is pretty much bad for your heart
and uh they may have denied you
treatment for that but uh we’re gonna do
a quick medical disclaimer and we will
jump into these studies and these tie
into another video that i have
that is a whole different study that is
it’s pretty wild and i will leave a link
to that toward the end of this video so
you can check that out but it’s pretty
freaking wild
so here we have from march 2021
association of serum free testosterone
level with coronary artery disease and
candidate for coronary artery bypass
graft surgery
i got this cool little highlighter thing
so we can not cover the entire article
just the important stuff
due to the controversy over the effect
of serum testosterone levels on coronary
artery diseases
this survey explores the serum levels of
free testosterone
luteinizing hormone and follicle
stimulating hormone
in candidates for coronary artery bypass
compared with an age-matched control
group and evaluates the associated
factors in these participants
in total 100 men were enrolled 50 were
the case studies and 50 were controls
their serum levels of free and total
testosterone luteinizing hormone fsh
were measured and the results were
compared the findings indicate a
difference between the two groups in
total and free testosterone
they were lower in the case group the
people who had the heart issue
there was also a significant difference
in total testosterone of the
participants with diabetes
compared with non-diabetic individuals
and free testosterone of diabetic
subjects taking insulin was lower
compared to those taking no insulin
that’s interesting but it’s not what
we’re talking about
there’s also an association between body
mass index and free testosterone
obviously this study illustrates that
participants with coronary artery
disease bury significantly low
testosterone level in comparison with
the healthy control group so this study
doesn’t cover
trt it’s not saying you know these guys
on trt were healthier than these guys
who had the heart issues
what it’s saying is that you know these
guys that have the heart issues
they have low testosterone is it because
they have the heart issue
we don’t know is it that they have low
testosterone for a long period of time
and they developed heart disease we
don’t know
but i mean the guys that are healthy
have a higher testosterone level
than these guys with the heart issue do
you know you can’t really extrapolate
out from that and say you know if you
took exogenous testosterone you know you
have a better chance of having a
healthier heart
you can’t say that and that’s you know
one of the limitations of studies
you can just look at exactly what the
study did and what they found
and go off that this next study is a
little bit different
a little bit more positive toward
testosterone in the heart not that this
one wasn’t but we just can’t extrapolate
anything from it
prognostic value in total testosterone
levels in patients with acute coronary
exogenous testosterone levels decrease
in men with aging
controversies persist regarding the
screening and treatment of low
testosterone levels in patients with
acute coronary syndromes or acs
total serum testosterone levels are
measured in 1054 men hospitalized for
they were part of a swiss prospective
cohort total testosterone levels were
classified first in tertiles and using
the cutoff of
300 nanograms per deciliter the primary
endpoint was all
caused mortality at one year a total of
430 men
40.8 percent in this study had total
equal or less than 300 nanograms per
low testosterone levels were correlated
with lower hdl
cholesterol which is good cholesterol
and higher triglycerides
and a couple other things patients in
the lowest testosterone tertile
had a mortality rate of one year 5.4
compared with just 2.9 percent in the
highest tertile with an unadjusted
hazard ratio of 1.92
95 confidence in an exploratory analysis
the highest mortality rate 10.3 percent
observed in men aged 65 or less
years old belonging to the lowest
testosterone tertile in this population
of men with acs we found a prevalence of
total endogenous testosterone levels
almost 40 percent
however low testosterone levels were not
significantly associated with mortality
after adjustment for high-risk co-found
so once again this study does not does
not say
straight up like if these guys have low
testosterone and they started on trt
they wouldn’t be in the study in the
first place because they would have
never had a heart issue they can’t say
that at all
i mean what they’re saying is that you
know the majority of this group of men
who did have this condition
have low testosterone i mean this is
just my personal opinion but i feel that
if these guys did have low testosterone
for a long period of time
they most likely have lower estrogen
levels and estrogen
is neuroprotective and it does protect
the heart and testosterone is you know
it’s a base hormone for men
and all these other hormones trickle off
it i mean there’s tons of hormones you
know in the interplay
but when you have one that’s really low
for whatever reason you know the other
hormones are affected and it throws your
body off
but it’s just interesting to see because
trt got pretty popular started to become
more mainstream in 2013
that’s when you started to see
frank thomas with the new gen x
commercials and
there was another pill they used to sell
guys i can’t remember what the heck it
was called
it was on tv all the time but it was for
you know
in the bedroom but during that time 2013
is when a lot of these heart studies
came out showing that trt is bad for
your heart
trt causes uh heart attacks trt causes
your left ventricle you know all those
and in the video that i’ll put up at the
top here oh
my it’s like reverse backwards i’m in a
different anyway
moving forward i’ll put it up on the
screen but basically there was a study
that went back and looked at all these
other studies from 2013
and they found out that they did a
pretty horrible job
on those studies and it’s just
interesting that when trt started
getting popular and testosterone started
getting into the mainstream
somehow these poorly done studies on
heart attacks and trt
started to pop up i’m not a conspiracy
theorist it’s just a very weird
coincidence and it just seems i mean
if you’ve been a follower of my channel
i’ve put out a lot of videos on new
studies that
not don’t necessarily discredit the old
studies but they’re newer studies
and they find the opposite of the old
what that means i don’t know it’s just a
it’s a very interesting coincidence that
you know these new studies
coming out are just you know they’re
saying the exact opposite of all these
ones that came out
when trt started becoming popular i know
a lot of you guys have commented in my
comments you know like they’re trying to
keep men down they want men’s
testosterone levels to be down
you know a weak population is an easy
population to
you know whatever i’m not going down
that rabbit hole i’ll probably get
demonetized for that
but it’s just really interesting i mean
i don’t i don’t like cherry pick these
articles i don’t find ones that
you know i don’t see ones that show
these guys are on trt and they’re you
dropping dead and i’m like no that
doesn’t look good for the channel
and then i pop on one like this or these
two and i’m like oh wow that’s
you know i’m really going to push this
trt but that’s not what i do these are
just the articles that i come across
and every single one that i’ve seen
lately has been freaking positive toward
it’s crazy and testosterone and so many
guys are have low testosterone right now
i think there’s going to be a massive
massive epidemic if it’s not already
happening i mean
there’s lots of diseases that we didn’t
used to weren’t very common back in the
day and conditions
that weren’t very common that are
extremely common diabetes cancer heart
i don’t know i can’t say that if you
start with low testosterone and you stay
on trt that you’ll have a better outcome
but for me it’s just my thought that
a hormone that the body needs if it’s
low and you get it to where it needs to
just seems to be that just makes sense
to me that just clicks in my little
dumb little noodle over here it just
makes sense to me so
anyway guys let me know what you think
in the comments i mean you’ve seen some
of my videos well if you haven’t
and you’re new click on the subscribe
button it’s free you can change your
mind at any time
and you really don’t know how it means
to me how much it means to me
but you know let me know i mean a lot of
you guys do research i mean are you
seeing the same thing that i am that
these new studies about
you know prostate heart stuff uh you
know you know
thickening of the blood uh not being as
bad as what they thought
uh when it’s just because of
testosterone not lifestyle let me know
what your thoughts are
if you like this video and you want me
to keep on searching for
articles and pulling up all the stuff
related to testosterone and
you know letting you guys see them click
on the like button leave me a comment it
helps the algorithm
i stole that from more plates more dates
what’s up derek
and uh that’s about it guys so if you
want to see me do more
let me know and i’ll continue to do it
just wild that these new studies
are basically saying the opposite of the
old ones but i’ll leave you with that
but as always guys you’re awesome thanks
for being here
and get your levels tested

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