Does Higher Testosterone Give You a Competitive Advantage in Life? New Study Asks This Question!

Does Higher Testosterone Give You a Competitive Advantage in Life? New Study Asks This Question!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here
ran across a pretty interesting study
and uh i want to
tell you what they did in the study and
uh at the end of the video i’m going to
tell you how you can use the results of
the study
to improve and advance in your life i
know you’re like wow
that’s going on with the study so
basically what they did is they took a
placebo group or a control and they took
another group and they gave them
a particular something which we can’t
say because
it’s the first 30 seconds of the video
and youtube
but they took these two different groups
and they put them in situations where
there was a
pretty good chance they were going to
lose and they wanted to see
what each one of these groups would do
and uh
i’ll jump right into the study and then
i’ll come back and give you my thoughts
and how you can use this to your
advantage so let’s take a look at this
not giving up testosterone promotes
persistence against a stronger opponent
recent research suggests that when we
lack a sense of control we are prone to
motivational failures and early quitting
and competitions
testosterone on the other hand is
thought to boost competitiveness
healthy participants will administer a
single dose of testosterone or placebo
now just real quick where are all these
studies going on where they’re giving
guys testosterone and paying them
sign me the hell up i don’t care what
kind of test you do just juice me up
healthy participants were administered a
single dose of testosterone or placebo
they first underwent a task designed to
either induce low or high perceived
and then entered a costly competition
against a progressively stronger
that they could quit at any time in the
placebo group men with low perceived
quitted twice as early as those with
high perceived control
testosterone countered this effect
making individuals with low control
in the competition for as long as those
with high perceived control
and did so also despite raising
participants explicit awareness
of the opponent’s advantage this
psychoendocrinological effect
holy psychoendocrine wow
effect was not modulated with basal
cortisol levels cag repeat polymorphism
and the androgen receptor gene or trait
our results provide the first casual
evidence that testosterone promotes
competitive persistence in humans
and demonstrate that this effect depends
on the psychological state
elicited prior to the competition
broadening our understanding
of the complex relationships between
and social behaviors let’s jump onto the
mandrel and i’ll give you my thoughts
so now that you saw that the group that
was given testosterone
when they were put in a situation where
there was a good chance that they were
going to lose they said nah
that’s not going to happen i’m going to
be persistent i’m going to persevere and
i’m going to achieve this goal
now let’s put this into some
perspectives of life
so let’s say you’re on the dating scene
and you’re at the bar
and you see the future love of your life
this girl is smoking
you just fall in love instantly you walk
over there
you talk to her things are going well
and then [ _ ] testosterone timmy comes up and starts [ _ ] blocking you
and you’re like well [ _ ] testosterone timmy’s jacked he’s talking to my new future girlfriend you know probably gonna she’s probably gonna go with him so what are you gonna do well if you have low testosterone and according to the study you probably you know slink off and see if you can find another girl you just give up because in your mind and statistically you are most likely going to lose this battle with testosterone timmy but if you had normal the high testosterone levels you’re going to say you know what [ _ ] you timmy this is my girl i saw her
and you know you’re going to walk out of
that bar you’re going to persevere
and you’re going to walk out there with
your future ex-wife let’s throw this
scenario out at work
so you’re at work let’s say you work in
sales your boss throws out some type of
challenge an officer promotion to the
so you’re plugging away you’re cold
calling you’re making these calls
and you feel like you’re doing pretty
good and then you start to see the
alpha man mike is starting to kick ass
he’s starting to drop those numbers
well if you’ve been sipping soy lattes
and watching the bachelor for the past
six months
you’re probably gonna look at the
leaderboard and be like uh alphaman
mike’s crushing it
i might as well just you know give up
alpha male mike he’s gonna get that
it’s gonna suck you know me and the wife
we’re not gonna be able to get that new
house or the boat whatever
but if you had normal to high
testosterone levels and you had that
[ _ ] alpha male high testosterone mentality you’re gonna say you know what screw alpha man mike i hate that guy you’re such a dick and you’re gonna get on your phone and you’re gonna start cold calling like crazy and you’re gonna start selling you’re going to be smooth as hell because you know that you can beat alpha male mike and even if you don’t you still made some sales and made some money this comes down to the most basic survival skills so let’s say you’re a caveman right you and caveman carl both walk up on a dead wooly mammoth you both look at each other caveman caught carl has about 30 pounds on you you know he’s got a cave woman to feed you’ve got a cave woman to feed but you need this woolly mammoth and so does carl now you know if you’ve uh been sitting in the cave too long having to get your vitamin d from the sun you know you’ve been whatever you know what i’m saying and uh you’re just look at carl and be like you know i guess it’s his woolly mammoth he’s got 30 pounds on me but if you have that alpha male mentality and you have the testosterone levels to back it up you say you know what i need this woolly mammoth and i’m basically going to fight carl to the death until either i kill him or he kills me and we bring this woolly moment one of us brings us woolly mammoth back home to our family so that we survive for the winter you know you may win you may die but that’s how evolution works and that’s how testosterone changes our brain and you know works in our brain to make us want to persevere to win to achieve to survive so how do we use this knowledge in life how do we apply this to life now back in the day things were a lot more simple like i said with you know caveman carl and the woolly mammoth well back in the day you either killed coral and guttural a mammoth where he died now things are a little complicated these days because we have civilization and rules and laws but you know the same thing can apply you know killing coral is the same idea as killing alpha male mike but you have to beat him in sales calls you have to use your brain a little bit more so you have to get this mentality you know let’s say you’re on trt you have normal testosterone levels there’s no excuse for you not to want to persevere and win in situations where you may not have the advantage this is where it comes down to your brain your mentality and your confidence level now don’t get me wrong i get it if you’ve had low testosterone for 15 years let’s say you know you’re in the habit of doing those beta male traits those beta male actions giving up in the face of adversity you know you see caveman carl and you’re like i’m good you know i’ll figure out something else instead of you know charging caveman carl and you know hitting him or whatever i guess i don’t know can you say stabbing on youtube i know probably not i probably just [ _ ] myself but anyway
you have to get out of that mentality
you have to think
i am an alpha male i can accomplish this
i have all the tools
i am an alpha freaking male and you have
to look at alpha man mike and be like no
he’s not winning i am going to win or i
am going to die trying i’m going to give
it my all i’m going to give it my
best that’s the mentality you have to
get into
and this study freaking proves it you
know if you have
normal to higher testosterone levels
it’s already in you it’s already in you
you just have to turn on the switch
and i know civilization everyone tells
you to be a nice guy be nice be a nice
be fair that’s not how it works that’s
not how you get
farther in life being the nice guy and
you know just doing all the nice things
and all that
no life is cut throat especially i mean
you look at business with sales
you don’t make the sale someone else
will someone else will step on your sale
they’ll go behind you and close the deal
behind you
i’m not saying to do any of that stuff
but i’m just saying that
you have to have that cutthroat alpha
male mentality
that’s how civilizations were made
that’s how empires were built
that’s all those skyscrapers that you
see these massive companies
they were alpha males that said i don’t
care what the challenge is
i’m going to accomplish it or die trying
that’s about it guys
i hope this was motivational you know i
saw this study and i was like this is a
pretty interesting study but let me try
to put it into
real life and you know i know a lot of
you guys have
had that beta mentality for a long time
i had the same thing
you know i’m not really going to win at
this i might as well just give up
but i mean nowadays i’m like [ _ ] it i’m going to win i don’t care i’m just going to go balls out you know and you can apply this to any part of your life that you know you may be lacking in or you may be facing some adversity but just remember you’re a [ _ ] alpha male
you know if you have normal the high
testosterone levels it’s already inside
you it’s right here
it’s right here and right here so flick
on that switch
bring it out kick ass and uh tell
caveman cockerell the [ __ ] off
but anyway guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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