Clomid Permanent HPTA Reboot Protocol? New Study! Clomid for TRT?

Clomid Permanent HPTA Reboot Protocol? New Study! Clomid for TRT?

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels youtube channel i’m tester
levels thanks for being here you guys
are awesome and as always thanks for the
support today i have a pretty
interesting study that just came out on
clomid and it’s uh it’s pretty
we’re a little bit behind in research
and some certain stuff clomid’s been
around since like the 60s and we’re just
now kind of looking at it from a like
study perspective um you know as and for
male you know hormones infertility stuff
like that so uh pretty interesting and
uh yeah let’s uh jump right in
testosterone kinetics on hypogonadal men
under clomiphene the objective to
evaluate total testosterone kinetics and
its predictors six months after the
discontinuation of clomiphene citrate in
patients with hypogonadism so
essentially they’re giving these guys
clomid and then seeing what happens six
months after see where their
testosterone levels are materials and
methods consecutive patients with normal
testicles and male hypogonadism designed
by total testosterone under 300
nanograms per deciliter in the presence
of signs or symptoms according to the
previous consensus were prospectively
evaluated in a urologic outpatient
clinic by total testosterone at baseline
after a daily dose of 50 milligrams of
clomiphene citrate for 40 days and after
the washout period of 6 months of
clomiphene citrate discontinuation so
first off that’s a pretty healthy dose
of clomiphene you know typically when
you’re doing 50 milligrams it’s
typically every day clomiphene has a
pretty uh long half-life and in this
video i am not a big fan of clomid for
the emotional side effects as well as it
can mess with your vision and cause
floaters i’m not a huge fan but i am a
fan that i are doing at least studies on
you know seeing different ways and how
different medicines affect you know
men’s testosterone levels i think that’s
really important i think we’re just at
like the beginning stages of this like
in the grand scheme of things i’m not
saying they haven’t done it before but
i’m saying i think in the next 10 20 30
they’re gonna find out a lot of stuff
that we don’t know today but let’s move
on results and it’s kind of a small
study but still interesting among 75
patients the mean age of 57 testosterone
at over 300 nanograms per deciliter was
achieved by 69 or 92 percent of the men
that’s pretty interesting in itself
um so 32 of them or 42.6 got between 450
and 600
and then
27 or 36 got above 600. now here’s where
it’s interesting 18 subjects 24
maintained asymptomatic testosterone
levels over 300 nanograms per deciliter
age negatively related to testosterone
response blah blah predicts a median
gain of
166.5 nanograms per deciliter at six
months of discontinuation so this is
where it’s interesting and i’ll go
through the conclusions and then we can
talk conclusions clomiphene is a
compelling option to treat male
hypogonadism although a chronic
treatment is needed in most patients
about one in four patients respond to
clomid short trial to reboot the
physiology wow that was painful
further understanding the total
testosterone kinetics in these patients
in the long term is warranted so can
clomid actually do like an hpta reboot
you know there are certain things in the
body that kind of get like reboot like
rebooted like when you fast you know
your gut biome kind of gets not replaced
but you know things change and sometimes
you know you can reset certain things in
the body um you know something like
ketamine kind of you know resets and
rewires the brain so so can clomid you
know like reboot your hpta i mean can it
you know buy binding to the estrogen
receptors making your brain think that
you don’t have any estrogen you know
sends the signal to kickstart the boys
to produce more testosterone which will
then convert over to estrogen you know
that’s that whole feedback loop and
i mean according to the study in 24 of
it can do some kind of reboot now if
your your testicles cannot produce
enough testosterone and your brain is
just throwing signal at it or at them
hopefully them i know some guys have had
issues and that
hurts my soul when i hear that but i
mean you know you can’t just like you
know if it’s even if it’s sending a
crazy amount of signal i mean if they
just aren’t up to the job i mean that’s
like sending you know 500 emails to the
lazy dude at the office and wondering
why isn’t getting done you know
what i’m saying so i just found this
really interesting you know i mean i’m
not a big fan of clomid um you know and
if you don’t know clomid is a mixture of
n-clomiphene and zuclomaphene
n-clomiphene being a stand-alone
medicine and what a lot of people are
seeing is that you know it’s the
enclosing is not as as much of what
gives people side effects the vision
side effects the you know emotional side
but it does seem to to kick start your
body’s natural production if you’re able
so i wonder if you know n clomiphene
would if they did the same thing
wouldn’t clomiphene you know do this
exact same thing or is it the
zooklomaphine because zooklomaphine has
a longer half-life than n-clomiphene so
would that make any difference in this
if they did this study again within
another thing i would be interested in
hearing is how many of these guys
experience side effects and what side
effects they experience taking 50
milligrams per day for 40 days like i
said a healthy dose of clomid you know i
mean hopefully they didn’t have any
issues i’ve only taken clomid once it
was as a post cycle alongside winstrol
um i tell you guys this to show how
stupid i was when i first started in
this realm i uh i had done a cycle
before i got big mostly probably water
weight and then after i stopped i got
bro right back to normal which is why i
don’t really recommend cycles so for my
next one i said well i’m going to do
clomid for the post cycle therapy but
i’m going to throw in winstrol so that i
can keep some of my gains so i was
essentially taking something to kick
start my system as well as something
suppressive at the exact same time so
really freaking stupid i was probably
like 20 something i didn’t know my ass
for my elbow i see a lot of kids on the
sarms forums they’re in the same boat
and i’ve tried to tell some of them to
you know some wise words from a 40 year
old guy on trt but hey you know they’re
kids they’re going to do what they need
to do or want to do
anyway thought you guys would find this
interesting i mean i’m not recommending
doing this protocol
i would be interested to see study with
n-clomiphene see if it does the same
thing because it’s supposedly in theory
causes less side effects but i thought
you guys would find that interesting you
know 24 one in four of guys that took 40
jumped up their testosterone levels by
166 and a half points pretty interesting
but i’ll wrap up this video um as always
you guys are awesome if you did like
this video or found it interesting a
like would be greatly appreciated if you
like content like this and you’re just
getting into the trt world or you’re a
trt pro you can click on that subscribe
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links to all the stuff that i’m
associated with uh but thanks for being
here guys as always you’re awesome and
get your levels tested

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