How to Find the Best TRT Clinic for You? Picking the Best TRT Clinic Made Easy!

How to Find the Best TRT Clinic for You? Picking the Best TRT Clinic Made Easy!

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what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels youtube channel i’m tester
levels thank you guys for being here
thank you for the support you guys are
awesome today i wanted to do a video on
things to look for and things to look
out for when choosing a trt clinic your
experience with trt can vary greatly
depending on where you go so it’s a very
important decision to make so let’s get
started the first question we need to
ask is do we want to go to a local
clinic or do we want to utilize a
telemedicine service this is up to
personal preference what i have noticed
is that telemedicine clinics are overall
usually cheaper
for some reason these local clinics they
think like okay well we’re the only game
in town so we can charge the 300 a month
and these guys don’t know any better
they typically serve an over older crowd
from what i’ve seen
i’m not a big fan of local but you may
be you may want to talk to someone face
to face i mean i personally don’t really
see the difference from face to face or
like a video call or a phone call
think you can accomplish the same thing
but one thing i do want you to look out
for with local clinics a lot of them
will want you to come into their office
to get shots once a week
i don’t feel like this is ideal unless
you are terribly afraid of needles and
no one in your household can can help
you with this um i think it’s it’s not
convenient you’re going to spend lots of
money on gas you’re going to waste your
time and time is one of your most
precious things some people do like
local clinics so if that’s you go for it
i personally prefer telemedicine for
some of you younger guys out there the
first question you need to ask a trt
clinic before you even waste any time is
you know are you able to treat me for my
age um this would typically apply to
like the 18 to 25 crowd different trt
clinics have different you know
different rules um some will treat 18
and up depending on the symptoms and lab
work some people have like a 20 you know
age 25 cut off so if you’re searching
around and you’re in that in that age
bracket just ask them that straight up
if they say no then you know move on
find another one don’t waste any more
time the next one and this one’s
extremely important this is blood work
so a lot of these places that charge you
know a monthly fee once a company is
charging a monthly fee a lot of people
don’t realize this but the next order at
hand for them is okay how can we lower
the cost of each patient each month so
that we make more money
one of the the most common ways that
that trt clinics do this and they
actually advertise it as convenient is
at home lab tests
i’ve seen some companies do paper tests
i’ve seen other companies do like the
finger prick test where you know you get
a little drop of blood and you squeeze
it a little bit and put it into a little
vial and send it off
i don’t like these tests um
they are they can be
they can they can hit the same number as
a lab draw but sometimes they just get
lucky i had one that it was like it
showed 500 and i had a lab test show me
a thousand um so they can vary greatly
um it also depends how long does it take
to get from you to the testing center
did you do everything right did you
provide enough sample
there’s just a lot of variables i like
trt clinics that do actual lab orders
they send you a lab order one way or
another you go get labs drawn and you
get real blood test results that’s the
most accurate way if it wasn’t and there
was you know paper test and finger prick
tests were just perfectly good trust me
lab corp would be doing it there would
be no you know offices that you actually
go and get lab work done if they figured
out how to do extremely accurate like
liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
at home trust me it would exist but it
this is a way that some of the trt
clinics advertise convenience like oh we
mail you the blood test you know and
they say oh it’s super convenient it’s
really a way to lower cost it may be a
little bit more convenient but i
wouldn’t trade accuracy of blood tests
for a treatment like this for
it’s really a way for them to save money
if you’re with one of those clinics i’m
not saying anything bad about them but i
just imagine going there with like let’s
say you do really have 300 you know
total test and you take that test and
it’s off and it says 600 which is very
possible and they say sorry we can’t
treat you and you just never get treated
i mean just because of inaccurate tests
i’ve seen some of these clinics i mean
they’re literally just testing total
tests and estrogen and then like maybe
like a complete metabolic panel or
comprehensive metabolic panel like
they’re doing the bare minimum and that
kind of ties into my once you’re paying
like a monthly fee their next thing is
to figure out okay well how can we get
the cost of the blood work uh you know
cheaper well we can do it less
frequently we can do less tests
you know cholesterol is super important
that’s going to be in a lipid profile
super super important on trt
that’s you know a good indicator of your
prostate health
if you don’t check that for too long
something happens that is not ideal and
then also a complete blood count you’re
going to want to see your hematocrit
your red blood cell count so i’ve seen
some of these some of these
clinics cheap out on labs and do the
absolute absolute bare minimum and i
just think that’s a ticking time bomb
waiting to happen and if that does
happen they’re going to try to backpedal
offload we this isn’t us we didn’t have
to do this we told them to talk to his
primary care
it’s a mess so that’s another reason i
like a little bit more higher end
clinics that really do solid lab testing
um such as the company that i am
associated with uh they do a lot of labs
uh quality labs so just something to
think about i know you may think that
you are getting a great deal i’m
getting it for 125 a month is fantastic
you know they do lab work at once a year
and they do this at home paper test
super convenient
guys this is your health don’t cheap out
here cut down on a little bit of the
starbucks every day and pay a couple
extra bucks and go to a more reputable
clinic those at home tests they have
their place but i don’t believe they are
qualified to diagnose and then monitor
trt treatment it’s too important your
health is way too important to cheap out
and not spend the extra 15 minutes it
takes to go to lab corp so the initial
consultation you know this is where
you’re going to be talking to a provider
of some kind physician’s assistant nurse
practitioner or an actual physician
a lot of people freak out like oh i have
to talk to a doctor listen i would much
prefer to talk to someone a physician’s
assistant a nurse practitioner who does
this all day and researches and and
learns and continues to learn over a
doctor who did an extra two years in
school and doesn’t follow the stuff they
just write scripts if you’re going to a
clinic and they have different types of
levels of providers don’t freak out and
think i have to see a doctor if you have
like super complicated things like i’ve
got lyme’s disease i have a history of
prostate cancer in my family i’ve been
on trt i could never get dialed in then
yeah maybe go see a physician but if you
have a normal case and you’re going to a
reputable clinic there’s no reason why a
physician’s assistant or a nurse
practitioner cannot accurately diagnose
and help treat you the initial
consultation so the amount of time that
you are actually talking to a provider
you know when you’re getting started in
this arena you know the amount of time
you have to ask questions how do i
inject how often do i do this how do i
measure the medicine what are some of
the side effects what do i need to look
out for you know and you know in case
something happens
i’ve seen some clinics more of the
bargain clinics do 15-minute initial
consultations so they can do for an hour
i’ve seen 30 minutes i’ve seen an hour i
personally think that when you are
starting a treatment like this
unless you are super super well versed i
think that you i think typically the
longer the better you can cover more
ground you’ll feel more comfortable you
know you can even write down a list of
questions that you may have any concerns
that you may have
so i personally would try to find a
clinic that spends a little bit more
time with their patients
i think it’s extremely important in this
and then quality of providers you know
if you’re going to a bargain place you
know you may get a bargain provider
someone who’s kind of doing this on the
side and what a lot of people don’t
realize is a lot of these clinics
especially the telemedicine ones
a lot of them outsource their doctors so
there are certain ones
the company that i work with defy
medical their providers are on staff i
like that i like that i can talk to the
same person every single time a lot of
these places they outsource their
doctors so okay we need to find a doctor
for michigan okay we don’t have a
license in michigan we need to get a
doctor all right so let’s find one we’ll
pay him x amount per consultation in
some of these places you may talk to
this guy
and then your next consultation you talk
to someone else um that’s just what
happens i talked to a guy who said it
sounded like the doctor that he was
talking to was driving like he heard
like wind noise like the guy was driving
he heard car sounds like this guy was
literally doing like a trt consultation
and just like cruising around the city
go and get groceries and stuff like that
those are some of the funny things that
i’ve heard but i personally if i’m doing
like managed care with someone with a
treatment that’s complicated like this
and does have some associated risks as
well as lots of benefits i would want to
talk to someone the same person they
know my story we’ve already had the
initial discussion they kind of know
what i’m about it’s you know it’s just
an easier process more consistent how
often does this clinic do follow-up
consultations are they doing it you know
once after the first month which really
doesn’t make a lot of sense are they
doing it after you know three months
which i feel is a pretty solid thing how
often are they doing it after that you
know and i mean i think there there
comes a point where you know you’re kind
of you’re in you’re dialed in you’re on
the routine it’s more of a maintenance
thing and i don’t think that you need to
be seeing a provider every three months
i think that you know six months works
i don’t think too much longer than six
months worth you should be getting blood
work every six months i mean especially
for something like psa
medicine medicine medicine so here’s
some couple things to think of um you
know some some clinics are cookie cutter
they give you sipinate uh that may give
you gonadore ellen or scipionate and
clomid and it’s essentially what it
means cookie cutter you’re getting 200
milligrams and you’re getting however
much clomid and they’ll mail that enough
of that to you for 10 weeks that’s uh
yeah can work for some but what if you
want to try enantha which has a slightly
shorter half-life what if you want to
end up doing kind of like every day or
every other day with propionate well if
your clinic doesn’t have access to that
you’re going to have to be truly
transferring to another clinic and while
you may have satisfied that initial
clinics you know initial you know
process when you go to this new one you
may have to start as essentially a new
patient and go through that same process
so you may be doing maybe did labs three
months ago and now you’re at the new
place and now they have to require you
to do new labs or more labs because your
other clinic didn’t do it and the labs
are old so that’s why i’m doing this
video so you can kind of ask all the
questions figure out you know which
places make the most sense for you so
you don’t have to start at one and
bounce to the other it’s not ideal for
your protocol and it’s not ideal for
your wallet another thing to ask do you
have in clomiphene or do you only have
clomid and you’re thinking yourself and
you’re like well i’m not going to do
that i’m going to be on hcg i’m not
going to ever need to do that well maybe
you have to uh stop trt for a fertility
protocol if all they have is clomid i
personally am not a big fan of clomid i
like in clomiphene i think and
clomiphene is basically like clomid 2.0
it just it seems to have less of a side
effect profile and seems to work just as
good if not better so that’s something
also if hcg were to ever dry up i know
in climate is not ideal it’s not a
direct replacement for hcg but it’s at
least good to know that you can get it
good old hcg i would not go to a clinic
that does not offer hcg that’s just my
personal opinion i love hcg i really
would not want to do trt without it i
could yup but if a place is going to
tell you that either gonadorellan or in
clomiphene is a direct replacement and
or is better than hcg that’s a huge
warning sign that’s basically saying we
don’t have access to hcg or we don’t
have access to a pharmacy that can offer
hcg they can’t get the you know the
pharmaceutical brand name whatever it is
they don’t have it they’re probably a
little bit of a lower tier clinic
it’s either that or they don’t want the
cost they’ve already got you paying a
monthly fee switch it out to a
clomiphene which is in general cheaper
than hcg
yeah anyway but hcg that’s a that’s a
must for me
ancillary medications like nandralone
and oxanderlone now while you’re just
starting trt right now and you may not
be thinking about that you may not even
know what those are at this point but
let’s say a year down the road you’re
like man i’ve been on trt i’m feeling
good but i’m i’m putting on more muscle
and i’m lifting heavier and now my
shoulders hurting hey doc can i get some
mandrel on you know my shoulder’s
nagging it’s hurting me and they’re like
oh we don’t offer that well now you’re
right back in that situation where
you’re going to have to transfer to
another clinic and you may have to
satisfy their initial requirements which
could cost you some more money which you
wouldn’t be dealing with if you chose a
clinic that offered some of these
ancillary medications
on top of that like injectable vitamins
i think that’s pretty important same
idea you know if you if you start with a
clinic and you’re like oh hey and a lot
of guys do this they’ll start on trt and
they’re like okay well i want to get
into the optimization you know i’m
cleaning up my diet i’m getting
healthier i’m losing weight maybe i want
some b12 maybe i want to throw in some
carnitine or some lipo c whatever it may
you know if your clinic doesn’t offer
this now you’re looking for a third
provider or second provider that can get
it or you’re trying to find it wherever
else but if you go to a place that
already has all that stuff then it’s
real simple it’s a one-stop shop so
that’s why i kind of like certain places
that do this that work with you know at
least one or multiple compounding
pharmacies so you can get a wide variety
of stuff
ed meds a lot of them have that this one
is not really a huge thing i mean you
can get ed meds other places like cyalis
and viagra and the generic versions
but things like i’m not sure if you’ve
ever heard of trimix it’s an injectable
it’s more for when both of those aren’t
so not sure if if ed is on any issue for
you then i really wouldn’t worry about
it i wouldn’t barrage all these clicks
with questions about ed meds
but the other thing i wanted to mention
was packages some of these places would
be like oh you know we’ve got this plus
our weight loss package and we’re going
to mail you b12 and lipoc and
l-carnitine and all this and it’s only
an extra 95 a month and uh you know it
sounds good you may not need all that
stuff and if you’re typically paying on
a monthly cycle then they’re going to
send that to you every 10 weeks or
whatever the schedule it is it’s one of
those things where you don’t remember to
tell them to stop sending it or to
discontinue from that package and then
you look at the package you’re like oh
man i’d already got two bottles of the
b12 that i haven’t used now i just got a
third one and they just charged my card

  1. oh man so i don’t really like the
    packages i prefer to do everything all a
    cart um you know that’s subscription
    service type stuff it’s like those boxes
    with knives and you know shot glasses
    and like that eventually you forget
    to cancel it and you get another box and
    you’re like damn it i don’t need another
    hatchet i already have five so another
    thing to think about with trt clinics so
    some of them do just the monthly fee and
    it stays like that all the time um there
    are some popular ones that do that um
    there are other ones where you know you
    have kind of an initial process and you
    have you know a follow-up consultation
    to try to get you know dialed in if
    you’re not already and then it’s kind of
    more of a maintenance phase with these
    type of trt clinics the upfront cost may
    be a little bit more but when you look
    at you know the second year
    it can be a big difference in cost
    because you’re probably not doing you
    know the full lab panel you’re not doing
    you know that that second follow-up to
    get kind of dialed in you’re probably at
    like the you know every six months
    so the first year cost could be one
    price and then the second year cost
    could be considerably lower so that’s
    something to keep in mind when you’re
    comparing trt clinics you know is you
    know 195 a month for everything you know
    versus you know
    labs and maybe a consultation fee and
    then medicine but if you average that
    out for the year it may be drastically
    different so let’s just say two hundred
    dollars a month you know that’s twenty
    four hundred dollars a year whereas you
    know another clinic that has labs and a
    consultation it may be more expensive up
    front but you know as you go through as
    a patient the price drops so overall in
    the long run you’ll save more money so
    you’ve got to do the math guys so do the
    math figure out what makes sense for you
    and then pick you know the clinic that
    you know offers that another big one
    that guys don’t really understand and
    it’s kind of like a car sales type of
    thing um some places will charge like a
    membership fee so they’re like oh well
    we do trt for 109 a month and you’re
    like okay that’s a pretty good price you
    guys have all okay cool cool and then oh
    well you’ve got to sign a contract and
    that’s another thing contracts some
    places have contracts but you go to sign
    up and you’re like what’s the what’s the
    membership fee oh well that’s a 25 fee
    so that you’re part of our member um and
    they’re like what’s the what’s the
    medical access fee like i have to pay to
    talk to someone if i have an issue like
    oh yeah you know it’s built into our
    program um and now you’re looking and
    you’re like huh i’m at the 200 mark now
    like you advertise 109 and now i’m at
    the you know i i have to pay extra to
    talk to people
    um so it’s the same ideas like cars like
    okay we’ll give you the undercoating for
    free but we’re gonna have to charge you
    the dealer fee you know it’s they
    squeeze this end and you know squeeze
    this and this end goes up same idea um
    so watch out for that you know if you’re
    talking to someone on the phone or
    emailing you know they’re not going to
    go out of their way to be like oh hey
    just to double check did you read the
    fine print where it says it’s an extra
    90 bucks for our membership fee and for
    our you know medical access fee you know
    it’s not it’s not going to work like
    that so that’s something to look out for
    um i really don’t like that model i
    it’s essentially so they can advertise
    at a lower price and then when you get
    the real cost you’re like huh that’s not
    that great so
    something to look out for i’m going to
    end the video here i hope this was
    helpful i mean i know picking a trt
    clinic is difficult
    it’s a medicine it’s b
    a lot of different pricing structures a
    lot of different nuances of whether they
    have this medicine whether they can
    prescribe this what type of lab work do
    they do what type of sip uh you know
    sustain what type of testosterone do
    they offer do they have blends so it’s a
    lot of different stuff and you really
    have to figure out what makes the most
    sense for you
    if you do have interest in checking out
    defy medical i like them i’ve worked
    with them they check all the boxes for
    what i personally would do if i wasn’t
    with a concierge doctor
    but they’ve been around for a while so i
    have a link for them not trying to show
    them but i have worked with them they’ve
    been solid lots of good reviews but but
    if you are looking around and you are
    you know
    comparison shopping and figuring out
    which one you know just just remember
    some of these ask the questions look at
    the fine print do the actual math on the
    and just do your due diligence because i
    just don’t want you to start with a
    budget clinic and then you want to
    switch and you have to redo it and you
    never got dialed in in the first three
    months and now it becomes a whole thing
    so go with someone solid don’t cheap out
    on medical care especially testosterone
    treatment you know and this is it’s a
    hormone you know things can happen so
    you know be safe
    get good care and work with a solid
    clinic don’t go budget cut out on the
    anyway guys that’s going to wrap it up
    if you did find this video enjoyable
    informative i guess click on the like
    button if you’re new here and you want
    to see more stuff like this or just show
    some support click on the subscribe
    button but anyway guys as always you’re
    awesome and get your levels tested

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