Cheap Tesofensine For Sale, Tesofensine Weight Loss

Cheap Tesofensine For Sale, Tesofensine Weight Loss

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Tesofensine is a serotonin-noradrenaline-dopamine reuptake inhibitor which was originally studied for its effect on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, its exploration for these indications were limited because the research subjects started losing too much weight. Since then, tesofensine has been studied as a way to treat obesity via its ability to reduce appetite. This molecular compound indirectly stimulates the cholinergic system and showed to be more successful than other weight loss agents. Tesofensine (TE) increases transmission of 3 monoaminergic neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine which help regulate energy balance and are linked to obesity and depression. On average, its 6-month weight loss results from a phase 2b clinical trial resulted in a weight loss of around 25 pounds. TE research has shown a pronounced effect on appetite sensations and a slight effect on energy expenditure. Both effects can contribute to the strong weight reducing effect.

Tesofensine (also called TE) is a novel norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin reuptake inhibitor (triple reuptake inhibitor) that was initially developed for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, the benefits of tesofensine extend further to include increased weight loss, even for people who do not undergo dietary changes. Tesofensine is now in phase III clinical trials as a weight loss aid.

What is Tesofensine?

Tesofensine is a member of the class of medications known as “triple reuptake inhibitors.” It prevents the presynaptic reuptake of neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. This leads to an increase in the effects of these neurotransmitters.

Tesofensine is a member of the phenyltropane class of drugs, which were originally developed to reduce cocaine dependency. In fact, this class of drugs arose as a result of efforts to disassociate the stimulant properties of cocaine from the factors that cause it to be addictive. In other words, the phenyltropane drugs are designed to stimulate the central nervous system without creating addiction.

It should come as no surprise, given their origins, that compounds like tesofensine have profound effects on neurotransmission, particularly dopamine, which is responsible for reward and craving behaviors. Research shows that tesofensine has no potential for recreational abuse, suggesting that at least some of the goals of efforts to dissociate the properties of certain stimulants have been achieved[1].

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Tesofensine Structure

Amino Acid Sequence: Not a peptide

Molecular Formula: C17H23Cl2NO

Molecular Weight: 3.277 g/mol

PubChem CID: 11370864

CAS No: 195875-84-4 (Deprecated: 402856-42-2)

Alternative Names: TE, NS-2330


Source: PubChem

How Does Tesofensine Work?

Given its ability to increase dopamine levels, tesofensine was originally developed for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. During clinical trials, however, a significant “side effect” of weight loss was consistently noted. Because the compound proved to be inferior to existing medications in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, but nearly twice as effective in promoting weight loss as any existing compound on the market, the decision was made to pivot to trials on weight loss[2].

The ability of tesofensine to increase levels of neurotransmitters in the brain does not directly account for its ability to increase satiety and feelings of fullness. Neither does this factor account for the hypothesized ability of tesofensine to alter energy balance and increase metabolism. At this point, the exact reason that tesofensine is such an effective weight loss agent remains unclear.

It was originally thought that tesofensine was a relatively balanced reuptake inhibitor, increasing levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in roughly equal proportions. This turns out to not be the case. After more extensive study, it was found that tesofensine is much more effective in boosting norepinephrine levels than serotonin levels. It is better at boosting both of those neurotransmitters than it is at boosting dopamine levels[3]. This difference may explain why the drug wasn’t particularly successful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Tesofensine activity is not, however, strictly limited to the neurotransmitters just described. Research shows that it is also an indirect potentiator of cholinergic neurotransmission. Of course, this is why the drug was originally of interest in Parkinson’s disease and suggests that its dopamine effects might be more nuanced than is currently understood. Tesofensine appears to promote cognition, learning, and memory via the cholinergic pathway. This pathway ultimately leads to increased BDNF levels in the brain[3]. BDNF stimulates neuron growth and has been shown in previous research to benefit people with depression, cognitive decline, and certain neurological conditions.

Tesofensine and Weight Loss

So, just how effective is tesofensine when it comes to weight loss? Phase IIB clinical trial results indicate that tesofensine produces about 12.8 kg (~28 pounds) of weight loss over six months when administered as a 1 mg dose to people who have a 300 kcal deficit in their diet. When compared to placebo, this is a 6-fold increase in weight loss[4]. Compared to currently available FDA-approved weight-loss medications, tesofensine is twice as effective. The average weight loss in all other clinical trials of currently available drugs was just 3-5 kg of reduction over 6 months. In other words, people lose twice as much weight with tesofensine as they do with any currently available weight-loss aid approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Of course, it isn’t just the efficacy of tesofensine that makes it attractive as a weight loss agent. The compound is also easily administered by mouth just once per day. The side effect profile has also proved to be minimal in clinical trials, consisting mostly of dry mouth, headache, GI upset, and difficulty with sleeping. Both the dry mouth and difficulty sleeping show dose-dependent prevalence as well as attenuation over long-term use[4], [5]. So, it is possible to greatly mitigate these side effects by starting out on a low dose of tesofensine and then increasing it once attenuation has occurred.

Research shows that tesofensine produces the greatest weight loss when paired with dietary caloric restrictions and exercise. However, research shows that results can still be expected when tesofensine is taken and no differences in diet or exercise are encouraged. In one clinical trial, men treated with tesofensine lost weight despite the fact they were instructed to maintain their standard diet and levels of physical activity. These men lost 1.8 kg in two weeks when compared to placebo and reported higher feelings of satiety and fullness as well as decreased desire to eat. There was, additionally, evidence that men in the tesofensine arm of the study expended almost 5% more energy while they slept than those in the placebo arm. This correlates well with the additional finding that fat oxidation is increased by tesofensine[6].

One interesting aspect of tesofensine research in obesity has been the revelation that satiety appears to be centrally controlled and, perhaps, is harder to modify permanently than was once thought. The administration of tesofensine has a profound effect on satiety and hunger, thus greatly diminishing appetite. However, withdrawal of the drug, even after weight loss, results in an almost immediate return to baseline sensations. Reintroduction of tesofensine will suppress them again[7]. This suggests that appetite sensations are more permanent and ingrained than once thought and may, in fact, contribute to weight gain to a higher degree than once believe. In other words, it really isn’t a matter of willpower because some people are constantly being bombarded with signals that they are not full. Tesofensine is the first option to help quell those intrusive thoughts about hunger and the proof of its effectiveness is in the clinical trials showing significant weight loss.


Source: Nature

In the past, it has been noted that compounds affecting appetite generally lose their efficacy over time. The same is true of tesofensine, with its ability to stave off hunger diminishing (but never completely stopping) with prolonged use. That said, tesofensine shows drastically longer-lasting hypophagic effects than other weight reduction aids and, more importantly, shows substantial rebound to baseline after a short holiday. In other words, a short break from tesofensine restores its ability to suppress appetite and hunger[9]. No trials have been carried out looking at the long-term weight loss of cycled tesofensine, but there is good reason to believe that the drug, when cycled appropriately, may produce even greater weight loss than what has currently been observed.

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Tesofensine and Blood Sugar

Research in rats indicates that tesofensine can help to improve glycemic control in a dose-dependent manner. In basic testing of glucose tolerance, tesofensine greatly attenuates the insulin response. This means less insulin is released in response to a sugar load. How could this contribute to weight loss though?

Insulin is a major cause of fat deposition. When there is too much sugar to store in the liver or muscle, insulin crams it into fat storage. This is why high glycemic index foods, like white breads, lead to higher levels of fat deposition. They flood the body with sugars which insulin simply clears as quickly as possible. By attenuating this effect, tesofensine helps to lower fat deposition even in the setting of high blood sugar[9].

It is also true that the accumulation of fat creates a kind of self-reinforcing spiral. Once fat is deposited, it influences insulin signaling in a number of different ways that lead to additional fat deposition. This additional deposition then further stimulates fat accumulation.

Even worse, fat has been shown to be a source of inflammation, particularly once a certain threshold is reached. This inflammation has been linked to everything from insulin resistance and the development of diabetes to heart disease and even neurodegenerative conditions. By breaking this cycle of fat deposition and increased inflammation, tesofensine is helping to shift the balance of metabolism and give the body a fighting chance against adiposity.

Tesofensine and Brain Health

Despite the abandonment of tesofensine in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, there is still good evidence that the compound has beneficial effects on cognition, memory, and neurogenesis. Though the dopamine boosting effects of tesofensine appear to be too small to be relevant in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, there is still interest in using the peptide to improve cognitive function in other settings.

Research in rats shows that tesofensine boosts expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor and, as a result, increases neurogenesis in the rat hippocampus[3]. BDNF plays several roles in the brain including boosting cell survival and reproduction in addition to increasing synaptic transmission. Research shows that BDNF signaling is altered in a variety of disease conditions including depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease among others. Unfortunately, research into the direct delivery of BDNF into the central nervous system of humans and animals has not shown any benefit in various neurodegenerative diseases. This suggests that the role of BDNF is more complicated than science has revealed to this point. There is likely to be future research looking at not just the ability of tesofensine to influence BDNF, but the impact that this has on brain function, structure, resilience to injury, and perhaps even our abilities to learn and remember.

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Tesofensine and Depression

A subcategory of brain health in which tesofensine may be helpful is depression. Research shows that exposure to stress can decrease BDNF levels in the brain and, if the exposure is prolonged, lead to atrophy of the hippocampus. This change in hippocampal structure has been directly linked to depression, especially major depression, and it is thought that existing treatments may be beneficial because they help to protect against or reverse these changes[10].

Tesofensine is known to improve BDNF levels and promote neurogenesis in the hippocampus, so it likely has anti-depressant properties. This, however, has not been the primary focus of research, as the compound was originally developed for its dopaminergic properties and then was discovered to have anti-obesity properties. All of that having been said, tesofensine offers a unique alternative to both anti-obesity and antidepressant applications because its properties cross both fields. It can be used as a standalone in either case, but the idea that it could have a “two birds with one stone” effect in the setting of weight loss and mood disorder is compelling[11]. This dual nature of tesofensine will likely make it a go to for people who struggle with weight and depression, two conditions that appear to have more than a few commonalities.

Tesofensine and Pain Management

The use of antidepressant medications in pain management is not new. Tri-cyclic antidepressants were among the first drugs available for treating mood disorders and have long been known to reduce nociception (pain perception), particularly in conditions like fibromyalgia. Research shows that the anti-nociceptive (anti-pain) properties of standard antidepressants, which affect only serotonin and norepinephrine, are enhanced by the addition of dopamine boosting agents[12]. Thus, there is speculation that triple reuptake inhibitors like tesofensine may provide benefits in pain management.

Tesofensine and Safety

Anti-obesity drugs have a long history of cardiovascular side effects. Fen-Phen is probably the most famous of the diet pills to have caused serious cardiac issues (e.g., heart valve damage) and though things have improved since 1997 when Fen-Phen was removed from the market, anti-obesity drugs are still hard on the heart. Sibutramine, for instance, has been associated with major cardiovascular events and was itself eventually withdrawn from the market in 2010[13]. The result is a death of options for treating obesity and feelings of hopelessness among those who seek relief. Phentermine, one of the ingredients in Fen-Phen can be used safely for short periods of time, but its reputation has produced fear and thus most people and healthcare providers are unwilling to use it.

To date, tesofensine has shown a substantially improved risk profile compared to other anti-obesity drugs. In particular, its central action on neurotransmitter reuptake as opposed to peripheral action of lipase inhibitors, amphetamines, and other compounds makes tesofensine unique[14]. There was some argument about trial design and whether side effects of tesofensine had been under reported[15]. The claim is that investigators did not list people with headache, migraine, stress, and depression prior to treatment as having those side effects if they experienced it during treatment. This is a valid criticism of the study design because a distinction should have been made between existing symptoms and new, but similar, symptoms. A change in trial design would likely have had no major impact on tesofensine side effect reporting.

Tesofensine Overview

Tesofensine is a novel inhibitor of the reuptake of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. By increasing levels of all three of these neurotransmitters, tesofensine increases BDNF expression patterns and promotes neurogenesis in the amygdala. None of this explains why it is the most effective weight loss agent developed to date, however. Research shows that tesofensine is at least twice as effective as any currently approved weight loss agent and with far fewer (and far less serious) side effects. While research is ongoing to get tesofensine to market as an anti-obesity drug, there is deeper research being carried out to understand how this molecule affects the sensations of hunger and satiety to produce weight loss. While tesofensine is proving to be a remarkable weight loss agent, it may yet prove to be even more remarkable by helping to elucidate the connection between the human brain and gut that controls eating behavior to begin with. With that knowledge, science could virtually eliminate obesity.

Tesofensine exhibits minimal side effects, good oral and excellent subcutaneous bioavailability in mice. Per kg dosage in mice does not scale to humans. Tesofensine for sale at Peptide Sciences is limited to educational and scientific research only, not for human consumption. Only buy Tesofensine if you are a licensed researcher.

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Article Author

The above literature was researched, edited and organized by Dr. E. Logan, M.D. Dr. E. Logan holds a doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and a B.S. in molecular biology.

Scientific Journal Author

Arne Astrup‘s major current research is focused on the role of dietary macronutrients and glycemic index for body weight regulation, and the hormonal mediation of hunger and satiety by gastrointestinal peptides such as GLP-1, PYY, CCK etc.. In addition, I head the OPUS Centre, ‘Optimal well-being, development and health for Danish children through a healthy New Nordic Diet’, which ran from 2009 until 2014. The main objective is to develop a healthy and palatable new food and eating concept, and to examine how such a diet can affect mental and physical health in a Nordic population. Other active research includes studies of the role of dairy and bio-active food ingredients (various specific fibres) in aspects of human health and testing of pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of obesity.

Arne Astrup is being referenced as one of the leading scientists involved in the research and development of Tesofensine. In no way is this doctor/scientist endorsing or advocating the purchase, sale, or use of this product for any reason. There is no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, between Peptide Sciences and this doctor. The purpose of citing the doctor is to acknowledge, recognize, and credit the exhaustive research and development efforts conducted by the scientists studying this peptide. Arne Astrup is listed in [2], [4], [7], and [15] under the referenced citations.

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Cheap Semaglutide For Sale / Ozempic / Wegovy For Sale

Cheap Semaglutide / Ozempic / Wegovy For Sale

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Semaglutide is a derivative of the naturally occurring GLP-1, a peptide known to lower blood sugar levels and enhance insulin secretion. Research shows that Semaglutide may also improve heart, liver, and lung function while helping to slow or prevent the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Semaglutide has been shown to significantly decrease appetite by delaying gastric emptying and reducing intestinal motility. Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Analog Shown to Stimulate Insulin and Suppress Glucagon Secretion in a Glucose-Dependent Manner.

GLP-1, short for glucagon-like peptide-1 is a short, naturally occurring peptide hormone just 30-31 amino acids in length. Its primary physiologic function is to lower blood sugar levels by naturally enhancing insulin secretion. It also plays roles in protection beta cell insulin stores by promoting insulin gene transcription and has been linked with neurotrophic effects in the brain and central nervous system. In the GI system, GLP-1 has been shown to significantly decrease appetite by delaying gastric emptying and reducing intestinal motility. Preliminary research has shown impacts of GLP-1 in the heart, fat, muscles, bones, liver, lungs, and kidneys as well.

The primary focus of GLP-1 research has been in the realm of diabetes treatment/prevention as well as appetite suppression. Secondary research focuses on the potential cardiovascular benefits of the peptide. More recent, and thus less robust, research focuses on the ability of GLP-1 to stave off neurodegenerative disease. Though this latter area of research is newest, it is also the fast-growing area of GLP-1 study now that the peptide has been revealed to slow or prevent the accumulation of amyloid beta plaques in the setting of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Semaglutide Structure

GLP-1 Structure

Source: PubChem


Molecular Formula: C187H291N45O59

Molecular Weight: 4113.64 g/mol

PubChem CID: 56843331

CAS Number: 910463-68-2

Synonyms: Semaglutide, Oxempic, Rybelsus, NN9535

Semaglutide and GLP-1 Research

The Incretin Effect of GLP-1

Perhaps the most important effect that GLP-1 has, according to Dr. Holst, is referred to as the “incretin effect.” Incretins are a group of metabolic hormones, released by the GI tract, that cause a decrease in blood glucose (sugar) levels. GLP-1 has been shown to be one of the two most important hormones (the other being GIP) to stimulate the incretin effect in rodent models. Though GIP circulates at levels roughly 10 times higher than that of GLP-1, there is evidence that GLP-1 is the more potent of the two molecules, particularly when levels of blood glucose are quite high.

A GLP-1 receptor has been identified on the surface of pancreatic beta cells, making it clear that GLP-1 directly stimulates the exocytosis of insulin from the pancreas. When combined with sulfonylurea drugs, GLP-1 has been shown to boost insulin secretion enough to cause mild hypoglycemia in up to 40% of subjects[1]. Of course, increased insulin secretion is associated with a number of trophic effects including increased protein synthesis, reduction in the breakdown of protein, and increased uptake of amino acids by skeletal muscle.

GLP-1 and Beta Cell Protection

Research in animal models suggests that GLP-1 can stimulate the growth and proliferation of pancreatic beta cells and that it may stimulate the differentiation of new beta cells form progenitors in the pancreatic duct epithelium. Research has also shown that GLP-1 inhibits beta cell apoptosis[1]. Taken in sum, these effects tip the usual balance of beta cell growth and death toward growth, suggesting that the peptide may be useful in treating diabetes and in protecting the pancreas against insult that harms beta cells.

In one particularly compelling trial, GLP-1 was shown to inhibit the death of beta cells caused by enhanced levels of inflammatory cytokines. In fact, mouse models of type 1 diabetes have revealed that GLP-1 protects islet cells from destruction and may, in fact, be a useful means of preventing onset of the type 1 diabetes[2].

GLP-1 and Appetite

Research in mouse models suggests that administration of GLP-1, and its similar cousin GLP-1, into the brains of mice can reduce the drive to eat and inhibit food intake[3]. It appears that GLP-1 may actually enhance feelings of satiety, helping individuals to feel fuller and reducing hunger indirectly. Recent clinical studies have shown in mice that twice daily administration of GLP-1 receptor agonists cause gradual, linear weight loss. Over a long period, this weight loss is associated with significant improvement in cardiovascular risk factors and a reduction in hemoglobin A1C levels, the latter of these being a proxy marker for the severity of diabetes and the quality of blood sugar control attained via treatment[4].

Potential Cardiovascular Benefits of GLP-1

It is now know that GLP-1 receptors are distributed throughout the heart and act to improve cardiac function in certain settings by boosting heart rate and reducing left ventricular end-diastolic pressure[5]. The latter may not seem like much, but increased LV end-diastolic pressure is associated with LV hypertrophy, cardiac remodeling, and eventual heart failure.

Recent evidence has even suggested that GLP-1 could play role in decreasing the overall damaged caused by a heart attack. It appears that the peptide improves cardiac muscle glucose uptake, thereby helping struggling ischemic heart muscle cells to get the nutrition they need to continue functioning and avoid programmed cell death. The increase in glucose uptake in these cells appears to independent of insulin[6].

Large infusions of GLP-1 into dogs have been shown to improve LV performance and reduce systemic vascular resistance. The latter effect can help to reduce blood pressure and ease strain on the heart as a result[7]. This, in turn, can help to reduce the long-term consequences of high blood pressure such as LV remodeling, vascular thickening, and heart failure. According to Dr. Holst, administration of GLP-1 following cardiac injury has “constantly increased myocardial performance both in experimental animal models and in patients.”

Size of damage in heart in control mice (A), mice given standard vasopressin therapy (B), and mice give GLP-1 (C).

Size of damage in heart in control mice (A), mice given standard vasopressin therapy (B), and mice give GLP-1 (C).

Source: Diabetes Journal

GLP-1 and the Brain

There is some evidence to suggest that GLP-1 can improve learning and help to protect neurons against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. In one study, GLP-1 was shown to enhance associative and spatial learning in mice and even to improve learning deficits in mice with specific gene defects. In rats that over-express the GLP-1 receptor in certain regions of the brain, learning and memory are both significantly better than in their normal controls[8].

Additional research in mice has shown that GLP-1 can help to protect against excitotoxic neuron damage, completely protecting rat models of neurodegeneration against glutamate-induced apoptosis. The peptide can even stimulate neurite outgrowth in cultured cells. Researchers are hopeful that additional research on GLP-1 will reveal how it might be used to halt or reverse certain neurodegenerative diseases[9].

Interestingly, GLP-1 and its analogue exendin-4 have been shown in mouse models to reduce levels of amyloid-beta in the brain as well as the beta-amyloid precursor protein found in neurons. Amyloid beta is the primary component of the plaques observed in Alzheimer’s disease, plaques which, while not necessarily known to be causative, are associated with the severity of the disease. It remains to be seen if preventing amyloid beta accumulation can protect against the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, but this research is, at the very least, a tantalizing clue as to how scientists my intervene in the progression of mild cognitive impairment to full Alzheimer’s disease[10].

GLP-1 exhibits minimal to moderate side effects, low oral and excellent subcutaneous bioavailability in mice. Per kg dosage in mice does not scale to humans. GLP-1 for sale at Peptide Sciences is limited to educational and scientific research only, not for human consumption. Only buy GLP-1 if you are a licensed researcher.

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About The Author

The above literature was researched, edited and organized by Dr. Logan, M.D. Dr. Logan holds a doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and a B.S. in molecular biology.

Scientific Journal Author

In 1986 Professor Jens Juul Holst discovered the GLP-1 hormone in connection with his work on stomach ulcer surgery. Since the discovery, Novo Nordisk have used the research to successfully develop products to treat diabetes and obesity. The hormone GLP-1 can be used to regulate blood sugar levels and satiety. Not only has it made treatment of obesity and diabetes possible, it has also proven useful preventatively through early diagnosis for citizens who are at risk of developing diabetes and obesity. In 2015, Jens Juul Holst received the prestigious international Fernström prize for his research on GLP-1. He is one of the most cited researchers in Europe, with over 1,200 published articles and citations in over 3,500 articles annually.

Professor Jens Juul Holst is being referenced as one of the leading scientists involved in the research and development of GLP-1. In no way is this doctor/scientist endorsing or advocating the purchase, sale, or use of this product for any reason. There is no affiliation or relationship, implied or otherwise, between Peptide Sciences and this doctor. The purpose of citing the doctor is to acknowledge, recognize, and credit the exhaustive research and development efforts conducted by the scientists studying this peptide. Professor Jens Juul Holst is listed in [11] under the referenced citations.

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[11] Holst JJ. From the Incretin Concept and the Discovery of GLP-1 to Today’s Diabetes Therapy. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2019;10:260. Published 2019 Apr 26. doi:10.3389/fendo.2019.00260 Peptides, Sarms, Nootropics, Research Chemicals Coupon Code / Discount Code – 10% off!

Swiss Chems – 10% Off Coupon Code – TESTYOURLEVELS

Low Dose Cialis / Tadalafil Benefits!

Low Dose Cialis / Tadalafil Benefits!

are going to dinner and have some wine
we’ll probably back by nine so should i
take it at six should i take it at seven
what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here thanks for the
support you guys are awesome if you’re
new and you like content like trt
supplements compounds medicine stuff
like that click on the subscribe button
if you like this video drop a like means
a lot helps with the youtube algorithm
now that we’re past 30 seconds we are
talking about cyalis aka tadalafil which
is an ed medication it’s long lasting
it’s extremely popular it’s made the
pharmaceutical industry over a billion
dollars probably way more than that but
it’s a pretty cool medicine and it
actually has some additional benefits
which is one of the reasons why i’m
taking it i luckily do not have issues
with ed i would let you know if i did in
fact here’s a fun stat for you
so if you’re 40 years old there’s
probably a 40 chance that you’ve had
encounters with ed 50 it jumps up to 50
60 60 percent it’s a real problem it’s
caused by a lot of different things and
this uh viagra viagra cialis actually
does help so jump into kind of the
history so tidal phil was approved for
ed by the fda in 2003 five years after
viagra so it’s kind of like viagra 2.0
um they both essentially do the same
thing um but sialis lasts a lot longer
so it’s it’s
you’ll see from the slogan that they
used to advertise it it’s kind of
designed to where you take it and within
24-36 hours you should get some of the
benefits if you need to the fda also
later approved it for benign prostatic
hyperplasia basically when the prostate
gets enlarged tadalafil seems to help
keep that in check and help kind of
shrink the prostate a little bit so
that’s pretty interesting that’s another
benefit that it has
and then the other one is that in 2009
they approved tadalafil for the
treatment of pulmonary arterial
hypertension aka high blood pressure so
they’ve done studies and i’ll jump into
one toward the end showing that taking
this medicine does lower blood pressure
so right there this medicine covers
three things that are pretty important
to men
high blood pressure and a enlarged
prostate so it’s a pretty cool medicine
and it’s made a ridiculous amount of
money but it’s actually a pretty good
medicine and that’s also one of the
reasons why lots of guys are taking it
not necessarily for ed
that’s the reason i’m taking it for
blood pressure
i’m only taking half the dose the
typical dose is 20 milligrams i’m taking
10 a day
and i will let you know kind of my
experience with the main reason that a
lot of guys do take this and it’s pretty
interesting so if you’ve never tried it
i’ve only been on it for 30 days i’ve
never taken any type of ed medication
before i actually have like 10 or 100
milligram viagras that i’ve never taken
because i feel like i’m gonna i was
gonna be that guy that had to call my
doctor within four hours and that’s
another thing with cialis and viagra you
have to keep an eye out for if you do
have an erection that lasts for longer
than four hours it can cause damage to
your boy it’s called priapism and they
do have some medicine that’s kind of an
antidote that kind of helps
relieve the pressure and there’s also a
medical procedure which you can guess is
not probably not pleasant to go through
so be safe obviously talk with your
doctor about those side effects on the
topic of side effects some of the common
side effects for cyalis which i thought
i was going to have and i wasn’t very
happy about that is a headache muscle
pain flushed skin and nausea and it can
also cause priapism which we already
covered don’t mess around with this i
know it’s not fun to call your doctor
and like you really have your doctor’s
phone number like your doctor’s gonna
pick up the phone and be like oh you’ve
had an erection for three and a half
hours and it’s starting to hurt okay
well come meet me at the office no hell
no they’re gonna tell you to go to
urgent care or go to the emergency room
so i don’t know i’m not recommending
that you skip that step but your doctor
is probably not coming to the office on
the weekend to help you with your
hard-on so there’s actually three
different medicines that are approved to
help treat ed tadalafil which is cialis
sildenophil which is viagra and
vardenafil i have no clue what the hell
that one’s called but the way they work
is they inhibit something called pde5
the inhibition of
phosphodiesterase type 5 enhances
erectile function by increasing the
amount of cgmp
however because sexual stimulation is
required to initiate the local penile
release of nitric oxide tadalafil’s
inhibition of pde5 will have no effect
without sexual stimulation
it’s i’m going to say i’m going to tell
you kind of the real deal on this like
so if i was looking at images of females
on particular types of websites like
normally it doesn’t have an effect down
there for me you know i’m just kind of
scrolling i’m clicking i’m looking you
but with with the sialis
it it sometimes kind of goes to half
if that’s a good way to put it so i mean
i guess that would be considered
stimulation because i am looking at
images of females um but it definitely
it makes a difference and i’ll go over
like my full like results here toward
the end but let’s get through all the
scientific stuff
so one of the huge benefits as i
mentioned about cyalis is it’s half-life
half-life’s about 17 and a half hours so
that’s where they get that like up to 36
hours i guess they kind of round it up a
little bit but so in theory 36 hours
after you take a dosage of cialis you
should have about 25 of that compound
still in your body doing its thing
so the idea behind it is you know i
think viagra you have to use it within
four hours so
you know it’s tricky to say okay well
all right six o’clock right now me and
the wife are going to dinner and have
some wine we’ll probably back by nine so
should i take it at six should i take it
at seven and then if we stay out later
do i have to take another one so the
idea behind this and it’s half life is
attractive um is that you know i can
that’s why they kind of call it the
weekend pill the weekend you know ed med
so you could take it on friday night and
you know theoretically saturday sunday
if the situation arises you can arise as
in 2004 lily pfizer glaxosmithkline
spent a combined
373.1 million dollars advertising sialis
viagra and levita respectively maybe
lavrita is the vardenafo
the slogan for sialis was when the
moment is right you’ll be ready so once
again going into that long half-life
apparently they ran a commercial during
the super bowl
and then a lot of organizations and moms
and stuff like that didn’t like that
they were you know
putting a dick pill
advertisement in the super bowl either
way big farmer made a lot of money and
uh helped create a lot of boners so i
have an excerpt from a study and i’ll
put some stuff on the screen as i’m
reading it kind of the results on the
blood pressure side and it’s pretty
pretty interesting this study proved
that a single dose of tadala tadalophil
20 milligram results in a significant
blood pressure reduction in subjects
with hypertension these bp lowering
effects are in keeping with other
interaction studies in both hypertensive
and coronary artery disease subjects
taken as a whole these effects are
clinically important as systolic blood
pressure is recognized to be a major
risk predictor in hypertension and is
unsatisfactorily managed with only small
proportions of patients reaching the
target blood pressure
so that’s why i’m taking cialis just to
overall lower blood pressure i am kind
of one of those people that gets a
little anxious when they put the cuff on
and i find myself like holding my breath
and i have to like make myself breathe
don’t ask why who the hell knows but my
blood pressure does read a little bit
i think resting um if i actually got one
of those cuffs that fit my arm and i was
just sitting on my couch just woke up i
feel like it would be lower but in my
opinion like any type of pressurized
system like plumbing the more pressure
you put into that system the more likely
there is to be a leak a burst whatever
overall you know lowering your blood
pressure a little bit i think is has
some good health benefits and a lot of
guys are doing the same thing i’ll run
through my experience taking 10
milligrams of cialis per day the first
day i took it and obviously i got it
from my doctor and i’m just breaking the
pills in half i’m not using an oil
solution that you have to shake up or
anything like that nothing janky
but the first day i took it and about a
few hours later i had a headache and i
was like oh damn it i was like i’m one
of those guys that’s going to get a
headache from this and i’m not going to
be able to take this medicine or just
have to deal with headaches for the rest
of my life
luckily it was just a coincidence i
haven’t gotten any headaches from it so
far i’ve been on it for about 30 days
now in the bedroom um
definitely feel a little bit more full
that’s uh yeah you you guys get it i
don’t think i have to elaborate on that
but it just feels more full more strong
not that it was weak or you know halfway
before i’ve always been lucky with that
but definitely a little bit more full
one of the more interesting things about
it is that after
i’m done
you know with doing my thing
it stays it stays in that position for
like a few minutes so when you walk you
know stand up go get a rag it’s it’s
at attention so normally you know after
you know it kind of goes back to its
normal normal phase but it stays like
that for longer now so
it’s uh it’s an interesting thing um the
only time i’ve ever been a little
nervous about it is i did go to the nude
beach and i wasn’t like thinking like oh
if i see you know naked females that
it’s just gonna randomly happen i was
more worried about you know sometimes
you get those random half chubs you know
what i’m talking about but with this i
feel like if i did get a random half
chub there’s more of a chance of getting
a full chub which is not ideal when
you’re in a public situation i mean i
don’t think i’d get kicked off or
whatever else like that but um you know
just something it didn’t happen but it
was just something in my mind but now
that i’m not really too worried about
that anymore and i don’t really go to
the beach too much as it is but overall
i’m pretty happy with it um i haven’t
like done like i haven’t formally gone
and gotten my blood pressure yet um i
don’t feel like my blood pressure is any
lower not that i feel it you know anyway
but i tried to go into one of those
machines at the grocery store and of
course it was broken um but overall i
mean i think it’s it’s generally good
medicine i mean i obviously we don’t
know super long-term effects it is
inhibiting pde5 they did mention that
there’s other pdes different numbers
like 3 and 11
and they said there’s no long-term
studies on
inhibiting pde-11
so they don’t really know i don’t know
what the that does in the first
place but there’s no studies on that and
that apparently uh
cyalis does inhibit pd 11
and i think viagra and vardena phil they
inhibit some other ones as well as well
as five but apparently five’s the penis
one so
so but anyway i think it’s pretty good
medicine i mean i don’t have any
prostate you know enlargement i luckily
don’t have ed although i may encounter
it at some point during my life
and also
studies showing that it’s lowered blood
pressure i mean for me it’s a
win-win-win um so just thought i’d let
you know kind of how that you know
everything about cialis hopefully you
learned something found something
interesting maybe start the conversation
with your doctor maybe look around at
different places you know in my
description i don’t know i have lots of
links for different stuff
but anyway guys i hope you enjoyed the
video if you did a like is always
appreciated if you’re new click on the
subscribe button but as always you’re
and get your levels tested

How to Manage Estrogen Naturally on TRT! 5 Supplements in One!

How to Manage Estrogen Naturally on TRT! 5 Supplements in One!

what if i told you you may be able to
manage estrogen levels estrogen side
effects while on trt naturally and
without some of the nasty side effects
of ais if i’ve got your attention stick
what’s going on guys welcome back to the
channel thanks for being here thanks for
the support you guys are awesome um i’m
really excited to bring you this video
i’ve been working on this for a long
time and i think i found a really cool
solution to managing estrogen levels
without needing an ai you’re like oh
well my doctor has me on an ai okay all
right i’m not telling you to stop taking
anything that your doctor prescribed you
this is not medical advice i am not a
doctor i’m not getting into the whole ai
situation as to you know should you
always take it should you never take it
do only certain people need it long
story short is if you’re watching this
video there may be a good chance that
you are taking anastrozole aka remedex
to help block the conversion from
testosterone to estrogen in your body
now turning off a whole mechanism of
your body that’s a whole other thing but
what if i told you that there are some
natural supplements that are derived
from different fruits and vegetables
that can help manage estrogen levels and
also provide some health benefits it
sounds like a win-win huh so i’ve been
working on a formula of a combination of
different herbs
compounds that have been clinically
shown to help with estrogen management
and it’s called no ai and i’m pretty
proud of this product i’m really excited
to bring this to you um yes this is kind
of like an advertisement for a product
that i am selling on my website but i
think that once you start seeing the
ingredients some of the health benefits
um and you’ve probably heard some of
these if you’re in the trt like reddits
and you know subreddits facebook groups
you’ve heard of some of these herbs what
i did was essentially combine five of
them i think that this is going to be
pretty big i mean this is the first
product i have ever seen like this that
is all natural that can help lower
estrogen levels without the need of
taking kind of toxic chemicals i mean i
don’t think a remidex is going to kill
but it was developed for breast cancer
and it has some nasty side effects so
this website pretty much outlines like
you know all the possible side effects
and symptoms from taking aromadex and i
know you know every medicine that is a
prescription medicine has a laundry list
of stuff like this and most people will
not experience most of these if any at
all it’s just the way medicine is
there’s a couple that jumped out at me
that i had never really looked at before
weight gain joint bone or muscle pain
mood changes depression difficulty
falling asleep or staying asleep
nervousness hair thinning and there’s
two other things that arimadex has been
shown to do
you know it’s a breast cancer medicine
when doctors are evaluating okay you
know are we going to
give our patients something that could
cause bone density loss you know losing
you know your bone density which when
you get older can be really bad
and also has a negative effect on lipids
which testosterone does as well so
that’s a multiplier but when you’re
looking at it any patient who has breast
cancer you know hey what’s the most
important critical thing we need to take
care of right now we need to nuke this
lady’s estrogen levels so that we can
you know stop feeding this burst tumor
so we’re not too worried about
osteoporosis right now we’re not too
about lipid levels you know we’re
worried about keeping this person alive
so that’s kind of the thing on arimidex
you know like i said i don’t think it’s
a medicine that’s going to poison you at
trt levels to where your bones are just
going to fall apart but it does have a
negative lipid profile and then when you
take testosterone which also has a
negative lipid profile
that is not ideal and that’s one of the
reasons i really wanted to make this
always like to take the least amount of
medicines possible and as well as herbal
supplements that do have been shown to
have health benefits so let’s jump in
the first ingredient is one that’s most
commonly used for men on trt it’s
probably the first one that they see on
a reddit uh you know post about you know
natural estrogen management and it’s dim
dendalyl methane and it’s basically
derived and it comes from cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli cabbage
brussels sprouts cauliflower and you
would need you need to eat two pounds of
broccoli to get 20 milligrams of dim now
dim doesn’t actually block the
conversion from testosterone to estrogen
in the body that’s what an aromatase
inhibitor would do like arimidex
what dim has been thought to do is help
speed up your metabolism of estrogen in
your body
some research shows dim increases the
level of favorable estrogens
to hydroxy estrogen while reducing the
levels of less favorable estrogen 6
hydroxy estrogen so
you know dim it’s it’s like
if you were eating lots of cruciferous
vegetables you know they have lots of
some of the health benefits of dim helps
prevent the effects of estrogen on cells
slows some cancer cells lowers toxins
produced by your body’s natural
metabolism boosts antioxidants promotes
weight loss enhances memory improves
mood supports cardiovascular health
promotes good muscle development
improves prostate health for men
so would you rather take a remodex or
would you rather take them
just for myself i would rather take them
now uh the next one and i tried i felt
had the most benefit for me um i have
tried dim i personally like this one
better um but why wouldn’t i combine the
and before i jump into the next one you
know the dosages and i’ll put it on
screen the dosages for these uh you know
herbs in this formula they’re not like
you know a quarter of what you would
take they’re like full on dosages so
where you buy each one of these
supplements individually a it’ll cost
you more and b you know you’ll see like
the full like calcium d-glucarate one
gram so you know it’s i didn’t skimp out
on any of these ingredients and i
actually made the formula pretty
powerful to where i’m actually
recommending that you start with half
the dose
start with two see how you feel if you
still if you need to jump up to four but
if you’d only need the two you’re good
to go so let’s jump into calcium
d-glucarate calcium d-glucate is the
salt and and the commercial form of
glucaric acid which occurs naturally in
a variety of foods including apples
oranges broccoli and spinach calcium
diglucrate has been shown to speed up
the process of removing toxins in the
body in one study calcium d-glucate was
able to reduce the number of estrogen
receptors by 48
it has also been shown to lower serum
estrogen levels by 23 percent
it has but also been shown to reduce ldl
levels which is of concern if you are on
trt a pretty good profile right there
what are some of the health benefits of
calcium d-glucarate supports liver
detoxification so for all you guys who
like to drink every once in a while
potentially inhibit some types of cancer
that’s always a plus
helps maintain already healthy
cholesterol levels
another concern on trt this next one
here is an interesting one that not a
lot of you guys have heard of and not a
lot of people talk about in fact i don’t
think i’ve ever seen anyone talk about
this in a trt forum it is called
indole-3-carbinol and it is also natural
and comes from different vegetables
indole-3-carbinol also known as i3c is
formed from a substance called
found in vegetables such as broccoli
brussels sprouts cabbage collards
cauliflower kale mustard green turnips
and rutabagas
actually breaks down into dim in the
body but not before helping to reduce
estrogen and possibly having anti-cancer
i3c has been shown to improve phase 1
detoxification of estrogens favoring the
less potent 2oh estrone pathway
i3c has been shown to exhibit potent
anti-carcinogenic properties in a wide
range of cancer such as lung liver colon
cervical endometrial prostate and breast
sounds like pretty good stuff so once
again all of these are in this formula
kind of the way i thought about this was
you know with like cycle sacs and i’m
not getting into it but you don’t stack
you know three things that have really
high estrogenic you know conversions you
know you stack something that really
doesn’t convert you stack something else
that does so you have a base so you’re
kind of hitting it from you know
multiple different angles so that was my
thought process here and this is why i
do think it’s going to be super
effective but the next one is grape seed
extract vitus vinifera 195 milligrams
healthy dose grape seed extract is
exactly what its name suggests it’s
basically ground up grape seeds grape
seed extract contains high levels of
proscinition dimers that have been shown
to be potent inhibitors of aromatase so
works in the same way as arimidex to
where it actually kind of blocks the
of testosterone from converting into
estrogen now do i think it’s as powerful
as aromatics absolutely not i mean
arumidex is a super powerful medicine
you know like one milligram have you
seen the caps or the pills they’re like
this big one milligram is enough to like
to drop your estrogen a lot you know
when they’re doing breast cancer it’s
one milligram a day that is a very
potent medicine do i think that grape
seed extract is you know as potent as
arimidex absolutely not but in
combination with these three other
things i definitely feel like this pro
this formula can help with your you know
estrogen management move on to grape
seed extract possible health benefits
reduce blood pressure improve blood flow
reduce oxidative damage improve collagen
levels and bone strength the exact
opposite of arimidex improve kidney
function protect your liver enhance
wound healing so i mean i’m not saying
that you know this stuff all these four
different compounds are you like you
know you’re gonna feel like a completely
new person and you know you’re not gonna
get cancer and all this but overall
studies have shown that you know in
certain people these these compounds do
good stuff and the last one and this
really has nothing to do with estrogen
um but it is actually a patented
compound called bioperin black pepper
piper negrum
so this is actually a patented product
uh it’s derived from black pepper but
they’ve done it in some way extracted it
made it super potent um that they’ve
actually been able to patent this
so bio parent is a patented highly
concentrated black pepper extract
containing at least 95 piperine in a
form that is well absorbed by the body
it has also been shown to increase the
bioavailability of many natural
compounds it is also a powerful
antioxidant and has exhibited many
health benefits they patent this stuff
for a reason
some of the possible health benefits
improve metabolism raise dopamine and
serotonin improve memory and cognition
and improve immune system
so as i stated this is not in here for
estrogen management what this is in here
for and this one is not a cheap
ingredient because it’s patented but it
is thought to help the bioavailability
of many natural substances you’ll notice
that it’s in a lot of different
supplements it’s actually in greg
ducette’s tercestrome builder turk
builder it’s in there because he
believes that it’s going to help the
bioavailability of tercesterone
speaking of tercastrone so because you
guys follow me because you support me
i’m put i put together a pretty badass
special for you guys if you buy two of
these these are 49.99 so it’s 100 bucks
if you buy two of these i’m gonna give
you free shipping
shipping is not cheap these days because
gas is expensive
i will also and i have a coupon code
that is
it’s automatic so if you add two bottles
of the no ai and you add either one of
these the liquid tercestrone which my
manufacturer says has a lot of
bioavailability or the traditional
you’re going to get this for free so
free these are both sixty dollars so you
buy a hundred dollars worth of no ai
hopefully get a lot of health benefits
help manage your estrogen and then you
can get another natural compound which a
lot of people believe helps grow muscle
put that together for you um it seems
like a pretty good deal on my end i’ll
put that on the screen too just so you
can see it yeah i don’t know you guys
let me know what you think in the
comments i mean i’m pretty happy with
this formula i’ve never seen anyone put
this together especially at these
and i think this is going to be pretty
let me know what you guys think
if you do purchase it it’ll send you an
email you know in like 30 days you can
leave a review if you could definitely
leave a review bad or good i want to
hear the feedback i’m really freaking
happy about this i i don’t like taking
more medicines than i need to i think
this is going to help and i think it’s
going to improve people’s trt so
that’s all i’ve got for you guys let me
know in the comments what you think do
you think that putting all five of these
compounds together in one supplement i
mean you can buy all this stuff you can
buy each one of these compounds it’s
gonna cost you more money and you’re
gonna have to remember to take multiple
pills instead of either taking one in
the morning one in the evening or two in
the morning two in the evening so this
bottle could be a 30-day supply could be
a 60-day supply
just depends on how you respond to it
but that’s all i’ve got for you guys let
me know what you think in the comments i
love you guys
let me know your feedback i really want
to know super interested thanks for
being here and as always get your levels
especially your estrogen

New Compound BAM15! Weight Loss & Muscle Gain! Mitochondrial Uncoupler.

New Compound BAM15! Weight Loss & Muscle Gain! Mitochondrial Uncoupler.

but so i was scrolling through like uh
my google like article feed right and uh
and it was like the headline was like
new medicine can help uh you know help
people lose weight and gain muscle and
i’m like well that’s me right there i’m
clicking on this i don’t care if it’s
clickbait it may not be
and so
it actually it was it was an article on
sarcopenic obesity is a condition that
involves age-related muscle loss
accompanied by obesity so it’s basically
like you know as you get older you lose
muscle mass that’s just the way it is
and for a lot of people you know
especially people that get heavier as
they lose muscle mass they lose mobility
they lose bone density they’re more
prone to get injured stuff like that you
know [ _ ] getting old and uh i was reading it a new study in mice has shown that a drug called bam 15 can prevent the loss of skeletal muscle mass and function and prevent weight gain and i was like oh [ _ ]
and the study suggests that bam 15
achieved this by reducing inflammation
and improving the function of
mitochondria the power houses of cells
and it went on to saying it has like an
uncoupling effect and that reminded me
of dnp which i’m not super familiar with
but we had we’d mentioned bam 15 before
it’s relatively new
what is what is bam 15
so yeah that’s the fifteen is something
that i would love to try if anybody
wants to spend the sample uh
but be interesting real expensive
it is very very expensive uh but it may
come down as like more and more people
become aware of it it is a mitochondrial
uncoupler so
it’s very similar to dnp in that
aren’t increasing activity
levels in terms of like being more
active doing more cardio working out and
you’re not changing your diet and you
actually you’re like metabolic rate so
like the rate you’re resting uh
rate of which you burn calories
right you’re you’re a dude that’s this
fight that weighs this much is missing
this much much less you burn so many
calories just even at rest that
metabolic rate actually increases so
that you drop body fat with it um
dmp has some
peripheral effects right so if you’ve
got like a sniper right you can just hit
like one target but if you’re a shotgun
you [ _ ] up a lot of stuff right because the spread of the shotgun what is that stuff in the shotgun right it like goes much wider okay well bam 15 is far more targeted like a sniper where dmp has these peripheral benefits so everybody knows about the the heat from dmp by the way dnp is probably gonna be my stack for cutting uh hypothetically right um but dmp has a thermogenic type of effect and it increases your body temperature drastically uh where there’s not just the uncoupling of the mitochondria to increase like the your metabolic rate like we talked about having a car in first gear so if you put your car in first gear and you’re driving 30 miles an hour you can hear the engine right because the revolutions per minute your rpm is up higher right because it’s needs in first gear you need to go and say 4 300 rpms just go 35 miles an hour we’re in second gear maybe you could do that at you know 2800 rpm or something so dnp increases that in your body so that it keeps up the engine because you just have more revolutions per minute with the mp where from my understanding with uh band 15 at least in the two studies that i looked at it did not have that effect it also has an awesome effect on your blood sugar levels right dope like this is such an awesome compound i would love to have this just like on deck to utilize every once in a while like maybe once or twice a year uh very positive effects of increasing your insulin sensitivity um like weight loss uh just just like awesome imagine stacking magic stacking bam 15 or dnp and siba glue tied right sigma glue time is the diabetes medicine yeah but you reduces your appetite so it’s approved from the fda for like a fat loss type of thing because it sinks your accident so oh yeah that’s another thing you could potentially test mmm interesting what you just said sarcopenic obesity involves a decline in energy expenditure instead of excess intake of calories so like you’re saying so this that obesity it’s slowing down the the the metabolic rate kind of how the body is naturally burning calories can you can you explain that again it says sarcopenic obesity involves a decline in energy expenditure instead of excess of calories thus treatments that could increase energy expenditure could help combat the disease so that’s what you’re just basically they’re just saying that’s like the opposite of what bam 15 does bam 15 is increasing that metabolic kind of rate of where you’re burning calories um blah blah blah they’ve already shown that band 15 a mitochondrial and coupling agent could prevent obesity in young mice maintaining a high fat diet the present study to aim to assess the ability of band 15 uh for older and aged mice um blah blah anyway long story short it worked yeah they lost body weight they lost body weight and gained muscle so that’s pretty impressive now what is bam 15 is it a peptide is it just a powder it’s a it’s a powder as far as i know but it’s just uh it’s actually a derivative of like dnp in some way where it doesn’t have like the structure of it like a chemical level is a little bit different so it doesn’t have so bad 15 does not create increase your body temperature like dnp does dnp also has a another like negative effect i think with your like electrolytes or something um be causing some type of issue there or something and band 15 doesn’t have that effect as well but what’s really cool well what’s really cool about medicine um and grant i’m not a huge fan of the pharmaceutical industry but what’s cool is you know like um even like like uh aromatase inhibitors and like serums like there’s like first generation that did what they needed to do but had side effects then you have generation two that’s a little more targeted and then you have generation three and i mentioned interested to see like the sixth and seventh generation like what’s the fifth generation of bam 15 like did they distill it even further down to where it has no side effects or nearly none and it’s three or four times more potent you know so that’s interesting and i think we’re just at the infancy of medicine and knowledge of the body um in general i mean what you’re i’m taking a note here to actually do a separate video on this because if you think about bam 15 positive effects in your lipids positive effects in your blood glucose positive effects on your insulin sensitivity positive effects on increasing your metabolic rate right and then you say stack that with say um a growth hormone korea guy right like mk677 hexavariant memorandum cjc or something and then something like a glp agonist like a very small dose of like the sigma blue type where it reduces your appetite like that could be a stupid cutting agent right because cemu glutathione reduces your appetite it also improves your blood glucose levels it also increases your insulin sensitivity like this could be a long time anything right because we talked about earlier sugar and like high blood sugar levels can have it’s associated with like five to ten different types of cancer right like this could be that’s and you’re talking about a cutting stack that has no stimulants in it i mean you can obviously add that in but that’s a non-stimulant that’s that’s interesting so so i guess i mean bam 15 sounds pretty freaking awesome and it sounds really good for the population so sure as [ _ ] isn’t going to get approved by
the fda
but the [ _ ] eye drops that grow your eyelashes and can like permanently blind you they prove that [ _ ]
i’m like talking about this because like
so i just updated my cycle and i’m
getting excited about this because
i don’t have band 15
but i may or may not have some dnp for
fertilizing my planks and um
and i may or may not have seen blue tide
may or may not have something q677 so uh
might be
because then i can reduce the dose of
all of those right because if you put if
you’re putting the total because i think
about stacking like that right so if
you’re gonna stack
something the underground

Ashwaganda Benefits – So Many Studies! Does Ashwaganda Raise Testosterone Levels?

Ashwaganda Benefits – So Many Studies! Does Ashwaganda Raise Testosterone Levels?

Buy Ashwaganda from Amazon! –

thank you for being here thank you for
support you guys are awesome if you’re
new here and you’re into optimization
trt supplements working out click on
that subscribe button and if you do like
this video a like is always appreciated
so today we’re going to talk about
ashwagandha and the reason i wanted to
cover this is because it’s in almost
every supplement sold that to raise your
testosterone levels from like get roman
there’s hundreds of them on the market
and they all tell ashwagandha super
raises your test levels you know
anyway so i did want to do some research
on it i honestly i found out a lot of
stuff about ashwagandha that i never
knew and it does seem like a really
really good supplement but is it really
really good for raising your
testosterone levels is it going to get
you from 300 to 900 well let’s jump in
withania somnifera commonly known as
ashwagandha or winter cherry or indian
ginger or think it’s ginger is an
important medicinal plant that has been
used in indigenous medicine for more
than 3 000 years some herbalists refer
to ashwagandha as indian ginseng not
ginger ginseng the plant extract has
many bioactive compounds that exert
antioxidant anti-inflammatory
activities the plant extract and its
bioactive compounds are used in the
prevention and treatment of many
diseases such as arthritis impotence
amnesia anxiety cancer neurodegenerative
and cardiovascular diseases and others
sounds really good
but but if you look at almost any
supplement they look really good so but
i’ll go through some more of the other
benefits and then i’ll list some of the
side effects and issues with it
ashwagandha appears a promising safe and
effective traditional medicine for
managing schizophrenia conics chronic
stress insomnia anxiety memory and
cognitive enhancement
obsessive-compulsive disorder rheumatoid
arthritis type 2 diabetes and male
infertility and bears fertility
promotion activity in females
a growth promoter activity in children
and yeah so a lot of good stuff it has
revitalizing action on the nerves bone
marrow and reproductive organs regular
consumption is believed to
senescence which i have no idea what it
is rectify abnormalities in the sense
organs and hypotrophy of muscles
rejuvenate the reproductive organs and
increase fertility is also useful in
stress weakness nervous exhaustion
sexual debility geriatric problems
memory loss muscular weakness insomnia
and cough
so it sounds really good and when i sat
down to do research for this video i
thought it was going to be a pretty
quick video i was just going to look at
a study or two about cortisol
testosterone but there was a lot more to
ashwagandha so that’s why this video is
probably longer but here are some of the
issues with ashwagandha and things you
should look out before before you start
taking it obviously always consult your
doctor before taking any supplements and
this is not medical advice i am not a
medical professional so they did one
study and they did show some liver
injury and five patients that was
associated with ashwagandha use
liver function tests were elevated alt
ast total bureau reuben and alkaline
phosphate phosphatase
so it may have some effect on your liver
ashwagandha has been shown to alter
thyroid function and increase thyroid
hormones which could be dangerous for
people with hyperthyroidism or an
overactive thyroid
it also could potentially interfere with
thyroid tests ashwagandha can increase
testosterone levels which could be
dangerous for patients with prostate
cancer if you have prostate cancer
obviously i don’t think you should take
something that supposedly can raise
testosterone levels ashwagandha might
increase drowsiness so the one of the
things that they do say it can help with
is sleep and we’ll look at a study here
in a little bit
but if you’re taking benzos barbiturates
or alcohol you know it may it may
increase that or you know have a
multiplication effect on that so be
careful with that ashwagandha is
immunostimulating which means it boosts
the immune system it’s just typically
pretty good but um if you do have like
an immunodisease or immuno
what is it overactive immune system
autoimmune that’s the word autoimmune it
could it could make some of those
medicines that you’re taking for that a
little less effective so definitely keep
that in mind and uh you know sown to
lower blood sugar levels which is a good
thing for most people but if you do have
diabetes that’s something you should
take into an account you know blood
sugar levels are there for a reason
why the did that just change i
pulled some snippets from some studies
on ashwagandha and there’s actually
quite a lot of them so i’m going to run
through that and then i’m going to look
at cortisol
anxiety sleep and then at the end
testosterone levels so in a small study
with 58 participants those who took 250
to 600 milligrams of ashwagandha extract
for eight weeks had significantly
reduced stress and levels of stress
hormone cortisol so that’s one of the
main things that people talk about with
ashwagandha is cortisol
and also the cortisol and testosterone
ratio or you know how they interact with
each other what’s more participants who
took the ashwagandha supplements
experienced significant improvements in
sleep quality compared with the placebo
group and we’re going to look at that
that’s going to be a separate study as
well another study in 60 people found
that those who took 240 milligram
extract for 60 days had significant
reductions in anxiety compared to those
who received placebo treatment pretty
interesting one analysis of research
included 12 studies in men and women who
took ashwagandha between 120 and 1250
per day the results suggest the herb may
enhance physical performance including
strength and oxygen use during exercise
that’s pretty interesting i want that
in one study male participants who took
600 milligrams of ashwagandha per day
and participated in the resistance
trainings for eight weeks had
significantly gathered grains gator
greater gains in muscle strength and
size compared to the placebo group i
also heard trend does that they found
that participants who took a gram of
ashwagandha extract daily for 12 weeks
had greater reductions in depression and
anxiety than those who took a placebo
doesn’t sound bad study from 2012
stressed that adults who took 600
milligrams of ashwagandha for 60 days
reported a 77 reduction in symptoms of
depression while the placebo group sort
of recorded a 5 reduction sounds pretty
good like if that’s what i was looking
at this i was like damn i didn’t realize
ashwagandha had all these different
benefits you know this is this one took
me a while to do research on a review of
24 studies including five clinical
studies and people with diabetes found
the treatment with ashwagandha
significantly reduce blood sugar
hemoglobin a1c insulin blood lipids and
oxidative stress markers like i was
looking at this one i was like damn that
sounds good that’s kind of like uh you
know the same kind of idea with uh
and possibly
curcumin turmeric in a study in 2008
adults experiencing stress took
ashwagandha for 60 days as a result they
had a significant reductions in
c-reactive protein and inflammatory
marker compared with those who consumed
a placebo the video before this and i’ll
put this on the screen i actually just
got c-reactive protein done hemoglobin
and an nmr
lipid test so
go watch that those are some really
important tests to get done this was a
study that they did a covid
so they had a medicine that had a half a
gram of ashwagandha and other herbs
twice per day for seven days this
reduced participants level of
inflammatory markers yeah whatever those
are compared with the placebo so that’s
interesting a study in 50 adults ages 65
to 80 found that taking 600 milligrams
of ashwagandha root per day for 12 weeks
significantly improved their sleep
quality and mental alertness upon waking
up i want that i sleep like trash i have
a hard time getting to sleep
so let’s go to cortisol and this i’ll
put this on screen here while i’m
talking to you guys so this was a study
that they did um one of the main studies
that i found so they basically measured
ashwagandha at 250 milligrams
ashwagandha at 600 and a placebo and you
see the baseline they both all these
groups started at about 16 points
whatever those are or 16 cortisol
and then you can see with the 250 it
drops down to 1474
and then at the end 1361
and then at the 600 uh started at 16
went down to 14.3 and then dropped down
to 10.8 10.9 so that’s a pretty big
reduction i mean that’s
that’s a lot and then the placebo just
went from 16.1 to 15.5 so that’s pretty
significant that’s a significant drop
compared to a placebo so i definitely do
believe that it does lower your cortisol
levels as with every supplement that i
review and do on this channel now i have
to go out and buy ashwagandha that’s
just another pill i’m going to add to my
stack which i’ll put a picture of on
there it’s getting out of control it’s
getting where i have to take like two
handfuls at a time and free
and jam these supplements but yeah it’s
pretty interesting on cortisol so let’s
jump over to
an anxiety test and they did some you
know they do some questionnaire that
measures your anxiety levels so
ashwagandha 250
everyone started at about 23 24
week four 250 dropped down to 21 and
then down to 20 at the end um then 24 at
600 milligrams down to 22 down to 20. so
it really wasn’t you know you take more
ashwagandha you’re gonna have less
anxiety doesn’t really seem to work like
that and then in the placebo they drop
down from 23 to 21 so
it’s not a huge huge difference there
but i mean it is it is somewhat you know
looking like it can help with anxiety
but it’s not like it doesn’t look like a
massive amount so cortisol yeah 100
the anxiety i think your mileage may
vary now this was interesting this one’s
sleep and this one is pretty significant
as well um so everyone started at about
you know a little almost six let’s say
uh 250 a day they dropped down to 4.95
down to 379.
then uh in the 600 milligrams it dropped
to 410 and then to 305 and now this is a
quality like a quality of sleep thing so
the lower the better you know 5 being
bad one being fantastic
and in the placebo uh week four
drop down to five and then four point
eight nine so that’s a big difference
you know you know 3.05 3.79 to 489
that’s pretty significant that’s a
that’s a good drop so once again if
you’re having trouble sleeping this may
be a supplement to look into so now
let’s get into the testosterone one and
you know this is the one this is why
ashwagandha a bunch of guys are taking
it lots of companies sell you know
they sell supplements with ashwagandha
in it and a bunch of other stuff like
tong cataly boron stuff like that and
they claim that they’re gonna raise your
testosterone and as a guy if you’re not
into this you’re not you don’t know
about gear you don’t really know about
trt or you don’t want to jump into this
world sounds fantastic 60 for a month
supply i can raise my testosterone frank
thomas tells me that he’s a stud
in bed and the ladies love him because
of it
so that’s why it’s so popular that’s why
i wanted to do this video or one of the
reasons ashwagandha treatment was
associated with an 18 increase in dhea
which is kind of a mother hormone a sex
hormone involved in testosterone
production participants who took the
herb also had a 14.7
increase in testosterone than those who
took the placebo so that sounds
fantastic on paper 15
you know so if i’m at 300 that’s going
to put me at what 345 that’s about there
345 15 jump so while 15 i mean that
sounds fantastic on paper and marketing
boosted testosterone levels 15 increases
free testosterone but going from 300 to
345 it’s better but are you is that
going to alleviate all your symptoms is
that going to minimize the need for trt
are all those other herbs going to jump
you up to 900 probably not so actually i
want to jump into a fertility aspect
real quick i forgot this i put this out
of order on my sheet here i’m a bad
youtuber i’m telling you but a review of
four studies found that ashwagandha
treatment significantly increased sperm
concentration semen volume and sperm
motility in men with a low sperm count
it also increased sperm concentration
and motility in men with normal sperm
count so that’s pretty solid i mean
that’s i didn’t have numbers on that but
that sounds pretty good another thing
that can help increase semen volume is
sunflower lecithin look it up it’s
actually pretty cheap good supplement so
let’s jump into this one so this one
they did uh placebo and ashwagandha and
they tested a few different hormones and
this is interesting so we have the
cortisol um so
i’m kind of looking over here on the
right placebo mean both periods and
ashwagandha mean both periods i’m not
sure exactly how they did this study but
i think they jumped guys from a placebo
to ashwagandha and then they had guys go
from ashwagandha to placebo but i like
this one here where they’re both on the
same thing
um so cortisol 29 uh then when
ashwagandha 27. so good good statistical
drop right there
dhea went from 8.27 to 9.76
so pretty good solid junk
and testosterone they went from
309.9 to 355
again as i was saying you know
going from 309 to 355 that’s that’s good
that’s good progress but like i said
it’s not going to get you to 900 you
know and if you do have a medical
condition that is keeping your
testosterone levels low whether your
pituitary is not sending enough signal
or your boys are not making enough of
what you need you know i mean herbs can
help to a point but it’s not gonna it’s
not like you’re gonna if you go from 300
to 900 it’s just not reality i’m sorry
they also tested estrogen
which was kind of interesting you know
so let’s see here so estrogen went from
23.95 to 21.18
so it’s a pretty good drop too nothing
crazy but it’s a pretty decent drop so i
mean that’s i was that was that
something that you’d use as an ai i
don’t think so um but overall i mean it
seems to have a pretty good effect on on
most of your hormones you know lowered
cortisol raised dhea raised testosterone
lowered estrogen so do i think
ashwagandha is pretty good i do and i’m
probably be adding it to my stack not
for testosterone and not for estrogen i
actually have a supplement called no ai
i’ll put that on the screen it’s a blend
of five different herbs that have been
shown to help manage estrogen levels
but i’m just going to take it for all
the other benefits i mean it’s a pretty
solid thing i mean our ancestors 3000
years ago you know they weren’t using it
because it didn’t do anything they
weren’t going out of their way to
cultivate this herb prepare it chop it
up and eat it because they didn’t feel
any benefits at all so i think it’s a
pretty solid herb one of some of the
main side effects that i saw is
essentially with most supplements
diarrhea upset stomach kind of you know
annoys your stomach but that’s about
that’s about it you know of the normal
ones that i saw there are some more rare
ones that we saw earlier but what do you
guys think about ashwagandha have you
taken it have you taken a test booster
you know have you noticed any difference
do you think it’s complete garbage
annoyed that you wasted time and you
didn’t just hop on trt because you were
trying to go this natural herb route let
me know in the comments i’m interested
to know but i’ve got to go guys i’ve got
to go order some ashwagandha so that i
can get into the 900s
but as always guys you’re awesome love
you guys thank you for the support and
as always
get your levels tested

Clomid Permanent HPTA Reboot Protocol? New Study! Clomid for TRT?

Clomid Permanent HPTA Reboot Protocol? New Study! Clomid for TRT?

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels youtube channel i’m tester
levels thanks for being here you guys
are awesome and as always thanks for the
support today i have a pretty
interesting study that just came out on
clomid and it’s uh it’s pretty
we’re a little bit behind in research
and some certain stuff clomid’s been
around since like the 60s and we’re just
now kind of looking at it from a like
study perspective um you know as and for
male you know hormones infertility stuff
like that so uh pretty interesting and
uh yeah let’s uh jump right in
testosterone kinetics on hypogonadal men
under clomiphene the objective to
evaluate total testosterone kinetics and
its predictors six months after the
discontinuation of clomiphene citrate in
patients with hypogonadism so
essentially they’re giving these guys
clomid and then seeing what happens six
months after see where their
testosterone levels are materials and
methods consecutive patients with normal
testicles and male hypogonadism designed
by total testosterone under 300
nanograms per deciliter in the presence
of signs or symptoms according to the
previous consensus were prospectively
evaluated in a urologic outpatient
clinic by total testosterone at baseline
after a daily dose of 50 milligrams of
clomiphene citrate for 40 days and after
the washout period of 6 months of
clomiphene citrate discontinuation so
first off that’s a pretty healthy dose
of clomiphene you know typically when
you’re doing 50 milligrams it’s
typically every day clomiphene has a
pretty uh long half-life and in this
video i am not a big fan of clomid for
the emotional side effects as well as it
can mess with your vision and cause
floaters i’m not a huge fan but i am a
fan that i are doing at least studies on
you know seeing different ways and how
different medicines affect you know
men’s testosterone levels i think that’s
really important i think we’re just at
like the beginning stages of this like
in the grand scheme of things i’m not
saying they haven’t done it before but
i’m saying i think in the next 10 20 30
they’re gonna find out a lot of stuff
that we don’t know today but let’s move
on results and it’s kind of a small
study but still interesting among 75
patients the mean age of 57 testosterone
at over 300 nanograms per deciliter was
achieved by 69 or 92 percent of the men
that’s pretty interesting in itself
um so 32 of them or 42.6 got between 450
and 600
and then
27 or 36 got above 600. now here’s where
it’s interesting 18 subjects 24
maintained asymptomatic testosterone
levels over 300 nanograms per deciliter
age negatively related to testosterone
response blah blah predicts a median
gain of
166.5 nanograms per deciliter at six
months of discontinuation so this is
where it’s interesting and i’ll go
through the conclusions and then we can
talk conclusions clomiphene is a
compelling option to treat male
hypogonadism although a chronic
treatment is needed in most patients
about one in four patients respond to
clomid short trial to reboot the
physiology wow that was painful
further understanding the total
testosterone kinetics in these patients
in the long term is warranted so can
clomid actually do like an hpta reboot
you know there are certain things in the
body that kind of get like reboot like
rebooted like when you fast you know
your gut biome kind of gets not replaced
but you know things change and sometimes
you know you can reset certain things in
the body um you know something like
ketamine kind of you know resets and
rewires the brain so so can clomid you
know like reboot your hpta i mean can it
you know buy binding to the estrogen
receptors making your brain think that
you don’t have any estrogen you know
sends the signal to kickstart the boys
to produce more testosterone which will
then convert over to estrogen you know
that’s that whole feedback loop and
i mean according to the study in 24 of
it can do some kind of reboot now if
your your testicles cannot produce
enough testosterone and your brain is
just throwing signal at it or at them
hopefully them i know some guys have had
issues and that
hurts my soul when i hear that but i
mean you know you can’t just like you
know if it’s even if it’s sending a
crazy amount of signal i mean if they
just aren’t up to the job i mean that’s
like sending you know 500 emails to the
lazy dude at the office and wondering
why isn’t getting done you know
what i’m saying so i just found this
really interesting you know i mean i’m
not a big fan of clomid um you know and
if you don’t know clomid is a mixture of
n-clomiphene and zuclomaphene
n-clomiphene being a stand-alone
medicine and what a lot of people are
seeing is that you know it’s the
enclosing is not as as much of what
gives people side effects the vision
side effects the you know emotional side
but it does seem to to kick start your
body’s natural production if you’re able
so i wonder if you know n clomiphene
would if they did the same thing
wouldn’t clomiphene you know do this
exact same thing or is it the
zooklomaphine because zooklomaphine has
a longer half-life than n-clomiphene so
would that make any difference in this
if they did this study again within
another thing i would be interested in
hearing is how many of these guys
experience side effects and what side
effects they experience taking 50
milligrams per day for 40 days like i
said a healthy dose of clomid you know i
mean hopefully they didn’t have any
issues i’ve only taken clomid once it
was as a post cycle alongside winstrol
um i tell you guys this to show how
stupid i was when i first started in
this realm i uh i had done a cycle
before i got big mostly probably water
weight and then after i stopped i got
bro right back to normal which is why i
don’t really recommend cycles so for my
next one i said well i’m going to do
clomid for the post cycle therapy but
i’m going to throw in winstrol so that i
can keep some of my gains so i was
essentially taking something to kick
start my system as well as something
suppressive at the exact same time so
really freaking stupid i was probably
like 20 something i didn’t know my ass
for my elbow i see a lot of kids on the
sarms forums they’re in the same boat
and i’ve tried to tell some of them to
you know some wise words from a 40 year
old guy on trt but hey you know they’re
kids they’re going to do what they need
to do or want to do
anyway thought you guys would find this
interesting i mean i’m not recommending
doing this protocol
i would be interested to see study with
n-clomiphene see if it does the same
thing because it’s supposedly in theory
causes less side effects but i thought
you guys would find that interesting you
know 24 one in four of guys that took 40
jumped up their testosterone levels by
166 and a half points pretty interesting
but i’ll wrap up this video um as always
you guys are awesome if you did like
this video or found it interesting a
like would be greatly appreciated if you
like content like this and you’re just
getting into the trt world or you’re a
trt pro you can click on that subscribe
button i got over 400 videos i also have
links to all the stuff that i’m
associated with uh but thanks for being
here guys as always you’re awesome and
get your levels tested

How to Find the Best TRT Clinic for You? Picking the Best TRT Clinic Made Easy!

How to Find the Best TRT Clinic for You? Picking the Best TRT Clinic Made Easy!

Defy Medical TRT Clinic – One Stop Shop! Custom Protocol! TRT, HCG, Peptides, HGH, Oxandrolone, Nandrolone, ED Treatments, Vitamin Infusions! $100 Off!!! –

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels youtube channel i’m tester
levels thank you guys for being here
thank you for the support you guys are
awesome today i wanted to do a video on
things to look for and things to look
out for when choosing a trt clinic your
experience with trt can vary greatly
depending on where you go so it’s a very
important decision to make so let’s get
started the first question we need to
ask is do we want to go to a local
clinic or do we want to utilize a
telemedicine service this is up to
personal preference what i have noticed
is that telemedicine clinics are overall
usually cheaper
for some reason these local clinics they
think like okay well we’re the only game
in town so we can charge the 300 a month
and these guys don’t know any better
they typically serve an over older crowd
from what i’ve seen
i’m not a big fan of local but you may
be you may want to talk to someone face
to face i mean i personally don’t really
see the difference from face to face or
like a video call or a phone call
think you can accomplish the same thing
but one thing i do want you to look out
for with local clinics a lot of them
will want you to come into their office
to get shots once a week
i don’t feel like this is ideal unless
you are terribly afraid of needles and
no one in your household can can help
you with this um i think it’s it’s not
convenient you’re going to spend lots of
money on gas you’re going to waste your
time and time is one of your most
precious things some people do like
local clinics so if that’s you go for it
i personally prefer telemedicine for
some of you younger guys out there the
first question you need to ask a trt
clinic before you even waste any time is
you know are you able to treat me for my
age um this would typically apply to
like the 18 to 25 crowd different trt
clinics have different you know
different rules um some will treat 18
and up depending on the symptoms and lab
work some people have like a 20 you know
age 25 cut off so if you’re searching
around and you’re in that in that age
bracket just ask them that straight up
if they say no then you know move on
find another one don’t waste any more
time the next one and this one’s
extremely important this is blood work
so a lot of these places that charge you
know a monthly fee once a company is
charging a monthly fee a lot of people
don’t realize this but the next order at
hand for them is okay how can we lower
the cost of each patient each month so
that we make more money
one of the the most common ways that
that trt clinics do this and they
actually advertise it as convenient is
at home lab tests
i’ve seen some companies do paper tests
i’ve seen other companies do like the
finger prick test where you know you get
a little drop of blood and you squeeze
it a little bit and put it into a little
vial and send it off
i don’t like these tests um
they are they can be
they can they can hit the same number as
a lab draw but sometimes they just get
lucky i had one that it was like it
showed 500 and i had a lab test show me
a thousand um so they can vary greatly
um it also depends how long does it take
to get from you to the testing center
did you do everything right did you
provide enough sample
there’s just a lot of variables i like
trt clinics that do actual lab orders
they send you a lab order one way or
another you go get labs drawn and you
get real blood test results that’s the
most accurate way if it wasn’t and there
was you know paper test and finger prick
tests were just perfectly good trust me
lab corp would be doing it there would
be no you know offices that you actually
go and get lab work done if they figured
out how to do extremely accurate like
liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
at home trust me it would exist but it
this is a way that some of the trt
clinics advertise convenience like oh we
mail you the blood test you know and
they say oh it’s super convenient it’s
really a way to lower cost it may be a
little bit more convenient but i
wouldn’t trade accuracy of blood tests
for a treatment like this for
it’s really a way for them to save money
if you’re with one of those clinics i’m
not saying anything bad about them but i
just imagine going there with like let’s
say you do really have 300 you know
total test and you take that test and
it’s off and it says 600 which is very
possible and they say sorry we can’t
treat you and you just never get treated
i mean just because of inaccurate tests
i’ve seen some of these clinics i mean
they’re literally just testing total
tests and estrogen and then like maybe
like a complete metabolic panel or
comprehensive metabolic panel like
they’re doing the bare minimum and that
kind of ties into my once you’re paying
like a monthly fee their next thing is
to figure out okay well how can we get
the cost of the blood work uh you know
cheaper well we can do it less
frequently we can do less tests
you know cholesterol is super important
that’s going to be in a lipid profile
super super important on trt
that’s you know a good indicator of your
prostate health
if you don’t check that for too long
something happens that is not ideal and
then also a complete blood count you’re
going to want to see your hematocrit
your red blood cell count so i’ve seen
some of these some of these
clinics cheap out on labs and do the
absolute absolute bare minimum and i
just think that’s a ticking time bomb
waiting to happen and if that does
happen they’re going to try to backpedal
offload we this isn’t us we didn’t have
to do this we told them to talk to his
primary care
it’s a mess so that’s another reason i
like a little bit more higher end
clinics that really do solid lab testing
um such as the company that i am
associated with uh they do a lot of labs
uh quality labs so just something to
think about i know you may think that
you are getting a great deal i’m
getting it for 125 a month is fantastic
you know they do lab work at once a year
and they do this at home paper test
super convenient
guys this is your health don’t cheap out
here cut down on a little bit of the
starbucks every day and pay a couple
extra bucks and go to a more reputable
clinic those at home tests they have
their place but i don’t believe they are
qualified to diagnose and then monitor
trt treatment it’s too important your
health is way too important to cheap out
and not spend the extra 15 minutes it
takes to go to lab corp so the initial
consultation you know this is where
you’re going to be talking to a provider
of some kind physician’s assistant nurse
practitioner or an actual physician
a lot of people freak out like oh i have
to talk to a doctor listen i would much
prefer to talk to someone a physician’s
assistant a nurse practitioner who does
this all day and researches and and
learns and continues to learn over a
doctor who did an extra two years in
school and doesn’t follow the stuff they
just write scripts if you’re going to a
clinic and they have different types of
levels of providers don’t freak out and
think i have to see a doctor if you have
like super complicated things like i’ve
got lyme’s disease i have a history of
prostate cancer in my family i’ve been
on trt i could never get dialed in then
yeah maybe go see a physician but if you
have a normal case and you’re going to a
reputable clinic there’s no reason why a
physician’s assistant or a nurse
practitioner cannot accurately diagnose
and help treat you the initial
consultation so the amount of time that
you are actually talking to a provider
you know when you’re getting started in
this arena you know the amount of time
you have to ask questions how do i
inject how often do i do this how do i
measure the medicine what are some of
the side effects what do i need to look
out for you know and you know in case
something happens
i’ve seen some clinics more of the
bargain clinics do 15-minute initial
consultations so they can do for an hour
i’ve seen 30 minutes i’ve seen an hour i
personally think that when you are
starting a treatment like this
unless you are super super well versed i
think that you i think typically the
longer the better you can cover more
ground you’ll feel more comfortable you
know you can even write down a list of
questions that you may have any concerns
that you may have
so i personally would try to find a
clinic that spends a little bit more
time with their patients
i think it’s extremely important in this
and then quality of providers you know
if you’re going to a bargain place you
know you may get a bargain provider
someone who’s kind of doing this on the
side and what a lot of people don’t
realize is a lot of these clinics
especially the telemedicine ones
a lot of them outsource their doctors so
there are certain ones
the company that i work with defy
medical their providers are on staff i
like that i like that i can talk to the
same person every single time a lot of
these places they outsource their
doctors so okay we need to find a doctor
for michigan okay we don’t have a
license in michigan we need to get a
doctor all right so let’s find one we’ll
pay him x amount per consultation in
some of these places you may talk to
this guy
and then your next consultation you talk
to someone else um that’s just what
happens i talked to a guy who said it
sounded like the doctor that he was
talking to was driving like he heard
like wind noise like the guy was driving
he heard car sounds like this guy was
literally doing like a trt consultation
and just like cruising around the city
go and get groceries and stuff like that
those are some of the funny things that
i’ve heard but i personally if i’m doing
like managed care with someone with a
treatment that’s complicated like this
and does have some associated risks as
well as lots of benefits i would want to
talk to someone the same person they
know my story we’ve already had the
initial discussion they kind of know
what i’m about it’s you know it’s just
an easier process more consistent how
often does this clinic do follow-up
consultations are they doing it you know
once after the first month which really
doesn’t make a lot of sense are they
doing it after you know three months
which i feel is a pretty solid thing how
often are they doing it after that you
know and i mean i think there there
comes a point where you know you’re kind
of you’re in you’re dialed in you’re on
the routine it’s more of a maintenance
thing and i don’t think that you need to
be seeing a provider every three months
i think that you know six months works
i don’t think too much longer than six
months worth you should be getting blood
work every six months i mean especially
for something like psa
medicine medicine medicine so here’s
some couple things to think of um you
know some some clinics are cookie cutter
they give you sipinate uh that may give
you gonadore ellen or scipionate and
clomid and it’s essentially what it
means cookie cutter you’re getting 200
milligrams and you’re getting however
much clomid and they’ll mail that enough
of that to you for 10 weeks that’s uh
yeah can work for some but what if you
want to try enantha which has a slightly
shorter half-life what if you want to
end up doing kind of like every day or
every other day with propionate well if
your clinic doesn’t have access to that
you’re going to have to be truly
transferring to another clinic and while
you may have satisfied that initial
clinics you know initial you know
process when you go to this new one you
may have to start as essentially a new
patient and go through that same process
so you may be doing maybe did labs three
months ago and now you’re at the new
place and now they have to require you
to do new labs or more labs because your
other clinic didn’t do it and the labs
are old so that’s why i’m doing this
video so you can kind of ask all the
questions figure out you know which
places make the most sense for you so
you don’t have to start at one and
bounce to the other it’s not ideal for
your protocol and it’s not ideal for
your wallet another thing to ask do you
have in clomiphene or do you only have
clomid and you’re thinking yourself and
you’re like well i’m not going to do
that i’m going to be on hcg i’m not
going to ever need to do that well maybe
you have to uh stop trt for a fertility
protocol if all they have is clomid i
personally am not a big fan of clomid i
like in clomiphene i think and
clomiphene is basically like clomid 2.0
it just it seems to have less of a side
effect profile and seems to work just as
good if not better so that’s something
also if hcg were to ever dry up i know
in climate is not ideal it’s not a
direct replacement for hcg but it’s at
least good to know that you can get it
good old hcg i would not go to a clinic
that does not offer hcg that’s just my
personal opinion i love hcg i really
would not want to do trt without it i
could yup but if a place is going to
tell you that either gonadorellan or in
clomiphene is a direct replacement and
or is better than hcg that’s a huge
warning sign that’s basically saying we
don’t have access to hcg or we don’t
have access to a pharmacy that can offer
hcg they can’t get the you know the
pharmaceutical brand name whatever it is
they don’t have it they’re probably a
little bit of a lower tier clinic
it’s either that or they don’t want the
cost they’ve already got you paying a
monthly fee switch it out to a
clomiphene which is in general cheaper
than hcg
yeah anyway but hcg that’s a that’s a
must for me
ancillary medications like nandralone
and oxanderlone now while you’re just
starting trt right now and you may not
be thinking about that you may not even
know what those are at this point but
let’s say a year down the road you’re
like man i’ve been on trt i’m feeling
good but i’m i’m putting on more muscle
and i’m lifting heavier and now my
shoulders hurting hey doc can i get some
mandrel on you know my shoulder’s
nagging it’s hurting me and they’re like
oh we don’t offer that well now you’re
right back in that situation where
you’re going to have to transfer to
another clinic and you may have to
satisfy their initial requirements which
could cost you some more money which you
wouldn’t be dealing with if you chose a
clinic that offered some of these
ancillary medications
on top of that like injectable vitamins
i think that’s pretty important same
idea you know if you if you start with a
clinic and you’re like oh hey and a lot
of guys do this they’ll start on trt and
they’re like okay well i want to get
into the optimization you know i’m
cleaning up my diet i’m getting
healthier i’m losing weight maybe i want
some b12 maybe i want to throw in some
carnitine or some lipo c whatever it may
you know if your clinic doesn’t offer
this now you’re looking for a third
provider or second provider that can get
it or you’re trying to find it wherever
else but if you go to a place that
already has all that stuff then it’s
real simple it’s a one-stop shop so
that’s why i kind of like certain places
that do this that work with you know at
least one or multiple compounding
pharmacies so you can get a wide variety
of stuff
ed meds a lot of them have that this one
is not really a huge thing i mean you
can get ed meds other places like cyalis
and viagra and the generic versions
but things like i’m not sure if you’ve
ever heard of trimix it’s an injectable
it’s more for when both of those aren’t
so not sure if if ed is on any issue for
you then i really wouldn’t worry about
it i wouldn’t barrage all these clicks
with questions about ed meds
but the other thing i wanted to mention
was packages some of these places would
be like oh you know we’ve got this plus
our weight loss package and we’re going
to mail you b12 and lipoc and
l-carnitine and all this and it’s only
an extra 95 a month and uh you know it
sounds good you may not need all that
stuff and if you’re typically paying on
a monthly cycle then they’re going to
send that to you every 10 weeks or
whatever the schedule it is it’s one of
those things where you don’t remember to
tell them to stop sending it or to
discontinue from that package and then
you look at the package you’re like oh
man i’d already got two bottles of the
b12 that i haven’t used now i just got a
third one and they just charged my card

  1. oh man so i don’t really like the
    packages i prefer to do everything all a
    cart um you know that’s subscription
    service type stuff it’s like those boxes
    with knives and you know shot glasses
    and like that eventually you forget
    to cancel it and you get another box and
    you’re like damn it i don’t need another
    hatchet i already have five so another
    thing to think about with trt clinics so
    some of them do just the monthly fee and
    it stays like that all the time um there
    are some popular ones that do that um
    there are other ones where you know you
    have kind of an initial process and you
    have you know a follow-up consultation
    to try to get you know dialed in if
    you’re not already and then it’s kind of
    more of a maintenance phase with these
    type of trt clinics the upfront cost may
    be a little bit more but when you look
    at you know the second year
    it can be a big difference in cost
    because you’re probably not doing you
    know the full lab panel you’re not doing
    you know that that second follow-up to
    get kind of dialed in you’re probably at
    like the you know every six months
    so the first year cost could be one
    price and then the second year cost
    could be considerably lower so that’s
    something to keep in mind when you’re
    comparing trt clinics you know is you
    know 195 a month for everything you know
    versus you know
    labs and maybe a consultation fee and
    then medicine but if you average that
    out for the year it may be drastically
    different so let’s just say two hundred
    dollars a month you know that’s twenty
    four hundred dollars a year whereas you
    know another clinic that has labs and a
    consultation it may be more expensive up
    front but you know as you go through as
    a patient the price drops so overall in
    the long run you’ll save more money so
    you’ve got to do the math guys so do the
    math figure out what makes sense for you
    and then pick you know the clinic that
    you know offers that another big one
    that guys don’t really understand and
    it’s kind of like a car sales type of
    thing um some places will charge like a
    membership fee so they’re like oh well
    we do trt for 109 a month and you’re
    like okay that’s a pretty good price you
    guys have all okay cool cool and then oh
    well you’ve got to sign a contract and
    that’s another thing contracts some
    places have contracts but you go to sign
    up and you’re like what’s the what’s the
    membership fee oh well that’s a 25 fee
    so that you’re part of our member um and
    they’re like what’s the what’s the
    medical access fee like i have to pay to
    talk to someone if i have an issue like
    oh yeah you know it’s built into our
    program um and now you’re looking and
    you’re like huh i’m at the 200 mark now
    like you advertise 109 and now i’m at
    the you know i i have to pay extra to
    talk to people
    um so it’s the same ideas like cars like
    okay we’ll give you the undercoating for
    free but we’re gonna have to charge you
    the dealer fee you know it’s they
    squeeze this end and you know squeeze
    this and this end goes up same idea um
    so watch out for that you know if you’re
    talking to someone on the phone or
    emailing you know they’re not going to
    go out of their way to be like oh hey
    just to double check did you read the
    fine print where it says it’s an extra
    90 bucks for our membership fee and for
    our you know medical access fee you know
    it’s not it’s not going to work like
    that so that’s something to look out for
    um i really don’t like that model i
    it’s essentially so they can advertise
    at a lower price and then when you get
    the real cost you’re like huh that’s not
    that great so
    something to look out for i’m going to
    end the video here i hope this was
    helpful i mean i know picking a trt
    clinic is difficult
    it’s a medicine it’s b
    a lot of different pricing structures a
    lot of different nuances of whether they
    have this medicine whether they can
    prescribe this what type of lab work do
    they do what type of sip uh you know
    sustain what type of testosterone do
    they offer do they have blends so it’s a
    lot of different stuff and you really
    have to figure out what makes the most
    sense for you
    if you do have interest in checking out
    defy medical i like them i’ve worked
    with them they check all the boxes for
    what i personally would do if i wasn’t
    with a concierge doctor
    but they’ve been around for a while so i
    have a link for them not trying to show
    them but i have worked with them they’ve
    been solid lots of good reviews but but
    if you are looking around and you are
    you know
    comparison shopping and figuring out
    which one you know just just remember
    some of these ask the questions look at
    the fine print do the actual math on the
    and just do your due diligence because i
    just don’t want you to start with a
    budget clinic and then you want to
    switch and you have to redo it and you
    never got dialed in in the first three
    months and now it becomes a whole thing
    so go with someone solid don’t cheap out
    on medical care especially testosterone
    treatment you know and this is it’s a
    hormone you know things can happen so
    you know be safe
    get good care and work with a solid
    clinic don’t go budget cut out on the
    anyway guys that’s going to wrap it up
    if you did find this video enjoyable
    informative i guess click on the like
    button if you’re new here and you want
    to see more stuff like this or just show
    some support click on the subscribe
    button but anyway guys as always you’re
    awesome and get your levels tested