TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost


How much does TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost? How much TRT costs is a very common question from men who are considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are lots of factors that play a role in how much TRT treatment costs.

Where you get TRT prescribed to you effects the price!

The cheapest and most ideal situation is to get prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy by your primary care physician or PCP. Since visits to your normal doctor are usually covered by insurance or have a low copay, this is the cheapest option.

Urologists or Endocrinologist can also prescribe TRT treatment. Many times your primary care physician will refer you to one of these specialists because they are not proficient in testosterone replacement therapy. Unfortunately under most health insurance plans these are considered specialists and usually cost more for each visit. This will definitely vary depending on your health insurance plan.

In many cases men will find that their PCP, Urologist or Endocrinologist will not prescribe them TRT because their testosterone levels are at the bottom end of the blood test ranges. This is very common to have happen. Many men are turned away from TRT by doctors with very low testosterone levels even though they exhibit all of the symptoms, but are a few points above the cut off line. This exact situation happened to me. At age 36 my doctor told me that because my total testosterone levels were 24 points above the cut off, that everything was fine and no need to do anything. Just for reference the ranges were 264-961. My testosterone at age 36 was 288.

This is where Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinics or Men’s Health Clinics come into the picture. These are doctor practices that do not take insurance and who mainly treat men with low testosterone. They do this every single day and are much more informed on the subject. They also have thousands of patients on TRT and know what to do in many situations.

The average cost per month for a TRT clinic is about $150 – $250. It is definitely more expensive then getting your medicine from your normal doctor and having them filled at a local pharmacy. But they do have many huge advantages over a normal doctor. As I mentioned prior, they are experts in this field. They are up on all of the latest research. Not like your doctor that probably read a chapter about hormones in the 80’s and has done zero research since. Hormone clinics understand that it isn’t just about numbers on a blood test and look at the whole picture in order to determine if treatment is correct for you. So you are paying for an expert to help craft your TRT protocol. Not a doctor who sees you for 5 minutes and then is on to his next patient.

What medicines you need for your TRT Protocol effects the cost!

Many men think the only medicine that is used in Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Testosterone. However while only testosterone could be the only medicine used, it rarely is. Other medicines like HCG, Gonadorelin and Arimidex are commonly used for TRT protocols. This is why it is hard to say exactly how much TRT costs. Each protocol may carry a different price tag depending on the medicines used.

Another factor in the cost of TRT treatment is what testosterone you are prescribed. Testosterone esters like Cypionate, Enanthate and Sustanon are generally fairly inexpensive costing $36-75 per 10ml bottle. However proprietary testosterone esters like Undecanoate (Nebido, Aveed) can be much more expensive.

What is the Average TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

As I stated earlier the cost of TRT varies greatly from where you get TRT, What medicines are included in your TRT protocol, What Testosterone ester you are prescribed and what country you live in.

With that being said, If I had to pick a price range for testosterone replacement therapy would be between $130-300 per month. This is just a ball park figure.

So if you are tired of dealing with old school doctors telling you, you are fine or just want to start TRT with a TRT specialist I would highly suggest you talk to them. Mention Test Your Levels when you sign up and you will get $45 off each month for the first 6 months. That is a saving of $270!!!

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