What is a Concierge Doctor / Direct Primary Care Doctor???

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lots of good content coming out but
today we’re going to cover what a
concierge doctor is and the reason that
I’m doing this video is I see a lot of
Facebook and reddit
people are saying I’m having a hard time
getting prescribed TRT even though my
numbers are bad my primary care
physician my endocrinologist my
urologist doesn’t prescribe it doesn’t
want to prescribe it to me where’s a
good TRT clinic that I can go to or a
men’s clinic and I’ve really never seen
anyone recommend or discuss a concierge
doctor and I think this is a really good
option so let me uh let me take you on a
little journey as to how I found out
about concierge doctor
so when I first started I self-medicated
and then I went to a TRT clinic and
they’re well-known I’m not gonna mention
them by name but they’re a good clinic
they’re just expensive and you have to
buy all your meds through them and so I
did that for a little while and I ran
into my buddy who we’ll meet later on in
this channel at some point and he told
me I had a really good doctor named dr.
so-and-so and he’s been prescribed me
TRT so I said that’s great
so I called them up I made an
appointment I talked to him he was a
really good doctor a really nice guy I
brought him all my previous labs told
him what I was taking and he wrote me
scripts for him
so everything was going well and I was
with him probably got six months maybe a
little bit more and I was driving to a
vacation and on my birthday and I got a
call at Friday like 4:45 and it’s an
auto recording and said hey this is
doctor so-and-so just want to let you
know I’m updating my practice I
currently have 1800 a clients and I’m
dropping it down to 600 but I’m no
longer taking insurance and I’m charging
180 bucks a month and I was like okay
this is crazy
now I just found a really good doctor I
got all my stuff I’m dialed in and I’m
getting the medicine that I need he’s
really cool and now he’s doing something
where he’s charged with me 180 bucks a
month and I was like that’s crazy I
cannot pay 280 bucks a month just a
regular doctor so I was talking to
another friend about this when I got
back from vacation and he said to my
buddies our concierge doctors why don’t
you give them a call so I called them up
and they turned out to be $60 a month so
I was like hey $60 okay so I talked to
them and I got a better idea of what a
concierge doctor is a concierge doctor
is a doctor that you pay a monthly fee
and in return you get their phone number
their email and you can text with them
but they do not take insurance so this
would be something on top of insurance
and you can’t go to them and say hey I
need surgery they’re not going to be
able to do that they may be able to do
minor stuff like stitches or whatever
else minor stuff but this does not
supplement insurance they do not take
insurance which is why they have a much
lower overhead it can spend more time
with patients they don’t have to hire
three people to sit behind a desk and
call up insurance companies and try to
get paid so this is a really interesting
concept so they don’t charge you per
visit they only charge you per month and
most of the time you can either go by
yourself or they may have a family rate
what’s really cool about concierge
doctors and you can actually go on to
google and type in concierge doctors
near me or direct primary care near me
and you can find a lot of these places
there’s about 900 of them in the United
States right now and it’s a very large
and growing industry many of the doctors
got tired of dealing with insurance they
got tired of fighting to get paid and
forgetting nickel and dimed by the
insurance company and have the overhead
and all that extra stuff that comes
along with taking insurance so a lot of
them are saying hey I don’t want to deal
with insurance that’s just a hassle so
I’m just gonna charge people $60 a month
give them my phone number my email and
let them contact me as need be I’m gonna
explain some benefits of concierge
doctors and then we’re gonna move on to
the whole TRT aspect of it so for
example I can text my doctor early in
the morning and I can say hey can you
write me a script for this which I’m
already taking and he’ll text back and
say yeah just swing by the office and
pick up the script or I can call it in
to your pharmacy so that’s with a
regular doctor you would have to wait
and get an appointment that’s if they
even have an appointment then you go to
the appointment you’re gonna pay your
copay they’re gonna write you the script
and you’re gonna be good to go but the
difference is with a concierge doctor
you can get stuff done faster so I
recently got pretty sick that’s my
doctor and I said hey did you have an
opening today I’m getting a pretty nasty
cold texted back and said how about 3:30
I walk into his office looks down my
throat looks in the ears
what symptoms I’m having writes me a
script all with about 30 minutes so the
same day I walked in 30 minutes later
I’ve got a script for an antibiotic with
a regular doctor I would have either had
to go to Urgent Care or hope that my
doctor had an opening so I could get a
simple prescription for an antibiotic so
I can get over being sick
now here’s another great benefit to a
lot of concierge doctors they will most
of the time they will stop common
medicines so let’s say you take
something like for an antacid like a
zantac or something like that or a
normal medicine of normal antibiotic you
may be able to walk in there and they’ll
just give you the prescription right
there and just charge your account and
it’s almost always cheaper than what you
can get at the pharmacy for example I
take a medicine called the MEP resolve I
can’t remember what the real name is for
it but it’s for heartburn I’ve always
had bad heartburn I was paying Walmart
of pain 14 or $15 for 42 pills my doctor
writes me scripts from 90 pills and it’s
three dollars so right there I’m saving
me a lot of money so another nice thing
about concierge doctors is that blood
work and almost all of your labs are
going to be much cheaper because they
contract with LabCorp and they just say
hey listen we’ll send you all of our
patients but we need good pricing and
they do this for lots of different tests
when I was with the clinic that I was
with my blood tests were $299 I drew
them every six months so it’s $600 a
year just some blood tests with my other
doctor under insurance even with
insurance which is crazy expensive in
the first place my regular routine labs
are about 170 bucks with my new
concierge doctor we literally sat down
on his laptop and we clicked all the
different tests we wanted to do he said
do you want to do a really comprehensive
lipid panel that tells you like the size
of your lipids so we have a baseline of
where you’re at with that and I was like
that’s cool how much is that he’s like
it’s like 12 bucks so altogether all my
labs LH FSH estradiol free test regular
test SHBG all that good stuff the Matta
Creek cholesterol it was $57 so right
there I mean they just pay from
sells that month and I can still call
them tomorrow and get a script or come
in because I’m having an issue all right
bang get my tower so let’s move on to
the trt aspect of a concierge doctor and
just remember that you’re not taking
surance they do not take insurance at
all so you have to keep your old
insurance but you may be able to drop
down your insurance to a cheaper cheaper
plan and with higher deductibles
whatever it’s a gamble you never need
insurance until you do it’s kind of a
rigged system not a huge fan anyway so
for concierge doctors in trxye there’s
no guarantee that a concierge doctor is
going to write you scripts for TRT just
because you’re paying them $60 a month
they still have a medical license that
they have to protect and if we remember
testosterone is a Schedule three drug in
the United States it’s a controlled
substance just something like adderall
or pain pills all that good stuff those
are all controlled substances so an
intelligent doctor is not gonna let
someone walk in with normal testosterone
levels and say hey I want some
testosterone they’re not gonna give it
to you but on the flip side concierge
doctors tend to be more educated on
stuff think about it if you get paid
monthly by being able to treat your
patients and a patient comes in and you
don’t know what you’re talking about him
you can’t treat them there’s a high
likelihood that you’re not going to
retain that climate so in my experience
concierge doctors seem to be more up on
new stuff they seem to have a broader
knowledge of lots of different subjects
that they may encounter from day to day
I was actually rambling off some TRT
stuff to my doctor and he knew exactly
what I was talking about and he was even
throwing stuff at me when I was like oh
wow that’s pretty interesting I didn’t
know that before so he’s really good at
it and mad he’s pretty young he’s
probably 35 36 so your 65 year old 70
year old doctor that was never taught
about this stuff I’ve got a 35 year old
guy that I’m giving 60 bucks a month to
that knows a whole bunch about TRT and
he doesn’t even have that many patients
that take it so like I said you’re not
just gonna walk into a concierge doctor
and say hey look I’m right at this level
we script for some city and they throw
me some Arimidex 30 cent HCG let’s move
this along I got stuff to do
it doesn’t work like that just because
you’re paying a monthly fee doesn’t mean
you get to tell them what they’re gonna
prescribe you there’s still a doctor
they have to protect their medical
license but they seem to be much more
open to it and if you tell them i’ve
done research i’ve done this i realized
that my LH and FSH are low and i’m also
having blue tea symptoms of this this
and this i’ve done research blah blah
blah you walk in educated there’s a much
better chance that they will be willing
to start working with you on a protocol
however if you walk in and you don’t
know anything and I’ve done this and all
my other doctor videos you walk in and
just say hey I have brain fog I think I
have low tea they’re gonna kind of look
at you like this is kind of a risk
this guy doesn’t really know what he’s
talking about he has done zero research
they may be a little more apprehensive
so that’s one of the reasons I created
this channel is to give people
information on the stuff so that you can
watch videos that are sometimes fun
sometimes they’re kind of boring but you
go in educated and you have a good
chance of getting the treatment you need
if you actually need it so that’s about
it guys I just wanted to bring to light
that there is a third option you know
you can spend time with a primary care
physician and then get possibly referred
to a urologist or an endocrinologist
they may be worse than your primary care
and then you’re just like well hey the
only option I have is to go to one of
these clinics and oh I’m not knocking
clinics they play an important role and
I think most of them are pretty good but
they do make money and there’s nothing
wrong with that but sometimes in my
experience they’re more expensive than a
regular doctor obviously and concierge
doctors now I’ve seen some concierge
doctors that are like 200 bucks a month
my old doctor was shooting for 180 but
I’m pretty sure and what I read online
was the average cost is about 80 bucks
so my doctors are a little bit lower on
that scale but a got Google right at
your fingertips
type in concierge or near me and look
around look at their websites go
call and say how many patients do you
serve how many doctors do you have do
you treat low testosterone are they
well-versed in it give them a little
screening and find which one is best for
you and the best thing is is if you sign
up for a month and this doctors are
horrible and they don’t want to treat
you then you can just go to another one
there’s no contracts
some may have contracts but most demo so
I certainly think it’s a great option
it’s something that’s helped me a lot
just because it’s so convenient and easy
and just being able to pick up an
antibiotic quickly when you’re sick
without any scheduled appointment and
pick copay is really really nice so if
you were having trouble with your
primary care and you really have low
testosterone you’ve gotten the blood
test you don’t just feel tired it’s a
good option and I would probably try it
before I went to a clinic just to see
how it worked and try to save some money
you know at the end of the day all the
medicines are the same the Sipi net you
get from a doctor or clinic or a
concierge doctors all the same it’s just
getting it a if you need it and be for
the lowest price possible and I think if
you do some searching where you live
you’ll probably find a pretty good
option for a concierge doctor once again
this is a disclaimer you’re not just
gonna walk in there there to start
writing your scripts they have medical
licenses to protect so any of you guys I
hope you guys found this helpful now you
know there is a third option if you’re
having issues with your primary care or
whoever concierge doctors concierge
doctors near me all right guys that’s
gonna wrap it up thanks for watching
hope you found it helpful
if you’re new here click on that
subscribe button if you found the video
informative click on that like button as
always thanks for watching guys you’re
awesome get your levels test

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