SubQ Testosterone Injection Tips and Tricks – Subcutaneous Injections – TRT

what’s going on guys test your levels
here today we’re gonna be talking about
sub-q injections I’m gonna give you some
basic pointers and also some tips to get
less pain less little nodules and to
make it as easy and painless as possible
so let’s get started
it’s all about you man so the first
thing about sub-q never inject more than
0.5 ml into one injection site and
that’s because the fat has a hard time
accommodating all that extra oil and if
you piss off your fat too much it ends
up with a little knowledgeable at last a
day or two and can sometimes be a little
so never more than 0.5 ml in one spot
but you can inject into multiple spots
in the same day if you really want to
the other thing about sub-q is to go
slow with intramuscular it really
doesn’t matter if you go a little faster
the muscles seem to accept it better
even though you may feel more sore the
next day but with sub-q you got to give
that oil some time to seep into your fat
but if you do it too fast it’s probably
gonna hurt and you’re gonna get one of
those little nodules and they’re not
horrible but they’re not great so what
I’ve noticed is that if you start to
feel it kind of feels tight it just
feels like there’s kind of some pressure
built up definitely go start going
slower and if you’re just in a random
spot where it doesn’t really feel good
it’s just feeling really tight you can
always pull the needle out use a little
more alcohol and go to a different spot
it’s just random sometimes you know just
one spot and it goes and just fine no
problem the other one that starts to
feel kind of tight for whatever reason
and you can just jump to another spot so
there’s two main injection sites for
sub-q and the main one that people use
is their belly and you can go left
ballet or the right belly and but you
kind of want to stay at least about an
inch away from your belly button for
whatever reason I don’t know why but
that’s what they say
but the other spot which a lot of people
don’t think of is your butt fat it’s it
gives you an extra two spots that you
can do the injections and for your buck
fat anywhere it’s pretty fair game just
feel around a general idea of where your
butt that is and you can pretty much go
anywhere just try to avoid going into
like a thighs and kind of toward your
spine or your hip just kind of
the middle of the buck there you know
I’m saying and for buck shots I’ll
usually just hike the drawers down then
sit down spread my cheeks notice I
didn’t spread my cheeks and sit down
big difference big difference another
tip is to rotate your injection sites
for intramuscular you can pretty much do
any muscles so rotating is a lot easier
with sub-q you don’t have as many spots
so now that you know that you can do
your buck fat you could do left belly
right belly left cheek right cheek and
if you’re injecting twice a week that
means you’re giving each site about a
week in between your shots to do
whatever it needs to do so that you
don’t anger it and get little nodules
and stuff like that so what I do a subcu
injection shot I kind of squeeze my skin
and I know what you’re saying you’re
cringing like oh my god don’t do that
it’s crazy
I don’t do it a lot I don’t just squeeze
and put pressure I just kind of push the
scan a little bit together so that the
needle just kind of slips in so the skin
area is a little bit tight and it just
makes it easier to do that another tip
that may or may not work for you is
massaging the area after the shot I know
some people say don’t do it it’s a waste
of time yours agitating putting more
trauma into the fat but some people do
it some people say it helps kind of move
the oil around so you don’t get as many
nodules little bumps all that good stuff
so it’s a touchy some people say don’t
do it some people do I personally don’t
for sub-q I do for I am that’s just my
personal preference got to find out what
works for you everyone’s different you
can also ice the area after you do it I
don’t really think it’s necessary some
people say that helps prevent the
nodules a little bit and prevents the
bleeding which doesn’t really apply here
but you can do it if you want give it a
shot if you’re getting a lot of nodules
maybe try icing it after you know you do
the injection and it stops bleeding if
it is bleeding at all and just ice it
see if that helps a bit good may not so
needle size will sub-q my personal
favorite is 27 gauge 1/2 inch I find
that I’m able to draw pretty quickly
compared to like 29 or 30 gauge so it’s
really quick to do that it still does
give some resistance when you’re
injecting so you’re less likely to go
too fast and also it’s just basically as
painless as a 29
so currently I have 29 gauge I have like
100 of them so I’m just using them up
but they are pain to draw some people go
as big as 25 some people do 3127 gauge
is just my personal all-around raw as
quick goes in easy injects nicely and
it’s super easy so thanks for watching
guys those are just some quick tips I
thought I’d give you guys on sub-q if
you follow this channel you know that I
really love sub-q I really do not like
doing intramuscular injections I feel
personally exactly the same on sub-q my
lab reports are exactly the same as when
I was doing I am super painless and now
that I found the butt fat not that I
didn’t know my butt was fat I just
didn’t ever really think about injecting
in there but that’s opened up open but
yeah so butt fat I love it I haven’t
gotten a nodule since I’ve done started
doing two but that injections I haven’t
gotten a single one on my butt I do get
them occasionally in my stomach so I’ve
just been pretty much just doing my butt
I said what what in the butt I’ll switch
it up sometimes and do the belly fat
injections but since I found the butt
fat injections I’ve pretty much been
doing those almost exclusively and I
never thought I’d say it but you know
stabbing myself in the butt
it’s actually pretty cool it works well
I can sit down while I’m doing it and
haven’t gotten a nodule don’t know if
it’s just because I got newer
testosterone over the past few months
but I haven’t gotten one yet
so it’s something maybe it’ll help you
out so thanks for watching guys if you
found this video helpful if you click on
the like I really appreciate it if
you’re new here click on that subscribe
button you know you want to and if
you’re already a subscriber you’re
awesome and get your levels tested

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