No More HCG From Compounding Pharmacies or TRT Clinics! FDA Ban! Human Chorionic Gonadotropin & TRT

what’s going on guys test your levels
here thanks for watching as always I
hate to do this but I have to bring you
some bad news
do you remember that video I made of PRT
clinics switching from HCG to clomid
because certain compounding pharmacies
were unable to get the little medical
license to produce HCG and fill
prescriptions well I was a little bit
wrong and HCG is pretty much going away
in TRT so be prepared quick medical
disclaimer and I’ll let you know what’s
going on before labonz you’ve managed so
after I put out that video an anonymous
source that is familiar with the
situation with HCG and this act that
passed on March 23rd but me not being in
the medical community and knowing all
the inner workings and all that good
stuff that I was a little off on that
and I wish I wasn’t in 2009 there’s a
law passed called the biologics price
competition and innovation law and I’m
not familiar with this law very much I’m
not a lawyer but basically supposedly
had like ten years to transition for
whatever reason I don’t know what this
laws for it doesn’t seem to make sense
but according to my source it was never
really supposed to be enforced and it
was kind of supposed to go away it was a
way to kind of restore some order with
all these new different medicines and
biological stuff like HCG insulin all
that good stuff but it did pass on March
23rd during the height of the corona
when you think the FDA would be working
on something a little more important but
they decided to go ahead and pass this
for whatever reason according to my
source and I can’t verify any of this
I’m not making any accusations claims or
but this is what they told me how it
went down so according to my source a
compounding pharmacy that deals with ACG
at Phil’s prescriptions they had the
bright idea to solicit fertility clinics
and tell them that we can sell you HCG
cheaper than you can get from the
pharmaceutical companies apparently
their idea was well we’re making money
with prescriptions for HCG let’s sell to
fertility clinics they use a lot of it
so we can make some good coin and we can
get it to them cheaper than the
pharmaceutical companies if you see
where this is going the pharmaceutical
companies were not a big fan of that and
they supposedly sent this compounding
pharmacy a cease and desist letter and I
don’t know about you but if I got a
cease and desist letter from a
pharmaceutical company with billions of
dollars and they can pour into lawyers I
would probably listen to it but this
compounding pharmacy did it they ignored
the cease and desist letter and they
kind of annoyed the pharmaceutical
companies because they were trying to
take money out of their pockets and
pharmaceutical companies they have
shareholders they like to make money and
they don’t like people taking their
money so according to my source after
this compounding pharmacy ignored the
cease and desist letters and continue to
solicit fertility clinics pharmaceutical
companies went to the FDA and they got
the FDA involved and the FDA seemingly
went along with it normally a
compounding pharmacy has to be inspected
by the FDA every two years this
particular compounding pharmacy got
inspected twice and four months during
the pandemic so it seems that it was a
priority for the FDA to do this this was
during the beginning of the pandemic
when there were so many questions and we
didn’t really know what was going on and
how this will all play out so but it
seemed important to them to check this
place out twice and four months so the
FDA dinged it this pharmaceutical
company for a few things one of them was
cross using clean rooms which they’re
not allowed to do the other one was
manufacturing drugs that they were not
allowed to there’s different licenses
that these pharmacies have to have to
make different types of stuff and I’m
not familiar with that very deeply but
supposedly they had one but not the
other and you can across the – and they
got dinged for that so my source
believes that the FDA
is going to come down really hard on
this particular compounding pharmacy but
this new law that passed on March 23rd
changes this HCG and compounding
pharmacies pretty much forever they are
not allowed to import the raw materials
to make it they’re not allowed to
manufacture it but you’re saying to me
hey I just got my script filled for HCG
how can that be if they can’t make it
and they can import it their materials
how come I just got my script filled
last week if you’re a compounding
pharmacy and you fill prescriptions and
you make a good amount of money from
what I’ve heard
HCG costs about $2 to produce from them
and I don’t know what you’re paying for
HCG but you’re not paying two dollars or
$4 huge markup it’s a big moneymaker so
what did some of these bigger
compounding pharmacies do well they
bought as much HCG as they could and
they stockpiled it so they’re gonna
continue filling prescriptions for HCG
until they run out how long that is no
one knows but pretty much under the law
now they can’t do HCG anymore so now
that you’re all dialed in and you’re
enjoying your fertility and your boys
being your boys that is being taken away
from you through a combination of the
FDA the pharmaceutical company and a
rogue compounding pharmacy so when I was
doing research for that clomid video and
why the TRT clinics are switching to
clomid what I read led me to think that
they needed to get a particular license
from the FDA and that is 100% true in
order to get that license I thought that
it was just like kind of an extra form
you paste the money you get an
inspection but you actually need a
special type of facility that can
manufacture biological medicines and
they’re not cheap my source is saying
anywhere to the tune of ten to thirty
million dollars and that’s a lot of
money but not only that a compounding
pharmacy would a have to build that
building then they have to apply with
the FDA then the FDA has to inspect it
and they have to
sure that it you know lives up to all
the standards all that good stuff and
this process can take two to three years
that’s if it goes smoothly and my guess
is that if any compounding pharmacy
tried to do this that process would not
go smoothly because from sewell
companies they don’t want the money
being taken out of their pocket they
don’t want to be competing with a
compounding pharmacy for HCG I mean
pharmaceutical companies don’t like
compounding pharmacies in general
because they produce medicines cheaper
than them because they’re not brand-name
they’re just the actual medicine that
you need so my source does not believe
that any compounding pharmacy will
outlay ten to thirty million dollars and
sit on it and lose money for up to five
years or longer knowing that the
pharmaceutical companies do not want
this to happen so where does that leave
you I personally take a CG not for
fertility I take it because I don’t like
the thought of my boys atrophying
I don’t like that I don’t think it’s it
doesn’t seem natural MA it doesn’t seem
good if I ever needed to come off TRT
for any reason I would much rather have
my boys sitting there ready to go then
not there and have to try and restart
them and give them a you know a kick in
the butt if you watch the clomid video
and TRT clinics giving out clomid as a
replacement you already know it doesn’t
work that whole system of getting your
boys to do what they would normally do
is shut down and klum it does not have
the power to turn it back up test is
stronger than clomid that’s a stronger
than everything not really black test is
pretty cool so if you want to remain
fertile or keep your boys there or for
whatever reason and you’d like to
continue something that works like HCG I
have a solution for you
I spoke with Royal Medical Center and
there’s a link to them in the
description they put up the money to do
laboratory testing on a medicine that
has been around and supposedly works
better than HCG in certain scenarios but
was never used in CRT
it’s expensive more expensive than HCG
at least and they informed me that they
are switching over to this and that they
are going to keep their prices the same
they’re going to eat the difference so
they’re going to be making less money
from you each month because this
medicine costs more but they don’t have
a choice because they feel that
something like HCG is important in a TR
TKE protocol from in that for whatever
reasons so they’re willing to eat that
cost in order to provide you with better
service so I know there’s TRT clinics
out there I know there’s a couple
popular ones where they charge you for
the medicine directly you don’t pay them
a monthly fee but you buy the medicine
directly from that and if you’re with
them nothing against them I think some
of them are great clinics I know one of
them especially is but they may not be
willing to eat that cost and $100 120
dollars of HCG might turn into 200 250
of this new medicine I don’t know I
don’t know we’ll have to wait and see
that’s once the HCG runs out but it’s
unfortunate you know it’s weird that
we’re caught in a little a whole
political thing and one of the medicines
that we need is basically going away
it’s basically like a like a fake ban on
it like it’s there you can get it in the
world but you just can’t get it in the
United States unless you get a
prescription for a brand name and from
what I heard that there’s a backward for
like a couple months I don’t know why
but it’s not a good situation I’m gonna
do another video on what the actual
medicine is that oil medical is using to
replace HCG but from what I’ve seen it
seems very promising and it actually
does something that HCG has never been
shown to do so stay tuned but that’s the
video guys I hate to bring it to you
that way it’s it’s not ideal it’s it’s
just something we’re gonna have to deal
with but we’ll get through it but that’s
about it guys you heard it first on this
channel if you found at least
informative although it’s not the best
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I’ve got content for days and I’m just
gonna keep releasing videos drop in some
knowledge or try my best so that’s about
it guys as always you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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