The Replacement for HCG on TRT | Raises Luteinizing Hormone | Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys test your levels
here if you’re watching this video
you’ve probably saw my other video where
I told you that HCG is essentially going
away compounding pharmacies are not
allowed to make it or distribute it
anymore they’re moving toward that
basically on the supply runs out that’s
it so I reached out to Royal Medical
Center and asked them what are they
gonna do because they’re not doing
clomid because it doesn’t work if your
trt is trying to switch you off of HCG
to clomid you’re wasting your time and
you’re opening yourself up to the side
effects of clomid so give Royal Medical
Center a call let them know that test
your level sent you and they’ll give you
forty five dollars off the first six
months really good deal and they’ve got
the replacement for HCG and I’ll let you
know what that is as soon as we do our
medical disclaimer but I’m not a doctor
this is not medical advice this is just
for entertainment and purely
entertainment only full of bones you
Royal Medical Center told me that they
have been doing research on another
medicine to replace HCG in case that ACG
ever went away which is now happening
they spent lots of money and time doing
research doing labs doing blood work and
working with a compounding pharmacy to
try to find a the right medicine that
can replace HCG and a little tip it’s
actually a little bit better and also
the right dose because the dose is very
important with this particular medicine
they are the first TRT clinic to offer
this it is more expensive than HCG but
they are willing to take that loss of
profit in order to provide you with a
proper protocol and I have a link in the
description test your levels let them
know I sent you they’ll hook you up
they’ll take care of you this magical
medicine that is going to replace HCG
and TRT is called Gounod or Ellen and it
is AG and Rh antagonist grenadier Ellen
was discovered in 1978 and since then
it’s been used for pretty much two
things it’s been used for infertility in
women and in teenagers with delayed
puberty and in women it can actually
cause multiple births so you know a
woman is infertile they give her
grenadier Ellen and they end up having
twins or triplets so it’s pretty
powerful stuff so something interesting
about ganado Ellen it’s kind of used as
a test I in children with delayed
puberty so what they do is they’ll hook
them up with an IV that has however much
ganado Ellen in it and then they use
that IV to draw blood prior to giving it
to them then they give them the medicine
and they draw blood after and they
compare these two blood tests and see if
luteinizing hormone and follicle
stimulating hormone are elevated after
this tells the doctors whether the
patient’s hypothalamus and anterior
pituitary gland are actually working
properly or can work properly so in
order to know how gonna do Ellen works
we have to know how our brain works and
how our body works to produce
luteinizing hormone and follicle
stimulating hormone which keeps the
testes stimulated and
them to do their job the hypothalamus
releases something called
gonadotropin-releasing hormone or GnRH
and what this does is it signals the
pituitary gland to produce luteinizing
hormone or LH when that LH gets to the
testes it stimulates them to produce
testosterone the testosterone in turn
goes throughout your body and it create
what’s called a negative feedback loop
so when your body senses that there’s a
certain amount of testosterone in your
body it triggers our hypothalamus to say
okay we’re good on that so we’re not
going to release any more of the GnRH
which will in turn release LH so it does
this to try to find a balance if there
was no negative feedback loop so
hypothalamus would just keep releasing
the gnrh and it would just keep
releasing the LH and it would give your
body too much testosterone so your body
uses this negative feedback loop in
order to regulate itself and to keep
everything in balance it actually works
almost exactly the same way in females
except for estrogen is used for the
negative feedback loop the pituitary
gland has gnrh receptors and it’s
waiting for the hypothalamus to release
that and grh fills in those little
receptors and the pituitary gland says
ok I need to produce more luteinizing
hormone what gonad or Ellen does is it
fits into those little receptors like a
little key and it stimulates them and
tells the pituitary gland to start
producing luteinizing hormone where as
HCG mimics luteinizing hormone so your
testes believe they’re getting LH gonad
or ellen actually tells the pituitary
gland to make more LH what’s interesting
is that gonna door Ellen is actually
it’s more powerful to the pituitary
gland than your normal GnRH so it’s more
powerful I don’t know exactly how it’s
more powerful but it is that’s what it
does and so it gets your pituitary gland
to make a bunch of luteinizing hormone
which in turns keep your boys stimulated
and that’s what we’re looking for we’re
looking for the luteinizing hormone to
keep your boys doing what they do so
they stay you know relatively the same
size and your blessings use with
fertility which is very important for
lots of men so who Nader Ellen can be
given intramuscularly or subcutaneous
the standard is subcutaneous just like
HCG so no difference you can use the
same syringes all that good stuff same
procedure I bet you’re asking yourself
if don’t a Terrell and work so well why
are we using HCG because the HCG only
mimics luteinizing hormone vanatter
Ellen actually makes your body produce
it well the reason that this costs a lot
of money I looked on the good rx app
I’ll throw it up on screen
they said that without insurance
whatever this dosage is would be $2,800
roughly and with good rx it would only
be seven hundred and three dollars I’m
pretty sure this is the test kit for
kids with delayed puberty but still it’s
not a lot of it and it’s crazy expensive
now Royal Medical Center’s definitely be
able to get it cheaper from a
compounding pharmacy but that’s the
reason it’s not widely used because it’s
more expensive so if you’re with a TRT
clinic where you buy all your medicines
this stuff’s gonna cost more
unfortunately that’s just the way it is
and if you want something that’s similar
or better than HCG you’re gonna have to
pay the cost but Royal Medical Center
they’re gonna eat the cost so same flat
rate fee every month they should be your
medicine every two months I’ve recently
got a lot of feedback really good
feedback from some of my followers that
have joined them so if you’re looking
for a TRT clinic or your charity clinics
trying to give you clue m”d give them a
but if you watch my last video on
pharmaceutical companies trying to get
HCG out of compounding pharmacies you
can see that this stuff costs seven
hundred and three dollars with the good
rx app you can see how lucrative these
medicines are to the pharmaceutical
industry you know little Billy is not
going through puberty like he should and
his mom wants to find out if his brains
working and his hormones are working so
you know she’s gonna drop 700 bucks to
make sure little Billy’s good and it’s a
little hefty profit right there
so I mentioned that ganado Ellen does
something that HCG has never been shown
to do and that is actually raise your
luteinizing hormone Royal Medical Center
told me that in the nine years they’ve
been doing blood tests they’ve never
seen anyone
knives and Foreman greater than the 0.3
is basically undetectable they said
they’ve never seen that with HCG but
they are seeing it with gonad or allen
so I’m gonna put up some lab results
that royal medical sent me and it’s
pretty interesting now these guys I’m
not sure if they were on or off HCG my
guess is that they are on HCG but I have
to clarify that so take that with a
grain of salt I’m gonna throw these labs
appear and show you before you can add
Arella and after ganado Ellen so the
first labs two tests at different days
showing that the luteinizing hormone is
below 0.3 the test after gonner elem LH
went up to 0.8 so before it was
undetectable now at 0.8 lab to 1 tests
showing below 0.3 undetectable and three
tests showing the luteinizing hormone
raised to 1.2 1.3 and 1.4 pretty
interesting lab three three labs showing
luteinizing hormone increased to three
point six four and then to six point six
on ganador ellen lab for one test
showing below zero point three and three
tests showing that the luteinizing
hormone raised from one point one to
twenty eight point eight and forty six
point five respectively and lab five two
tests showing basically undetectable
below zero point thirty and two tests
showing 0.5 0.4 they basically proven
that gonna door Ellen raises your
luteinizing hormone and that’s something
that HCG hasn’t ever been able to do
that’s pretty interesting they told me
that these labs were when they were
testing different dosages and why this
is important what they found was what
the compounding pharmacies thought was
the right dose was not they also told me
if you’re not given enough of ganado
Ellen or you’re given too much it
doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to
do so bad I do lots of testing on
different dosages on many different men
to find the perfect dose that worked for
all of them and that dosage is I can’t
tell you so I’m not a doctor so click on
the link below talk to Royal Medical
Center personally I would not want a
cookie cutter TRT clinic or a TRT clinic
that is trying to scramble and figure
out a way
to get their patients on this because
they’re gonna have to spend a long time
doing all the research so you they may
give you too much they may give you too
little and it may not work for you and
it’s gonna mess up your protocol you’re
not gonna be dialed in your boys will
suffer so I would personally go with I
mean Royal Medical Center is a large
they’ve been in business for nine years
and they have lots of patients and
they’re pretty big and they’re the only
ones that did this the only people that
had the foresight to see what happens if
HCG goes away and they’re willing to
cover the cost
so again if you’re with a clinic where
you buy the medicine you don’t pay a
monthly fee which you buy the medicine
expect this stuff to be pretty expensive
seems to me that royal medical was on
the ball on this and they are kind of
pioneers in this field and this is gonna
be a new a new situation for TRT and
it’s gonna be interesting to see how the
industry reacts so thanks for watching
guys this is weird times in CRT I’m
sorry that you’re gonna probably have a
disruption of some kind in the coming
future once all the HCG runs out but
it’s good to know that there is a
replacement and it’s good to know that
it’s available right now so anyway guys
thanks for watching if you’re new click
on the subscribe button if you found
this video informative or helpful click
on the like button and as always you’re
awesome and get your levels tested

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