TRT Transformations Before and After – John’s Story (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

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I love doing these videos I love seeing
guys benefit and just totally change
their lives this story is a story of
John and John got all the regular
benefits of TRT we got a little bit more
and we’ll get into that a little bit
later it’s pretty interesting it’s
pretty cool I’m very happy that he’s
doing awesome
John had been three bad car accident
when t years one that was nearly fatal
he also had herniated to disc and his
lower back working in the oilfield since
then there’s two herniated discs have
collapsed along with the discs below
them the Bowman on bone and a numerous
group rest bulging discs in my mid to
upper back and some pretty severe
spondylosis I have no idea what
spondylosis is but it sounds bad so
John’s wife was in the military and so
the military Doc’s would help to fix him
up that didn’t happen
after almost three years of seeing
military Doc’s sometimes multiple times
a week my condition had only worsened so
I don’t know exactly what the treatments
they were giving them for spine most
likely it was pain medicine I don’t know
what else but doctors do like to
prescribe a lot of pain medicine and
they have a whole bunch of other side
effects that’s a different video I knew
a tiny bit about TRT and asked the docs
about it their response was always
you’re within range I finally got a
blood test and it was 198 ng / DL the
tests I had done before were in the 220
to 250 range I didn’t even know that was
low all I knew is that I was in constant
pain and I wanted to kill myself so he
was in so much pain that he could
contemplated killing himself that’s
horrible and Wow no one should have to
go through that I have intractable
muscle spasms that pretty much make me
curl up in the fetal position all the
while the medicine the doctors were
giving me was causing more problems than
they solved
so he was in bad spot you know he was in
constant pain the medicine wasn’t
working he was feeling horrible he was
just you know on top of that he had low
testosterone so you’re already in a
tremendous amount of pain and back pain
is really bad then on top of that you’re
getting a whole bunch of pain killers
and then on top of that you have low
testosterone and we all know the
symptoms of that so John was in a bad
spot so John started TRT when I started
I could barely walk a quarter mile
because I was hurting and winded where I
live all the streets inside
rocks are probably between 10 to 15
degrees incline when we moved here I
thought I would never be able to hike
that after about 2 to 3 months I had
improved enough that I could hike 3
miles a day on that incline so 3 months
on TRT he went from not being able to
walk a quarter mile to being able to
walk on a you know steep grade for three
miles that’s pretty amazing he’s just
adding a hormone that his body wasn’t
producing and I mean he’s improving so
much in 3 months
I know a lot of the symptoms of TRT take
longer than others but John was feeling
a lot better at 3 months
way better than on painkillers my wife
is more happy now than at any point in
our marriage not only because I am more
amorous but my attitude has changed and
I feel like I’m the man I should have
been all along my pain level is down
about 70 percent overall I just hope
someone hears this and it helps them I
feel like people aren’t getting the help
and the meds they need because of
political BS we’ve talked about this on
my channel before TRT is view to
steroids steroids of youth bodybuilders
and guys of cheap sports and reviewed it
as big scary angered men red rage so
just has a bad social stigma this is
real medicine and it could help save
lives just a disclaimer testosterone was
the keystone that helped with
reconstituting my body I started taking
HGH last month and it is amazing
I did use other chemicals and small
amounts the fattest pick was May 6 2009
teen when I started I was about 280
pounds I’m down to about 230 and I’m
reconstituting lost muscle every day my
mental fiscal health hasn’t been this
good 20 years so he’s been doing TRT for
about a year and I mean it sounds like
his life has completely turned around I
was really intrigued when I read the
story just because of the drastic
difference from before TRT – after trt I
mean it’s like a 180-degree turnaround
the guy went but not being able to walk
a quarter mile to 3 miles he’s feeling
fantastic when I first started I used
the testosterone gel the gel would make
me feel good for about 4 hours then I
crashed you feel awful I moved up to
injections after about a month I started
with 1 milligram of remedy acts and 200
milligrams of testosterone once a week
one milligram of attacks is way too much
for me
I only need about a quarter milligram
per week I crushed my estrogen right
before a vacation needless to say that
trip was horrible I was depressed my
joints hurt and I had no energy for the
trip the same doctors that are given out
200 milligrams of sippy 1/8 once every 2
weeks are the same doctors that’ll give
you a milligram of remedy X or 2
milligrams a week and you’ll feel
horrible and yeah you’re a bad spot so
with the remedy X start low build up if
you need to but do not crash your
estrogen it’s horrible and it doesn’t
feel good
so John’s protocol is very similar to
mine 100 milligrams every Monday and
Thursday that’s my exact schedule and
he’s taking about a quarter of a
milligram of Arimidex a week as needed
so we mentioned earlier that he had done
some other different compounds and one
of them was equipoise and the other one
was deca and equipoise and deca
supposedly can help their joints feel
the reason equipoise was made was
equipoise was made to help the horses
recover after they got injured so it
helped them build up their muscles and
it would help their joints so I’ve never
tried equipoise but I have heard some
decent stuff about it however it is
illegal so don’t try ever I’m Mike
reduced with equipoise 25 to 50
milligrams a week for five months that
was great for my pain level and recovery
muscle that I had lost
I’ve also microdose with deca durable
one I’ve used that maybe five times when
I had severe back pain flare-ups I only
use 20 to 50 milligrams once per week
and if I absolutely have to
I tried 100 milligrams of decade but
made me into a seething ball of hatred
those are powerful compounds so before I
get into John’s diet and you know it’s
pretty strict and it’s a really good
diet and he’s been following it got lost
50 pounds in a year that’s really
so I’m with a lot of back pain that
really can’t do a lot of cardio and
hardcore exercise he lost 50 pounds I’m
gonna put some pictures up here while I
read his diet and you can see complete
complete 180 first picture he looks like
second picture he looks like John I got
a food calorie out for my phone and
eight dollar food scale for about a
month I weight all of my food I can
pretty much I ball it now my diet is
pretty simple my average meal is four
and breasts eight ounces of sweet
potatoes two to four ounces of broccoli
and sometimes I put in a couple high
fiber low carb wraps
no rice regular potatoes our bread no
sugar if I can help it
I drink between three and eight liters
of water a day my blood sugar is so good
now that I can eat at 7 a.m. and most of
the time I forget to eat lunch and then
eat a large dinner I cook an 8 pound
package of chicken breast for my wife
and I at least once a week I’ve done
this for the last year so a couple
things to know when your testosterone is
low and you get to the right levels your
body is able to handle insulin a lot
better there Ansel and resistance
actually so on top of doing everything
else that TRT does it can help with your
insulin levels and insulin levels can
help you lose weight and not feel as
hunger to him and all this other good
stuff but you see he has a very strict
diet but it’s a very simple diet and yes
he eats cars
it’s a frothy keto guys and you can lose
weight by eating cars John did lost 50
pounds but basically he’s eating very
similar diets with bodybuilders eat the
he tapes lean protein some type of carb
rice the sweet potato and also a
vegetable for fibre and bodybuilders
we’ll do this like six seven times a day
but it’s a very simple diet it’s a low
fat diets the same diet that I do
John just doesn’t a little better than
me and that’s okay I’m happy with that
but that’s about it guys thanks John for
setting this and so I can make this
video and share this with people I just
want to put out you know how powerful
TRT is and changing people’s lives not
just building muscle not just with
fatigue but changing people’s lives just
said earlier he’s contemplating killing
himself and if you’re in pain every day
and you’re depressed and you’re just to
pop and pain pills just be able to walk
around you know you can’t blame the guy
but the fact that he changed his life so
much 180 in a year 50 pounds down he can
walk now inclines and declines I mean
that’s just amazing and you know there’s
no scientific data here win John and do
any tests but he attributes taking
testosterone as the keystone of him
being able to manage his pain and I
think that’s really amazing
ever heard him say that before I think
that’s really cool and I think that
should be something that’s investigated
and looked into and see if testosterone
could be used as a kind of a
pain-management instead of giving people
opioids every single day pretty easy but
anyway guys that’s it for me and Eddie
the Eagle thanks for watching if you’re
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