Defy Medical TRT CLinic Coupon Code, Discount Code, Review

Defy Medical TRT Clinic Discount Code / Coupon Code – $100 Off!!!

Defy Medical is one of the most respected TRT Clinics in the United States. Defy Medical offers fully customized TRT Protocols based on their experience in treating over 15,000 TRT patients. Defy Medical offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone, Peptide Therapy and other treatments to help get men all across the Untied States to their best selves. Defy Medical offers a unique TRT Treatment experience because they only charge you for the medicines that you use, meaning they do not charge you a monthly fee.

Did I mention that Defy Medical can treat patients in all 50 states and your medicine is shipped directly to your door?

I can personally vouch for Defy Medical as a top tier Testosterone Replacement Therapy clinic as I have been a patient of theirs. If you are looking to start TRT, Click on the link below and see why so many men trust their TRT to Defy Medical!

Defy Medical TRT Clinic Discount Code / Coupon Code – $100 Off!!!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thank you for watching
if you’re new thank you for being here
as well uh today i’m going to tell you
a trt clinic called defy medical and fun
they were the first trt clinic that i
ever signed up with and got trt
from so we’re going to jump in real
quick but we have to do a quick medical
it’s all about humanity
defy medical is one of the most
respected highest reviewed
and longest lasting trt clinics in the
united states
and if you’re wondering they can
prescribe medicine to you
in all 50 states so they are a
telemedicine clinic
they also have offices in florida and
they are
really good all around one-stop shop
they offer all kinds of stuff which we
will go through
and i was pretty persistent and i got
you guys a discount to
defy medical so if you’re starting out
you will save some money you’ll save a
hundred dollars
and i’ll let you know their whole
process and how to get started with them
let’s get going so first i’ll tell you
about some of the stuff that defy offers
and it’s a
vast array of different treatments they
have testosterone gels creams pellets
they have compounded testosterone so you
can mix
propionate incipionate a lot of guys
like that
they also offer hcg which i know is very
important to a lot of guys to maintain
and maintain other things to where you’d
want them to be
they also offer some other interesting
stuff like hmg
fsh they offer different ais if you need
an ai or you want an ai they have that
they also offer ed meds so your viagra
your cialis
they have some other really cool
treatments for ed one of them is called
the other one’s something called trimex
which i’ll probably do a video on
but just right there i mean that’s a lot
of different stuff that they have and
that’s that’s just
scratching the surface they have all
kinds of stuff they may have treatments
for stuff that
you didn’t even know you needed you know
maybe you had some old injuries or
keeping you from the gym and
they’ve got something for you but that’s
why you need to give them a call
and uh the way they work is a little
differently i’ll get into that a little
later on the video but
they don’t just call you up you do labs
and then they just send you medicine
you actually get a one-hour consultation
and during that consultation you can
discuss whatever you want
you can tell them i’m having this issue
i’m having this this this this
and they have a treatment that may work
for you then you can work with them on
before we jump into some more medicines
i want to let you guys know my personal
experience with defy
and that’s why i’m really excited
because i’ve worked with them before so
i can 100
recommend them they are reliable they
will return phone calls they return
if they say they’re going to do
something they do it because they’re a
top tier clinic
they’re top notch that’s why they have
so many good reviews that’s why they’re
so well respected on reddit and all the
facebook groups
they’re just a solid solid company
imagine a trt clinic but as a company
and that company is just top notch run
100 from the top down
that’s what defy is they’re solid when i
started trt
i tested with my regular doctor total
test 288
he said i was perfectly good i knew that
wasn’t correct
did a little bit research i ended up
and i was self-medicating and i felt
but i knew that i didn’t know all this
stuff like i do now
so i reached out to defy and i went
through the consultation with them
and i was kind of iffy i was like should
i tell them i’m self-medicating because
they’re doctors and
you know people are kind of scared of
doctors and you know but i was like you
know what
i’m just going to tell them so i told
them i was self-medicating and
the girl i can’t remember her name on
the phone she said that’s fine
no problem all we need to do is just get
your current blood work we’ll look at it
we’ll go over it during this whole
consultation and then we’ll figure out
the best protocol for you
and i was like wow that was easy i was
expecting something different but i
wanted to be honest
defy isn’t worried about what your past
situation is defy wants to
figure out what the best plan of action
is moving forward they really
want to help their patients they want to
help them feel better they’re not
worried about if you’re self-medicating
they want to make you feel better and i
really like that about defy
so basic process if you want to get
started with defy
you’re going to click on the link below
it’s going to give you a discount of a
hundred dollars so that’s 100
that you would normally have to pay but
since i spoke with them and we worked
this all out
you get 100 off no coupon codes you just
sign up with the link below
so what’s going to happen is they’re
going to reach out to you and they’re
going to talk to you they’re going to
get some information
and they’re going to figure out labs now
you can get your labs done through them
um or if you don’t have insurance
they’ll work with you
um if you do have insurance they’ll help
you try to figure that out as well
it gets a little complicated between
insurance companies
but anyway give them a call you’ll get
your blood work figured out and they’ll
get you started
now once your blood work comes back
it’ll be sent back to defy
and someone will reach out to you and
set up a time for your one hour
during that consultation whoever you
talk to it defy is going to have your
blood work in front of them
and they’re going to go through and say
okay this looks good this looks good
this may be an area of concern this you
know this is what this came back at
and you know they’ll listen to you and
answer any questions that you may have
about trt in general
any other things you want to discuss
with them maybe you’ve got some injuries
maybe you’ve got
you know some e.d or some libido issues
and you know they’ll try to figure out a
game plan for you that’s what i like
about defy is that they’re a one-stop
they’re not just a trt clinic and if you
want to do peptides or
human growth hormone or other stuff or
vitamins you have to go somewhere else
you can and they do everything at divide
which is really cool some other
medicines that they offer depending on
the situation they don’t just hand these
out but if it makes sense
is anavar nandrolone decanoate or deca
and winstrol so if you’ve ever seen
bodybuilding those are compounds that
certain bodybuilders use
but they were originally designed and
are currently used
for regular medicine so if the situation
makes sense
that may be a possible option for you
some other really cool stuff that defy
offers they offer different vitamin
uh they have l-glutathione which is for
weight loss and some other stuff
they also have l-carnitine that’s
another really cool compound for helping
with weight loss
uh they’re also experts in human growth
hormone and igf and all that good stuff
they offer human growth hormones
sermorelin i’m up parelyn
ibutamarin which if you’re familiar with
sarms that’s mk677
they also have some some combinations of
those depending on what you’re trying to
and that’s why i really like defy in
that they’re a one-stop shop
so depending on what your blood work
comes back with you know you may have
not had
even known you had any issues with human
growth hormone but it may be super low
and that may be your issue
and if so they’ve got a you know a whole
arsenal of stuff that they can
you know try to work and see what works
the best for you to help get you back on
so they’re one stop shop and i like i
said i can attest that they are rock
they respond to you they don’t just give
you you know a cookie cutter
protocol they actually look at your
blood work and work with you for a whole
that’s a long time an hour for someone
to sit there and go through all your
blood work
any concerns you may have any additional
issues may have
and then once they do that and they get
your protocol set up
you get set up in the little patient
portal and in that patient portal
all the different medicines and stuff
they offer so what you’re going to do is
you’re going to say okay
this is my protocol so i’m going to go
and i’m going to click on that add that
that and that and then i’m going to
check out and once you check out
boom medicine gets sent straight to your
so the mailman knocks on the door knock
knock knock here you go
here’s your protocol and you’re good to
go you’re off to the races
and then whenever you need to reorder
you just
go back onto the patient portal click on
what you need
boom check out super easy super easy
but a little tip make sure you order
exactly what’s prescribed to you
don’t try to double it up ask me how i
know this
they check them it’s not just a
free-for-all marketplace once you get
your protocol where you can just be like
look at all this stuff i can buy no you
have to order what they prescribe to you
that’s the way it works that’s about all
i have
about to find they just they offer so
much stuff
they have a large staff to help with
customer service
they’ve got a lot of doctors on staff
they’ve been doing this for a long time
they’ve helped thousands of patients
so if you do start your protocol and you
start having symptoms
trust me they’ve seen it before they
know how to address it they know how to
fix it
they’re going to get you dialed in super
quick which is one of the hardest things
to do on trt
so if you’re dealing with a clinic
that’s just giving you everyone the same
and you know they’re newer whatever it
may be they’re not going to get you
dialed in as quick as defy would
because they know what they’re doing
they’ve seen it thousands of times and
they know how to address it
so guys highly recommended trt clinic
defy medical
link is in the description they even
built my own little website for me
website page so you click on that says
this is the discount you’re getting for
subscribing to
test your levels and if you’re not
subscribed click on the button
but uh yeah links in the description you
get 100 off
uh they’ll contact you and you get
started with trt
so thank you guys for watching thanks
deanna defy for making this possible
it’s been a weird year for everyone and
she dug deep and we made this
partnership happen i’m really excited
about it like i said i have personal
experience with defy
nothing but great things to say so as
you’re awesome and get your levels
click on the link and reach out to defy

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