Testopel – Testosterone Pellet Therapy – Why do these exist?

Testopel Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pellets are a form of TRT treatment that many doctors push on patients. But do Testosterone pellets work well? Is worth going through 3 to 4 procedures each year? Is Testopel worth how expensive it is?

what’s going on guys test your levels
you’re probably thinking to yourself
look at that background look what’s
behind test your levels it’s so
such a great youtube studio it’s
honestly i didn’t expect to be recording
very many videos but long story short
i’m going to get it decorated here soon
i might even get a new logo and put some
put a nice little vinyl sticker right
about well it’s backwards
anyway let’s do medical disclaimer and
get into it it’s all about humanity
so i want to do a video on pellets and
i’ve seen
a good amount of people actually on them
it’s interesting i could only find like
two studies
on pellets and this one that i’m quoting
uh it’s not even really a study it’s
just talking about other studies that
were done in the past
there’s only like two or three of them
so it’s pretty interesting
and uh let’s just jump right in in this
it said currently the most popular form
of testosterone replacement therapy is
topical gels that require daily
applications and incur risk of
testosterone to a family member this was
in 2014
i don’t think the gels were the most
popular form then but just listen behind
that kind of how some of this stuff is
this is kind of coming from the medical
community so just just note that
throughout the video
long lasting testosterone pellets were
approved in 1972 by the fda
at that time the only other options were
inexpensive generic intramuscular
testosterone injections
but interestingly enough testosterone
pellets were not marketed
until 2008. the formulation laid dormant
until 2008
when the patent was purchased by a newly
formed company called slate
and the pellets were now called testapel
again they
mentioned that gel-based uh testosterone
is the most popular form which
i don’t believe so maybe it’s the most
popular expensive form but
it sure as hell isn’t beating just
straight up test here’s another one
long-term topical and injection therapy
are fraught with
poor long-term compliance due to the
inconvenience of the application
fraught with low compliance you’ll see
the word compliance come up a lot
when you look into testosterone
medicines and studies and stuff like
um just a quick breakdown of what
medical compliance is it’s
taking your medicine and taking it at
the exact dosage that’s prescribed to
so a lot of they’ll talk about
testosterone you know compliance
you know if we give a person a 10 ml
they could become out of compliance by
taking too much and becoming a steroid
test the pel was thus a welcome new
addition to the trt treatment world
as it required a simple procedure three
or four times a year
so it’s great three or four times a year
you go there they give you some
novocaine in your hip
they slice you open they jam a tube in
there and they pump pellets in there
and hopefully some of them don’t pop out
and i’m not hating on
i’m not hating on anyone that’s on
pellets i mean some people i’m sure like
the only reason i would ever personally
do it is if i was like
super freaked out about needles and you
since i’ve done so many videos on sub q
i mean you can get over i
listen i used to be a phobia of needles
i used to have a pretty bad one
to where i saw people using needles on
like in movies and on tv like i had to
look away
but now i look forward to my shots
because they’re so easy you either do
a little little delt shot with a half
inch insulin syringe or
belly fat butt fat super easy moving on
it is unclear whether any
pharmacokinetic studies were ever done
on the actual testopel pellets
there are currently no published studies
prior to 2009
on the currently fda approved testapel
in 1972 i mean our understanding of
medicine was a lot less
so i feel like it was a lot easier to
get medicines approved back in the day
um and testopel was approved in 72 but
it was never sold
so then this company comes and buys the
patent and they’re like hey
you know trt is booming right now you
know what’s uh
you don’t think they purchased a patent
for testosterone pellets
out of the good of their heart just to
bring an even better tr tree treatment
to the world to men
all over the world hell no they were
like trt’s booming
look at this patent just sitting here
it’s fda approved snag this guy
up call it testipel make that money
which is why i haven’t really done
videos on
you know the gels or the pills or the
nasal spray
i personally feel they’re just the
pharmaceutical companies way to make
off something that’s already been solved
you know we’ve got
if you’re talking about long-term
compliance i mean look at australia they
they use libido you know you go there
every six weeks or ten weeks and you
have the doctor
put you in compliance and you know put
four mls in your glute
but um that’s why i’m just not a big fan
of them the only one that i would
possibly recommend to someone who’s like
super freaked out about needles would be
the compounded creams
but even then you know you can get less
absorption in their skin over time
people have different absorption rates
anyway let’s stick with pellets
so here’s some stuff from some of these
early studies reflecting the early
experience with the pellets
six of 15 men 40 extruded at least
one pellet though no wound infections
occurred so that’s good
you know no infections from inserting
you know under your skin the frequency
of pellet extrusion fell dramatically
with increased experience from an
incidence of 40 percent
after the first 15 procedures to 5 in
the later 96 implants
i found some newer data on on the you
know pellet extrusion and the
infections it says research reports 1.4
to 6.8 percent source of cases result in
so one point five to seven percent
possibly getting an infection
and approximately five to twelve percent
cases resulted in extrusion
so one in 20 to three and 20
roughly fuzzy math uh guys that go in
there to get this done
have one pop out that’s kind of awkward
can you imagine just like being at work
and like you stand up and you walk past
all your co-workers and a little pellet
falls out of your butt
another interesting thing about the
pellets is the estimated
uh half-life is two and a half months
so that’s why they recommend going and
getting them every three to four months
and it’s it’s just minor surgery it’s
i mean you don’t have to go under
anesthesia or anything but i mean
it seems inconvenient to go and get your
skin sliced open and pellets jammed
under your skin
three to four times a year it’s also
quite expensive
that’s why this stuff’s around it’s not
because they stacked it up against
bottles of test and injections you know
once a week or twice a week injections
they’re like
pellets pellets win hands down so much
that uh you know this needs to be done
over the injections because
patient compliance another interesting
thing about the pellets
and one of the problems with it as well
is that once those amount of pellets are
in there
if you have too high of a dose or too
low of a dose
you have to have that procedure done
again so they either have to take some
pellets out
or put some pellets in so
and and here’s the crazy part
dosing of the pellets was arbitrarily
based on the severity of symptoms
body weight age and lifestyle so
unless you’re going to like the testopel
savant who can look at you and look at
your blood work and be like
750 perfect you know i mean
you may have to do a couple procedures
before you get dialed in
and that’s not even accounting for
estrogen and shbg
and you know all that other stuff so i
personally don’t recommend pellets but
a lot of doctors push them so this guy
did a study via survey based on patient
recall the choice of therapy was heavily
influenced by physicians recommendations
and 53 percent chose injections 31
chose gels and 17 chose testapol
so i mean they did preface it was
heavily influenced by
the physician’s recommendation but even
with that
only 17 of the people chose testapow
here’s another issue with testipel and
doing these pellets
is that you can build up scar tissue
many implanters have found that with
repeated insurgents subcutaneous
fibrosis occurs
making the insertions more difficult so
once that starts happening to you if it
starts happening to you
it’s not going to get better so and over
i mean if you’re doing trt for the rest
of your life
i mean imagine let’s say you were on trt
for 30 years
and you did it four times a year
that is 160 160 procedures
that’s a lot of procedures that’s a lot
160 times you’re getting your skin
sliced open
they put a little tube in there and they
put a little you know
guide rod and put that in there that’s
hundreds of nuts sure i did the math
wrong on that
30 years 120 40 years would be 160.
now this was actually really interesting
this was this
got me off guard so they got the idea
that if they added arimidex
to either the testosterone pellets i’m
pretty sure that’s what they did
they got the idea that if they did that
they would slow the testosterone
absorption rate down
because the men would have less estrogen
and uh
it was actually interesting son of a
[ __ ] it worked
with the addition of a nastrazol
t-levels were maintained at yugonado
levels for 120 days
meaning reinsertion time was increased
from 124 days
to 194 days so they added 70 days to the
reinsertion time
just by adding arimadex that’s pretty
i mean it doesn’t think just because
they you know added 70 days doesn’t mean
i would run out and get
sliced open but it’s just interesting
how the human body works it’s so
everything is so tied together so just
by lowering these
people’s estrogen levels uh testosterone
got absorbed slower
pretty cool so overall i mean the
pellets do work
there are some issues with them and uh
they’re expensive
and you have to have minor surgery every
three to four months
i don’t recommend them to anyone and
another reason is like i said
once those pellets are in there if it’s
too high or too low
there’s only one way to fix it going
right back in
but i’ll leave you with something and
like i said i don’t dislike doctors but
this is a plastic surgeon someone very
well respected in the medical community
i mean these plastic surgeons do crazy
but what this doctor did uh was pretty
so there was a lady right and
she had a history of estrogen-positive
breast cancer
a history of breast cancer due to
estrogen her plastic surgeon
recommended bhrt bioidentical hormone
replacement therapy
pellets unaware apparently unaware that
testosterone can aromatize into estrogen
we do everything we can to deplete the
patients of estrogen when they have
estrogen-positive breast cancers it was
highly alarming to us
we spoke to this plastic surgeon who
made some very erroneous statements
so this plastic surgeon i mean
he gave this lady like high doses of
who had history of breast cancer caused
by estrogen
not caused by estrogen but made worse by
i mean just not saying to question your
um well trust but verify
a good friend of mine told me that one
time it applies for most things
trust but verify that’s why it’s good to
do research
that’s why i made this channel and
that’s why i’m gonna
sign out by saying you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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