Lowering HCG Dose on TRT | Low Dose HCG for TRT | Lowering HCG Sides | HCG Small Dose | HCG Protocol

Lowering HCG Dose on TRT | Low Dose HCG for TRT | Lowering HCG Sides | HCG Small Dose | HCG Protocol

what’s going on guys tester levels here
want to talk a little bit about
hcg today and i want to share an
experience that i had
um that may change your mind may not
about hcg
and uh yeah i think it’s interesting and
let’s just get into it it’s all about
about six months ago i randomly obtained
a bottle of hcg 5000 ius
and it was in a 10ml bottle and
at the time i was taking a thousand ius
of hcg
a day didn’t have any side effects every
it was doing everything that it was
supposed to do but i thought to myself
what would happen if i dropped my dose
from 1 000 to 500
you know would it still give me the same
benefits would it be a little bit less
would it not be effective at all so i
went ahead and
switched my protocol to 250 ius
twice a week and i was interested to see
that there was really no difference for
i i’m not let’s just say i’m not hitting
things off the wall
at will if you know what i’m saying but
i wasn’t before
either so in that scenario or that
it was exactly the same uh the boys
almost exactly the same if not exactly
the same
so that’s why i wanted to make this
video i know that the standard protocol
is a thousand i use some guys even go up
to 1500 ius
but i have been seeing a lot on the
forums and in my group and in other
facebook groups
a lot of guys are having issues with
estrogen side effects on hcg
and with hcg in general not necessarily
because of estrogen
some guys just don’t react well to you
whatever dose of hcg so i wanted to
share my experience
in that you know even though i was
feeling fine on a thousand
i feel fine at 500 so therefore i’m
taking half the medicine per week
which saves me money and you know at the
end of the day the less medicine you
have to take the better
now if you’re a guy who is you know
gung-ho about fertility
or gung-ho about you know the finished
product of something or you’re just
really concerned about your boys
um you know i’m not telling you to
change your dose not at all
i just wanted to share with you that i
was able to drop mine in half and
continue with the exact same benefits
um or may not work for you i don’t know
i have no idea but i wanted to share
i think it’s important that we all share
our experiences so that other people can
either learn from that try it just have
that information on hand in case
for whatever reason they have to recall
it you know just for me
it’s just 500 is fine for me so why jump
up to a thousand
why i have to deal with that well i have
to deal with you know higher estrogen
levels and you know
injecting more medicine for me it
doesn’t make sense and i’ve stuck with
that protocol since then
so just wanted to share it this is a
quick video you know i’m not like i said
i’m not a doctor i’m not telling you
what to do if you’re happy with your
absolutely keep on keeping on i’m just
letting you know that i cut my dose in
and experience no changes so saving me
i still am injecting the same volume
because it’s still in a 10 ml bio
vial so that doesn’t make a difference
it saves me money and i’m using less
so that’s about it guys just a real
short one just wanted to share that with
let me know in the comments what your
thoughts are you know have you ever
tried this have you ever tried cutting
your hcg down to like 500
and seeing if you got the exact same
benefits well using less medicine
let me know or if you’re just like
gung-ho and you’re just like
listen i like a thousand i’m feeling a
let me know in the comments just just
let me know what you guys are doing with
and let me know if you do give this a
try let me know in the comments if this
worked for you
if you saw less of a benefit and you
went right back just let me know either
way let’s share the knowledge and uh
help everyone the trt community out so
that’s about it guys
real short as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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