Test and Deca for TRT, Month 2 Benefits | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain relief for men who work out our who just bad joints. This video highlight the second month of me taking Deca and the benefits I received.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being with me
ignore the crazy hair my barber likes to
make it really poofy
but i know at the top of your mind
you’ve been wondering
how’s tyle doing on his different
medicine how is he doing we gotta know
we have to know is he feeling better
is he having any issues well i’m going
to let you know how
this little experiment is run and uh
yeah let’s start
it’s all about humanity
so if you’re new to the channel click on
the subscribe button it’s mandatory it’s
free you can change your mind at any
so as most of you know i started running
manville on decanoid
or deca and i’ve been running it 100
milligrams per week on top of my
normal trt dose and i saw a lot of
comments like you’re not going to feel
the benefits for two months you’re not
going to feel it takes two months takes
two months and i was like okay
so here we are roughly two months into
this little deca experiment
and i gotta say i’m pretty impressed
with deca
it’s uh not only for joint pain i guess
i’ll start with joint pain
so during the first you know two weeks
month month and a half i could
definitely feel an improvement on my
uh what’s interesting is my shoulder it
doesn’t hurt when i do shoulders
it hurts when i bench so it’s something
something in here
but i did feel an improvement uh not a
huge improvement to where i was like oh
my gosh you know
everyone should be doing this this is
the answer for joint pain
but i could feel an improvement and i do
have to say
now that i’m just a little bit past the
two-month mark
uh i can definitely tell a much more
uh it feels a lot better it’s uh i can
still feel it you know i can still feel
it right in here
so it may not be something joint related
what’s super weird is i’ve dislocated
this shoulder a bunch of times this
shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore
i’ve never dislocated the shoulder or
knowingly injured it
and this is the one that’s giving me
trouble super weird
getting old’s fun isn’t it but i can
definitely feel that it’s helping um
like i said i can still feel it it’s not
like it’s a cure-all like you’re just
gonna take deca for two months and
you know all your joints and all the
abuse you put on your body is just gonna
go away
but when i’m benching i can still feel
it but it’s a lot less i’d say probably
60 to 80 percent less and that is
really nice it’s the first time i’ve
really been able to hit the weights hard
and that moves me into the next portion
of deca which i really like
and it’s uh it’s well it’s why it’s used
in bodybuilding
it packs on strength and size and
i haven’t really gained any weight but
every exercise that i’m doing in the gym
i’m moving another plate down
another plate down and i’m doing it for
more reps so my strength has been
increasing a lot i don’t know if i look
any bigger i don’t know if it adds
if you can see it on the camera but i
can definitely tell that i’m a lot
and i feel like i’m bigger my wife
thinks i’m bigger
so i’m going to take that as a win now
here’s the question
here’s the question should i break the
golden rule of deca which is twice as
much test
to deca and jump it up from 100 to 150.
you know the golden rule is if you’re
taking 200 milligrams of test
you’re taking 100 milligrams of deca so
two to one ratio
now if i were to jump it up to 150
obviously it would have to be approved
by my doctor of course
but that would be 200 test 150 deca
so it’s a three to four ratio i guess so
that would break the golden rule of deca
let me know in the comments what should
i do
what should i do hmm more deca
possible sides possible gains
well you guys decide you guys let me
know so i’ll move into the last portion
my review on deca and i saw a lot of
you know because i mentioned that my
libido has been
through the roof i’m talking through the
roof way more than just on trt
way more to the point where it’s getting
um you know my wife’s only home at
certain times of the day
and she sure as heck isn’t home at 10
a.m when i’m sitting on my computer
so yeah so to the point where it’s
annoying to where i’m
working i’m working and it just it’s in
my brain
and it makes it hard to work
so some you got to do what you got to do
sometimes so you can get
stuff done and i need to get stuff done
so i mean i can’t say that it’s going to
do that for you
but it definitely did it for me i saw a
lot of comments saying that
you know oh deca should lower your
libido and you know it shouldn’t work
that way
and i guess if you were doing deca only
i had a buddy that did a deca
only cycle and when he stopped he said
his boy did not work for like two months
and i was like wow that’s crazy man
i don’t know why he did a deca cycle
only cycle in the first place but
he did live and learn so if i broke the
golden decker rule
and jumped it up to 150 i would expect
more gains more size more strength all
i have a feeling that it’s going to
raise my libido even more
to where i may not even have a youtube
channel because i’ll be too busy doing
other things but i also may experience
side effects i’m not sure what those may
i told you a while ago my back broke out
and those before i even started deca so
i’ve been
taking one milligram of arimidex per
to try to get that under control and it
seems to be working but
i still seem to be breaking out and i
don’t believe it’s because of deca but i
don’t think the deca is helping in any
so 150 could bring on more acne
and i don’t know don’t want to get
jacked and
have a really high libido just have some
i don’t know let me know in the comments
what do you think i should do
stay at 100 drop it all together or
jump it up to 150. i’m a feeling i know
what you guys will say
but be interesting to see overall though
becca really good compound in my opinion
obviously you have to get it prescribed
from your doctor uh there’s side effects
to any medicine
so far i have not had any issues at all
i mean i’ve no
nothing mental wise no anxiety no
estrogen side effects no nothing my
sleep is fantastic
i mean i feel i feel fantastic so
literally no side effects for me your
results may differ
but overall great compound my shoulders
feeling better
i’m really happy with that and i hope
that the benefits
continue even more although i would be
happy with
where it is right now like right now if
i took the amount of
relief that i have from my shoulder just
i would be very happy with deca if it
gets a little better over time
as it gets saturated in my body as it
helps you know lubricate the joints and
the collagen and all that good stuff
if it continues with those benefits and
increases a little bit over time
i’ll be really happy and i’ll be feeling
and hey i might even man up and get on a
real bench
i don’t have a spotter so i don’t get on
the bench because i don’t want to
sit there with weight on my chest
looking like an idiot have to roll it
you know what i’m talking about guys
that work out alone you hit that last
and you’re struggling you’re struggling
and it just comes down
and you got to sit there and roll it
down until you get up until you can get
it off you
or you could just go like this and dump
the weight but that’s uh
it’s not a lot of fun everyone in the
gym looks at you like you’re an idiot
because you’re benching without a
anyway guys deca great compound
uh if you’re if you’re banged up your
joints are messed up you got back
injuries knees
i can’t tell you to take it but i would
definitely discuss it with your doctor
but i’ll be realistic with you most
barely know what deca is they’re going
to look it up and see
that’s bodybuilding that’s a steroid
okay well these are all the side effects
that looks pretty crazy
let’s uh let’s get you on some pain
management let’s get you on some pills
just gonna be realistic a regular doctor
who’s never written deca doesn’t know
what it is he’s gonna look at it and
he’s probably not gonna write it for you
it’s unfortunate but uh they’re probably
gonna refer you to pain management
or physical therapy or whatever or tell
you to stop working out but
hey that’s why trt clinics that’s why
they exist because
they deal with the stuff they know you
know that this stuff works
and they’re able to prescribe it if
necessary i have some links to ones
uh i know defy can write deca i know
matrix can write deca
peter on cage does not write deca and i
do not believe that royal medical writes
you do what you need to do anyway guys i
don’t want to ramble too long
i like deca let me know 100 or 150
break the golden rule get some gains
some libido
or just stay where i’m at anyway guys as
you’re awesome and get your levels

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