Does TRT Shorten Your Life? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Shorten Your Life? TRT Longevity

Does TRT Shorten Your Life? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Shorten Your Life? TRT Longevity. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Longevity.

welcome to trt short answers today’s
question is does trt shorten your life
um there are no conclusive studies that
show that trt shortens your life
actually the newer newer studies that
are coming out on trt
longer bigger studies are showing that
low testosterone can actually be more
detrimental to your health
they’re showing that testosterone is a
hormone that men need in order to
for their body to do a lot of functions
that help keep the body running properly
so imagine if your engine you know only
had one quarter two quarts of oil as
opposed to the five that it needed
sure overfilling your your engine oil
can cause issues
but if you’re running at twenty percent
or forty percent of your oil your engine
is gonna wear down faster
so i’m not getting into the science in
these short videos but overall
my personal opinion is that if you had
low testosterone an unhealthy lifestyle
and you went on trt you know a actual
replacement dose not you know super
and you add a healthy lifestyle i feel
that it would actually lengthen your
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