The Best SubQ Spot You’ve Never Tried for TRT! Whole Process From Start to Finish! Subcutaneous Testosterone Injection

In this video I show you the best Subcutaneous Injection site for administering Testosterone, Gonadorelin and HCG for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Most people think you can only use your stomach fat as most doctors and treatments say to do it this way. But if you are betting PIP, Lumps, Bumps or Nodules with doing Subcutaneous Injections in belly fat, try this new spot!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
sitting here at my dining room table
about to do my shots and i figured i
would just share the whole process with
you from start to finish
and show you how i do it not how you
should do it not medical advice
not any type of advice at all just
showing you my process from start to
so let’s get started it’s all about
so first off we got 27 gauge half inch
insulin syringes
these are the ones i use these are the
ones i recommend
it’s easy to draw easy to inject and
pretty painless so if you’re in the
market for some insulin syringes
i would definitely give these a try just
my personal favorite
[ _ ] next we have a bottle of olive oil this is not testosterone in any way it does not have four esters in it it’s just olive oil so don’t worry youtube we’re safe next we have a bottle of water this is just bacteriostatic water it’s definitely not anything to help out with your boys or your volume or anything else like that just purely water and we have two alcohol prep pads which is all i use for both injections i just need two so pretty easy pretty simple so with my first alcohol prep pad i’m gonna prep the top of these bottles like so i really like to get in there keep my finger on the rubber stopper just to make sure that super clean and i kind of fold them over the edges and clean the sides probably overkill but that’s just what i do and move on to the olive oil same process twist it around make sure you’re getting all that all that sanitation and then i just let them hang out i’ll save this alcohol prep pad for later it’s uh get some syringes going on here so we’ll start with start with the water you’re going to see how easy this water draws in here i mean pretty much with any size but i’m going to take a half an ml of air and pump that in just to keep the pressure i know my camera’s not going to focus on this but i’m gonna try to make it we really just not [ _ ] focus
ah there we go all right so we’re gonna
draw up
half an ml got very little air in there
so we’re just going to leave that alone
and then we’re going to cap this off
these aren’t real syringes these are
movie prop syringes so
don’t worry
now i do want to show you is i do want
to show you how the
testosterone flows we’re going to do the
same process
i’m going to push air into it keep the
pressure level
and let’s see how we’re gonna focus all
right so there we go
so we’re gonna start pulling here
and you’re gonna see i’m gonna pull a
little bit further back
and we’re going to watch this olive oil
fill up
so any of you guys that think you need
like 25
23 any of that stuff to draw
testosterone because it’s too thick
i mean you can see this is i’ll just hit
some air
we’re kind of near the end of this
bottle of olive oil here
and get some air back in there
let me see this is pretty quick process
so you’ll just start to fill up
what i want to do is i’ll pull to six
and i’ll just let it fill up
get to the top there
pretty close and then i’m going to pull
and let me see if there’s an air bubble
in there get that air bubble loose
get it to the center a little bit
little guy left this is a lot easier
when i just do it on my own
come on guys that’s good enough just a
little bubble
and now we’re back at point five of
olive oil of course
so next time you see me we’ll be
injecting olive oil and water into my
butt fat
all right so i’m going to try to do this
the least offensively as possible
so we do full alcohol swab
i just like to you know cover everywhere
just to make sure it’s as sanitary as
and get the other side too while we’re
at it
because i do like to let the alcohol dry
i find that if it’s still wet on the
that uh usually the needle burns when
it’s coming in
so i like to let it dry and the area
we’re going for
here we’re going for is right around
here you know wherever you feel
you can see the fat sometimes you gotta
stretch it out a little bit but we’re
going right around here
in this area
i actually had a nurse comment on one of
my videos and what they said they do in
the hospital for sub-q
shots is they actually pull the skin
apart and i guess the idea is when it’s
stretched out and you put the needle in
when you take it out
and the skin is normally like this that
it kind of tightens onto it
or it closes up so there’s less bleeding
i still bleed from time to time
it’s pretty normal so i’ll show you what
i do here
this is obviously a fake needle so just
pull the skin
straight in and with hcg
you can go faster than with testosterone
but if you feel any
tightness or if it feels kind of a
little bit of a sharp pain
just slow down but uh the hcg or his
water is in this case it’s pretty easy
and if you need to go slower go slower
no point in rushing so right now i’m
starting to feel a little bit of the
a little bit so i’m just going to hold
off for maybe four or five seconds
let everything distribute and
and what i do is i kind of hold it like
this and i let it sit for 10 seconds
and it’s just to allow everything to
i feel like it helps it not bleed as
much but sometimes it bleeds
and sometimes it doesn’t it’s just kind
of random but then we pull straight out
and we’ll cap this obviously to be safe
and let’s see are we bleeding a little
nothing crazy but i’ll uh
usually sit this and rub this over here
a couple times until it stops
but i won’t bore with you that so we’ll
switch to the other side and do
aka olive oil so we’re pretty much doing
the same process on this side
nothing different we’re going for around
this area we don’t want to get too close
to the hip or too close to the glute
just kind of right there in the middle
wherever you have fat it’s pretty simple
and i find it a lot more a lot better
going into my thighs but
same idea same concept we’re just going
to pull pull the skin a little bit
straight in and maybe i’ll turn a little
bit so you can see
not the best angle but we’re just going
to go slowly in so here’s a better angle
for you
it feels tight any time we’re just going
to pause the reason to rush this
and i have not gotten any little nodules
or bumps when doing this
um i just kind of did it as kind of an
experiment for youtube
and uh it works i’ve done it ever since
i’ve tried scipione
on now i’ve tried olive oil
but uh yeah just go nice and slow
and we’re all good and like i said i
hold it for 10 seconds
i feel like it helps with the bleeding a
little bit but
sometimes it bleeds sometimes it doesn’t
just is what it is
perfectly normal perfectly healthy 10
seconds we go straight out
and we do have a little bit of blood
it’s random sometimes i’ll i’ll you know
put these ones in
and uh don’t feel anything you know you
don’t even feel it go in and i pull it
out and it bleeds like crazy
and then sometimes you know i push it in
and i kind of feel pain or the burn from
the alcohol
and uh pull it out and there’s nothing
but uh
yeah that one looks pretty easy no
issues there
i even had to shimmy around with the
camera with a fake needle in my
in my butt fat give you guys a better
angle but
yeah there it is really easy sub q and
buff that i love it personally my
favorite method
not saying give it a try not saying
don’t just showing you what i did
for entertainment purposes only so
that’s my sub q routine using 27 gauge
half inch syringes uh we got water on
one side
olive oil on the other i find it’s a
really easy method
it’s a pretty easy spot usually i mean
even if you’re pretty lean you still do
have some butt fat
you know the belly spot perfectly fine
love handle is perfectly fine
if that’s working for you perfect i just
want to show you there is another spot
you know even if you’re pretty lean you
still probably have a little bit of butt
so it’s an extra option and like i said
i’m not really getting any nodules or
i think i may have had one and i just
kind of felt it but it never
it never brews or anything like that so
pretty easy method guys
just uh wanted to share it with you for
entertainment purposes only
if you do it a little differently or you
have any thoughts on
butt fat let me know in the comments
hopefully maybe this showed you that you
don’t just have to do it in belly fat or
glove handles you’ve got a third option
and options are always good
so leave me a comment let me know if you
do anything differently
if you’re new click on the subscribe
button if you found this video
informative in any way shape or form
feel free to leave a like so thanks for
watching guys
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested

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