Gynecomastia Causes and Treatments on Testosterone Replacement Therapy or Not!

In this video I go over what actually causes Gynecomastia and what treatments you can speak with your doctor about to try and get rid of it. Gynecomastia is very common in men and especially guys who are on TRT or high levels of testosterone.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we’re going to talk about
a kind of nasty side effect that can
happen on trt and a couple other
it’s called gyno and uh i’m gonna do a
quick medical disclaimer
we’ll get into it it’s all about
both males and females have tissue in
their upper chest
i can’t say the exact word of what type
of tissue it is because
i’ll probably get my video demonetized
but anyway
men and women both have this tissue but
in men it’s usually
never activated or never really shows
in females you can obviously tell that
it definitely does and it’s something
us as guys are very grateful for but
when it happens to us
it’s called gynoclemastia and it can be
also called moobs
and it’s not fun and a lot of guys get
it and are very self-conscious about it
and in the worst case scenario it can
cost you about five six thousand dollars
to have
that gland and that tissue removed from
yeah so i’m going to go over kind of how
gyno happens some other things that can
trigger it and
what medicines and treatments you can
talk to your doctor about to try to take
care of it without having surgery
gyno is usually caused by an imbalance
of testosterone estrogen
this can happen when your testosterone
drops and your estrogen
stays the same it can happen when you
start taking trt
and both your testosterone and estrogen
go higher
there’s also other causes of it but
what’s pretty interesting is that
it’s actually pretty common in teenage
boys when they’re going through their
change but it usually goes away on its
and then what’s also interesting is that
once you hit 50
you’re at a higher risk of getting gyno
as well
because your natural testosterone levels
are falling actually one in four men
over 50 have some form of some level of
so it’s pretty prevalent nothing to be
embarrassed about but
i totally get it if you have a bad case
of it and you’re going to the beach with
your buddies
not the coolest thing i actually think i
may have some of it i don’t really care
mass may have a little bit being obese
or overweight can actually trigger
getting gynecomastia if you’re prone to
just because the more fat that you have
the more of your testosterone
rheumatizes in estrogen
which can cause an imbalance or a spike
in estrogen
and uh can cause your gyno to flare up
so it’s always good to hit the gym
and eat better and try to lose some
weight and i need to do that myself
so there are some medicines that can
contribute to gyno even if you’ve never
had it before
and i’m going to read through this list
anti-androgens used to treat enlarged
prostate prostate cancer and other
examples include flutamide finasteride
and spironolactone
testosterone is also another one because
it aromatizes into estrogen and if you
just start taking testosterone or
if you’re someone who’s into
bodybuilding this is your first time
you know a cycle you may find out real
quick that you’re prone to gynecomastia
anti-anxiety medicine such as diazepam
tricyclic antidepressants certain
ulcer medications such as over counter
the drug
tagaman hb some cancer treatments
obviously if you’re using cancer
treatments gyno is the last thing you
need to worry about
heart medications such as digoxin
calcium channel blockers
stomach emptying medications such as
so those are just some medicines that if
you’re taking and you’re getting dyno
it could be from them it could be from
trt um
there’s also some other stuff and we’ll
jump into that and this next list is
some stuff that if you use it or you
take it on a regular basis
it could be causing your gyno alcohol
uh the wacky tobaccy uh
hard h and the same medicine that’s used
to come off the heart h
i wish i could say these and not youtube
stupid and they’ll demonetize my video
for saying those words so
you know what i’m saying sorry we have
to play games like this but it’s just
the way it is
so this next section these are medicines
that are
pretty good at getting rid of gyno
now if you’ve had gyno for a long time
or you have severe gyno
there’s no guarantee that these will
work so
i mean you definitely have to work with
a doctor on this if you have severe gyno
if it’s you just started trt and you’re
starting to see the
symptoms you’re starting to feel a
little puffy maybe a little tingly maybe
they’re irritated
you have to talk to your doctor about
this don’t put it off it’s not going to
get any better
definitely talk to your doctor about
some of these medicines now the first
one is clomid
and i can’t give you any recommendations
on milligrams or how much you should
but clomid has been shown to help with
it’s not as good as the other two that
i’m going to mention but it is one that
can be used
some people see good results with it but
it’s more on the milder side
for gynecomastia these next two
i think are much better and the science
shows that these ones are much better
the first one is tamoxifen also known as
novadex and this is a classic one that
bodybuilders and men have used for
years to help control and treat
but you do need a prescription for it so
you do need to talk to your doctor about
tamoxifen slash novadex is an estrogen
is effective for recent onset and tender
gynecomastia when used in doses of
10 to 20 milligrams twice daily talk to
your doctor
this is just information i pulled from
the internet so talk to your doctor
up to 80 percent of patients report
partial to complete resolution
tamoxifen is typically used for three
months before referral to a surgeon
nausea and epigastric discomfort are the
main adverse effects
so what they’re saying there’s roughly
four out of five guys who use tamoxifen
you know based on the dosage the doctor
gives them have uh
it pretty much just goes away and that’s
fantastic and that’s
pretty darn cool and that’s awesome for
us but
if you caught the end of that if after
three months
tamoxifen hasn’t worked they will
usually refer you to a surgeon
and the unfortunate part is because it’s
a cosmetic thing i mean
gynecomastia is not going to kill you
it’s not going to hurt you it’s not
going to cause any
health issues per se there’s a really
good chance that your insurance
the one that you pay a whole bunch of
money for every month isn’t going to
cover it
so that’s unfortunate it’s a bad spot
some guys do end up in that spot
sorry if you’re in that boat but that’s
just the kind of way
that life goes sometimes so the next one
is called reloxephene
and i was reading a study and it was
showing that
loxophene seems to be a little bit
better than tamoxifen
although it’s not a super popular
or well-known medicine so your doctor
may not know about it
and he may just default to tamoxifen
which is still very very good it’s been
used for years it’s been used by
bodybuilders for decades so
don’t think if you can’t get riloxifen
that tamoxifen is like subpar
and you know it’s not a good medicine
tamoxifen is very good but i’ll read you
this excerpt from the study
that i found online and uh you can at
least maybe talk to your doctor about it
if you’re having this issue
after treatment with tamoxifen and
some improvement was seen in 86 percent
of patients receiving tamoxifen
and 91 percent receiving relaxifeme
but a greater proportion had a
significant decrease
greater than 50 percent with
86 then tamoxifen at only 41
no side effects were seen in any
patients so what that means
is that both these medicines worked
about the same percentage-wise on the
amount of people that took it
and you got 85 or 80 something and 91 so
a high percentage of patients that took
this medicine had
relief of certain percentage of gyno
but it says that 86 of
the patients that took this for dyno 86
of them had over a 50 decrease in their
whereas only 41 percent on tamoxifen
so seems that while they both work it
seems that if it does work for you
a reluctant seems to work better to get
rid of more of that gyno
so if i had to personally make a
decision and my doctor offered me both
i would go over for the loxiphene but if
all you can get is nova
or tamoxifen then i’d say go for that
and see how well that works for you
so i guess in conclusion to this video
if you’re jumping on trt
and you start noticing anything going on
with your nipples
call your doctor asap because it’s not
something you want to deal with
and it could save you five thousand
dollars don’t put it off don’t think uh
it’s just a little bit
make the call to your doctor get a blood
test see what your doctor says
this is something that you want to nip
in the butt as soon as possible
and if you already have some gyno from
when you were going through the change
as a little
tyke you may want to talk to your doctor
one of these three medicines clomid
tamoxifen or roloxephene
and see if you can get rid of it just by
taking these pills
because surgery is not fun and it’s not
cheap and it’s probably not covered with
all your insurance so guys i hope this
was helpful
gyno is not fun no one likes it but it
it seems to be a genetic thing some
people are just more prone or their
their you know tissue here is just more
receptive to estrogen and the
imbalances or spikes so
sometimes you just get dealt a bad hand
a lot of guys do but don’t stress out
about it if you do
talk with your doctor see if you can get
it taken care of
as always guys you’re awesome and get
your levels tested

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