Test and Deca for TRT, Week 1 Benefits | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain relief for men who work out our who just bad joints. This video highlight the first week of me taking Deca and the benefits I received.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today i want to make a short video
i just started taking neanderlon
decanoate also known as deca
and it’s a bodybuilding compound that’s
been used for years
it’s a very interesting compound and uh
it’s also used in trt um mainly for
joints and uh
tendon issues all that good stuff the
joys of growing old
so do a quick medical disclaimer and
i’ll let you know how it’s going so far
it’s all about humanity
so if you’ve been following my channel
for a while you know that i have bad
shoulders this one i’ve located multiple
times in different directions
this one i’ve never dislocated but for
some reason it’s been giving me a lot of
a lot of pain in the gym lately so i
this journey by going to my doctor and
he performs something called
it’s basically mixing lidocaine and
sugar water and it’s injected directly
into your joint
the idea behind this is the sugar angers
your body and makes it think that the
joint is injured
and it supposedly sends red blood cells
and all the normals
the body’s normal stuff that fixes stuff
to that site and it’s supposed to help
the body heal itself well i’ve done two
on both shoulders and it really didn’t
work for me
so i spoke with my doctor and we decided
to give
nandrolum decanaway to try deca
now even in the bodybuilding world most
people will run
deca at half the amount that they’re
running test so let’s just say they’re
running 500 tests they’ll usually run
300 to 200 milligrams of deca that’s
just the way it is
i’m not going to this isn’t going to be
a sciency video i’ve got a sciency video
maybe there or maybe there but i did a
whole video on deca so click on that if
you want to
learn the science behind it but for trt
it’s really no different
so you usually take about half of what
you’re taking and test
i currently take 200 milligrams of tests
so i’m taking 100 milligrams of deca
per week nanowrimo decanaway has a
half-life of eight days
so in theory you could get away with
doing one shot a week i just mix it into
my trt routine
the bottle that i have is 300 milligrams
per milliliter
a little higher on the concentration so
i do 1.6 ml
i draw that in and then i draw in
0.5 ml of testosterone so that’s 0.66
0.67 ml’s worth of liquid so i haven’t
tried it sub
q yet because you’re supposed to stay
under a half an ml
so i’ve done my quad i’ve also done my
i actually did this delt just because
it’s closer to the site
i don’t know if it’s going to make any
difference but hey can’t hurt
so week one week one what i noticed
my weight did not fluctuate at all i
didn’t really notice anything in the gym
i started taking deca on monday today is
thursday is the first day that i noticed
any type of difference at all
and it wasn’t a crazy difference but i
was able to do a full shoulder workout
and i’m not saying that my shoulders
felt like i was 18 again
but i definitely could feel less pain i
was able to do
overhead press able to do side raises i
was able to do front and i was able to
rear shoulders and i was able to make
through the whole workout
and i didn’t feel any pain i mean i
could feel it i could feel my shoulders
there but it wasn’t hurting
and the next day my shoulders were sore
it working out but they weren’t they
were in pain i didn’t feel a little
tweak or that twinge
and yesterday friday i did a full chest
i did five full exercises you know i did
uh some cables
some upper cables i did regular bench
incline decline
and uh yeah my shoulders good so i
obviously know that one week is probably
not enough
time to see the full benefits of deca
but i can definitely feel a slight
and if it continues to improve i’d even
be happy with the results right now
but i’m assuming it’s going to get
better and better up to a point
obviously so
i’m pretty impressed with deca i don’t
want to make this a long video
i was going to do you know for a full
month and then do a video but i figured
i would just make you know
one week two week four weeks um and see
how we go there
um obviously you need to talk to your
doctor about deca
they may not even know what it is and if
they research it they’re probably going
stumble upon some bodybuilding stuff and
kind of give you a weird eye
but some trt clinics or at least the
good ones
should have an idea of what deca is i
know defy
who i just partnered with and matrix
hormones i’m also partnered with
they both have access to that and if it
makes sense for the patient
uh they are able to prescribe it but uh
it’s it’s an interesting compound it
just kind of lubes up your joints it
does help with these strength gains and
size and all that other stuff because it
is on the steroid you know
steroid family but uh it’s just
interesting that it lubes up your joints
um i definitely feel like there’s a
benefit and i’m really happy to see
if i get more improvement over time so
as always you’re awesome get your levels
and subscribe if you want to see the two
week and the four week to see
if i continue to get more improvement in
my joints from deca
so thanks guys have a good one

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