Three Years of TRT Lab Work! Are Testosterone Tests even Accurate? LabCorp Testosterone Test

In this video I go over three years of TRT Lab Work from LabCorp. The results of these labs are baffling and make me question how accurate Testosterone tests actually are.

we’ve been through a lot
but we need to have a talk
i’m gonna be honest i don’t trust their
ranges i don’t trust the way they’re
uh the last two out of the three labs
that i’ve had done
have been messed up and could have
messed up my treatment
so yeah that’s about where we stand
right now it’s all about humanity
what is going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here with me today
today we’re going to go over three years
of labs that i have
and this latest one is pretty darn
and makes absolutely no sense at all and
there’s a lot of stuff in these tests
make no sense at all it doesn’t make
sense why it took
labcorp 15 days to post my results
but that’s a whole other story so we’re
going to jump right in and i’m
i know there’s a lot of new people on
the channel so we’re just going to run
you know my labs from start to finish
almost exactly three years
and i think you guys will be interested
to see how some of the numbers
have how much they fluctuate randomly
i don’t know if that’s lab corp i don’t
know if that’s uh
the prescription that i have but uh yeah
we’ll get into that
so i’ve got my handy dandy little
tracker here that i use
and i have a link to it somewhere if i
remember i’ll put it in the video
in the description so you guys can use
this same thing
or you can just create something
different you know similar to this that
you can use
let’s jump right in let’s not waste time
april 6 2018 so this was before i was on
at all this was just a very basic test
that i had to beg my doctor to give me
um and he didn’t test free test
didn’t test sensitive e2 shbg
um that’s all all he tested was total
so as you can see on screen i hope you
can see 288
and this is when my doctor told me that
i was good i was in range i was above
uh that i had to have muscle wasting ed
the inability to to get the opposite of
in order for him to consider the gel
that was the last time that i ever saw
that doctor so this next blood work
was when i was joining defy and this was
200 milligrams of scipionate
split up to twice per week or 100
milligrams twice per week you know what
i’m saying
this was done kind of uh
on my own a little bit if you know what
i’m saying and
you also see my weight 247 was my
starting weight
and if you can see over here my starting
weight or my ending weight is 214.
i’ve gotten as low as 211 but i’m kind
of bulking up a little bit
if you know what i’m saying so uh yeah
maybe a little extra water weight
maybe i’m just fat so on this test from
defy free test 43.5
pretty high total test 1064.
you guys are gonna love this one i put
this in magenta
uh sensitive e2 this one’s actually
sensitive e2 from defy
72.7 i know a lot of you guys are
looking at that like
wow that’s crazy 72.7 um
but i don’t have any symptoms from it my
skin’s a little oily i break out from
time to time but i don’t have
really issues with estrogen i’ve said on
this channel before
i’ve gone over i’ve gone to 500
milligrams a week back in the day
didn’t have any issues i mean i looked
like a sunburnt
uh michelin man i just bloated up with
and i looked very red all the time and
people would ask me how the beach was on
when it was raining outside anyway but
25 just remember that one um i know you
can look over and see other numbers but
just stick along with me stick along
uh hematocrit 51 so that was on the
higher side looks like we jumped up from
47 to 51
in just under two months so that’s
pretty that’s pretty interesting that’s
a big jump that’s right at the top of
the range
red blood cell not too worried about
cholesterol my cholesterol dropped 20
points in two months
and my triglycerides dropped nearly 50
points maybe a little over 50 points in
two months
that’s pretty crazy and keep in mind
through this time i was exercising
and i was taking testosterone so i’m not
too worried about any of these other
um you know ldl ldl wasn’t that bad
hdl dropped a little bit that’s to be
this next blood work was with a private
uh i’d like to fi nothing wrong with
defy but my buddy had a local doctor
that he was using for trt and he
introduced me to him
and he kept me on the same protocol 200
milligrams of test thousand ius of hcg
and 0.375 milligrams of remedex
so in the next three months i dropped
another five pounds
my free test was a little lower uh my
total test was higher
uh this doctor did not check for
sensitive e2 or shbg
i’m adequate 52.2 this jumped up
um i believe i donated in between this
but i can’t guarantee that but i’m
almost 100 sure i
uh donated blood at this point red blood
cell count was high
cholesterol crept up a little bit
triglycerides stayed about the same
hdl tanked to uh 35
and ldl jumped up to 88. that’s typical
when you’re on trt your hdl is going to
and your ldl is going to jump up now
this next one same doctor jumped at my
aramidex a little bit
uh dropped another 10 pounds free test
is about the same
total test is about the same at 1086. he
did do shpg this time
21.2 a little bit on the lower end
nothing crazy
hematocrit 51.9 that’s on the higher end
triglycerides jumped up cholesterol
stayed about the same
hdl jumped up a little bit from 35 but
it’s still below the range of 39.
ldl went down a little bit so that’s
now 8 29 2019 i switched up my protocol
a little bit
same amount of tests no issues i dropped
from a thousand ius to 800 i use
and i jumped up i kept my arimidex a
little bit the same
at half a milligram now i just dropped
hcg a little bit i just didn’t really
see the need for it and i was kind of
seeing can i go lower and you know
get the same results and so far i have
so 218 dropped another seven pounds free
test was
up this is one of the tests that i’m a
little annoyed at lab corp about
and this next three tests they’re just
two out of the three are random like so
when i’m not one of those people that
wake up and like oh wow i have a blood
test today i haven’t prepared at all
when i set an appointment for my blood
test i make sure okay i do it on
thursday i do it about 9

  1. right i don’t want to see it right
    at 8 in the morning i want to see it a
    little lower i want my doctor to see it
    a little bit lower i don’t want him to
    get worried
    not that i changed my protocol up so
    before each one of these next three
    on monday afternoon i did half a
    of pharmaceutical grade testosterone
    it’s from sipla
    all three of these have been from sipla
    if you saw my instagram and i’ll put my
    instagram down there
    check me out on instagram i share a lot
    of stuff that i can’t put on this
    i’ve got like four bottles built up of
    cipla that’s all they give me at walmart
    so it’s all the exact same testosterone
    100 milligrams thursday i take my blood
    and i fast so there should be very
    little variance
    but on this particular test i pulled a
    this is my first blood test with my new
    doctor so
    you can imagine that i was a little
    concerned that he was going to
    lower my dose you know he i’m buddies
    with him
    i’m not best buddies with him but i can
    sure as hell tell you that he would drop
    me as a patient
    over losing his medical license or
    putting his medical license in jeopardy
    so i mean if this was a mess up on labs
    or whatever i don’t know how they test
    blood but if they did something wrong or
    their machine was not calibrated it was
    they pulled a 1384 i know a lot of you
    guys out there
    your doctors would be like whoa whoa
    whoa stop the clock
    that’s a ronnie reference if you know
    what i’m saying
    1384 they say well okay you’re at 200
    and you’re you know you’re way above the
    964 or whatever it is 916.
    so we’re gonna drop you to uh you know
  2. but look at this next test right
    back where i need to be
    exact same scenario same testosterone
    same time frame
    everything’s the same and now it’s a
    thousand so i think this was just an
    anomaly i think this was just a mess up
    on lab corp an inaccurate test
    but this could have kind of me
    you know brand new doctor
    first time getting blood work pull up
    1384 when all the other times three in a
    row i’ve pulled you know between a
    thousand and eleven hundred
    not too happy with lab corp but the shbg
    pretty much exactly the same as the last
    test uh hematocrit
    jumped down a little bit fantastic my
    triglycerides went down
    keep in mind i also lost seven pounds uh
    hdl jumped up to 41 in range but my ldl
    also jumped up
    and my psa 0.8 that’s your prostate
    uh you definitely want to keep an eye on
    that you don’t want to see that
    rise um you know it’s not like if you
    have a certain amount of it that means
    you’re going to get you know prostate
    but if it starts to rise up that’s
    something you need to keep an eye on and
    talk to your doctor about
    so pretty weird test um
    you know i mean like if my shbg was a
    lot lower and this was 1384 like i could
    kind of see it
    but i mean in this i actually dropped
    you know 200 ius of hcg
    and it jumped up 300 points makes no
    i just don’t i don’t really know how
    accurate testosterone testing
    i think it’s accurate to a point but i
    think it can wildly fluctuate
    so we’ll move on and i’ll show you the
    crazy one well you can already see it
    it’s a 513
    exact same parameters exact same cipla
    test pharmaceutical grade test
    maybe my test is under dosed maybe i
    need to have a conversation with my test
    and see if it’s under dosed we’ve been
    through a lot
    but we need to have a talk
    i’m not gonna get mad
    but i need to know
    are you under dosed nope
    don’t lie to me i i may be disappointed
    if you’re under dose but i need to know
    the truth
    are you underdosed
    that’s what i thought
    thank you for being honest sippy nate
    like i said
    we’ve been through a lot i trust our
    relationship i’m glad we’re able to have
    this talk
    i feel like the next step is to talk to
    my doctor
    and we’re going to double your dose so
    that we can
    have good respectable testosterone
    thank you for being honest with me so uh
    72 2020 dropped another four pounds
    uh free test is lower right back in the
    total test of a thousand
    which as you can see it’s pretty much
    where i’ve been at and that’s where i
    expect to be at when i get tested
    because i don’t around with blood
    i prepare for them i do exactly the
    thing i mean
    you know i want to do it i do it exactly
    so that i get the
    results that i should for the protocol
    that i’m on if i vary from that protocol
    for any rhyme or reason i adjust it back
    to where it is so i can get consistent
    sometimes some of us vary our protocols
    i think you know what i’m saying
    but for blood tests we don’t vary our
    you guys know what i’m saying so 239
    that’s not sensitive my doctor messed up
    he didn’t order the sensitive e2
    so don’t freak out i am not growing
    it’s all good shbg jumped down
    14.8 that’s below the reference range
    um you know i i could go to injecting
    once a week
    um but i kind of like my free test
    that’s the test your body uses i’m i’m
    kind of a big fan of it because i go to
    the gym five days a week
    free test as high as possible for right
    now uh
    hematocrit stayed right about the same
    triglycerides i mean look at this i mean
    200 196 140 140 140 125
    212 random random as hell doesn’t make
    hdl 35 37 4135 i can see that
    uh ldl it dropped you know and i can see
    some of these like
    you know 35 41 you know i get that
    that’s that’s a
    you know it fluctuates and you know
    these tests are not 100
    like balls accurate but you know an
    extra 300 points when you drop
    hcg or drop some hcg doesn’t make sense
    so let’s move on to these labs i took
    them on
    april 5th and i was checking the portal
    every day and it just didn’t say
    and then two days ago it told me they’d
    be available on 4 20.
    how ironic and i was looking at these
    and i was like that’s 420s today by the
    way so
    shout out to you if you celebrate 420 i
    don’t personally partake
    doesn’t agree with me but uh so april
    5th i took this
    214 same weight uh
    free test we’re down what five points
    but look at my total test 513 that’s i
    half of what i’d expected to be less
    than half of what i’d expected to be
    and it just doesn’t make sense like how
    are you gonna go
    thousand eleven hundred thousand
    five hundred i told my wife that she was
    like you kidding me like that doesn’t
    even make sense and
    like i said my test could be underdosed
    i doubt it because it’s
    pharmaceutical grade test
    imagine let’s say you were at 200 and
    you took this test right here
    and it puts you at like 400 and your
    doctor’s like
    why do you even feel bad like you know
    or well i mean i guess if you’re at a
    thousand it shows you
    500 i mean as long as you know you
    should be in a thousand but
    i mean 513 i mean this isn’t like this
    isn’t a home lab test this isn’t a
    finger prick test i mean this is going
    to lab court
    labcorp cute little spanish girl thick
    little spanish girl took my blood
    no issues told me i had great veins and
    winked at me everything was fantastic
    but i pulled the 5 13. so maybe
    i need to talk to my doctor maybe i need
    400 a week 350 400 a week what do you
    guys think should i ask him for that
    is that crazy estrogen 52.4 no arimidex
    i’m not taking any dim no calcium to
    glucorate right now just on straight
    test and hcg
    no issues once again shbg is low
    but i mean look at so shpg stayed the
    same for both of these tests
    free tests dropped um and
    i mean but not not not in relation so
    free tests in theory should be roughly
    so if this was a thousand it should be
    roughly like 17
    we’re at 28. so i think this is messed
    up i think this is messed up
    um i think this is pretty accurate but
    it is interesting
    you know i mean 200 milligrams of test
    that was
    you know done without a doctor
    72.7 estrogen same amount with
    added 500 ius of hcg and we’re only at
  3. so that’s interesting
    hematocrit 48.3 100 honest with you i
    donated blood probably about
    three weeks to a month before i uh got
    this blood test
    rbc cholesterol cholesterol see that’s
    pretty even steven
    but like i said triglycerides 125 212
    random i mean i haven’t changed up my
    diet much i’m not doing anything
    my hdl went up 39 i went up four points
    to 39
    and my ldl went up right right on the
    top of the border
    but my psa is good psas stayed
    consistent it jumped up 0.2
    that’s just margin of error so it’s just
    weird i mean
    you know i don’t know what to make of
    this i’m glad that i track it but
    the fact that it has so many variances
    in it it just it makes me wonder
    i mean for me i don’t really i don’t
    really give a i mean if it says
    1100 or 513 i mean i know
    exactly what protocol i’m doing i feel
    fine there’s no issues i’m just getting
    blood work to check for health markers
    but for the guys that are borderline or
    you know and they and they take this
    test and they’re plus 300 points because
    of a
    computer error or a calibration error i
    mean how many guys have fallen through
    through the cracks and you know been
    told by the doctor they’re low normal
    because of this test
    i honestly just don’t think that
    testosterone tests are that
    accurate now all these are liquid
    chromatography so i mean these are the
    most accurate tests i don’t know if this
    one is but
    all these all these testosterone ones
    are all liquid chromatography
    the most accurate one that you could
    possibly get and just to see a variance
    of you know
    what almost 900 points 900 points with
    the exact same protocol
    doesn’t make sense to me boys i don’t
    know i mean i’m not accusing labcorp of
    doing anything
    you know or anything like that
    i’m just saying i don’t think the shit’s
    that accurate
    i think it gives you a general idea but
    i mean what’s the general idea i’m
    between 1400 and 500
    like but you’re gonna have your ranges
    264 to 916
    and if you’re 265 you’re in
    range i personally
    think should be like under 400 like
    guaranteed trt
    like 600 500 like we got to look at your
    but i just don’t think this shit’s
    accurate enough i don’t know i don’t
    think it’s accurate enough to make a
    determination on someone’s health
    of a hormone that is probably one of the
    most hormone
    most important hormones in their body
    what do you guys think
    you guys ever seen some crazy ass tests
    like this have you ever seen
    variances of 900 when you know you’ve
    done your exact same protocol
    let me know in the comments if you’re
    new i mean i hope you learned something
    a little something about how we look at
    different you know markers with our
    blood test
    and you know if you’ve never seen like a
    chart like this i mean it’s interesting
    just to see how a lot of this stuff is
    is you know changes over time and how
    some of them are just
    random as hell 125 212 147
    anyway i don’t want to rant too much
    guys i hope you found this interesting
    i hope you don’t look down on me because
    i only have 513 total test level now
    um i hope you still look at me as a man
    and not a little pansy boy with
    with weak total testosterone levels and
    weak free test levels and
    very high estrogen and yeah getting a
    little emotional
    anyway guys appreciate you guys being
    here if you’re new
    would really appreciate if you click on
    subscribe button if you found the video
    entertaining or you just don’t like labs
    and there’s stupid ranges
    click on the like button and uh
    instagram i’m on instagram i put some
    stuff that i don’t put on youtube
    for obvious reasons uh a little more
    outspoken on
    on instagram but anyway guys
    hope you enjoyed as always you’re
    awesome and get
    your levels tested and screw
    testosterone rain news

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